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According to Bob Klapisch of the Bergen Record, the Mets have told SNY to be at Citi Field on Tuesday for a press conference.


Here is a collection of facts, quotes, etc. from all four managerial candiadtes that were taken after each of their second interviews yesterday and today. I also threw in my projected odds for each one getting the job.

Sandy Alderson reminded reporters that he will make an announcement no later than Sunday or Monday, and that a press conference at Citi Field could happen on Tuesday.

“I’m confident with what will take place over the next two or three days,” Alderson said. “I’m confident we will get to a decision within the next two or three days, without characterizing where we are at this moment.”

Here are the final four candiates.

Wally Backman 

What We Know – Fiery and intense personality, plenty of lower level managing experience, led Brooklyn Cyclones to division title, winning attitude, his players would go through a wall for him, some baggage, but has kept his nose clean or a few years. Could manage Port St. Lucie if manager job falls through for him.

You Can Quote Them - “He really cares about the game. He really cares about his players. And he cares about winning.  know he’s been through some tough times, but he is seriously one of the best guys I’ve ever met in baseball. He helped me out a ton.” - Dan Uggla

Odds – 15:1

Terry Collins

What We Know - Experience, patience, Mets minor league field coordinator, highly regarded by the Mets owners. managed Astros and the Angels compiling a combined 444-434 record, lost clubhouse as Angels skipper, had a DUI 10 years ago but has been open about it..

You Can Quote Them - “I’ve been very, very lucky in the fact that I had a chance to coach and manage in the major leagues. So I feel like I have good idea what it takes to play there.”

Odds – 20:1

 Chip Hale

What We Know - Fiery personality and highly regarded mangerial prospect, served as Mets third base coach, managed Arizona’s Triple-A team from 2004 to 2006, won the Pacific Coast League and Triple-A championships, he knows the Mets players and may stick as a coach if he doesn’t get the managers job.

You Can Quote Them - “I’m glad I got a chance to come and talk to them again.” Clearly, Chip Hale is a man of few words.

Odds – 50:1

Bob Melvin

What We Know - Professional, low key guy, big on fundamentals, managed the Mariners and Diamondbacks posting a combined 493-508 record, named NL Manager of the Year in 2007. Served as a scout for the Mets this past season. Has been gaing steam and considered the front runner now.

You Can Quote Them - “I don’t look at it as a rebuilding process. I look at it as we have the pieces here with this club to compete. I don’t think there’s any doubt about that. Every offseason you look to tweak a little bit and make some changes if you think there were deficiencies the year before, but that’s not unlike anywhere else. Certainly with the payroll this team has it gives you enough resources to be able to compete every year.”

Odds – 15:1

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Mets Managerial Search Isn’t A Fair Race. Thu, 18 Nov 2010 00:44:47 +0000 Joel Sherman of the New York Post reported today that the managerial “search” is more of a formality:

I guess Hale, in particular, has a chance to throw a Hail Mary and get the job. But this is as close to a rigged event as possible with Collins as the favorite and Melvin as a very in-the-competition second choice.

If this is in fact the situation, then why is it taking so long to declare a manager and then assess the roster from that point forward?

The Mets and their public relations team have made a valiant effort to keep the fanbase informed on every move, but I think in some cases what the fanbase really wants is to know the new manager of the New York Mets and restore some hope and faith in the culture of the clubhouse. The two managerial hopefuls are both well-liked by the Three Headed Front Office, and it would really be difficult to see Hale or Backman fly ahead of these two guys. Both Melvin and Collins have MLB experience with varying degrees of success, and maybe the outside chance candidates are being groomed to be bench coaches for the Mets.

How this affects the overall offseason plan is fairly obvious. Sandy Alderson wants to run the team and have the manager to do just that – manage his players. But knowing which manager is in place makes a major difference because the whole coaching staff could change at a manager’s preference.

The decision should be made hopefully within the next three days, since second interviews are wrapping up soon. The front office overhaul has already begun the change. Now bringing in a manager who will instill the beliefs of the organization and hard work is the primary concern from this point forward.

Let’s just hope they hire the right guy, because all the cards have been falling into place for a franchise reboot without the rebuilding period.

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Mets Need To Make More Changes Tue, 19 Oct 2010 11:00:03 +0000 The Mets make 2 important changes by firing Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel.  Not much has happened since.  As the Mets take their sweet time looking for a general manager there are still a lot more changes that need to be made.

