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I ran across a picture the other day from earlier in the spring of Mr. and Mrs. Met helping to load up a big truck headed for Port Saint Lucie.  I couldn’t help notice how attractive Mrs. Met looked and wondered what kind of guy would let his wife load her own luggage? I think she can do better to be honest, I’m sure the exaggerated hand gestures get old around the dinner table. But watching them haul baggage got me thinking … the Mets sure seem to have a lot of it.

Reminds me of the scene from Spaceballs where Princess Vespa embarks on a trek across a desert planet with a full sized trunk and a ginormous hair dryer. No one wants to carry that.

The Mets have their standard issue suitcase to lug around that they’ve always had, and then they have all manner of recent baggage that they get all sorts of extra charges for. It’s understood that there are certain things they have to deal with just by nature of being the Mets … Always the 1962 comedy of losses, always the butt of some joke by Conan, always little brother to the Yankees – that stuff comes with the territory. In recent years, however, they’ve been saddled with a truckload of additional carry-on defeat. You have the called 3rd strike of 2006, the collapses of 2007 and 2008, and now you have this string of 6 losing seasons. That’s a lot of baggage folks.

It’s no wonder our unflappable General Manager is googling for ways to inspire a winning culture (I almost fell for that one – he’s a sly one that Sandy Alderson!). These Mets are so saddled with losing it’s hard to look up from the weight of it, even when there are reasons to look up. This is why it is so critical that the Mets be able to turn to their veterans and their manager for a way out of this endless bramble of futility.

Now lets make one thing clear, turning to Terry Collins for direction is like trying to find your way out of an Amazon rainforest by rolling around in bat guano and following ant trails, I mean, it could work but it’s not likely.

It shouldn’t be that hard to get rid of unwanted baggage.

Our Captain, Mr.  David Wright, with his newfound edginess may be aware in his own Captain America way that he needs to push some of the younger guys to move past their losing tendencies.

David Wright

This is the major leagues dammit! I really hope David’s in-your-faceness is sincere though, because up to now he hasn’t exactly exerted a force of personality capable of altering events on the field (the 86 Mets had twoKeith Hernandez and Gary Carter). I can imagine the actual Captain America scolding the actual Thor for having his boar’s leg and mead while the rest of the Avengers are stuck in some boring strategy meeting with Nick Fury … tesseract blah blah blah, Dark Elves, blah blah …

But isn’t that part of the problem? This notion that we have to rely on our superheroes to save us? When has that ever been the case in real life? Wait, I think maybe NEVER! The Dark Knight on his own is just a guy in a cape (and can only work every fifth game), Captain America is an anachronism from a time when he was younger and not the central cog in his team’s offense … and Duda will never turn into Hulk SMASH (against lefties) if he doesn’t learn how to get angry (maybe even a little mean) … but together, well, together they might not be able to save the Mets universe, but they just might be able to avenge it. And I think that’s the attitude this team has to take.

Now a smart manager might certainly be able to take some steps towards setting a defiant tone such as this, but lets be honest, trusting that Terry Collins will create a winning atmosphere is like believing that listening to the Go-Go’s really loud will cure the gastroenteritis you acquired in Mexicali.

Like most things worthwhile, shifts in culture (intestinal or otherwise) are usually the result of a collective effort, and therein lies the importance (and the challenge) of somehow coalescing these talented youngsters into a legitimate threat.

The Mets have nothing to lose, (well other than A LOT of money at the gate and tons in proceeds and concessions, and possibly going bankrupt and forcing a sale, and maybe the respect of their peers, and of course what’s left of their fanbase’s trust … ). The Mets could just take it upon themselves to dish out some of the hell they’ve had to endure these past few seasons to the rest of the National League. Who cares whether anyone thinks they have a shot or whether all the talking heads think the Nats will continue to own them … how much fun would it be to go out and quietly prove otherwise? There’s nothing like a good “us against the world” narrative. How great would it be to just leave Princess Vespa’s overstuffed trunk laying in the Florida sun?

This team is better off rallying around real assets such as the return of the Dark Knight, a healthy Captain, their marvelous gold glove center fielder, and their recent ROY recipient, rather than simply promoting this idea that they’re playoff bound. A winning culture is in a sense heuristic, a pleasant by-product of success, it can’t just be improvised. This corporate notion that you can concoct a collective mindset based on information gleaned from a positive thinking webinar … methinks tis is a bunch of bantha fodder. Perhaps something Jeff Wilpon came up with on his exercise bike.

