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I just find this whole little episode stunning. Giving up Fernando Martinez for nothing just seems odd. Surely Martinez was worth something, like a live arm or two, on the trade market. Moreover, there is still slack on the Mets 40-man roster.

This feels a little bit like the Omar Minaya days when the Mets often seemed out of line with the way teams valued assets (hello, 4 years and $25 million for Luis Castillo).  The Astros, and as the rumor goes, at least five teams were interested in Martinez, and the Mets got nothing. Who was the top prospect like Martinez where a team just gave up at this point when the player still had an option remaining? I’m drawing a blank.  Anyone?

Original Post 1/11

According to Adam Rubin of ESPN New York, the Astros have claimed OF Fernando Martinez off waivers.

Houston, which has first choice in waiver claims because of their MLB-worst record in 2011, selected the 23-year-old outfielder.

The Mets needed to clear 40-man roster spots for the additions of Scott Hairston and Ronny Cedeno, and chose to put Martinez as well as left-hander Daniel Herrera on waivers.

Martinez batted .183 with two home runs and 12 RBI in 131 at-bats for the Mets between 2009-2011.

Like Lastings Milledge before him (the Mets #1 prospect before F-Mart), another one bites the dust.

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Mets To Shop F-Mart On Ebay Tue, 20 Dec 2011 15:45:18 +0000 Mike Puma of the New York Post is reporting that Fernando Martinez‘s knee isn’t improving, and that the Mets are now considering moving him.

Puma says the Mets are hoping an American League team shows interest in the former Mets #1 prospect, but if there’s no interest they could possibly release him.

Martinez is hitting just .077 (2-for-26) with one RBI in nine games In the Dominican Winter League, and in 131 at-bats in the majors batted .183 career.

And another #1 ranked Mets prospect bites the dust…

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Is F-Mart Still A Viable Prospect? Sat, 14 May 2011 15:58:23 +0000 Fernando Martinez is 22, still young enough in the sport where he’s graded most on potential. However, the past few years have been rough on his body and he’s lost more games due to injury than anybody his age should have the right to.

At one time Martinez was part of a group of three Mets outfielders who were going to race their way to stardom. Lastings Milledge, Carlos Gomez and Martinez were three raw talents blessed with speed, quickness and the potential – there’s that word again – for power.

They represented a bright future for the Mets, young, athletic and talented. They would be something to see, and teams were always rebuffed when they called. Reportedly, the Mets said no to Manny Ramirez for the cost of Milledge.

However, the opportunities given Milledge and Gomez – especially the former – didn’t pan the the Mets relented and Milledge was sent to Washington for Brian Schneider and Ryan Church, and Gomez was part of the package that brought in Johan Santana.

With Santana’s injury, there’s nothing left to show for the trade. Once one of the top prospects in the majors, Martinez isn’t even one of the top five Mets’ prospects. Times have changed.

Martinez, called up Friday night as a patch in the Mets’ outfield, hit a two-run, pinch homer to remind us once again what all the fuss was about. But, did he show us a glimpse into the future or into what was supposed to be?

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Mets Place Ike Davis On DL, Call Up F-Mart Thu, 12 May 2011 18:30:46 +0000

The Mets placed first baseman Ike Davis on the disabled list Wednesday with a sprained left ankle and a bone bruise. To replace him on the roster, the team recalled outfielder Fernando Martinez from Class AAA Buffalo.

Davis was injured on Tuesday night when he collided with third baseman David Wright while trying to field a pop-up by the Rockies’ Troy Tulowitzki near the pitcher’s mound. He completed the inning but then left the game. He said on Tuesday that he had hoped to play the next day, but the team sent him to New York to be evaluated.

The often-injured Martinez was hitting .292 with three home runs and seven runs batted in in 19 games with Buffalo this season. He has a .174 batting average in two short stays with the Mets over the past two seasons.

ESPN first reported that Mets sources said Fernando Martinez was expected to travel to Denver on Thursday.

There has been no official word whether Ike Davis is being placed on the DL, and sometimes minor leaguers are summoned as a precaution but not activated. Martinez was at Wednesday’s Triple-A Buffalo game but was held out. He homered in each of his previous two games with the Bisons.

Adam Rubin speculated that the arrival of Martinez, an outfielder, presumably would free Willie Harris to play second base with Justin Turner, and leave Daniel Murphy available to play first base..

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From Left Field: Duda Vs. F-Mart? Thu, 10 Mar 2011 18:14:52 +0000 Surprise, surprise. Carlos Beltran is hurt once again.

After he resumes baseball activities sometime in the next few days, who knows how long it will take our new right fielder to get in baseball shape?

While part of me was hoping Beltran would finally return to the field healthy and productive, the other part of me knew it was probably too good to be true.

If Beltran is out for an extended period of time, the Mets are going to need a permanent solution to fill the void in right field and in their lineup. Already, there appear to be several candidates the Mets could consider.

I will present a few options and weigh the pros and cons of each decision.

I’ve heard that a possible platoon between Scott Hairston and Willie Harris could occur.

Hairston has some pop from the right side and has played adequate defense his entire career. He obviously won’t be the offensive force that a healthy Beltran could be, but he would do a nice job filling in.

Harris is a superb defender, as Met fans have witnessed countless times especially late in games. He also has hit well this spring and still has good speed.

These two players certainly have experience, but they could also be valuable members of the bench. Their value to the team would be in more of a limited role, since that’s what they’ve done for most of their careers.

I might as well throw Nick Evans’ name into the conversation. Evans has been mostly playing the corner infield spots during spring training but now might see some time in the outfield.

Evans is raking so far this spring and is making a bid to make the team, even if just as a bat off the bench.