1) The Ballpark: Citi Field is just too big! I know we’ve been saying that for the last 2 seasons but the Wilpons refuse to bring in the fences.  All you look at what happened to David Wright in his the first season at Citi Field.  His power numbers were down and the last 2 seasons his strikeouts have been on the rise.  Wright’s power at Shea was to the right center.  Citi Field’s right center is about 45-50 feet deeper than Shea’s and it has affected Wright negatively.  Some called it a fluke but then look at Jason Bay’s horrific first season.  The park took away his power. Citi Field without a doubt robbed Bay realistically of 5 homeruns and probably more.  The great fence of Flushing needs to go down too while we’re at it.  It’s time to admit the size of this park was a mistake and change it.

2) Coaching Staff: The entire coaching staff needs to go.  Howard Johnson has been a horrible hitting coach.  The situational hitting since Hojo took over has been non-existent.  It seems like Hojo would rather be their friends than a coach.  I get it he’s an 86 Met and the Wilpons are reluctant to fire him.  The Mets should just give Hojo a job with a nice title and a good payday and let him go away.  Dan Warthen also needs to go.  I know the pitching was better than expected this season but I don’t like all the injuries to our pitchers under his reign as pitching coach.  I didn’t like that in 2009 he didn’t know about Johan’s latest injury and he didn’t know that Santana was skipping side sessions.  I also didn’t like him calling Maine a habitual liar to the press. That’s just something you don’t say.  Razor Shines just needs to go.  Chip Hale seems to be a decent to good coach but at the same time Ron Darling mentioned many times throughout the season that Hale had been working with Wright and changing his defense.  Wright’s defense this year was pretty bad. He committed 20 errors and at times was slow in turning a double play.

3) The 3 Poisons (Carlos Beltran, Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo): Once the Mets finally do hire a general manager that GM (Alderson) must find a way to get these three off this team! Castillo is done, he can’t hit and he has absolutely no range at 2nd base.  Castillo brings nothing to the New York Mets, time to cut ties with him. Oliver Perez should not be on this team, he has done nothing for the Mets since signing that contract.  Perez cares more about himself than the team as he repeatedly refused to go to the minor leagues.  He didn’t win 1 game in 2010!  If you look at the way the Mets played before the all-star break and after the break there’s a huge difference.  Carlos Beltran decided to finally grace the team with his presence and was supposed to be the spark for this team but unfortunately did nothing other than make outs at the plate and miss balls hit to center on defense. Beltran refused to move over to right field to allow the better player Angle Pagan to play center and help the team.  Let’s not forget that these guys also refused to go visit wounded soldiers with the rest of their team.  These guys are not team players, they’re hurting this team and it’s time to get rid of them.

The new GM when he/she is finally hired has a lot of work to do and a lot changes to make.  Without these changes we can expect another losing season.

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Morning Grind: The Season Finale of “Flushing Falls” Mon, 27 Sep 2010 11:30:01 +0000 Met Nation,

I think this picture says it best, huh?

I am certain we are firmly entrenched in hopes for 2011. We are not bound by magic numbers, wild card chases, and playoff rosters. We don’t have such burdens as our Amazins’ fate was sealed long before now. So what’s next? The Mets are getting ready to do what many of us would like to do in our lives: Hit the reset button.

1. Get a GM – Fans can say what they want but this offseason may, in fact, be the most important this team has seen in years. A return to relevance is and should be the first item on Flushing’s shopping list. All indications are that GM Jon Daniels is not leaving Texas. Ouch! That was a young mind that we could’ve profited from right away. Ricco, although talented and bright also, is the equivalent to a hand puppet. Sorry. Dipoto and Byrnes are names that are picking up steam on the rumor mill. Rather than regurgitate my previous best choices for GM (you know who they are—-the law firm of Gillick & Beane), I will introduce another name or two. Since a tough guy type that can handle the NY Zoo and is unafraid to speak his mind is needed here, along with preferably having New York roots, how about Gerry Hunsicker and Sandy Alderson? If none of the six names mentioned work out, we have a great option in-house in Wayne Krivsky. We could do a lot worse.

2. Get a Manager - I think this goes without saying. I can’t even elaborate on the options at this point as the identity of this team rests more on #1 than on #2. There really isn’t anybody better for the team than Bobby Valentine. Names speculated that I haven’t heard much lately are broadcaster Ron Darling, Terry Collins, and Tony Larussa. The thought in the back of my mind is the best manager for this team is the one that makes the Wilpons uncomfortable and keeps them from complacency. Bobby V does that instantly. This team needs to be on its toes at all times in every facet. It’s high time for a new day in Flushing.

