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Is the Mets “brand” damaged ?

An article by posted on January 22, 2010 0 Comments

In years previous I’ve heard Omar in a few of his “State of the Mets” interviews include phrases like “our brand remains strong” or “we remain confident in our brand”. Usually, this is a corporate phrase thrown around when discussing the state of a company’s business. In my heart of hearts, I’d like to think […]

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Citi Field: A Field Report

An article by posted on April 3, 2009 0 Comments

Having had a great opportunity to attend Friday night’s exhibition game at Citi Field with the Mets taking on the Boston Red Sox, I felt obligated to give a fan’s first perspective on the new ballpark. My first impression as I arrived to the park via the 7 train was one of sadness. No longer are […]

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