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Quick Reaction: Ralph Kiner Only Met Who Could Throw A Strike

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I’m sure one of my esteemed co-bloggers will have a recap up later, and I know a couple of them were at the game, but I had to jump in and express my utter disappointment in today’s home opening  6-2 loss to the Nationals. Hey, you can’t win them all, but this game was just a […]

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Hasta La Vista, Baby!

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As if going into a new season without Jeff Francoeur clogging up the lineup wasn’t improvement enough, Mets fans all over the world are absolutely rejoicing today as we bid farewell to Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo too. This is what addition by subtraction is all about! Usually we’d wish former players the best of luck, […]

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I’m Sold on Chris Capuano

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During the offseason, Chris Capuano signed a contract with the Mets with the hope he could bounce back from injuries and give the team some quality starts at the back of the rotation. The Mets saw it as a high risk, high reward kind of contract.  So far, it’s showing some early promise and there’s a […]

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The Battle For the Back End of the Rotation

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Last week I wrote a piece on the position battle currently going on at second base. This week I will take a look at the back end of the Mets rotation. The Mets have four players who will be in the running for two spots. The Contenders: Chris Capuano- 4-4, 3.95 ERA, 1.30 WHIP, 2.57 […]

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Will Chris Capuano Win A Spot In The Rotation?

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Yesterday in my Key Players post, I included Chris Capuano as one of the players to watch this Spring because its going to be interesting to see whether or not he will win a spot on the rotation or be part of the bullpen.  I asked MetsBlog’s Michael Baron this particular, but yet intriguing question about Chris Capuano […]

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Key Players To Watch in Spring Training

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I cannot believe its finally here!  I have been sitting at home bored out of my mind all winter long without any baseball going on.  But, we are finally going to be getting some added excitement in the days ahead, as spring training has finally arrived.  In 3 days, pitchers and catchers are to report to […]

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Spring Is In The Air!

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Look at that bright sunshine! That’s newly acquired pitcher Chris Capuano, along with minor leaguers Nick Evans and Mike Nickeas taking a photo today with one of many lucky kids at Port St. Lucie. The three of them visited a local little league team, the Sand Gnats, and spread some cheer to dozens of kids. It […]

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Should the Mets Give John Maine Another Chance?

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Before i go on with the post, i want to apologize for not posting a lot this week.  I am currently recovering from a severe case of strep throat, so it hasn’t been a good week for me.  John Maine was one of the Mets top starters heading into 2010, behind Johan, and Mike Pelfrey.  […]

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My 2011 Projections For Mets Starters

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Now that the dust has settled, and the Mets rotation has taken shape, I decided to come up with some pre-season projections for the Mets rotation in 2011. I also included early projections from the esteemed Bill James which you can always get at Fan Graphs, as well as projections from CBS Sportsline which is a […]

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From Left Field: Young’s In, Who’s Out?

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Finally, the Mets have signed Chris Young to a one-year deal. Rumors of the Mets’ interest had been circulating for much of the offseason, but the deal is done. So with the addition of Young, that begs the question: What should we expect the pitching rotation to look like? In my last post, I gave […]

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Morning Grind: Capuano, Buchholz, Alomar, Alderson

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Hey Everybody, Here are a few newsworthy stories from last week for today’s Morning Grind: Mets Ink Capuano and Buchholz Sandy Alderson has continued his genius signings and has inked RHP Taylor Buchholz and LHP Chris Capuano, both to one year, incentive laden deals. Capuano will receive a base salary of $1.5 million and Buchholz $600,000. I love the signing of […]

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