3. Be more than window shoppers – Right now, there are reports that names like K-Rod (not the most tradeable commodity right now), Beltran (not much better), Castillo (trade him for a Klondike bar), and Perez (trade him for a Bob Uecker baseball card and a Subway 6-inch) are impediments to the Mets spending any money on free agents esp. Cliff Lee. Nonsense. We may be seeing the first two on the field in ’11 and I know the Mets had to have considered that. They’re clearly not as strapped as we thought. Not spending big is the same thing as saying the season is a watch. Not one of our prospects and most of the guys on the field are enough of a difference maker to take us from 4th place to 1st place, especially without an ace. I can’t say I know where the money’s going to come from but they better spend big or we’ll be back here again next September. Guaranteed. They can’t afford not to.

4. Tie up loose ends -

  • Now that we know Nick Evans is out of options, a decision has to be made with him. Do you audition him like everyone else in ST, earmark him for a bench spot or a shot at right field so he doesn’t fall on waivers, or trade him for a meager return?
  • Mike Pelfrey and Jose Reyes (’11 club option) both would like extensions. K-Rod is dangling. Scott Boras will have a hand in one of these. (Beltran, Castillo, Perez, and Igarashi have expiring contracts in ’11)
  • Whatever the problem/perception is with the Mets team physicians, fix it.
  • Establish depth at every position and who definitively will coach on this team. Chip Hale? Bob Melvin? Dan Warthen? Sever the head of any controversy. We have enough of that already. Our team has been likened to a circus and this is no longer acceptable. (Buffalo’s pitching coach, Ricky Bones, claimed a while back to be able to do what Rick Peterson also said he could but failed to do: Turn Oliver Perez around. There are whispers that he might get that chance.) If so, expect another season of the ‘Mexican Job’ starring Oliver Perez. It’s clear if anybody’s getting jobbed, it’s us.
  • Strengthen the farm and strengthen the big league team by extension. Determine what guys like Kelvim Escobar, Eddie Kunz, Jason Pridie, Omir Santos, Jesus Feliciano, and Val Pascucci will contribute here if anything. The minors can’t be full of champs but it wouldn’t hurt to limit the chumps. No more holding out for potential that may never come. (See Oliver Perez)
  • Give Los Mets a break and get the best players available.

We live and breathe the Mets. They have a chance to turn from the slow death of passivity and be swift and proactive in turning around this beleaguered franchise. I hate to say it but any fan that thinks we’re close with just a few changes is not seeing things very clearly. I believe this can all be fixed in one season, maybe two, but it will take an unprecedented effort. A real, determined, concerted effort to bring home a championship and become again relevant to a league and a city that doesn’t sleep.

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2010 Mets Coaching Staff Wed, 25 Nov 2009 16:51:59 +0000 The New York Mets have completed their 2010 Major League coaching staff this week. New additions include Dave Jauss as bench coach and Chip Hale as third base coach. Among the incumbents, Razor Shines, the third base coach in 2009, moves to first base, while Howard Johnson (hitting coach), Dan Warthen (pitching coach) and Randy Niemann (bullpen coach) will continue in their same roles.

Also, the Mets also named Terry Collins, who is in his 40th season in professional baseball, the team’s Minor League Field Coordinator.

Chip Hale was the third base/infield coach for the Arizona Diamondbacks the past three years. He also had a nice runs as manager in the minor leagues where he compiled a 392-305 record (.562 winning percentage) in six seasons. Jerry Manuel is happy to have Hale on board and believes he can help the Mets improve their fundamentals.

“Chip learned from Tom Kelly in Minnesota where everything is about fundamentals, fundamentals and fundamentals,” added Manuel. “The third base coach is such a critical position and we think it’s a great plus that he comes to us with a ready-made knowledge of the National League.”

I don’t know about you, but hearing Jerry Manuel mention the word “fundamentals” three times in one sentence is definitely music to my ears.

Here is the way the Mets coaching staff shakes out for next season:

Mets Manager & Coaching Staff

  • Manager: Jerry Manuel
  • Bench Coach: Dave Jauss
  • First Base Coach: Razor Shines
  • Third Base Coach: Chip Hale
  • Hitting Coach: Howard Johnson
  • Pitching Coach: Dan Warthen
  • Bullpen Coach: Randy Niemann
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