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Is It Check-Out Time For Hojo?

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I cant recall a season where our Mets have been so decimated by injuries. I know that we should actually consider ourselves lucky in many ways. We’ve last 40% of our starting staff along with our newly acquired set-up man. David Wright has been forced into the role of trying to carry this entire team […]

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A Closer Look At David Wright

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Our All-Star third baseman, David Wright, is in the middle of the weirdest offensive year of his life. I think it’s actually cause for worry. David Wright is batting .351 and he’s leading the NL in batting, and I won’t dispute that he’s been on base more than he ever has. However, I became very […]

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Will Any Met Hit 20 Homers This Season?

An article by posted on June 24, 2009 0 Comments

the Mets and their opponents have suffered from a power outage this season. But it’s not just at home, because the Mets have brought their power outage on the road as well.

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…And Then There Was One

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Please do not be alarmed.  That’s not a picture of David Wright getting injured.  But the way things have been going for the Mets lately, would you be surprised if it was?  The rash of injuries to hit the Mets continued this week with the news that Carlos Beltran would have to be placed on […]

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Diversion: What Will Happen First?

An article by posted on June 17, 2009 0 Comments

I’d like to offer a diversion: What will happen first in Mets’ history—a player leading the league in batting for a single season, or one of our pitchers throwing a no-hitter?

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The Mets Should Learn From K-Rod Example!

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In 2006, the year the Mets ran away with the National League Eastern division they had a certain attitude.  There was a swagger that team had.  They were aggressive and teams hated facing them.  In 2007 the swagger and attitude disappeared.  Instead of team’s hating to face the Mets they were making fun of them.  […]

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There Will Be More Gut Wrenching Losses…

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Howie Rose called it the worst regular season loss in franchise history and that none ever hurt this bad. He should know, he’s seen them all. I find it amazing that not one Mets player expressed outrage last night… Certainly, you could tell by the looks on their faces that they were shell-shocked, but not one […]

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Is Too Much Being Made Of The Lack Of Home-Runs?

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The last couple of weeks fans and writers have been talking about the lack of power the Mets have displayed so far this season.  The Mets this year have hit only 34 home-runs.  Obviously the absence of Carlos Delgado has affected the number of home-runs the Mets will hit this season.  Jose Reyes, who also […]

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Mets Notes – Murphy and F-Mart Sit, Sheff and Church Play

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This afternoon, J.J. Putz underwent successful surgery to remove a bone spur and bone fragments from his ailing right elbow. The Mets said that he is expected to start throwing in about six weeks. The team hopes Putz returns to games in 10 to 12 weeks. There were some rumblings in the Mets blogosphere that […]

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Morning Grind – Wright’s Streaks Are Killing Me, And Please Fire These Guys!

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The Morning Grind is the place for Mets fans to sound off on anything and everything! An open thread for ranting and raving about the Mets, completely raw and uncensored! Whats Bugging Me 1. David Wright – I’ve just realized that my freaking mood swings lately are directly related to David Wright’s cold and hot streaks at […]

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