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Will Bobby Parnell Step Up In The Setup Role?

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Bobby Parnell has been given a great task this season as he assumes the job of being the setup man in the Mets bullpen this season. The young right-hander who regularly throws in excess of 100 mph, is hoping to show the Mets that he can become an important late-inning reliever that the team can rely on as the […]

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Bobby Parnell: Reliever Poised To Take Another Step Forward in 2011

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Like Mike Pelfrey, Bobby Parnell is downright big. He is rather soft-spoken and to the point, but he is eager to begin the 2011 campaign and elevate his game to the next level. At Citi Field Kids Day, Parnell answered some questions for the children about what it means to be a big leaguer and […]

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Yankees Sign Rafael Soriano To 3-Year Deal

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Yankees Sign Rafael Soriano To 3-Year Deal

According to Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated, the Yankees have agreed to terms with Rafael Soriano on a three-year, $35 million deal. The deal comes as a big surprise because Yankees GM Brian Cashman has been very adamant that he would not give up the team’s first round draft pick to sign Soriano. Soriano had a tremendous season […]

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There Is No Winning…

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As I have been reading through a lot of postings and responses to signings, lack of signings – it is the same general theme that is occurring. The Mets fanbase being up in a stir over the lack of big signings. When the Mets signed Jason Bay for 66 Million dollars, it didn’t seem to […]

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Count Gibbons Out, And Backman’s Far From A Sure Thing

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Good morning Mets fans! Here are some quick updates for you on the search for a new manager. According to Bob Klapisch of the Bergen Record via Twitter, John Gibbons sent a message through a third party to Sandy Alderson saying he is not a candidate for the Mets managerial position. “They need someone more high-profile […]

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Years ago, Julio Lugo hit his wife in his own home, and was promptly released by the Houston Astros. At the time, he was a major prospect with MLB playing time and a promising future. Fast forward to the 2010 Mets and you have an established closer publicly (essentially) assaulting a man nearly twice his […]

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Dillon Gee: A Possible Rotation Option For 2011?

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Dillon Gee completed the fourth start of his career tonight. He pitched seven innings and surrendered only five hits and two runs to earn his second victory. Through these four starts, Gee has thrown four quality starts, giving up only six runs in 27 innings of work (a 2.00 ERA). Though his first two starts […]

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Should Jenrry Mejia Be The Future Closer For The Mets?

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I really try to avoid the pitfalls of letting a game or two get to me. However in lieu of Sunday’s implosion of Frankie Rodriguez, his latest in a line of many, my jerking knee isn’t bothering my conscience quite as much as I thought it would. Earlier this year Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel fawned […]

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Mets Cannot Let The Braves And Phillies Pull Away From The Pack

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With last night’s 2-0 loss to the San Francisco Giants, the Mets now find themselves five games back of the front-running Atlanta Braves. It looks like a fight to the finish may be shaping up for the NL Wild Card this season. Three NL East teams currently occupy the top seven spots for the Wild Card; […]

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There’s No “I” In Team, But There Is An “I” In Whining

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Just last week my boss called me into his office and pointed out a mistake I had made. It was something stupid on my part. He gave me an FYI, we talked about it for a couple minutes and I went back to my desk. However, when I returned, I didn’t have to listen to […]

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