You can’t grow what’s not there … The Mets’ culture, whether it be a winning one or one of perpetually dropping piles of excrement, will grow or wither on events in the field. No amount of slogan-slinging will make these guys run faster or lay off breaking pitches in the dirt. Culture is funny that way, unlike superhero stories, culture is usually an outgrowth of historical events … even myths have some root in earthly phenomena.

A culture tends to involve how people bound by some common background reaffirm their own worth and purpose through art and literature and customs, but that value is rarely contingent on pure fiction because that would defeat it’s own self-affirming credibility — like a an anchorman bragging about military exploits he was never a part of, or believing that Terry Collins is the right man to manage the 2015 Mets because of his nimble and adaptive intellect … It helps if your beliefs aren’t completely rooted in deep-space fantasy.

In the end, there’s only one way to really change this team’s culture.


Oh, and maybe a different manager.

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Jordany Valdespin’s Trade Value Mon, 02 Dec 2013 03:17:27 +0000 jordany valdespin

We are a few weeks away from the winter meetings and while the talk around the Mets have revolved around who we should be acquiring, it is equally important to make quick and effective decisions on the players that will better serve us with another team’s uniform.

The player at the top of this list would be Jordany Valdespin, a potentially useful part but currently the outcast of the organization. There is no secret that he has irked many of his teammates and members of the front office on multiple occasions, which is why, no matter how much he may hit next year, it would not be worth the stress of forcing your manager and teammates to work with a landmine.

This brings me to the Los Angeles Dodgers, who signed Cuban infielder Alex Guerrero to be their second baseman for the next four seasons. If they are willing to give Valdespin a chance to redeem himself, he could conceivably become a quality backup at both middle infield positions.

On the LA roster are two names that I believe should be available (this is just purely my intuition). The first is 2B/SS Dee Gordon, whose name has been bought up before and the second would be 1B/OF Scott Van Slyke.

Gordon has fallen out of favor with the Dodgers as he has not hit much over the past two seasons in part time duty. He has great footwork and a strong arm but has played poorly in the field as well and was most recently demoted to be primarily a pinch runner during the Dodgers playoff run. He has one minor league option remaining.

Scott Van Slyke is a power right handed hitter who has arguably put up the best numbers in all of Triple A for the last three seasons, yet most sources from last year listed him as a C/C+ prospect. I am perplexed at how low his value is and how he is labeled as an AAAA player based on a sample size of 180 ABs over irregular playing time and two call ups. Van Slyke also has one minor league option remaining. Here is an interesting piece detailing Van Slyke’s career from Hardball Times.

Gordon can compete with Ruben Tejada and provide Collins with an option against tougher right handed starters while Van Slyke could do the same for Ike Davis or Duda against the tougher lefties while playing some outfield as well. Both players have elite potential in one specific tool (Gordon – speed, Van Slyke – power) and both are areas that the Mets can use help in.

Finally, I would also like to throw Josh Satin‘s name into the mix. I could see the Dodgers being very interested in doing a one for one, Van Slyke for Satin swap. The reasons being that their OF is full and 1B is manned by Adrian Gonzalez so their ability to effectively use Van Slyke is greatly reduced. However, Josh Satin, who is a Los Angeles native, has shown the ability to be useful off the bench, not only as a pinch hitter but also at multiple positions. Based on what we saw from Satin last year, I think he will have a fruitful career where he is most valuable as an utility player with potential to be a serviceable every day second baseman.

I am crossing my fingers that even if the Mets cannot work out a deal with Los Angeles for Andre Ethier, that they can at least work together to swap some players that both sides can use more effectively.

*Also, giving credit where due. A quick search shows that user Captain America previously suggested a Valdespin for Gordon trade.

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Captain America and Batman Injury Updates Presented By Marvel Tue, 10 Sep 2013 17:21:25 +0000 david wright matt harvey


Mets third baseman David Wright, insists he will play for the Mets again this season although he admits that time is running out.

Wright, who has been on the disabled list since Aug. 3 with a strained hamstring, returned to New York from Florida on Monday to continue his rehab and was in the dugout last night with fellow injured teammate Matt Harvey.

Wright has yet to run the bases, but says that he is progressing fast enough begin running the bases and return to the team before the season runs out.

