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Don’t Blame Citi Field For Mets Power Outage!

An article by posted on June 8, 2009 0 Comments

Everyone is blaming Citi Field for the Mets power outage this season, but is that really the case? While researching for another post this morning, I took a look at some Mets team stats and came across some information that some of you may find surprising. I learned that the Mets have hit more homeruns […]

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First Concert At Citi Field

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NY Daily News reports that Paul McCartney will perform the very first show at Citi Field. He played the very first concert at Shea Stadium 44 years ago. Last fall, McCartney appeared at the final concert held at the now demolished Shea, as a guest star for Billy Joel’s series of shows there. The proposed […]

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Time To Swat Some Nats!

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Tonight the Mets return to Citi Field, banged up and bruised, but still only a game and a half behind the first place Phillies.  Their next 13 games are to be played exclusively against the Washington Nationals, Florida Marlins and Pittsburgh Pirates.  These opponents have a combined record of 53-79.  The Mets must take advantage […]

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How To Make Citi Field More Mets-centric in Four Easy Steps

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According to Matt Gagne’s article in yesterday’s Daily News, Mookie Wilson is unhappy that the 1986 championship team isn’t celebrated at Citi Field. Gagne quotes Wilson as saying “I was a little surprised I didn’t see anything inside. To not put that in there would be denying part of your past – part of your […]

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Look! Shea Stadium Bases, Home Plate, Pitchers Mound

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Check out these great tributes to Shea Stadium that are located in the parking lot of Citi Field. These gorgeous plaques mark the spots of first base, second base, third base, home plate and the pitchers mound at Shea Stadium. Nice job by the Wilpons for preserving a little bit of our former and much […]

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The Idiot’s Guide To Citi Field

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(Author’s note: This is just one man’s unbiased, impartial view of Citi Field. In no way am I implying that I am speaking for all Mets fans. Just my thoughts) After surviving a brutally cold winter in the northeast, last Sunday was one of those beautiful spring days that made it all worth it. Upon […]

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Jo-han, Jo-han, A Pitcher’s Life For Me

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Amazing. There is no better word to describe Johan Santana. Talk about a stopper – he’s the only guy in the Mets rotation who can win!  (And have a different handshake for every teammate!)  Now I have been following baseball since 1990, and I’ll admit I have never been a fan of pitching. Never gave it […]

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Here Come the Men in Black … Galaxy “Pretenders”

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I could spend the next 20 minutes writing about the Mets woes and how to fix them … but I won’t. Instead, I’d like to focus on something interesting and fun. As discussed on Wednesday’s telecast, the Mets will no longer be sporting the black “New York” jerseys. From now on, when the team wears […]

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A Little Home Cooking

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The Mets are currently on a four game losing streak, and have just been swept by the first place Cardinals. The Mets see themselves a mere two games up in the loss column above the last place Nationals in the NL East. We’re currently watching a group of players who each are putting up solid […]

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Mets Links – Mourning Edition

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I don’t post as many links to other interesting Mets blog posts and articles as much as I did in the off season. Mostly because there’s always a million things to write about everyday with the Mets now that the season is in full throttle.  MetsBlog usually does a good job pointing Mets fans to some good reads, […]

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