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Mets To Face 7-Straight All-Stars, A Modern Day Murderer’s Row Of Pitching

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Mets To Face 7-Straight All-Stars, A Modern Day Murderer’s Row Of Pitching

Well Met fans, if you were looking for a true test of this 2011 Amazin’ ballclub, you’ve got one. Starting Thursday, the Mets will face some of the games best pitching for seven-straight ball games. They will face Clayton Kershaw, Ryan Vogelsong, Matt Cain, Tim Lincecum, Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels over the […]

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Cliff Lee Spurns Yankees, Signs With Phillies

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In a late night stunner, Cliff Lee agreed to sign with the Philadelphia Phillies, as first reported by MLB.com’s T.R. Sullivan. Early last night, there were reports that the Yankees had fears that Lee wasn’t landing in The Bronx and that proved correct. Before midnight they were told by Lee’s agent, Darek Braunecker, that Lee […]

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Are The Phillies That Much Better With Halladay?

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The Toronto Blue Jays waved goodbye to the face of their franchise by dealing starting pitcher Roy Halladay to the Philadelphia Phillies.  The three-team deal, which also involved the Seattle Mariners, will be considered complete once all the players involved take (and pass) their physicals. On paper, it looks as if the Phillies improved themselves […]

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An “Ugh” World Series is Likely Now

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The World Series Ed Leyro wrote about yesterday is likely to come to fruition—Yankees/Phillies, unless the Dodgers and/or Angels sweep the remaining games.  And the way New York and Philly are playing, that’s about as likely as snow in the Caribbean.  So we’re going to have to face facts here.  Yes, a Yankees/Phillies series is […]

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So Do We Buy or Sell?

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These last four games have been great for us Mets fans and for the Mets themselves, but they can’t be making Omar Minaya’s job any easier.  With the Mets sinking fast at 7 games under .500 and in fourth place in the NL East after Friday’s loss in Houston, Minaya had to be thinking about […]

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Mets End Their Homerun Drought And Win 6-5

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Game Summary Wow, one of the best games of the year! The Mets were able to ride high on the strength of three homeruns and Santana’s seven innings pitched to win game one against the Phils 6-5. Pitching Johan Santana had a decent start only giving up one hit through the first three innings. He had trouble […]

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MLB News: Cole Hamels Injured, Leaves Game

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Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels left Thursday’s series finale against the Milwaukee Brewers after being struck in the shoulder by a line drive. One pitch after giving up a two-run homer to Ryan Braun in the fourth inning, Prince Fielder laced an infield single that hit Hamels in the front of his left shoulder. Trainers immediately […]

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2009 Mets Merized Predictions – Part 1

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Here is part one of our staff predictions for the 2009 season. Let us know what yours are! NL Biggest Bust Rob – Pamela Anderson…. oh, wait, that’s a different kind of big bust. I’ll go with Manny Ramirez Sach – Aaron Harang, Cincinnati Reds Joe D – The Phillies bullpen and rotation is rocked […]

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Cole Hamels Calls Mets “Choke Artists”

An article by posted on December 12, 2008

Cole Hamels had some choice words about the Mets yesterday. If you’re in a good mood, stop reading NOW: On our two September slides: “Last year and this year, I think we did believe that. Three years ago, we didn’t, because they smoked everybody. I really thought that was the year they were going to […]

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