“I think I’ll be back at least for a larger chunk of the remainder of the games,” Wright said. “That’s kind of the goal, and I haven’t really even thought about not playing those.”

Meanwhile, Matt Harvey told reporters he will see Dr. James Andrews on next Monday to get a second opinion on his partial UCL tear in his right elbow. He continues to cling to the hope he can avoid surgery.

“Everybody’s different, so you never know,” Harvey said, according to Marc Carig of Newsday. “Everything feels great and I still feel very optimistic.”

Look, the fact is that these two players are not mere mortals like you and I…

captain america batman



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David Wright: He’s As Cold As Ice Tue, 04 Jun 2013 17:08:19 +0000 david wright

I just wanted to add some new comments David Wright made to Newsday regarding his recent slump that has seen him go 10-for-his-last-49 at the plate with just one home run and two RBI, dropping his average to .277 for the season.

“I’m maybe trying to do a little too much and trying to make some things happen. I can’t be going up there and getting myself out or swinging at pitcher’s pitches early in the count because that’s counterproductive.”

Wright has been brutal at the plate without a doubt, but that record-deal he signed in the offseason will only magnify things even more from now until 2020 when his deal expires.

As a team the Mets are batting .227 which ranks 14th in the NL, a mere percentage point ahead of the Marlins.

But as I mentioned yesterday, if you were the opposing pitcher and saw John Buck or Lucas Duda batting cleanup would you give Wright anything good to hit?

Original Post 6/3

Third baseman David Wright didn’t run and hide after the Miami Marlins completed their three game sweep of the Mets this weekend. Instead, the team captain stood by his locker and took the heat of what was an embarrassing three game set in South Florida.

Wright didn’t mince any words on Sunday and suggested that the Mets could be just as bad a team as the Marlins, and possibly worse.

“We don’t have much room to talk ourselves,” Wright told reporters after the game on Sunday. “Talking about, ‘We should beat this team, we should beat that team.’ There’s probably a lot of teams saying that about us right now.”

“They were struggling just as bad, if not worse, offensively than we were. And they came in and just beat us up pretty good. All in all, not a good series.”

On Saturday, Wright also levied some criticism on the team and said that no savior was coming to help them.

“This is what we have to work with, so we are going to have to figure it out,” Wright said. “There is no magic potion, there’s no offensive savior that is going to come and get us out of this thing. It’s up to us to work our way out of it.”

Wright, who is 1-for-his-last-15, spoke about his slump and acknowledged that he might be trying to do too much.

“I got to go up there and start being better and maybe taking some walks. I am swinging at some pitches I normally wouldn’t swing at and getting myself out a little bit. I keep preaching that the offense is kind of run on getting on base and taking your walks and I am not doing that right now.”

There’s a great deal more that’s wrong with this team than David Wright. When he signed that record-breaking, eight year, $142 million dollar deal, I was adamant that the front office needed to back him up with a legit bat to protect him in the lineup or this could spell doom.

Like he’s done so many times before, Wright is trying to compensate for a porous offense and trying to get the Mets back into the game with one swing of the bat. I can’t fault him for trying. However, I can fault a front office who should have known and seen this coming after observing Wright for two seasons.

How do you invest over $140 million dollars on one player, and then do nothing to protect that investment?

If the top priority last off-season was to sign Wright to an extension, then the second priority should have been to sign a big bat to protect him in the lineup. Wright’s never been one to carry a team, but protect him in the lineup and he’ll give you some eye-popping production.


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Former And Current Mets Abound On All-WBC Team Fri, 22 Mar 2013 19:56:13 +0000 david wright roars and scores wbc

The 2013 All-World Baseball Classic team was announced Wednesday, and the squad is riddled with Mets both current and former alike.

Of course “Captain America” aka David Wright, who’s .438 batting average and 10 RBIs earned him the nickname made the team. Wright was also the only American to make the cut.

From the reigning champion Dominican Republic, former Met spark plug and current Blue Jay Jose Reyes made the team as did former Mets prospect Nelson Cruz.

Finally hailing from Puerto Rico, Angel Pagan and former swingman Nelson Figueroa were also selected, playing integral roles in bringing Puerto Rico to the finals.

Fans and media combined to pick the team sponsored by MetLife. Fernando Rodney, Yadier Molina, and Robinson Cano were among some of the others chosen.