However, his defense in the outfield is suspect, and it would be an adventure for him at Citi Field. Still, if Hairston and Harris see the bulk of the time, Evans may be needed on the bench.

If Beltran were to be out more than a month or two, it might be a wise decision for the Mets to promote one of their outfield prospects. Kirk Nieuwenheis and Cory Vaughn may need some more seasoning in the minors, so that leaves Lucas Duda and Fernando Martinez as the most major league ready prospects.

Duda has been hitting well this spring and with extended time could put up big numbers: maybe not healthy Beltran numbers but still productive in the middle of the order.

He actually looked decent at times in left field late last season, but once again right field at Citi Field is challenging. With lots of work, Duda could become an adequate right fielder, but the question is whether the Mets have that kind of time?

Now onto F-Mart. He’s also been swinging the bat very well this spring. He’s young, he can run, he’s got some pop, he has a good arm. What’s not to like?

The problem is that F-Mart has had a chance to prove what he can do in extended play in the majors, and he flopped.

However, that doesn’t mean that he would flop again. The Mets are content with having him play a full season in the minors before handing over the reins (or even exploring a trade option).

With Beltran out though, I wonder if the Mets decide that F-Mart is ready.

In the best case scenario, Beltran’s knee tendinitis doesn’t prove to be a major problem, and he returns healthy in a week or two.

If that’s not the case, my pick for the Mets’ right fielder would be Lucas Duda, but also with Scott Hairston getting regular at-bats as well. Maybe it wouldn’t be quite a platoon, but Duda could play four games a week and Hairston would play the other two.

We’ll see what happens over the next few weeks, but if one of these prospects starts impressing, the name “Carlos Beltran” could be quickly forgotten in New York.

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Spring Update: Actions Not Words, Tejada Rakes, F-Mart Temporarily Healthy Again Mon, 21 Feb 2011 21:10:05 +0000

Happy Presidents Day!

Lets get started… Terry Collins told reporters that he does not plan to use Carlos Beltran during the first week of Grapefruit League play, which starts Saturday. He did however mention that he was impressed with how Beltran looked hitting from the right side of the plate this morning.

Jason Bay was impressed after taking batting practice against Oliver Perez. “He was good,” Bay said. “He was around the plate. And that’s his biggest thing — his stuff is good enough when he can put it where he wants to. I thought he did a pretty good job. It’s early on, and he’d been throwing a little bit, but he was around the plate. For him, that’s huge.” Sandy Alderson was watching and told Perez, “Nice job” afterward.

Deal me out! Collins told Mike Puma of the NY Post that he is going to put a cutoff time on card playing before game days. “It’s my understanding card playing was an issue last year,” Collins said. “They will be allowed to play cards, but there is going to be a cutoff time before the game.” One thing you won’t see says Adam Rubin, is coaches also joining in and playing poker with the players before the game.

With catcher Ronny Paulino’s 8-game suspension in the coffer, minor leaguer Mike Nickeas should easily crack the Opening Day roster barring a spring meltdown. ”I’m looking forward to the opportunity. You never know what can happen in this game. I think I’ve put myself in a good position. Hopefully I can perform this spring and prove that.”

Mets second base prospect Ruben Tejada, who has packed some muscle over the winter, took Mike Pelfrey deep during batting practice and gave on-lookers beyond the fence a souvenir to take home. Kevin Burkhardt gave Tejada an indirect compliment today when he said, “Willie Harris taking grounders at 2B. He might be best defensive 2B Mets have (I’m not counting Tejada).” I love KB’s Twitter background.

Rich Couthino of MetsBlog has a recap and audio of Terry Collin’s address to the player this morning. “He wants the team to be aware of how people on the outside are already counting them out. He wants the team to believe in itself, because they’re good enough to win. He likes seeing them talk, and be quoted in newspapers, but wants them to be on record and ‘take ownership of what they say.”

Matt Kaufman of Rising Apple wonders if Fernando Martinez is the next Alex Escobar. ”They’ve both been heralded prospects, hampered by injuries and we’ve heard about them seemingly forever because they were both signed at such a young age.” Apparently, F-Mart proclaimed himself 100% healthy on Saturday, however that was two days ago and a lot could have changed since then. Just kidding, just kidding.

Here’s a cool video from Wright and Reyes and Uncle Cliff trying to be funny in 2006.

]]> 0 More Mets Flubs: Why F-Mart And Not Lucas Duda? Sun, 08 Aug 2010 14:02:26 +0000 I’m still a little bit confused by the snap decision by the Mets to promote Fernando Martinez on Saturday. It seemed as though it wasn’t very well thought out.

Normally, I love to see a home-grown player promoted from the minor leagues, but the more I look at this particular case, the more it wreaks of just another bad decision by Mets higher-ups.

As I wrote on Saturday, I thought the Mets made the right call to not simply replace Francoeur with Martinez, and to keep Francoeur in the lineup against left handed pitching. It paid off handsomely last night, and in fact the only two wins on this road trip couldn’t of happened if not for two Jeff Francoeur game winning homeruns.

But getting back to Martinez, I look at his .256 batting average and .313 OBP and wonder why such a mediocre line was worthy of promotion?

I find it ironic that the Mets chose to demote Jesus Feliciano who wielded a .346 batting average in as many games as F-Mart in Buffalo. Was F-Mart really an upgrade?

When I took a look at the rest of the outfielders the Mets could have promoted, one clearly stands out above all of them; Lucas Duda.

Duda, 24, has vaulted to the top of the Mets prospect list this year after a tremendous effort in Binghamton, and then even more production after his promotion to Buffalo. All told he has combined to hit .299 with a .392 OBP, .582 SLG and a .974 OPS. When he got to Buffalo, he got better.

The young lefthanded slugger has showed off some nice power numbers with 31 doubles and 20 homeruns in 335 at-bats. He has driven in 74 runs and scored 59.

