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An (All Too Familiar) Early End Of Season Review

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This has become an annual bad habit for us hasn’t it? It’s not even Labor Day and Met fans instinctively are talking about next year, something all too familiar the past 4 years. August and September baseball for Met fans – or as it’s become known as – The big yet not so surprising let […]

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Keep Your Hands Off The Panic Button

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This is going to be short and sweet. So here we are slightly over two weeks into the 2011 season and already calls are being made for the team to be sold off into pieces like a Madoff estate sale. Lets deal Wright and Reyes for the coveted future phenom or phenoms, because certainly that’s […]

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From Left Field: The Power Of “If”

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If – A noun or conjunction: an uncertain possibility, a supposition, in case that, granting or supposing that. The word “if” will hold much significance for the 2011 New York Mets. Let’s start with the positives. If Chris Young returns to his mid-2000s form and if R.A. Dickey pitches similarly to last year, the Mets […]

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Mets Nation Sending In The Marine

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  I have to admit I didn’t really want to write this. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate every opportunity I’m given to write for MMO. I just tend to find it difficult to write about, well, nothing; or at least rehash what the general consensus is. Ok, that’s probably a bit harsh not to […]

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