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Scary Stuff: Mets 2012 Rotation Set For Next Season?

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Gonna make this short, and not too sweet… Just came across this article from David Lennon of Newsday who looks ahead to the 2012 Mets rotation. The Mets have four members of the rotation on pace to make close to 30 starts, with Dillon Gee – the replacement for Young – trailing slightly. There’s value […]

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Johan To Pitch Thursday For St. Lucie

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The Mets have just reported that injured ace Johan Santana, who is recovering from shoulder surgery, will make his first rehab start with St. Lucie this Thursday. Santana is expected to throw about 45 pitches and a detrmination as to another start will be made after they see how his shoulder responds in the days following. It […]

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MMO Exclusive: My Interview With Ken Davidoff Of Newsday

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MMO Exclusive: My Interview With Ken Davidoff Of Newsday

Yesterday, Newsday’s national baseball writer Ken Davidoff was kind enough to do an email interview with me regarding several Mets topics as well as general MLB. Here are the highlights from our discussion: -You have written for high school sports, collegiate sports, the Mets and Yankees. What would you say has been your favorite topic to write […]

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Mets Should Take It Very Slow With Santana

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Last night during my interview with Kerel Cooper of On The Black, we discussed Johan Santana and his timetable for return. I said that if this team continues to play under .500, I believe they need to hold him off as long as they can. In fact, if the Mets continue to play poorly in the coming months, they […]

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Has Angel Pagan Lost His Wings?

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Angel Pagan has been off to a dreadful start, and there is no debating that. Pagan has not only batted under .170 so far, but he has also lacked the clutch hitting that the Mets relied on so heavily last season. With such a slow start in 2011, it begs the question we are reluctant to ask: Was 2010 just a fluke […]

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Is This Team Really Playing Better And Trying Harder?

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When Terry Collins was asked to comment about Daniel Murphy’s outrageous decision to steal third base last night, he called it an “error of enthusiasm”. As a matter of fact, this team suffers from a “lack of enthusiasm”. They take the field like a team that expects to lose. The worst that can possibly happen […]

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MLBPA Serves Mets Notice On K-Rod Option

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While visiting Mets camp today, MLBPA Union Chief  Michael Weiner addressed the 2012 vesting option the Mets have on K-Rod’s contract. K-Rod’s option vests at $17.5 million for 2012 if he finishes 55 games this season. Otherwise, he receives a $3.5 million buyout and becomes a free agent. “We monitor every situation for compliance with the Basic […]

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Could a New Investor Translate Into a Mets Run at Pujols?

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With the Pujols and the Cardinals miles apart and their set deadline fast approaching, it appears the 3-time MVP will hit the free-agent market following the completion of the 2011 season. With many teams interested in arguably the best player in baseball, the market will likely become an all out frenzy to acquire Pujols. One of these […]

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The Winter Of Our Discontent

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Opening Day is 3 ½ months away and we all know what to expect in 2011. Not a damn thing. Sandy Alderson has stated that it will be a season to observe, to listen and learn, and rebuild for the future. Safe to say not many of us have hope for next season. It’s December 2010 […]

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Should The Mets Look Into Rickie Weeks?

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Today Ken Rosenthal reported that the Brewers would listen to offers regarding several players, one of those players is Rickie Weeks.  Weeks has one year left on his contract.  In 2010 Rickie Weeks will be making $2.75 million dollars.  The Mets we know need someone at second base as it’s highly likely that Castillo won’t […]

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