To me, Duda is having the type of season that is screaming for a promotion.  He would have been a better alternative to platoon with Frenchy, as his .348 batting average against RHP and his 1.140 OPS would indicate.

So far, Duda has also done something most of the Mets can’t do and that is hit with runners on base (.356) or in scoring position (.373). Lord knows, we could use someone who could hit in the clutch. F-Mart on the other hand batted .210 with runners on, and .214 with RISP.

When you look at F-Mart’s major league equivalencies for this season, he projects to be a .213 hitter with a .278 OBP. So don’t expect much help and tone down your expectations.

Last season Duda batted .281 with a .380 OBP for AA-Binghamton, so it doesn’t appear that this season is a fluke.  This Josh Hamilton (6’5, 240 lbs.) sized kid, looks very legit.

Looking at the Bison’s roster, I easily see a dozen players who were more deserving of a promotion over Fernando Martinez. Surely, a promotion like this can’t be good for morale up in Buffalo. It seems too undeserving.

For some reason the Mets are hell bent on justifying all the hype they’ve dished out on F-Mart over the years, even if it wasn’t warranted in the first place. No longer considered a top prospect by scouts and the foremost authority Baseball America, the Mets are finding it hard to let go.

So instead of promoting someone who could help the Mets right now, they instead will give playing time to what is currently a much lesser player.

But hasn’t that always been the way the Mets do things?

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F-Mart Heading To The Mariners? Sat, 07 Aug 2010 05:17:50 +0000 Update 2:15 AM

Adam Rubin writes:

Two sources — one with ties to the organization, one formerly with the organization — indicated the Seattle Mariners are the team involved in dialogue with the Mets.

One of the sources indicated that 21-year-old outfielder Fernando Martinez, who was one of the two players scratched from the Bisons’ lineup, could be headed to Seattle if a deal materializes.

One name being mentioned a lot on Twitter is Chone Figgins.

Original Post 1:00 AM
According to Andy Martino of the Daily News, there are indications that the Mets are either working on a trade or preparing two prospects for a callup, but the team offered no confirmation of either.

Earlier this evening, the Daily News reported that infielder Ruben Tejada and outfielder Fernando Martinez were late scratches from Triple-A Buffalo’s game Friday night. Both were in the original lineup, but were later scratched about five minutes before game time, signaling that they are either involved in a trade or being promoted to the major leagues.

After the game, Omar Minaya spoke with reporters, but when asked to comment on Martinez and Tejada, he skirted the question and replied,

“I’m not going to comment on that. I have nothing to say about that right now. We’ll see.”

If Tejada and F-Mart are indeed on their way to another team, I hope it’s not some desperate attempt to appease fans who were disappointed that the Mets did nothing before the deadline.

Martinez, one of the organization’s top outfield prospects for most of the past half-decade, was batting .255 with 12 homers in 68 games for the Bisons. Tejada, who spent significant time with the Mets earlier this season, was hitting .280 in 65 Triple-A games.

I’m a little concerned because the only players that would be available now are only those that would have had to pass through waivers. Usually, desirable, quality players never make it through the waiver process.

Most of the players that do pass waivers or are claimed are either overpaid players, problem players, and players who desperately need a change of scenery.

One other option could be that the Mets are getting ready to release two players from their 25 man roster.

Luis Castillo?  Oliver Perez? Jeff Francoeur?

Something is definitely up, and I have no idea what that could be, but I do hope that it’s a good move for the Mets and that the team is better off for it.

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F-Mart Was Raking Last Night Fri, 16 Jul 2010 13:48:01 +0000

The Buffalo Bisons hit four home runs last night, but they still fell short of a miracle comeback and lost to the Gwinnett Braves 8-7

In that game, Val Pascucci hit a pinch hit home run, but the star of the night was right fielder Fernando Martinez, who clubbed a pair of home runs, his eighth and ninth of the season.

F-Mart went 3-5 with three runs scored and a pair of RBI from his solo shots. On the year, he is batting .267 with 27 RBI, 20 runs scored, and a stolen base in 50 games played.

The Mets have a couple of players having solid seasons for Buffalo this year. 

In 25 games played, outfielder Lucas Duda is batting .340 with nine home runs and 27 RBIs. That’s more RBI’s than games played. Duda has a 1.123 OPS for the Bisons and of his 32 hits, 17 of them were extra-base hits.

Pat Misch continues to dominate in AAA and has a 9-3 record to go with 3.12 ERA and a 1.17 WHIP. He has struck out 67 batters while walking 17 in 112 innings pitched.

The Bisons lead the International League with 101 home runs this season, yet surprisingly they have the second lowest strikeout rate in the league. Not a bad combination.

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Glad Omar Is Unwilling To Rush Prospects To Save Job Tue, 23 Mar 2010 11:00:17 +0000 This Spring we’ve gotten to look at some of our young prospects and they have impressed fans, the media and the team.  The reports that the farm system was dead have been greatly exaggerated it seems.  Fernando Martinez, Ike Davis, Jon Niese and Jenrry Mejia are having great springs, so of course there has been plenty of talk about them joining the big team once camp breaks. 

Coming into Spring Training, the fifth sport in the rotation was Jon Niese’s spot to lose so it’s not a big a surprise if he makes the 25 man rotation.  Jerry Manuel has expressed his desire for Ike Davis and Jenrry Mejia to make the team, but Omar Minaya has stated on several occasions that both youngsters as well as F-Mart will start the season in the minors.

This is welcomed news that clearly shows Omar has finally learned from the mistakes of the past in rushing young talent to the majors.  Mike Pelfrey was rushed and as we have seen it ended up being wrong for the team and Big Pelf as well. Lastings Milledge was nowhere near ready when he was called up and his career has suffered ever since.  Last year F-Mart was rushed and in turn delivered terrible results until finally getting injured and missing the rest of the season.

