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Davis, Beltran Come Through; Mets Defeat Nats 8-4

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Carlos Beltran has been struggling so far offensively this season, but that wasn’t the case last night as the Mets would go on to defeat the Nationals 8-4. Game Notes After the first pitch, the Mets would go on to capitalize early on. After Jose Reyes walked, and Angel Pagan popped out, Carlos Beltran would […]

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Could this Mets-Phillies Series Set the Tone for the Rest of the Year?

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I am going to start this article off by adding the disclaimer that we are still only five games into the season. However, the Mets have gotten off to a quick 3-2 start. The team has looked good with the exception of Mike Pelfrey. It is already obvious that this is a different Mets team […]

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Opening Night Booms and Busts

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One down, 161 to go, and while most of us know better than to let panic set in as John Buck’s grand slam sailed out of the ballpark, we couldn’t help fight the feeling that it was all so familiar. Sigh. Every game has positives you can take from it, yes even losses. Here are […]

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Carlos Beltran Played RF, Ran Bases, Had A Couple Of Hits

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Rich Couthino of MetsBlog.com summarizes how today went for Carlos Beltran who played five innings in a minor league game, hitting, running the bases, and fielding his position in right field. Carlos Beltran continued his journey towards Opening Day, playing five innings in right field during a minor league game in Port St. Lucie. In […]

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Beltran STILL Not Playing In Games

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  Updated 12:24 P.M. Apparently now Beltran will be playing simulated games for the next 2 days, while trying to get some fielding work in as well. If this goes well without a hitch, Beltran may play in a minor league game on Saturday. The Mets are essentially allowing Beltran to crawl into the season, […]

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What Can the Mets Expect From Carlos Beltran This Year?

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With just nine days left until Opening Day, Carlos Beltran has only appeared in one game as a DH and has had only three at-bats. At this point, it is getting very hard to believe that he will start the season anywhere other than the disabled list. Earlier this week there was news that Beltran […]

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From Left Field: Duda Vs. F-Mart?

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Surprise, surprise. Carlos Beltran is hurt once again. After he resumes baseball activities sometime in the next few days, who knows how long it will take our new right fielder to get in baseball shape? While part of me was hoping Beltran would finally return to the field healthy and productive, the other part of […]

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Lucas Duda: On Second Thought…

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Anthony DiComo of MLB.com caught up with Terry Collins who made some revealing comments about Mets outfield prospect Lucas Duda who they have consistently maintained would start the season in Triple-A Buffalo. Considering Martinez’s own injury-prone history and lack of sustained professional success, the better bet appears to be Duda. “I’m hoping like mad that Carlos Beltran can be out there […]

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Mets Release A Statement From Beltran

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“I felt a little discomfort in my left knee last week. I spoke to the doctors today. They advised me to just give it a rest for a couple of days. I can hit and do everything, but back off the running part of it. I feel fine. I think I just overcompensated from all […]

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Collins Decides That Beltran Will Not DH Today Against Tigers

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It may seem like we follow the Carlos Beltran situation very closely on MMO, but that’s only because our success in 2011 is tied to his health and critical to him having a productive season. That said, here’s the latest… Although he was expected to play in this afternoon’s game against the Detroit Tigers, Terry […]

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