To view the full roster selected to the All-WBC team, you can do so by clicking here.

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Mets Make It Official, David Wright Named Team Captain Thu, 21 Mar 2013 20:31:27 +0000 wright spring

Updated on 3/21

Terry Collins just announced that the Mets have named David Wright the captain of the New York Mets.

Wright becomes the fourth captain in team history, joining Keith Hernandez, Gary Carter, and John Franco.

“This is probably one of the proudest days of my career so far,” Wright said.

“To be viewed in this light – by ownership, by Sandy and the front office, the coaching staff, and most importantly by the players – means a great deal to me. I’m honored and proud to be on the short list of guys of captains of this franchise. It’s a dream come true, to say the least, and something I am very, very proud of.”

Wright will not wear the “C” on his jersey, unlike the captains before him.

Interestingly enough, yesterday I think I told Clayton (was it you Clayton?) that this news was going to break today.

Original Post 3/13

From Bakersfield, California to Bayonne, New Jersey, Mets third baseman David Wright has become an overnight sensation as he continues to shine for Team USA in the World baseball Classic. Step aside Justin Bieber.

From trending nationally on Twitter to being the hot baseball topic on sports talk shows from coast to coast, Wright has gone from face of the Mets franchise to the face of Team USA and his fans now number in the millions.

david wright Team USA diving stop

Meanwhile, back in Port St. Lucie, the buzz about Wright goes beyond his exploits in the WBC and questions regarding his captaincy still continue. Adam Rubin of ESPN New York, caught up with Mets COO Jeff Wilpon, who is happy for Wright and said It’s nice that they’re calling him Captain America.

When asked if Wright would be named the Mets’ team captain before Opening Day, Wilpon responded by saying he could not talk about it, but Rubin believes it sounded like something could be happening soon. If it does happen, Wright would become the fourth captain in team history, joining Keith Hernandez (1987-89), Gary Carter (1988-89) and John Franco (2001-04).

david wright safe team usa wbc

Of course, the big story of the Spring is David Wright’s dominating performance in the WBC for Team USA. He leads the team with a .438 batting average, .750 slugging percentage and a 1.276 OPS. Wright’s 10 RBIs are also the most in the WBC.

captain america wright

This great graphic of Wright as Captain America was designed and posted by @theroar_24 on Twitter and has been making the rounds all over the Mets blogosphere. I love it!

Team USA will battle against the powerhouse Dominican Republic at Marlins Park on Thursday night at 7:00 PM in what is certain to be an epic clash. The winner will move onto the semi-final round at San Francisco’s AT&T Park.

Former Met and reigning NL Cy Young R.A. Dickey will be on the mound for Team USA and will face-off against Samuel Deduno for the DR.



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X-Rays Negative On Justin Turner, Sprained Ankle Will Keep Him Out 2-3 Days Sun, 17 Mar 2013 15:48:38 +0000 MLB: Spring Training-Miami Marlins at New York Mets

Updated 3/17

The Mets announced that X-rays taken of Justin Turner’s ankle came back negative which means no fractures or breaks.

Turner has a sprained right ankle, but seems in good spirits and could be back quicker than what was initially feared. He could end up missing 2-3 days barring any setbacks.

If Wright isn’t ready by Opening Day, and Terry Collins doesn’t see that happening, Turner will get the majority of playing time and not Zach Lutz.

“This kid can play at the major-league level and he can save you a lot,” Collins said of Turner. “He knows how to handle the bat, he knows how to play.”

Are we watching the same Justin Turner he is?

I mean I love Turner, but he’s an average bench guy at best and would be a woeful choice to play everyday in Wright’s absence.

Original Post 3/16

The team announced that Justin Turner has suffered a sprained ankle. No word if it was a high ankle strain which is a much more severe injury and could sideline Turner for up to  4-6 weeks or longer.

He is on his way to the hospital for x-rays and further examination.

Justin Turner, was the leading candidate to replace David Wright at third base.

He was injured when he rolled his ankle while fielding a ball in play and turning awkwardly while throwing the ball to first to get the out. It would have been a great play. The injury itself looked particularly gruesome in slow-motion replay.

Brandon Hicks replaced Turner at third base and Zach Lutz will most likely be the benefactor of additional playing time during Turner’s and Wright’s absence.