Allowing the prospects to grow in the minors until they’re ready, might be Omar’s saving grace as he tries to make a last stand for keeping his job.  We have heard for the last few months that Omar and Jerry’s job’s are both on the line this season and they need the team to avoid a slow start.  Personally, I believel that Omar is safe for now and that he won’t be released until after the season if things do go bad, but that’s a different post all together.  I believe that due to the emergence of these solid prospects waiting in the wings, all of whom were acquired by Minaya, and his new 3 year extension which is just now kicking in, Omar will be able to save his job moving forward.  It’s a shrewd and smart move on Omar’s part to avoid rushing theses kids, but the decision could pay off handsomely when they are inevitably called upon and they make their impacts felt in the win column.

Ultimately, it’s the right move and indicates that Omar is willing to do what is best for the prospects and the team in the long run. I look forward to seeing Mejia, Davis and F-Mart all get the proper seasoning before rejoining the team and giving our franchise and it’s fans many years excitement and solid play.

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The Dawn Is Coming Met Fans Tue, 16 Mar 2010 12:00:06 +0000 The New York Mets have seen darker days than this; the midnight massacre in which Tom Seaver was traded away comes to mind.  Another bad time for the Mets and their fan base was in the early 90’s when the Mets had the worst team that money could buy followed by the failure of Generation K.  2002 was a horrible year as the Mets signed a bunch of over the hill players for a lot of money plus there was the messy legal battle between Nelson Doubleday and the Wilpons for ownership of the Mets.  2003 saw the Mets win just 63 games that year and in 2004 the Mets didn’t do that much better even though they “battled” all the time.

The Mets brand got a jolt of life in 2005 when Omar Minaya was hired as the GM and quickly signed Pedro and Beltran.  2006 saw the Mets just miss getting to the World Series.  2006 also brought a lot of new fans to the Mets as they were relevant again; they had the new, young superstars of David Wright and Jose Reyes leading the team.  2006 didn’t end the way the fans wanted it to, but there was hope for 2007 and beyond.  For a new Mets fan base, 2007-2009 might seem like the darkest days for the franchise and I understand their point of view since they haven’t followed the team as long as other Mets fans have.  So for those new fans I quote Harvey Dent from the hit film The Dark Knight: “the night is darkest just before the dawn.  And I promise you, the dawn is coming.”

I believe that quote really applies to the Mets.  Yes 2007 and 2008 ended in horrible collapses on the last day of the season and we really don’t have to speak about 2009 anymore.  2010 is not starting the way we envisioned it would with Beltran missing at least a month due to knee surgery and Jose Reyes missing opening day and perhaps longer with a thyroid condition, but the dawn is coming.  In fact the dawn is in Florida with the Mets.

This Spring we have seen the future for the Mets, and it looks bright. Ike Davis is knocking the cover off the ball as is Fernando Martinez.  So far this Spring Jenrry Mejia has been practically untouchable and is being considered as a setup guy for K-Rod.  Josh Thole is also coming along nicely and as we saw last year, he’s close to being ready for the majors.  Jon Niese has also impressed me and could very possibly make the opening day rotation.  It has been a long time since the Mets had this much promising youth in Spring Training that actually have great futures ahead of them in the big leagues.  These kids will most likely be with the Mets by next year if not sooner in some cases.

I understand all the bad communication and injuries that have plagued the Mets and it’s easy to be pessimistic and see nothing but dark days ahead, but the dawn is coming and will be here soon.

]]> 0 What Are The Mets Intentions With Fernando Martinez? Tue, 22 Dec 2009 12:00:12 +0000 If Omar ever decides to get aggressive and sign Jason Bay the way he did with certain other players, what happens with our “untouchable phenom” Fernando Martinez?  

On the last day of the winter meetings the Mets offered Jason Bay a deal that is believed to be around $65 million dollars for 4 years.

One of the reasons the Mets didn’t go after a left fielder last season, and opted to go with Daniel Murphy instead, was the feeling in the organization that F-Mart would be ready to takeover in 2010 and play left field everyday. Unfortunately for the Mets, they got to see a preview of F-Mart in 2009 due to an injury to Carlos Beltran, and the results were anything but phenomenal.

Omar’s boy F-Mart looked more like a bust than he did a future star during his short trial last season.  He played in 29 games and tallied 91 at bats in which he batted an embarrassing .176, with a .242 OBP and .275 slugging percentage. F-Mart didn’t feel the need to hustle out of the batters box on more than one occasion.  His work in the field was no better, more often than not he always got a late jump on balls hit into the outfield, and he even fell flat on his face in one game diving for a ball that was obviously out of reach.  The results clearly showed that Omar dreadfully miscalculated that F-Mart would be major league ready this upcoming season, and too many  considered F-Mart to be a flat out bust.  

Let’s not forget that Martinez is as injury prone as they come. Every season in the minors, Martinez has spent significant time on the disabled list, and he has already had several surgeries including season ending surgery last season. He has missed a half season worth of games or more in his last four seasons.

F-Mart has had some moderate success in the minors, but like so have many other players before him, upon getting to the majors they failed to display any of their success at the lower levels.

Even if Omar fails to sign Jason Bay, which could keep Martinez at bay for at least another four years, it is quite apparent that he is a long way away from being major league ready if he ever makes it back to the majors at all. His short stint last season, has seen his stock fall dramatically and he has been passed up by other Mets prospects who have bounced Martinez from “number one prospect” status to somewhere between 4th and 7th.

Fernando Martinez is on a career path that is remarkably similar to that of another notable Mets phenom turned bust, Alex Escobar.

