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Win Subway Series Tickets!

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Hey Mets fans, here’s a chance to win yourselves a pair of FREE tickets for the Friday, June 18 th Subway Series game at Yankee Stadium. Head on over to our good friends Lisa and Jon at the Subway Squawkers for more details. The rules are simple, and the contest sounds like great fun, and while […]

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Doug’s Dugout: Ike and That Strasburg Dude, Super Hero, Whatever…

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In Doug’s Dugout today we broach the following:  A scout’s opinion on Ike, Stephen Strasburg, and other random mindless thoughts:   When Ike Davis was drafted off the campus of Arizona State, a scout described him as having, “light-tower power.”  In the minors his first year he had an outage, but as he has matured and […]

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Meeting Ike Was Another Amazin’ Thrill For Me!

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~ A METS MERIZED FAN POST ~ When you work in a large city such as New York, you run the risk of letting it becoming mundane, and sometimes forget how great it is, and what can happen on any given day. I work in the heart of Times Square, and there are times when […]

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Omar Minaya Gets Heaps Of Praise From Me

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As we bask in the glory of an ever so dramatic win last night, and take in the images of all that transpired during and after one of the best games of the season thus far, it feels so good to be a Mets fan. Watching how Mike Pelfrey has evolved this season has been […]

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Mets Hype Machine Already Hard At Work

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It never ceases to amaze me how the Mets over-hype their prospects to no end. I’m not talking about your garden variety hype mind you, all teams are entitled and expected to hype their prospects. But with the Mets it’s completely over the top and it always leads to lofty unrealistic expectations for the prospects […]

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Metsmerized Today: Great Mets Links For Your Pleasure

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Our own Elliot Teichman, who has been producing our game previews since 2007, has a great post on his site 213 Miles From Shea. It takes a look at some of the more interesting promotions our minor league teams are having this season. There’s definitely some really cool things going on with my favorite being Star Wars Night […]

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Thank You Junior Griffey

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Last night was a strange night in major league baseball. If you were like me, you turned to the MLB Network to watch Armando Galarraga throw a 28-out perfect game live. While that is going to be the story taking over a lot of sports talk shows today, it cannot be ignored that Ken Griffey […]

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Another Crushing Defeat, Another Epic Fail, Another Stunning Loss

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How much more of this can we take? Once again, Mets fans had to endure another agonizing, gut wrenching, heartbreaking loss. How can these types of losses continue to plague this team time and time again? The Mets have made losing in stunning fashion an art form… This one hurts so much on so many levels. Only […]

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Why Ollie Perez Won’t Go Down

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Oliver Perez is one tough fighter; like a boxer who won’t go down.  Batters are pummeling him with jabs, crosses and uppercuts.  And more of the same by the media, the fans, and now his teammates.  How can one man take such abuse, and not go down for the count. He claims that he wants […]

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Mike Francesa Attacks Fellow Mets Blogger

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Apparently Mike Francesa doesn’t think very highly of us bloggers. Today on his radio program that’s simulcast on the YES network, he went on a rant against Matt Cerrone from MetsBlog. Cerrone wrote a piece today regarding the emergence of Mike Pelfrey, giving him credit for his turnaround. For some reason it irked Francesa so […]

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