MMO Writing Standards

Non-Original Content

At no time will any content (whole or partial) that was not uniquely written by you be posted unless it contains a proper citation. If you post any excerpt from another article – and that includes quotes – you must name the original author with a hyperlink to the article it originated from. It’s the honorable and just thing to do.

All of us take pride in what we write and we would expect other sites to properly credit us for our work, and 99.9% of the time they do. Let’s make sure we always do the same for them.


All photos and images that are not tagged by our Photo Services Provider US Presswire, must be credited to the original photographer. If you are unsure of a photograph’s source, don’t use it. If you have a special request for a photo not already in our media gallery, just email me and I will be happy to log onto US Presswire and download one for you. They have an extensive library of historical photos as well as game day photos.

Breaking News & Rumors

We do not post anything that doesn’t originate from a credible news source or MLBTR. MMO does not break news; we only report it and discuss it.

Also, our goal is not to be first, it’s to be accurate. Uncorroborated reports and unsourced rumors should never be posted.

Be careful not to report speculation as news and try to stay away from reports that are unsupported by the facts.

If you do happen to report news, keep it simple and straightforward. News shouldn’t be mingled with bias or opinion, that’s a completely different kind of post.

Offensive Content

This one is simple… Don’t use any vulgar language or profanity and always keep it clean. Never include any inappropriate images or content.

Editing Your Content

We have three editors on MMO whose job it is to proofread everything and check for grammar and spelling. But in all honesty, the best editor of anything you write is you.

Every post is like a painting, and before an artist signs his name to it, he or she makes sure they are proud of their work. The same should hold true when you write. Once you hit publish you’ve just owned your work and have put your name to it.

We will do everything we can to make you look good, but the bottom line is that you are what your writing says you are. Be your best.

Be Respectful

Always make your points respectfully. Think about what you are going to write when you talk about the players, coaches and executives, many of whom read MMO daily.

Temper your criticism with fairness. Be passionate, but also be objective.

Quality Is Job One

There was a time when anyone who loved the Mets could write for MMO. As our traffic and readership grew, so too did our standards. Since the start of 2010, I now turn away more than 75% of those who want to write for us.

It’s all part of a renewed commitment to taking Mets Merized Online to greater heights, and it seems to be working.

We always encourage originality, creativity and out-of-the box thinking. We want to offer our readers insights they may not find anywhere else.

Thanks For All You Do

You all play a vital role and add to our rich diversity of thought and opinion. We are so fortunate to have such a high-powered team like you. I’ve always told you that MMO is ours and not mine – and I’ve always meant it.

Every new direction, every new idea, every new feature, they all came from you. You built this site, not me. I’m just a front-man, but in truth, it’s all of you that are the geniuses behind Metsmerized, and I’ll never forget that.

Thank you,

Joe D.