Unless F-Mart can put together a solid season at Class-AAA Buffalo in 2010, he may no longer figure into the Mets plans for the foreseeable future. Hopefully, for a change, it will be an injury free year thus improving his trade value for 2011… a year that I’m hoping will feature a new Mets GM that will trade F-Mart for a more talented and serviceable player.

With Beltran and Francoeur seemingly entrenched in the outfield, and Jason Bay looming for the next 4-5 years, the Mets no longer seem to be keeping a spot warm for their one-time golden boy.

Happy holidays everyone, hope you have a fun and safe holiday.

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Injury Checklist Wed, 05 Aug 2009 21:25:28 +0000 If you were watching today’s game when Gary Sheffield left the bases with apparent leg stiffness, Gary and Ron were reciting the litany of Met injuries, and having trouble remembering all of them. That got me wondering who has not been injured out of the Opening Day roster. Take a look:

Out of the Opening Day lineup, only Wright and Murphy have never been injured. Castillo is listed because we don’t have enough information on his injury, and the Mets would probably wait a while before putting him on the DL, if they do.

The rotation is another story, but a similar one as well:

Johan Santana

Mike Pelfrey:  Missed a start in April due to forearm trouble.

Oliver Perez: DL: Patellar Tendinitis (May 8-July 8)

John Maine: DL: Shoulder Weakness (June 12)

Remember, Livan wasn’t on the Opening Day Roster at first, he was called up in time for the 5th team game. Also, here are other starters that have done time on the DL

Tim Redding: DL: Shoulder Weakness (April 5-May 19)

Fernando Nieve: DL: Thigh (July 20)

Jonathan Niese: As of this writing, his injury was declared sprained hamstring. No timetables discussed.


JJ Putz: DL: Bone Spur (June 5)

K-Rod: Back Spasms gave us a scare

Billy Wagner started the year on the DL.

But wait, it get’s worse; to the bench:

Alex Cora: DL: Hand (May 18-June 5)

Ramon Martinez: DL: Finger (June 3)

Angel Pagan: DL Elbow (April 5-May 16) ;Groin (June 1-July 11)

Gary Sheffield: Hamstring (July 18-August 1)

Fernando Martinez: DL: Right Knee Inflammation (July 10)

This just isn’t fair.

Looking back, here are some original estimated returns from the time the players were placed on the DL:

Jose Reyes: Early June

Carlos Beltran: All-Star Break

John Maine: Early July

It’s now August.

I wonder if we built Citi Field on cursed land.

Till Next Time

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Q&A With Mets Beat Writer Adam Rubin Sat, 25 Jul 2009 21:56:35 +0000 Adam Rubin of the Daily News was kind enough to answer a few questions for Mets Merized Online. It’s been a hectic week as far as Mets news goes, and I wanted to get his thoughts on the Halladay situation, Carlos Beltran’s bone bruise, the shift in our top prospects, and other Mets concerns.

1. According to a report by Jon Heyman, Omar Minaya rejected a trade that would have landed Roy Halladay in exchange for prospects; F-Mart, Tejada, Niese and Parnell. I was actually shocked Omar turned it down, and felt the deal could save this season and set the Mets up for next season too. What are your thoughts?

If that were an actual, bona fide proposal for a yea or nay, then two GMs ought to be out of a job. An oft-injured outfielder, a hard-throwing reliever, a projected middle-of-the-rotation starter and a non-power-hitting, teenage middle infielder playing above his level? For Roy Halladay? Look at what the Mariners gave up for Erik Bedard. Erik Bedard! Even high-ranking Mets officials say the Blue Jays, at best, were just floating ideas to see how much they could get. The Mets don’t even believe Halladay will be traded. So why did this report come out? No doubt someone high up with the Mets said it. Reports usually aren’t fiction. I would suggest the probable reason is that the Mets could then say: A, “Look, we’re talking to teams.” And, B, “Look, there’s a big market for our guys.” A report that Omar Minaya is safe not coincidentally surfaced the same day. Think about whose interest that is in.

2. I get the sense that not even the Mets themselves know if they are buyers or sellers. Lets assume they are sellers… What players, if any, might we be able to move for prospects? Do we have anything a contending team might want from us?

The Mets are not renting players. If it helps them for 2010 and beyond, great, such as Francoeur-Church (although it’s highly debatable whether it achieved that). As for selling, the Mets wouldn’t do that. They can’t admit they’re out. And trade what? You need Bobby Parnell and Pedro Feliciano for 2010. In Parnell’s case, he’s an affordable, late-inning option on a team with a bloated payroll that needs young players to offset big contracts. In the latter case, have you seen how many lefthanded relievers the Mets have gone through this season trying to find someone competent to join with Feliciano?

3. It seems like there is so much controlled chaos surrounding the team this year. It’s been a season full of mixed messages, crossed signals, miscommunication, misdiagnosis, etc. Whenever someone in management speaks, they only tell us parts of the truth and we don’t get all of the facts until days or weeks later. Are the Mets in as big a mess off the field as they are on the field?


4. I appreciate all of your exclusive coverage on the Mets minor leagues. There seems to be a lot of debate as to who the Mets’ best prospects are lately. It looks like F-Mart has taken a tumble (again!), while Holt, Mejia and Flores have seen their stock rise. How do you currently rank the Mets Top 10 prospects?

Fortunately, Fernando may exceed the at-bat total (130 by Baseball America standards), so I’ll hopefully be absolved of ranking him if the magazine asks me again next offseason to do it. I wouldn’t commit to it this far out, but Jenrry Mejia is the guy scouts say is the most legit, so he’d probably be my No. 1 right now, followed by Wilmer Flores and then Brad Holt. Beyond that, I’ll still need to do a lot of research to get a legitimate top 10. Josh Thole probably has crept in there somewhere, although I’d like to see better power numbers. One scout said a Scott Hatteberg-type career would probably be the best case scenario.