SIDE NOTE: We just learned from Kevin Burkhardt that David Wright received a cortisone injection yesterday while being examined in New York – a fact that was omitted during yesterday’s injury update from Sandy Alderson. Again, standard operating procedure from the Mets…

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USA Wants Players More Intent On OBP Than Hammering The Ball Sun, 17 Mar 2013 02:25:33 +0000 The Dominican Republic remains undefeated after 2-0 victory over Puerto Rico.

The Dominican Republic remains undefeated after their 2-0 victory over Puerto Rico on Saturday.

As far back as I could remember, there was something my father always used to say to me whenever I became too obsessed with things whether it was spending too much money on baseball cards, eating too much on Thanksgiving, watching too much television, or just hanging out too much with my friends. “Everything in moderation,” he’d always say

I was reminded of that this evening in a very indirect way when I came across this tweet from ESPN’s Pedro Gomez and also the reply to it from Kevin Kernan of the NY Post – one of my current favorite sports writers.

Check it out…

ops zone

My first reaction was one of curiosity, I wished Gomez was following me because I so desperately was seeking a follow-up tweet that never came. I wanted to direct message him to find out what compelled him to say that without drawing any additional attention to it because I knew I wanted to write about this.

Kevin’s response made me laugh because I’m a huge Twilight Zone fan, but the analogy seemed very fitting considering how many fans are still bewildered by OBP and OPS.

I took a quick look at the stats, and even with David Wright leading his team with a .438/.526/.750 slash line, Team USA posted a very weak .688 OPS overall. I couldn’t believe it was that bad.

In stark contrast, the Dominicans had an overwhelming .811 OPS as a team, with most of that coming from their sheer power numbers. And if you think that’s impressive, the Cubans had a .991 OPS to lead the entire tournament.

Captain America’s exploits aside, Team USA did do one thing very well offensively – they drew a lot of walks – 22 of them in just six contests. However they only managed one home run – you all remember the one, right?

In a similar six game span, the Dominicans blasted seven homers, but it was the Cubans that stunned them all with 11 home runs to lead the circuit.

Let me interject one thing here – small sample size. Nevertheless, it’s still very impressive.

Team USA had some great hitters, with many of them known for having great on-base percentages. But what they seemed to lack most were pure sluggers. They did have Ryan Braun and Giancarlo Stanton, but both came up short in the competition.

I think that one of the problems with metrics like OBP and even WAR, is that too many see them as the be-all, end-all, and clearly that’s not the case at all.

I was absolutely stunned during the Hall of Fame vote when Ken Davidoff used WAR to exclude Mike Piazza from his HOF Ballot and used OBP to include Kenny Lofton. Davidoff caught a lot of flack for it, deservedly so, and he later admitted that he erred and that it wouldn’t happen again in 2014. I believe him.

The real problem is this… How many more Ken Davidoffs are out there?

How many people in front office positions or in managerial/coaching jobs are as like-minded as Davidoff, and build their teams or write their lineup cards based on the same misguided methodology?

Am I saying that we should just disregard all this data, both new and old?

Of course not, let’s not go crazy here. Obviously OBP, OPS and WAR have all found their place in the national pastime and are quite useful in many different ways. There’s no question about that.

I guess what I’m saying here is what my dad always used to tell me… Everything in moderation.

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Enjoy The Spectacle of Captain America, But Don’t Forget Reality Sets In On April 1 Thu, 14 Mar 2013 17:01:59 +0000 david wright roars and scores wbc

Isn’t it amazing what kind of a player David Wright can be when he’s actually surrounded by some legitimate major league talent?

Currently, Wright is enjoying some of the most spectacular baseball he’s ever played in his career, and why not? We’ve all seen what the Mets All Star third baseman could do before when he had great protection in the lineup.

It was no coincidence that Wright had his best two seasons as a Met when both Carlos Delgado and Carlos Beltran were lethal weapons for the Mets, before each of them got hurt and became less effective.

Back then, we saw what “Captain America” was capable of, and things haven’t been the same since Dos Carlos were last seen together in a Mets lineup with David Wright.

It’s been a grind for Wright since the 2009 season. Sure, he’s had his moments and even a couple of tremendous halves on two occasions. But not nearly the kind of consistent seasons we saw from Wright during the three year stretch spanning 2006-2008.

