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The Making Of ’86 Mets Anthem, “Lets Go, Mets Go”

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Lauren of snagflims.com, a site that streams over 2,100 free films, has a new video which features the back story behind the 1986 Mets anthem, “Lets Go, Mets Go”. She says, “ I would like to bring your attention to a great film called Let’s Go Mets, which documents the Mets team of the 80s, especially the 86 World Series […]

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Buddy Harrelson Reminisces About ’69/’86 Teams

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Buddy Harrelson Reminisces About ’69/’86 Teams

Former New York Met shortstop Buddy Harrelson has served as an ambassador for the Long Island Ducks for the past 12 seasons. He does a fine job with community and fan relations, but his true worth to the team involves his 16 years of MLB playing experience and another 11 years as a coach/manager. Harrelson […]

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Time Waits For No One. But Mets Fans Continue To Wait

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Gas was 89 cents per gallon. The average cost of a new car was $9,200. One could buy a new home for just over $89,000. Median household income was $22,400 and the Dow Jones was under 1900. A nuclear power plant blew up in Chernobyl and the Challenger blew up over Florida. The top grossing […]

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An FYI To Fred, Jeff And Sandy: This Is Our Team, Not Yours

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In the next few weeks Sandy Alderson and the Wilpons will be making a crucial decision and the individual they choose to take the reigns of the 2011 Mets faces an uphill battle. From overpaid/under-performing stars to players coming off injuries to a closer with a police record to a front office in disarray to […]

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Former Met, NL MVP Mitchell Facing Possible Jail Time

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Ex-Met and Game 6 hero Kevin Mitchell is in trouble with the law once again. And this time he may be spending up to 4 years in jail. On Thursday, a judge in Chula Vista, CA ordered the 48 year old Mitchell to stand trial from an incident at the Bonita Golf Course. In July, […]

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Nice Guys Finish Last…And That’s Where We’re Heading

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It was June 15, 1977 when the Mets were sent into a tailspin that would last almost a decade. ‘The Franchise’ was traded to Cincinnati for 5 players who were basically scrubs. After what became known as The Midnight Massacre the Mets proceeded to average 96 losses for the next 7 years. It was 6 […]

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“Hey, Dad, You Wanna Have A Catch?” A Father’s Day Blog Three Generations In The Making.

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I was about 6 years old when my father threatened to throw me out of the house. The reason was simple. I told him I was going to be a Yankees fan. It was the early 1970’s and I knew nothing about Baseball. But still, I was going to root for the Yankees. Why? As […]

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Shades Of 69 And 86? No. Shades Of 73? Yes

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On the surface it appeared to be a typical summer day for the Mets. As usual, we were going nowhere, floundering in the second division, struggling to reach .500. When all was said and done, however, it turned out to be a crucial turning point in the history of our club. Mets GM M. Donald […]

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To Swagger Or Not To Swagger? That Is The Question

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Over the past few heartbreaking seasons we have spent much time on this site debating the importance of ‘swagger.’ I have personally been a huge advocate of this. Some have agreed. Some have disagreed. There is something to be said about walking onto a field and displaying a sense of confidence. As our Mets now […]

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Remembering June 5, 1987

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Mark McGwire’s admission that he used steroids is both a black eye and a small weight off Major League Baseball’s collective shoulder at the same time.  I mean, this wasn’t something we all didn’t know, but at the same time, it’s important for guys like Mac to come clean.  After thrilling us with the Great […]

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