5. Is there more to Carlos Beltran’s bone bruise than what has been reported by the Mets? It seems like it’s taking an awful long time for that bone bruise to heal.

It clearly was botched, whether the advice was sound and things unpredictably went wrong, or whether the original treatment course was just plain bad. The Mets knew a bone bruise existed, yet had a $119 million player injected with cortisone. A month later the bone bruise had doubled in size. Sources continue to tell me Beltran is privately upset. And whenever I get Mets officials ranting at me, I ask to point out what’s factually incorrect in my reporting. No one ever has a reply. Usually, the response is more about how the trainers should be off-limits from my scrutiny, since they’re not public people. More generally, there are clear problems with the way Hospital for Special Surgery recommendations are used. I had a conversation with an AL official on Monday who, unsolicited, said 29 of 30 teams would have placed Jose Reyes on the DL as far back as San Francisco, or at least L.A. You may remember that even in Boston, Omar Minaya was still calling Reyes day-to-day.

6. Is there a point where it would make more sense to simply shut down Jose Reyes, John Maine and Carlos Beltran for the season and make sure that they all show up healthy next spring?

I would argue that time is now.

7. Do you think the Mets will pick up the option on J.J. Putz if he proves to be healthy once he returns?

The option is for $9.1 million. I believe when the Mets acquired Putz last December, the intention fully was to pick that up, if only to trade him. Now, I don’t think that’s possible. It’s too big a gamble for a team that only has a net of about $30 million coming off the payroll and so many holes. That would be nearly a third of the net coming off for a luxury item.

8. Apparently, both Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel got assurances from Jeff Wilpon that their jobs are safe for now. Is that the sense you get from following the team and within Mets circles?

I seem to be the only one saying Omar Minaya is not safe. While I can’t say Omar is definitely out, my sources tell me Jeff Wilpon’s view is tipping and a three-year extension worth an estimated $1.1 million a year would not be an obstacle to making a change.

Adam, thanks again for your time. We look forward to reading more about the Mets each day in the Daily News and on your blog, Surfing The Mets.

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Random Stats and Thoughts Wed, 22 Jul 2009 16:12:39 +0000 We can beat a dead horse all day long about how bad and disappointing the 2009 Mets have become, and how we’re going to have to endure a few months of meaningless baseball now that all hope for the playoffs is basically lost.  So instead of beating the horse, I’m just going to point out a few things I noticed when perusing stats last night (through Sunday’s games)…..

The Mets have 53 home runs, worst in the majors.  The Phillies have 126 and the Yankees 136.  Gary Sheffield leads the team with 10 homers, and David Wright still only has 5.  FIVE. 

Speaking of Wright, while he’s batting a respectable .322, his 5 homers and 44 RBI puts him in the company of guys like Jacoby Ellsbury (5, 29), Freddy Sanchez (6, 34) or Pat Burrell (5, 32).  Those are decent players, but Wright is supposed to be more in the company of guys like Ryan Braun (16, 58) or Albert Pujols (34, 90).  In fact, Wright has similar power numbers to teammate Daniel Murphy (5, 29).  What the hell is that?

The Mets have 814 hits and 362 RBI.  The Phillies have 804 hits and 457 RBI.  Think about that….less hits, but almost 100 more runs batted in? 

The Mets have one complete game, and it’s not by Johan…it’s by Livan.  The Giants and Royals each have 8 complete games to lead the majors.  The GIANTS and ROYALS.

Mets’ pitchers have given up 361 walks, trailing only Washington (365) for worst in the majors.  And of course, their 10 balks leads the majors by far, thanks mostly to Pelfrey’s “yips.” 

The Mets could have had Raul Ibanez, who has 24 homers, 65 RBI and is batting .316 for you-know-who.  

The Phillies’ notable rookie this year is pitcher JA Happ, who is 7-0 with a 2.68 ERA and 65 strikeouts.  The Mets’ notable rookie is F-Mart, who is batting .176 with one homer and 8 RBI. 

Amazingly, the Mets’ hitters have only struck out 501 times, which is best in the majors.  But I guess power hitters strike out more, and the Mets have almost no power, so in that context it makes sense. 

The Phillies’ top home run hitters are Ibanez (24), Ryan Howard (23), Chase Utley (21) and Jayson Werth (20).  The Mets’ top home run hitters are Sheffield (10), Carlos Beltran (8), and Wright (5).  Oh, and Jeff Francoeur also has 5, but he hit most of those with the Braves. 

I probably just made you all sick, and I’m right there with you.  I can’t wait for this season to be over so we can move on!

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Fernando Martinez to DL Thu, 09 Jul 2009 14:23:13 +0000 New York Mets outfielder and top prospect Fernando Martinez’s injury woes have sidelined him again. Martinez was placed on the Disabled List due to inflammation behind his right knee. Martinez had missed the last four games, and had not played since July 3rd against the Phillies.

Infielder Argenis Reyes was called up to take Martinez’s spot on the roster. Martinez will likely retun to the minors after his rehab stint.

By my count I think this is the fourth or fifth knee injury.

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F-Mart It’s Your Time To Shine! Tue, 23 Jun 2009 21:30:44 +0000

For the last 4 years we have been hearing about Fernando “F-Mart” Martinez.  The 16 year old was praised as the future of the New York Mets.  F-Mart was the 5 tool player that the Mets were going to make into their next superstar.  There were growing pains of course, the last couple of seasons F-Mart was injured.  Some were wondering if F-Mart would live up to his expectations.

