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Billy Wagner Throwing 90 MPH, Return Is Now Certain

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Two days after shelving J.J. Putz for a few days with a bone spur in his right elbow, the Mets got some good news regarding their former closer Billy Wagner who is rehabbing in Florida. Adam Rubin of the Daily News reports, Billy Wagner has returned to Port St. Lucie after a month-long moratorium on throwing […]

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Wagner To Putz To K-Rod?

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Billy Wagner is scheduled to be back in the bullpen by August. If he’s even close to his old self, Jerry Manuel might have the luxury of having three closers — albeit three very high-priced closers, but three closers.

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Mets Notes: Sheffield, Pelfrey, Ollie, Wagner

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Gary Sheffield is expected to start in right field for the first time this season. He enters the game with 499 homeruns and may mark the first memorable Mets moment at Citi Field if he hits number 500 at Shea tonight. I’m not exactly sure how to feel about that, but if it’s a game […]

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Mets Notes: Putz Closing, Cora In, Tatis 2B?

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Today before the game, Jerry Manuel said that Frankie Rodriguez would get the day off after a tough workload in last nights game. J.J. Putz will be called on to close the game if necessary. I’m thinking that Putz will pick up about 10 saves this season. Luis Castillo is sitting this one out, and […]

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Hot as Fire or Not at All?

An article by posted on 14/06/2008

Welcome Mets fans to another installment of Hot of Not. Not a lot of highlights this week. There have been some, such as Carlos Beltran’s walk off home run but most of the focus this week has been on Willie Randolph’s job and which coaches may go with him. Lets get started: Hot As FireMy […]

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Hot as Fire or Not at All?

An article by posted on 07/06/2008

Welcome Mets fans to another installment of Hot or Not. The Mets looked as if they were on their way back against San Fransisco, but they have since taken a few steps back against the Padres. They’ve only scored two runs in their last 23 innings, with Scott Schoeneweis and Johan Santana charged with losses. […]

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All the Fans Stay True to the Orange and Blue

An article by posted on 23/05/2008

"The Mets have shown me more ways to lose than I even knew existed." Casey Stenegel said this more than 40 years ago, and it rings so true today. This season, we’ve probably seen the Mets lose in every possible way, plus a few additions. The Mets are currently going through a rough patch. In April, we weren’t really worried […]

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Hot as Fire or Cold as Ice?

An article by posted on 17/05/2008

Welcome back to the third installment of Hot or Not, the only list where you want to be in the hot seat. This week, I’ve had to consider many things besides from a player’s performance; otherwise the whole team would be Cold As Ice. Hot as FireMike Pelfrey: El Duque can take as long as […]

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Follow the Leader?

An article by posted on 16/02/2008

I know I don’t normally blog on Saturdays, but felt compelled to today. I’m sure many of you have read Carlos Beltrans’ comments upon arrival at Mets camp today. For those of you that haven’t, here’s a refresher…   "To Jimmy Rollins: We are the team to beat."   When I first read those words […]

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We Have the Right to Question Omar Minaya

An article by posted on 15/12/2007

It is probably very hard…wait…it is very hard to be Omar Minaya right now. But watching the Diamondbacks aquire Dan Haren from the Athletics and then trade Jose Valverde to the Astros makes me wonder: what is Omar doing? Or not doing? We could have had Dan Haren, or at the very least Joe Blanton. And […]

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