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Mets Create Conflict Of Interest, Than Use It As A Crutch

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In responding to a post I read earlier today, I left a comment that I thought was a good stand-alone for a blog post. If you listened to WFAN this morning, they spent a great deal of time ripping into Adam Rubin if in fact he inquired about a job with the Mets. I also […]

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Omar, Any Respect I Had For You Is Gone!

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Before you read any further I just want to make it clear that I have never, I repeat never inquired about getting a job with Player Development for the New York Mets. Yesterday Omar Minaya after what I am sure was an exhausting investigation into the Tony Bernazard situation finally announced that the Mets fired […]

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Q&A With Mets Beat Writer Adam Rubin

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Adam Rubin of the Daily News was kind enough to answer a few questions for Mets Merized Online. It’s been a hectic week as far as Mets news goes, and I wanted to get his thoughts on the Halladay situation, Carlos Beltran’s bone bruise, the shift in our top prospects, and other Mets concerns. 1. […]

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We Take These Reports Seriously and Are Investigating the Matter

An article by posted on July 22, 2009 0 Comments

That was the statement the New York Mets released today regarding the firestorm surrounding a report that Joe posted earlier today regarding Mets VP of Player Development. Who do the Mets think they are fooling? They knew about these incidents long before they leaked out thanks in great part to the investigative efforts of Adam […]

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J.J. Putz Might Need Elbow Surgery, What A Shocker…

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Here we go again… Adam Rubin reports that J.J. Putz will be in New York on Friday for an examination on his right elbow and that he may need surgery to remove the bone spur, but will wait for the recommendation for team doctors. Adam Rubin writes, Putz had a cortisone shot before joining the […]

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J.J.Putz Demoted, Bobby Parnell Will Setup

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Adam Rubin is now reporting that J..J. Putz has lost his eighth-inning role to Bobby Parnell. He was informed during a meeting with Jerry Manuel on Wednesday. Manuel hoped the change would be temporary, until Putz rediscovers himself. Putz will be the primary seventh-inning reliever. “Hopefully this is a small, small window for him to […]

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Chipper Jones Won’t Be Naming Next Kid Citi

An article by posted on May 13, 2009 0 Comments

Last night, during a post game interview, Chipper Jones was still fuming over a call at third base that saw Carlos Beltran slide in safely on a steal attempt. Replay video showed that Beltran may have been tagged before touching the base, but that’s baseball. Chipper had plenty to say as he voiced his frustrations and pinned […]

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Are The Mets Holding Out For Matt Holliday?

An article by posted on March 2, 2009

What if there’s a method to the Mets madness? Could it be possible that the Mets refrained from pursuing Manny Ramirez or any other left fielder because they believe they have a real chance at securing Matt Holliday at the trade deadline? Adam Rubin of the Daily News hinted as much today when he opened […]

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Adam Rubin Answers A Few Questions For Mets Merized Online!

An article by posted on March 6, 2007

On Monday, March 5th, Adam Rubin of the Daily News was kind enough to give us some of his time to answer a few questions for Mets Merized Online. Adam Rubin has been the Daily News’ Mets beat writer since 2003. He is a Long Island native and author of “Pedro, Carlos and Omar: The Story of a Season in […]

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