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Scott Hairston Signs Major League Deal, So Long Duda…

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Scott Hairston Signs Major League Deal, So Long Duda…

Updated Post 3:00 PM Initially it was first reported that Scott Hairston was signed to a minor league contract. We have now learned that it is indeed a Major League contract. Coupled with the signing of Chris Young which was also announced today, the Mets must clear two spots from the 40 Man Roster, not […]

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Collins Names Mike Pelfrey Opening Day Starter

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Updated 12:45 PM I’m here at Citi Field where Terry Collins officially tabbed Pelfrey as his Opening Day starter. The Mets open the season against the Marlins who have given Pelfrey problems over his career. I’ll have much more on this and other player news later today. Original Post 11:30 AM Freshly armed with a […]

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Roberto Alomar’s Advice To Jason Bay

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Newly enshrined Hall of Famer Roberto Alomar was in New York yesterday and spoke with reporters about a variety of things including his struggles during his time with the Mets. Dan Martin of the NY Post clues us in on what he said, particularly addressing the notion that he didn’t give his best effort with the Mets. […]

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Ok, I’ll Bite…..

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Why haven’t the A’s finished above .500 since 2006? It’s a question I’ve seen asked by some detractors of sabermetrics, as if a few seasons under .500 can eradicate nearly 40 years of research. I never felt the need to dignify that question with a response, as the answer is very simple. Poor Billy Beane spilled […]

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From Left Field: A Possible Solution To The Luis Castillo Dilemma

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Despite the gripes of Mets fans, Luis Castillo will at the very least be in spring training this season vying for the starting second base job that he once possessed. He no longer has the range of his younger self and has also lost a step or two on the basepaths. But the one thing […]

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Rallying Behind Carlos Beltran

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Let me start this post off by saying that when the offseason first started, I was firmly in the camp that suggested a Beltran trade, no matter how much money the Mets had to eat of his contract. The Mets were 48-40 at the All-Star break this year, and then Beltran returned which started the […]

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The Seven Year Pitch

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Jayson Werth just signed a seven-year deal with the Washington Nationals.  Cliff Lee is looking for a seven-year deal as well.  Players have always been attracted to the almighty dollar at free agent time, but now more than ever, the length of the contract is becoming as important, if not more important, than the number […]

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Signings Are A Start for Sandy Alderson

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Sandy Alderson came into the Winter Meetings having said that he will come out of the Winer Meetings with players.  Not big-splash, franchise players but just players to help fill the Mets roster.  He did just that today.  As my colleagues Hojo’s Mojo, and Craig Lerner reported earlier, The Mets signed catcher Ronny Paulino to a […]

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Will Jason Bay Rebound In 2011?

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On December 29, 2009, the Mets and free agent outfielder Jason Bay agreed to a four-year $66 million deal with a fifth year vesting option that could bring the deal over the $80 million plateau. He was coming of an All-Star year in Boston and even won a Silver Slugger award. He finally earned the […]

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Should Mets Swap K-Rod For Papelbon?

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Matt Cerrone of MetsBlog believes that there is enough of a framework based on circulating rumors, that the Mets and Red Sox should and could connect on a potential deal. Last week, Alex Speier, who covers the Red Sox for WEEI Sports, said the Mets would “certainly entertain” offers for Carlos Beltran. Michael Silverman of the Boston Herald […]

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