I believe that on Omar Minaya’s part, he understood that Wright needed that protection and while Jason Bay ended up being a complete and colossal bust, nobody could have predicted the AL’s leading home run and RBI man would collapse the way that he did once he joined the New York Mets. Then the money ran out.

Wright now enters the 2013 season with way too many question marks in the lineup. Lucas Duda is 27 and is still a project just as he was two years ago. Ike Davis has yet to put together two good halves and form one solid season. And it looks like Collin Cowgill and Marlon Byrd may log a lot of playing time this season if we are to believe the daily reports from the Mets’ beat writers and some of the things Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins have said.

That’s a far cry from the likes of Eric Hosmer, Ryan Braun, Joe Mauer and Giancarlo Stanton, who are some of the players that are sandwiching Wright on Team USA’s power-packed, star-studded lineup.

So while some of us look upon what Wright is doing with astonishment and excitement, lets understand what we are really seeing here. These amazing moments are most likely not a portent of things to come during the Mets 2013 regular season. I urge and caution all of my fellow Met fans to reign in any gaudy expectations your mind may have already conjured up and dial it back a few notches.

Go ahead and savor what David Wright is currently doing in the World Baseball Classic and relish every moment. Be proud of what Wright accomplishes with every mighty swing of his bat. But don’t forget that it’s only March 14, and that the real baseball season begins on April 1. That is when reality will sink in for most of us, but mostly for David Wright as well. He returns to a lineup devoid of the type of talent he surrounds himself with now.

So enjoy the spectacle we have before us while it lasts, and Go Team USA!

* * * * * * * *

This Fan Shot was contributed by MMO reader, KMaxx.

Have something you want to say about the Mets? Share your opinions with over 15 thousand Mets fans who read this site daily. Send your Fan Shot to Or ask us about becoming a regular contributor.

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Baseball Fans Across The Nation Salute Our Captain America: David Wright Wed, 13 Mar 2013 16:00:46 +0000 Wright

Last night made it official; the fans and the baseball world have granted David Wright one of the coolest and most prestigious nicknames a ballplayer could have, originating right here on MMO: Captain America. Team USA was on the brink of elimination in the first round of the World Baseball Classic, however with one slam of the bat — a grand slam at that — immediately prompted this tweet from Joe D.

Last night “David Wright” and “Captain America” both were trending worldwide on Twitter, and 39% of all tweets about the WBC has “Wright” mentioned in it. The amount of popularity and ravings from fans of all walks of life has been astounding, Never has the entire baseball fanbase as a whole gotten behind a single player in the WBC like they have with Wright in these 2013 games.

It has been debated whether Wright needs to be officially named captain of the Mets or not. After this past week, who needs a little stitch of cloth when you have been deemed Captain America by the baseball world. Is there any higher honor?

david wright grand slam

Wright is 7-for-16 with a grand slam, two doubles, four runs scored, 12 total bases and the most impressive of all: 10 RBIs, half of which came last night. Only Ken Griffey Jr. and Korea’s Seung Yeop Lee have reached that same mark, both coming in 2006. In all likelihood Wright will surpass them when USA takes on the Dominican Republic Thursday at 7pm. However it is in his leadership alongside his incredible performance that he has risen to such a high level of popularity.

The World Baseball Classic has been said not to carry much meaning, and that it’s more of an inconvenience to teams to have their best players absent from Spring Training. Try saying that to the millions watching around the world and now a record number of American’s tuning in, much in part to the show being put on Wright. Try saying that to wounded combat veteran Felix Perez, who we met last week in this touching video on his friendship with the Captain, and saw elated last evening as he cheered on his favorite player and pal. Try telling that to those who feel a sense of pride in their country, and are inspired by seeing their favorite players fight and claw for every victory to more closer and closer to becoming champions.

captain america-nextgen

Wright and the 2013 Team USA have made this loosely followed competition into a religiously viewed event by fans across the country as they they anxiously await what will happen next. David Wright has made the Classic fun to watch, and as a result has catapulted himself into the figurehead role of this squad. His leadership has encouraged his fellow teammates to player harder and accept nothing else other than victory.

Prior to the start of the WBC, a group of US soldiers gave Team USA an American flag, one that has hung in their dugout throughout the course of this improbable run. Those soldiers want to see the country they’ve fought so hard for, lift up that trophy and celebrate as true World Champions of America’s sport.

