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Brandon Nimmo To Play In Games As Early As Next Week

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Now that the Mets have finally inked their first round pick Brandon Nimmo to a contract, we can all finally relax.  It would have been a devastating blow had he not signed, especially with the lack of production we are getting from our young hitting prospects down in the minors.  Now that he has signed […]

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Johan To Pitch Thursday For St. Lucie

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The Mets have just reported that injured ace Johan Santana, who is recovering from shoulder surgery, will make his first rehab start with St. Lucie this Thursday. Santana is expected to throw about 45 pitches and a detrmination as to another start will be made after they see how his shoulder responds in the days following. It […]

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Brewers PTBNL – Here Is One Possibility

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Yesterday’s trade wasn’t really about the two players to be named later.  It was about the fact this team needed to get away from the $17.5 million contract that Francisco Rodriguez would likely earn if he stayed in New Yorkmuch longer. I understand the people who want a closer to be with this team until […]

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Alderson Will Leverage Beltran For Max Return, But Make No Mistake He’s As Good As Gone

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Sandy Alderson is working the phones this afternoon about Carlos Beltran. There’s a chance he could be taking more calls than making them. “Carlos’ situation is well-known, and it’s not surprising given his situation and performance this year that a lot of interest has been expressed,’’ Alderson said. “We have not pursued that interest in […]

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Do Reyes And Beltran Have Adrian Beltre Syndrome?

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Do Reyes And Beltran Have Adrian Beltre Syndrome?

For the first half of this season, Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran have carried the Mets to the point where a year that looked utterly dismal from the outset actually has some hope. Both have performed well above expectations in coming off injuries from last season. However, these players’ performances inevitably lead to the following […]

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Alderson Could Make Substantial Offer To Reyes

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According to Joel Sherman of the NY Post, Mets GM Sandy Alderson has apparently seen the light and is now ready to do what it takes to make Jose Reyes a substantial offer after the season to retain the Mets’ shortstop. Alderson is now leaning strongly toward authorizing a substantial offer after the season to […]

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What About A Jason Bay for Adam Dunn Swap?

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Jason Bay has been awful in his stay thus far with the Mets. I don’t even think in my worst dreams would I have thought that he would be this bad. When you start to think about trades, you immediately think that a guy like Jason Bay is not tradeable due to his hefty contract […]

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Can Reyes Keep His Hot Streak Going Upon His Return?

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Jose Reyes, going into his contract year, has just been tearing up the majors, to say the least. Now with Reyes out for 2-6 more days due to the death of his grandmother, there is a legitimate risk that Reyes might cool off after being away from baseball for that amount of time. With few […]

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Doug’s Dugout: The Boss, The Superstar, And The Race Horse

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In Doug’s Dugout today we discuss: the updated version of the Boss, the scrappy Mets, and other imbecilic thoughts. I have never seen such a firestorm over benign comments made by an owner until the other day when excerpts from Fred Wilpon’s confessional in the New Yorker was released (you see the size of that […]

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Who Is Better To Retain, Wright Or Reyes?

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Jose Reyes, along with the up and coming Ike Davis, who now is on the DL, have been the best offensive production on the Mets ballclub. Reyes has also become arguably the best player to be the subject of trade rumors this season. While it becomes increasingly likely that Reyes will be dealt do to an inability or lack of interest to […]

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