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One Game Under .500, Not Too Bad

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Through the first 17 games of the season the New York Mets are 8-9. No, this is not the fast start that us fans had wanted to see the team get off to, but it not too bad considering the losses of the first 4 series. Also, we are yet to see the offense come […]

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Only Winning Can Keep Attendance From Declining

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So here we are fifteen games into the season with a 7-9 record and finally winning our first series of the season against the Cubs. Optimists (a club of which I was a charter member) are still under the impression that the season is still in hand and that only minor changes are needed right now. While others […]

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Jason Bay’s Bat Needs To Get Louder

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Who would have thought, a disappointing start to the 2010 season would have Mets fans ranting about anything but starting pitching. Mike Pelfrey has been lights out thus far posting a 0.86 era in 21 IP. Johan Santana seems to have achieved 2006 euphoria; and aside from some inopportune home runs, the bullpen and Japanese […]

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High Hopes + Low Expectations = No Consolation

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Sorry Mets Merized fans.  I am still unwilling to dive head first into the Koolaid just yet, and I’m still somewhat negative on the 2010 Mets.  I know it’s early and a lot can happen.  And there are some positives.  But overall I see a bleak picture for the 2010 season.  A .500 winning percentage is […]

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Can Mets Pelfrey Solidify New Status?

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After 2 weeks and 12 games the Mets saw everything we saw and have been saying since the spring. The team made alterations to their lineup and ballclub. By calling up Ike Davis, designating Mike Jacobs, and adding youth to the Mets clubhouse, a looser, more cohesive team appears to have immediately been the by […]

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Clutch Hitting… Or Any Hitting At All

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Experts, fans and anyone with a mouth speaks of such anti-Billy Beane topics as “clutch hitting”. I am here to bring an even crazier philosophy – one so insane, that if you comprehend it you may want to be institutionalized. Its called “hitting, period”. Unfortunately, this is a crazy, next level idea that only appeals […]

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The Mets Gave Me Some Tickets To Ride

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For years my brother and I had been seven pack ticket holders over at Shea Stadium. I was upset last year when the Mets masterminds decided to do away with seven packs, and only offer a fifteen game package. For me fifteen games just wasn’t doable, not only from a financial point, but for family […]

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Bay Rings The Bell…

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Put it in the books. It was a thing of beauty in game 1, from the weather to the pitching to the timely hitting. Who can complain about the best opening day franchise in baseball? No Met fan in Met Nation could have hoped for a better opener. (Unless we are talking about a no […]

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It’s Not As Bad As Some Would Have You Believe

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Loyal, stupid and in denial are the three words that most accurately describes me when talking about the 2010 Mets. Firstly, I’ve been a Met fan for over 35 years. In that time I’ve been treated to one World Championship. If that’s not loyalty, I don’t know what is. Even as we watched the stars […]

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Opening Day Lineup and Preview: Mets Vs. Marlins

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Jerry Manuel has announced his Opening Day lineup for tomorrow: 1. Alex Cora SS 2. Luis Castillo 2B 3. David Wright 3B 4. Mike Jacobs 1B 5. Jason Bay, LF 6. Gary Matthews Jr. CF 7. Jeff Francoeur RF 8. Rod Barajas C 9. Johan Santana P Observations: Gary Matthews Jr. gets the starting nod […]

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