The 2009 Mets as we all know are walking M*A*S*H unit.  The Mets on May 26, 2009, decided to call up Fernando Martinez from Triple A Buffalo when they put Ryan Church and Jose Reyes on the disabled list.  This was not considered a permanent promotion.  The Mets needed someone in the outfield and they wanted to see how F-Mart could perform at the major league level.

It was a bumpy ride for F-Mart’s first major league assignment.  In his first game he went 0-3, 2K’s, was hit by a pitch but he did drive in an RBI.  There was of course that pop up fly ball that was dropped and Fernando Martinez didn’t run it out and as a result he was thrown out at first on a play in which he should have been safe and the Mets would have had a runner on base.

F-Mart showed some potential but it was obvious that he needed some more seasoning in the minor leagues.  He hit only .207 and he could not recognize breaking balls.  The Mets last week made the right decision and sent him down to Buffalo.  It was the right move as he would play everyday and now the Mets could give the Bisons’ manger and coaches a detailed account on what they wanted them to work on with F-Mart.

Fast forward to Monday, June 23, 2009, Carlos Beltran joins the other 8 players who are on the Mets disabled list with a bone bruise.  The Mets have no choice but to recall F-Mart.  This time it’s not a test for F-Mart, it’s not an assignment just to get a look at the progress F-Mart has made and to evaluate the potential as a major leaguer he has.  Carlos Beltran is out for at least 2 weeks, sounds like it could be longer and F-Mart is going to need to produce.

F-Mart is young, he has potential and it looks like he needs to start utilizing some of that potential for this Mets team that is having a difficult time staying healthy.  He is going to have to grow up faster than most would like.  Situations like this show the make-up of a ball player.  He knows the expectations the fans, the organization, and the media have for him.  F-Mart can either sit in a corner and just try to perform or he could show us that the Mets were right in not trading him and billing him as a superstar of the future by taking advantage of the injuries and performing the way we know he can.

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F-Mart Sent Down, Nick Evans Called Up Fri, 19 Jun 2009 20:28:31 +0000

According to Adam Rubin of the Daily News, Nick Evans has been called up to the Mets to replace Fernando Martinez who was optioned back to Buffalo.

Evans was batting .276 with a .294 OBP at Double-A Binghamton since he was demoted from Buffalo where he batted .093 in 22 games. The Mets also had Evans consult a sports psychologist at the time to find the root of his problems.

It was no surprise that the Mets demoted F-Mart who was struggling, but calling up Evans was kind of unexpected. Martinez, who was the youngest active player in the majors at age 20, hit just .194 with a .286 on-base percentage in 18 games with the Mets this season.

On the surface, and this is just me speculating, but I think this means fewer starts for Fernando Tatis at first base.

In another roster move, the Mets claimed left-handed reliever Arturo Lopez off waivers from the Padres and moved infielder Ramon Martinez (finger surgery) to the 60-day disabled list.

Lopez, who had a 19.29 ERA in four relief appearances with San Diego this season, was immediately assigned to Buffalo.

By the way, on a lighter note, I used to remember not too long ago the words “Breaking News” would signify some huge global news story, a catastrophic event, a celebrity death or a political scandal, but I almost choked when I clicked to see it was about a guy who was hitting .277 getting called up to the Mets. Welcome to the new world.

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What Are The Mets Planning In Regard To Daniel Murphy and Fernando Martinez? Wed, 10 Jun 2009 06:30:59 +0000 The Mets have announced their lineup for tonight’s game against the Phillies and it’s the same lineup that won the game for us last night.  I’m not concerned about that, they won the game but there are two players who will be sitting on the bench tonight that do concern me: Daniel Murphy and Fernando Martinez who did not play last night either.  I understand that both guys are lefties and thePhillies decided to put out three lefties this series.  Both Murphy and Martinez are young in their career, Murphy is 24 and F-Mart is just 20 years old.

These guys need to be playing everyday at this stage in their career.  Murphy I believe has declined since we saw him last season.  Murphy should be demoted to Triple A and put at first base for the remainder of the season.  He can improve his defense at 1st and be ready for the 2010 season when he will be our everyday 1st baseman.  One of the reasons Murphy made the team this year out of Spring Training was his ability to hit against left handed pitching.  His numbers have decreased against lefties as Jerry has used him less frequently against them.

Fernando Martinez has been good but it’s obvious that at this stage in his career is not 100% ready for the big leagues just yet.  This is not a knock on him.  I have all the confidence that next year, barring an injury on his part we will see him in the outfield everyday for the Mets .  F-Mart still has to work on his hitting.  He has a very hard time hitting the breaking ball.  Also he still needs to mature a little as evidenced when he didn’t run out that pop out to the catcher.  Last week this went unnoticed but he tried to bunt, it looked to be going foul and the ball did thanks to the catcher but F-Mart did not run out of the box.  I think another few months in the minors where he will be playing everyday will help him improve on his skills and mature into the player theMets hope he will become.

I like both players, I think they are going to be important to this franchise in the years to come but if they are not going to get playing time everyday we need to send them down where they can improve and develop their skills for the majors.

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Mets Notes – Murphy and F-Mart Sit, Sheff and Church Play Tue, 09 Jun 2009 22:00:53 +0000

This afternoon, J.J. Putz underwent successful surgery to remove a bone spur and bone fragments from his ailing right elbow. The Mets said that he is expected to start throwing in about six weeks. The team hopes Putz returns to games in 10 to 12 weeks.

There were some rumblings in the Mets blogosphere that David Wright hated Citi Field based on a third party reference by Chipper Jones on satellite radio. The comment was vague at best and sounded more like Chipper just commenting on the vastness of the park. Anyway, Wright refuted the claims that he hated Citi Field and he did so adamantly. Sometimes you really gotta feel bad for todays athletes.

Jerry Manuel posted his lineup for tonight’s game and both Daniel Murphy and Fernando Martinez will not be in the starting lineup.

