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K-Rod 3 Years $37MM vs. Ollie 3 Years $36MM

An article by posted on February 4, 2009

Lost in the excitement of the Oliver Perez signing, is a very underreported yet very interesting fact. Most of us agree that the Mets overpaid to get the Oliver Perez deal done. It was a move I certainly won’t argue with. But, now that the dust has settled, it’s become apparent to me that we […]

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DONE DEAL – Mets Sign Oliver Perez

An article by posted on February 2, 2009

According to Steve Popper of the Bergen Record, the Mets have signed Oliver Perez to a three year deal worth $36 million dollars. According to a baseball official, the Mets have finally wrapped up the most pressing need and agreed on a three-year deal worth $36 million with Oliver Perez. The Mets have waited patiently for […]

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Mets Want Tim Redding For Back Of Rotation

An article by posted on December 19, 2008

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, reports that the Mets continue to pursue starting pitcher, Tim Redding. The Mets, trying to create additional options for their rotation, are attempting to sign free-agent right-hander Tim Redding, major-league sources say. Redding, 30, is seeking a two-year contract. The Mets are trying to sign a more prominent free-agent starter such […]

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Mike Pelfrey’s Time Is Now

An article by posted on August 29, 2008

Mike Pelfrey is obviously the present and the future of this Mets rotation. With Ollie and Pedro facing free agency, and with John Maine’s shutdown, our Opening Day 2009 rotation is very much up in the air. Barring any major free agent signing (i.e. CC Sabathia), Mike Pelfrey is on pace to become our #2 […]

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Pay Delgado His $12 Million, Or Pay Him $4 Million To Play For Someone Else?

An article by posted on August 22, 2008
Pay Delgado His $12 Million, Or Pay Him $4 Million To Play For Someone Else?

It may be too early to start considering whether or not the Mets should pick up the team option for 2009 on Carlos Delgado for next season… or maybe not… The post Willie Randolph era has proved to be a lift for many of the current Mets, but nobody has lifted their production more than […]

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Getting Down With Oliver Perez

An article by posted on August 15, 2008

I for one do not usually believe in everything I see. Statistics though, are quite difficult to overlook and push aside. In baseball, they prove to be solid numerical proof to almost tell a story of how a player has performed. Since the conclusion of last nights 9-3 victory over the Washington Nationals, I have […]

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Three Reasons to Keep Jose Reyes

An article by posted on December 5, 2007

In a stunning development Wednesday, a blockbuster deal involving the Mets, the Twins, and the Athletics was proposed. The deal would send Jose Reyes to the Athletics and Johan Santana would be a Met. Like most of Mets Nation, I would love to have Johan Santana, but we need to keep Jose Reyes for these […]

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Mets Not The Only Ones Who Want Luis Castillo

An article by posted on November 3, 2007

As the Mets continue to make a strong push to re-sign second baseman Luis Castillo, their negotiations may have just turned into a bidding war for his services. Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports is reporting that the Houston Astros are also in hot pursuit of the gold glove, second baseman and view him as the […]

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