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Will Justin Turner Get Caught In A Numbers Game

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Will Justin Turner Get Caught In A Numbers Game

As was reported on MMO yesterday, the New York Mets have signed defensive-minded shortstop Ronny Cedeno to a one-year, $1.1 million dollar contract. Cedeno, 28, was the Pirates starting shortstop since they acquired him in 2009. In 313 games for the Bucs, Cedeno batted a meager .254/.297/.367/.664 in 1,126 plate appearances. Obviously he’s here for one purpose […]

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Jon Garland Fits The Alderson Mold

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It’s no secret the Mets have been penny pinching this offseason. Between the slew of minimal contracts we’ve offered and the lack of any offer to Jose Reyes, it is evident that Sandy Alderson and the front office are examining the bargain bin rather than the premium shelf to construct this team for 2012. Despite […]

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Morning Grind: Mets Will Regret Letting Nick Evans Slip Away

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Given the financial situation the Mets are currently in, holding on to a guy like Nick Evans should have been a no-brainer. Not only would Evans have been a quality bat and add much-needed depth to a very thin, not-so-Amazin’ roster, but come at a relatively inexpensive price. This 25-year old has been up and […]

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Scary Stuff: Mets 2012 Rotation Set For Next Season?

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Gonna make this short, and not too sweet… Just came across this article from David Lennon of Newsday who looks ahead to the 2012 Mets rotation. The Mets have four members of the rotation on pace to make close to 30 starts, with Dillon Gee – the replacement for Young – trailing slightly. There’s value […]

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The Mets Will Consider Scott Kazmir, Alderson Says

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According to Andy Martino of the New York Daily News, the Mets are going to consider adding Scott Kazmir. Martino added that usually Sandy Alderson dismisses speculation regarding players who hit the free-agent wire but this time, its a little different for the former Mets left-hander. When asked about adding Scott Kazmir, Sandy Alderson said […]

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The Mets Have Roster Depth

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I really enjoyed reading Ken Davidoff’s column on Newsday this morning. Unlike the last few seasons, Davidoff points out that this year the Mets have gotten some solid contributions from their roster depth when players have gotten hurt or landed on the DL. Jason Pridie is one such player that has been a pleasant surprise […]

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Phillies Release Castillo

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Former Mets second baseman, boy, does that feel great to say, Luis Castillo has been released for the second time this winter, this time being cut by the Phillies. Castillo, who was statistically one of the worst starting position players in the MLB last year, is now once again on the open market. Castillo was reportedly […]

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Discussing Mets Prospects With Joe DeMayo Of Port St. Lucie To Flushing

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Recently I did an email interview with Joe DeMayo who does a fantastic job covering the Mets Minor Leagues and the MLB Draft for the excellent Mets site, St. Lucie To Flushing. 1. Where do you rank the Mets Minor League System on a scale of 1-10 in the following areas: A) Starting Pitching: 3. […]

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Making Sense of the Tankersley Signing

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The signing of LHP Taylor Tankersley on the surface appears to be a mediocre move, but an in-depth look reveals a method to the madness. Tankersley has been with the Marlins for his entire major league career so he knows the division. It is not a huge factor but is a slight benefit knowing the premiere bats in the NL East in advance. […]

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Highlights From The Sandy Alderson Interview

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Several Mets bloggers and I were lucky enough to ask Mets GM Sandy Alderson a few questions at the Mets holiday party. The major topic we discussed was the Cliff Lee deal with the Phillies. “A little bit surprised it was the Phillies,” said Alderson. “We knew there was a third club involved. It makes […]

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