  1. Luis Castillo – 2B
  2. Alex Cora – SS
  3. Carlos Beltran – CF
  4. Gary Sheffield – LF
  5. David Wright – 3B
  6. Fernando Tatis – 1B
  7. Ryan Church – RF
  8. Omir Santos – C
  9. Johan Santana – LHP

The Phillies will be throwing three lefthanders against the Mets, and I’m wondering if it will mean no playing time for both young lefthanded Mets who need to play everyday. Manuel was asked specifically about the need for playing time for F-Mart when he urged Omar Minaya to keep him on the team. He responded that their would be plenty of playing time for Martinez.

I expected Gary Sheffield to be in there tonight and it looks like Manuel intends to play him in leftfield for all three games.

These always-changing lineup configurations are getting hard to keep up with.

Lets hope this lineup proves to be the winning formula tonight.

Lets Go Mets!

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Jerry Manuel, I’m Just Not That Into Right Now! Tue, 02 Jun 2009 13:00:03 +0000 This is not a knee jerk reaction after last night’s horrible defeat.  Last season after Willie Randolph was fired and Jerry Manuel took over I thought it was the right decision.  As the Mets tried to make the playoffs last season I was really impressed with Jerry Manuel.  When the Mets lost on the last day of the season I was hoping that Jerry would have been given a new contract for this season and was happy once it was announced that Jerry would be coming back to manage the Mets.

The Jerry Manuel we saw last year is not the same we have seen this season.  One of the things I looked forward to was his press conference following the game.  They were full of life, his comments were interesting.  This year not so much.  He reminds a lot of Willie Randolph now during his press conferences.  He looks disinterested, he repeats himself from the previous day.  SNY could air the press conference from a week ago and it would sound the same as tonight’s.

This season Manuel is really messing with his players’ heads and put them in the doghouse, even though according to Jerry he doesn’t have one.  Ryan Church is an ideal player.  He plays hard in the field, he was hitting at the plate and he runs out balls that are hit in play.  Jerry Manuel for some unknown reason did not like those traits in Ryan Church.  It started in Spring Training when Manuel let Church know that he was going to possibly platoon with Fernando Tatis. Earlier this season so while Church was hitting everything thrown at him Jerry Manuel benches him for a couple of games.  Then Church comes back, continues hitting and for some reason Manuel again will sit him down but when it’s time to put Church back in the lineup he bats him 8th.  Former Met Ramon Castro was another guy who Manuel liked to mess with.  Who can forget Jerry having Omir Santos come out of the bullpen while Castro was walking to the plate and pinch hit for him in the bottom of the 9th inning, guys on base and the Mets trailing with 2 outs?

Daniel Murphy is also a guy who Manuel has put in his doghouse.  Murphy playing the outfield was a mistake.  An utter failure.  Jerry Manuel in Spring Training decided to make Murphy his everyday left fielder even though that was not his natural position.  All through Spring Training Manuel praised Murphy’s ability to hit, citing how patient he was the plate and his ability to hit against left handed pitchers.  Murphy’s play in the outfield caused the Mets several games but Jerry refused to take him out of the lineup.  Carlos Delgado gets hurt, Murphy gets worse in the outfield and Jerry finally sees the light and admits the experiment with Murphy was a failure.  Daniel Murphy was going to be moved to 1st base and you know what?  He’s been pretty impressive at 1st base.  He’s made some good plays.  Unfortunately his bat isn’t what we all thought it would be.  Murphy is no longer hurting us with his defense but Jerry decides to take him out of games now when everyone else is banged up.  Murphy last week had a big homerun, the next day Jerry takes him out.  It seems to me that Jerry is a little angry at Murphy after Murphy failed in the outfield.  Jerry stuck his neck out for Murphy and Murphy couldn’t play the outfield so Jerry decided to punish him.

Last week Fernando Martinez made is much awaited major league debut.  This was a game when he hit a weak pop up to the catcher and didn’t run the ball out.  The catcher dropped the ball but still had time to recover and throw F-Mart out at first.  Jerry decided to leave Martinez in the game.  In his post game he said it was a big mistake and that he would talk to F-Mart later.  That was the end of it he said.  Next game F-Mart is for some reason sitting on the bench but it’s not because of the previous game.  I think that Jerry should have taken F-Mart out of that game as a punishment and that would have been the end of it.  F-Mart needs to play everyday while he’s up from the minors.  To start messing with a 20 year old’s head is wrong Jerry, it’s wrong!

Last season when Jerry took over Jose Reyes challenged him on his first night as manager when Jerry wanted to take Jose out after he came up lame running to 1st base.  Jerry got in his face, told Reyes to get off the field and go sit down on the bench.  The players seemed to respond to Jerry after this.  They also played hard for him all last season.  This season that’s not the case.  I mentioned the F-Mart incident already but last night once again it happened.  For some reason these guys refuse to run out ground balls.  They refuse to slide when they obviously should.  They are not running out of the box hard enough and instead of getting a triple they’re on second in a game they trail.

Now it’s too early to call for Jerry’s job.  The Mets are still good in the standings.  I just feel that Jerry needs to change the way he’s managing this team.  He’s playing with a banged up team and they have done a good job.  Jerry needs to be the same Jerry we saw last year, not this Jerry.  He needs to get in these guys faces and tell them the gangsta is back and will not take this kind of lazy play.  He needs to reward guys who play well and not pick his favorites.  Only then will the Mets be a winning team.  Right now if the Mets did fire Jerry I wouldn’t mind it all the much even though I would be worried who would take his place.  I doubt that the Mets will fire another manager mid season after the way everything went down with Willie Randolph.  If Jerry continues to manage this way I wouldn’t mind it if he doesn’t come back next year.  Jerry please bring the gangsta back!

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