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MMO 2011 Staff Predictions: Award Winners

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Here is who we think will bring home all the hardware in 2011 as well as who we believe will lead their leagues in a few key categories. (Click the image to enlarge!) Let us know what you think and feel free to share your predictions too!

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It Gets Worse: Mets May Need Another Loan

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The New York Post has broken the news that the Mets are looking for even more loan. They want tens of millions of dollars and all of this money is just to cover the team’s basic operating expenses. The Wilpons should be focusing on selling a large chunk of the team at this point. It […]

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Jose Reyes: As Reyes Goes, So Goes The Mets

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OK, so that phrase is very overused, but you have to admit it’s true. What you are about to read, Mets fans, should look like solid gold on your screen. “I feel 100 percent,” said Jose Reyes. “I feel pain free.” No more thyroid issues, no more oblique problems, no more batting third, and simply […]

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From Angel Pagan’s Mouth To God’s Ears

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Angel Pagan might have been heaven sent over the past two seasons, but now he seems to have his head up in the clouds. According to today’s Daily News, Anthony McCarron reports that the outfielder still believes the Mets can compete with the Phillies for the NL East division title, despite the fact that the […]

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Perez Has Better Chance To Stick Than Castillo, More Mets Non-News

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ESPN’s Buster Olney had some Mets information in his ESPN Insider column today, Heard this: Among the possible moves that the Mets have discussed internally is simply releasing Luis Castillo, the second baseman who they have tried and failed repeatedly to trade. Castillo is about to enter Year No. 4 of a four-year, $24 million […]

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Steroids Era and Hall Of Fame Voting Collide

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I love the internet and I spend a great portion of my day just reading my sports feeds, chatting with or emailing friends, and even blogging on this site. However, the internet does have its drawbacks. Lately there seems to be a wide array of opinions on who should or shouldn’t get into the Hall of […]

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An Idea For A New And Very Cool Mets Promotion

An article by posted on December 28, 2010 0 Comments
An Idea For A New And Very Cool Mets Promotion

Sorry for my infrequent posting in the past few weeks, but lately it’s been a real struggle to try and find something worth writing about without sounding a tad bit redundant. That said, I recently had an opportunity to think about a discussion I had during a Christmas dinner a few years ago with one of […]

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Tug McGraw or Fox Mulder? Which Kind Of Fan Are You?

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Frank Edwin ‘Tug’ McGraw was a relief pitcher for the New York Mets for 9 seasons. Over that time he compiled 85 saves with a 3.17 ERA. But he is best remembered for a phrase. In 1973, as the Mets were treading water in the NLE basement at the end of August, McGraw coined the […]

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Did Cliff Lee’s Wife’s Brush-In With Fans Cost The Yankees?

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I just saw this on the latest Inside Edition and thought I would raise this particular question here. As we all know, the Yankees lost out on their prized offseason “possession” Cliff Lee to those damn Phillies, deciding to take $50 million dollars less than what the Yankees offered (which was a 6-year $140-160 million dollar deal).  Now, one […]

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Who Will Be The Starting Second Baseman In 2011?

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I got an interesting email from a reader named Kevin who I immediately liked because he said he’s been following MMO for six years which I thought was very, very cool considering we’ve only been Mets Merized Online for five years. Before that we were strictly just Mets Merized and operated on MySpace since March of 2005. […]

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