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Here Come the Men in Black … Galaxy “Pretenders”

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I could spend the next 20 minutes writing about the Mets woes and how to fix them … but I won’t. Instead, I’d like to focus on something interesting and fun. As discussed on Wednesday’s telecast, the Mets will no longer be sporting the black “New York” jerseys. From now on, when the team wears […]

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A Little Home Cooking

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The Mets are currently on a four game losing streak, and have just been swept by the first place Cardinals. The Mets see themselves a mere two games up in the loss column above the last place Nationals in the NL East. We’re currently watching a group of players who each are putting up solid […]

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Mets Links – Mourning Edition

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I don’t post as many links to other interesting Mets blog posts and articles as much as I did in the off season. Mostly because there’s always a million things to write about everyday with the Mets now that the season is in full throttle.  MetsBlog usually does a good job pointing Mets fans to some good reads, […]

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Mets Want To Erase Doc Gooden

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The Mets simply do not get it. After all the uproar in the media about how Citi Field seems more like a fitting tribute to the Brooklyn Dodgers as opposed to the New York Mets, the front office had an opportunity to alleviate some of those concerns and chose not to. George Willis of the […]

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Relax. Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day.

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We all need to take a deep breath, relax and step back for a moment. The season is two weeks old and already it appears many fans have given up on our Mets. Yes, this season has been frustrating so far. Yes, this team has failed to get the big hit when needed. We have […]

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A MetsWrighter’s View of Citi Field

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Dwight Gooden may not have been at Citi Field to see his nephew hit his 500th career homerun, but I was. I have been to my share of Mets games over the years, but I have never witnessed a player reaching a momentous milestone like that. It was amazing! And the ironic part is, if […]

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If It Was Your Choice, Pitchers Park or Hitters Haven?

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During Wednesday night’s broadcast, Gary Cohen talked about some of the drives he felt would have been homers at Shea Stadium, specifically citing Wright and Beltran’s long outs. He went on to say how Jeff Wilpon mentioned that the Citi Field was setup so that if necessary they could bring in the fences next season […]

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Seven Games In and I’m Uneasy

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This much we know about the Mets in 2009—the bullpen is improved, Johan appears to be on a Cy Young mission, and Daniel Murphy is a decent #2 hitter. We also know that the Mets can’t hit in the clutch, the numbers 2, 3 and 4 starters are huge question marks, and they have a knack for making huge mental mistakes at the worst possible times.

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My Day At Citi Field

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I had a different blog that I was going to do for my weekly piece but since last night was the first official game played at Citi Field and I attended the game I thought our readers would like an inside account of my experience at the new field.  For the last couple of years […]

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This Is Going To Be Fun – Who Will Be The First?

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Here are just a few of things the Mets and New York have planned for tonight’s Home Opener at Citi Field. 1. The Empire State Building will be lit up in honor of the Mets tonight and feature the team colors, blue and orange, to mark the special occasion. Look for the awesome spectacle to begin […]

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