Team USA is playing for much more than just pride, they are playing for the name on their chest, not the one on their back, and that carries a high honor and responsibility, and no one knows that more than Wright. He has indeed been the Derek Jeter of this team, and if these first few games are any implication of what’s to come for Wright and Team USA, then all I can say is we are in for one hell of an upcoming week.

wright perez

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Joe Torre Has Found His Derek Jeter In David Wright For Team USA Tue, 12 Mar 2013 15:40:39 +0000 david wright and derek jeter

Updated on March 12 at 11:00 AM

Kevin Kernan of the New York Post caught my attention when he tweeted that Joe Torre has found his Derek Jeter in David Wright. He was referring his latest article this morning in which he writes that David Wright has emerged as a true leader for Team USA.

No matter how Team USA fares in the World Baseball Classsic, Wright’s performance is good for the Mets and good for his career. Now that Wright is surrounded by other talented players his talents are on display, as bright as a July Fourth fireworks show.

Wright is hitting .455 with a .571 on base percentage and .818 slugging percentage. He is a leader for manager Joe Torre in much the same way Derek Jeter was Torre’s captain in pinstripes. Fred Wilpon called Wright the Mets’ Jeter, and now Wright is Team USA’s Jeter.

“He’s everything you hoped he would be,” Torre said. “He just looks like that guy that you’d like to talk to or hang out with or have him on your team, and just to see the maturity and the presence he has in the clubhouse, in the lineup, he’s a very responsible player.

“You know it’s not that he craves the spotlight, but he doesn’t shy away from it. What a special individual he is character-wise. I know we have a lot of talented players in all sports, but when you can sit there and just admire somebody for more than just his ability, that’s saying something, and I’m pleased to say that about David.’’

Read the rest of the article here.

Team USA has advanced to the Semi-Finals and faces a very tough Puerto Rican team today. The game will be broadcast live at 8:00 PM on MLB Network.

Originally Posted on March 10 at 9:30 AM

What a night for Team USA and David Wright at Chase Field last night as they beat Team Italy 6-2 in the World baseball Classic.

The difference maker was a tie-breaking grand slam off the bat of Wright that sent the crowd into a frenzy – and Twitter too. My tweet shortly after the blast said it all:

Wright barely missed a home run in his first at-bat when he launched one to the wall in right field in the second inning, but his fifth inning blast was a no-doubter and kept Team USA from being eliminated.

david wright wbc

“It’s emotional,” Wright said. “You hear the ‘USA’ chants, you look up in the stands and you see the flags, you look in the dugout and you see ‘USA’ across the front of guys’ chests and across their hats, and you get caught up in the game and you get a little emotional.”

For Team USA, moving to the semi-finals is contingent on a victory over Team Canada today at Chase Field in the finale of Pool D of the World Baseball Classic. The game will be broadcast live at 4:00 PM on MLB Network.

captain america-nextgen

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The Mets Are America’s Team Tue, 10 Feb 2009 01:12:50 +0000
Yes it’s true. He told me himself, the legendary Captain America. This past week I took a vacation to Universal Studios in Florida. Being a Mets fan, I couldn’t go to Universal Studios and not represent the Mets properly. So I put on the new stadium jacket my cousin got me for Christmas and headed out. Plus it was unseasonably cold so it served as warmth too. Among all of the cool things to do at the park, you can meet and greet the likes of Spiderman, Wolverine, Rogue, and in this case Captain America. The good Captain took notice of my jacket and told me that the Mets were indeed his favorite team, which of course shot him up on my “Super Hero Status” gauge.

Now before anybody gets their undies in a bunch, I know that it is just a guy in a suit pretending to be Captain America. Thankfully, the line between fantasy and reality is not blurred for me.

I think that’s a good thing, having that child-like attitude that is. Others may think you’re a little delusional, but who cares? Despite the recent happenings with Alex Rodriguez and others, I still trust that the majority of the players who take the field are clean. That may be a little ignorant of me to believe that, but I need to believe in the basic good of these people, almost as much as I believe that every Spring Training, the Mets are destined to be champions. What would be the point of following the team? Or even writing blogs about them  be?

I’m going to remain optimistic this season. I know there will be negativity that will come around, but not for long.  My Pastor had this to say about negative thoughts.

“You can’t stop a bird from flying over your head, but you can keep him from nesting on it.”

So until the numbers say otherwise, “Let’s Go Mets!”

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