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Mets Owner In Violation Of MLB Debt Rules

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According to Forbes Magazine, the Mets currently operate in violation of baseball’s debt rules: “Insiders attribute the lack of oversight to the laissez-faire culture of MLB executives and the independence and fiscal feistiness of team owners. Others are more cynical and say that as long as you toe the line with Selig, supporting his revenue-sharing […]

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Are The Mets Too Big To Fail?

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Too big to fail.  It’s the name of a book, a movie in production that’s based on said book, which in and of itself was based on the excusing of businesses that directly correlate to the success of the economy.  The idea is that by preventing some businesses from failing and allowing others to do […]

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This Bud’s For You: Selig’s At It Again

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It looks like he’s at it again. According to Associated Press, Commissioner Bud Selig is seriously considering adding another round of playoffs to the post-season, possibly as soon as 2011. Can someone please stop this man???? Under his proposal there would be not one but two wildcards from each league. The teams with the 2 […]

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I Want More Interleague Play

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I grew up in an era when interleague play was a pipe dream, or a gleam in Bud Selig’s eye.  But I always loved watching the World Series when a National League team would face off against an American League squad, and I also remember going to the Mayor’s Trophy Game, an exhibition between the […]

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Floating Realignment Will Not Bring Competitive Balance

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Earlier this week, Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated revealed that Bud Selig has setup a task force of fourteen people whom he refers to as the “special committee for on-field matters”. The purpose of this committee is to review certain areas of concern within the game and make recommendations regarding the implementation of some changes. Among those issues that are […]

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Vindicated, Cooperstown, Car Salesmen and 61

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Mark McGwire’s admission to steroid and PED use on Monday, has brought some hotly contested issues to the forefront. Some of these debates may never be settled, while others will be decided over time. I have my own opinions on all these issues. Jose Canseco – Mark McGwire was the lead character in the tell-all […]

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What Came First Bud Selig Or The Egg?

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Sources have told Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune that commissioner Bud Selig plans to step down after the 2012 season, when his contract is up. The good news is that we’ll be rid of him in three years. The bad news is we still have to endure him for another three years. Hopefully he won’t […]

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Between Us And Them, We’ve Won 29 Championships

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This week the Yankees captured yet another World Series. Combined with our beloved Mets, the two New York teams have now combined for 29 Championships. In the tradition of Donn Clendenon and Ray Knight, Hideki Matsui was named Series MVP. The Yankees got a memorable HR from A-Rod, much like Al Weis in 69. Johnny […]

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