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Where’s The Thump In Bay’s Bat?

An article by posted on May 18, 2010 0 Comments

Jason Bay is a guess hitter because he has been streaky his entire career.  So far, his short tenure with the Mets has been one wrong answer after another.   Take the seventh inning of Sunday’s fifth straight Mets loss – Please.  With the annoying Marlins about to break out a four-pack of brooms, the Mets […]

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Mets In Contact With Other Teams For A Top Starter

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According to a report by Andy Martino of the Daily News, the Mets do have the payroll flexibility to add another starter “if they remain in contention”. That’s a big “if” of course. A person with direct knowledge of the Mets’ thinking also told Martino that the team has no interest in bringing Pedro Martinez back to Queens. […]

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Oswalt Is Not An Option, But What About Pedro?

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In a post to his blog, Mike Puma of the NY Post writes that Mets fans shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for the team to trade for Houston Astros ace, Roy Oswalt. Roy Oswalt’s name is out there as a potential reinforcement for a team in need of pitching help, but don’t expect the Mets to […]

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Hi, My Name is Jeffy and I Like Apples…

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Well I can’t say for sure whether Jeff Francoeur likes to eat apples or not, but he definitely likes to play for the Big Apple.  I figured today I would talk a little about a player for the Mets who is slowly becoming one of my favorite Met players of all-time.  Mr. Jeff Francoeur joined this team […]

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Mets Scored Six Runs In The 8th And I Wasn’t There

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Some might call me fickle.  Others might call me faithless.  I am certainly not fair weather.  Call me whatever you’d like.  But I’m sure that I wasn’t the only one to leave Citifield before the end of the game last Tuesday night. Those who stayed saw the Mets score six runs on so many clutch […]

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The Ballad of Oliver and John

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A few weeks ago, I suggested that the Mets pitching staff’s overperformance could result in a hat-tipping to Dan Warthen, who may be deceivingly quiet. By “deceiving,” I mean he is not a flashy pitching coach, people rarely ever heard of him before he came to the Mets although he does have a bit of […]

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What Would Keith Do… About Oliver Perez?

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“We- players, writers, fans- talk about the importance of the little things and getting the breaks and clutch pitching and hitting, but sometimes I wonder whether the truth isn’t more simple. The main difference between the winners and losers? Winning.” Keith Hernandez from his novel If At First… The wisdom of Keith Hernandez whether on […]

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Please Help Murph Find A Home….

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It’s getting that every day there is talk about Daniel Murphy and what his future holds. I was initially down with the idea of his trying out first base and seeing if he can adapt especially after the left field experiment went awry fast. With the emergence of Ike Davis, there is no doubt that […]

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Is The Longball This Season’s X-Factor?

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My hunch is that few to no Mets fans now miss Brian Schneider, last year’s non-entity of a backstop. Yeah, and the non-entity the year before that. After Fernando Nieve blew Maine’s 4-2 lead in the eighth inning (Mainey threw six above average innings in one of his best performances thus far) in Cincy by […]

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When The Ace Is No Longer A Given

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The Mets have an outstanding record in comparison to what most Met fans expected. Almost nobody expected a first place position at this juncture of the season. Almost nobody expected that they would play with such vigor, good defense, and timely hitting. I can safely say that NOBODY expected our ace, the only pitcher that […]

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