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How To Make Citi Field More Mets-centric in Four Easy Steps

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According to Matt Gagne’s article in yesterday’s Daily News, Mookie Wilson is unhappy that the 1986 championship team isn’t celebrated at Citi Field. Gagne quotes Wilson as saying “I was a little surprised I didn’t see anything inside. To not put that in there would be denying part of your past – part of your […]

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2009 Mets versus 1986 Mets

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In an excellent article by John Harper of the Daily News, Harper believes that Omar Minaya has a lot to answer for should the Mets fail to make the playoffs this season despite the new 3 year contract he got from the Wilpons. Between his “we-don’t-have-an-edge” comments to Fox sports.com, which Minaya insists were misinterpreted, and Oliver […]

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