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Exclusive Interview with MetsBlog’s Michael Baron

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I’m pleased to present a Q&A I recently conducted with Michael Baron of MetsBlog. Like a lot of us, Michael is a very passionate Mets fan who eats, drinks, and sleeps Mets.  As we all know, he does an amazing job covering the Mets on a variety of levels, whether its through his contributions on MetsBlog, his spectacular photography, or through his in-game […]

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From Left Field: I Have An Addiction

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From Left Field: I Have An Addiction

I have an addiction. Unfortunately, many young men my age have bigger problems than I do. Some have fallen to drug or alcohol addictions, which is always a sad situation. They have their whole lives ahead of them, but they succumb to their addiction. I have an addiction. The first part of dealing with an […]

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Some Great Mets Moments Through the Mic

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When we tune into a baseball game, watching the game itself is only half of the story. We watch countless games day in and day out in hope of witnessing a truly historic baseball moment that will be revered and held close to our hearts for the rest of our lives. One aspect of these moments that seals […]

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Time Waits For No One. But Mets Fans Continue To Wait

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Gas was 89 cents per gallon. The average cost of a new car was $9,200. One could buy a new home for just over $89,000. Median household income was $22,400 and the Dow Jones was under 1900. A nuclear power plant blew up in Chernobyl and the Challenger blew up over Florida. The top grossing […]

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Bob Ojeda Getting New Deal from SNY

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We all know Bobby Ojeda for two things.  One, he was a member of the 1986 World Champion Mets.  Two, he has done an excellent job as an analyst for SNY.  According to Andrew Fegyveresi, VP of Communications for SNY, Bob Ojeda is getting a new deal from SNY to stay on as an analyst.  Thats not all that […]

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Welcome, Sandy and Terry

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To Sandy, Terry and your Staff Welcome. Some of us are really happy to see you – you are the grown-ups that we have been waiting for. You are the professionals that we have been waiting for. You are the change in doing the Mets business that we have been waiting for. I’m just a […]

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Strawberry: Nobody Fears These Mets, They Laugh At Them

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Bobby Ojeda isn’t the only 1986 Met ripping the Mets for their recent lifeless play. Yesterday, Kevin Kernan of the NY Post caught up with Darryl Strawberry who, among other things, said the Mets have no swagger.  “I think that is what they are really missing, the attitude, the swagger about being in New York, and […]

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Experience The Mets Magic Again And Again

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Hey Mets fans… Here are a couple of great offers from the Mets MLB Shop and our friends at A&E Home Entertainment. Here’s your chance to treat yourselves to something special, or maybe you still need a great gift for dad on Fathers Day… Consider two great Mets DVD boxed sets from A&E Home Entertainment at new low price! […]

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What Would Keith Do… About Oliver Perez?

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“We- players, writers, fans- talk about the importance of the little things and getting the breaks and clutch pitching and hitting, but sometimes I wonder whether the truth isn’t more simple. The main difference between the winners and losers? Winning.” Keith Hernandez from his novel If At First… The wisdom of Keith Hernandez whether on […]

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Mookie Back With The Mets

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Mets.com has reported that one of the most beloved Mets in history is back with the organization in a full-time capacity. The Mets announced Monday that Mookie Wilson has accepted a position as the organization’s Minor League outfield and baserunning coordinator. Wilson was last with the club as manager of Class A Brooklyn in 2005. […]

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New Mets Hall of Fame Graphics!!!

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In honor of the newest Mets to be selected to the Mets Hall of Fame, we’ve designed some new graphics for you to show off and display on your websites and social pages. Congratulations to Darryl Strawberry, Dwight Gooden, Davey Johnson and Frank Cashen.  Strawberry was one of the most feared hitters in Mets history, and […]

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