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In Praise Of Jerry Manuel

An article by posted on September 22, 2010 0 Comments

I write this morning to bring attention to the Mets Manager, Jerry Manuel, a man who has been with the team for only a short time, comparatively speaking, and has always maintained his own persona and has kept the Mets on an even keel under his guidance.   Just remember, Jerry doesn’t play the game, he […]

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More On Jeff Wilpon…

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This morning, our own Joe Spector wrote a great piece based on information from an article by Joel Sherman on how Jeff Wilpon has become a sort of stumbling block in the front office. This afternoon, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports, corroborates much of what was said in the Sherman piece and writes, If ever a team needed […]

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A Worthwhile Cause From A Former New York Met

An article by posted on September 16, 2010 0 Comments

It’s rare to write about Major League Baseball – the New York Mets specifically – and not fall into the usual daily depressing nitpicking, the armchair quarterbacking, that the organization seems to have provided it’s loyal fans the last few years. The New York Mets are certainly a sports writers dream considering that they are […]

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Would You Let Your Child Root For This Team?

An article by posted on September 13, 2010 0 Comments

Lets be honest. We all could have been Yankee fans. We could be wearing Derek Jeter jerseys, praying every night to our God Mickey Mantle and ending all debates with the robotic illogical response, “27 Championships.” But we’re not. We’re Mets fans. And like a marriage, we’re in this for better or worse. Lately, however, […]

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Never Again…..

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Tomorrow is the anniversary of the Attack on the World Trade Center, The Department of Defense and the bravery of those who took down the attack plane in a meadow in rural Pennsylvania. We can never forget what happened that day in September. This is what happened at Shea Stadium. Bobby Valentine commandeered people and […]

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Pagan To Be Honored Friday At Citi Field

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Outfielder Angel Pagan will be the Mets nominee for the 2010 Roberto Clemente Award. The award is presented annually to the player who demonstrates the values that Clemente displayed in his commitment to the community. Last season, Derek Jeter of the Yankees won the award; Johan Santana was the Mets’ nominee. “When you see Roberto Clemente, you don’t […]

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Most Mets Fans Gave Francoeur A Proper Sendoff

An article by posted on September 2, 2010 0 Comments

During last night’s Mets broadcast, I thought the best part of a dismal game was when Gary, Keith and Ron found themselves stumbling for words when the results of the Toyota Text Poll was revealed. Here is a screen shot courtesy of Amazin Avenue. Keith Hernandez spoke out first and said “Hmmm”. Gary Cohen and Ron Darling were a little more […]

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Pain Management: Finding A Successor For Jerry Manuel

An article by posted on August 31, 2010 0 Comments

As we await the inevitable firing of Mets manager Jerry Manuel, there’s no shortage of names in the Mets blogosphere for potential candidates. But much of what I’m hearing seems more like reliving the “good old days” rather than assuring we get the best person for the job. Ask most Mets fans and read most […]

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Ron Darling Calls Out Fernando Martinez

An article by posted on August 27, 2010 0 Comments

One of the things that I love best about Gary, Keith and Ron, is that they can make their coverage of the Mets so entertaining and educating too, all while remaining objective at the same time. Their passion for the Mets is unquestioned and they do feel our pain. It’s their objectivity that puts them […]

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Jose Reyes Injures Right Oblique

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Update 9:20 PM According to SNY, the Mets will not let Jose Reyes resume baseball activities until his aggravated  oblique muscle is pain free. It’s the same oblique he injured in June. Original Post 8:35 PM NJ.com reports, Mets shortstop Jose Reyes’ injured right oblique acted up again.  Reyes re-aggravated his right oblique strain running to […]

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