MMO Exclusive Interview – Hide Your Chicken Nachos

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It’s safe to say this past offseason has been quite the rollercoaster ride for the New York Mets and its fans. Some of the high points were when the team seemed to finally get its collective act together by bidding farewell to the Omar Minaya administration. It led to a transition of power when the […]

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Discussing Mets Prospects With Joe DeMayo Of Port St. Lucie To Flushing

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Recently I did an email interview with Joe DeMayo who does a fantastic job covering the Mets Minor Leagues and the MLB Draft for the excellent Mets site, St. Lucie To Flushing. 1. Where do you rank the Mets Minor League System on a scale of 1-10 in the following areas: A) Starting Pitching: 3. […]

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ESPN’s Mark Simon Talks Mets With MMO

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ESPN’s Mark Simon Talks Mets With MMO

Mark Simon of ESPN and ESPN New York, was kind enough to answer a few questions for me about a variety of Mets topics. Mark is ESPN’s Baseball Research Specialist and does a fine job providing Mets fans and bloggers with great detailed information that you don’t find anywhere else regarding the Mets. He is one of […]

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Interview With Mets Prospect Hub

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About two weeks ago, I emailed some questions to our friends at Mets Prospect Hub. After much deliberation, here are the responses I got back from David and Tejesh, the guys behind their great blog. They did a nice job. The two of them do an amazing job covering the Mets minors both during the regular and […]

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A Worthwhile Cause From A Former New York Met

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It’s rare to write about Major League Baseball – the New York Mets specifically – and not fall into the usual daily depressing nitpicking, the armchair quarterbacking, that the organization seems to have provided it’s loyal fans the last few years. The New York Mets are certainly a sports writers dream considering that they are […]

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Mets Notes: Wright’s Power, Leadership, Is Figgy In, Is Parnell Out

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Here are some questions I asked of Mets beat writer, Brian Costa of The Star Ledger, during his live chat yesterday. Joe D: Will Bobby Parnell get lost in a numbers game and start the season in Buffalo? Will he ever revert back to starting as opposed to relief? Brian Costa: I don’t think he’s […]

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The Bitter Bill Comes Clean About The Mets

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Here’s a great Q&A I did with William Price of the Daily News, better known to all of you as The Bitter Bill. Bill was nice enough to answer some questions for us about the upcoming Mets season as well as some other things orange and blue. I’ve been a longtime follower of his blog, and […]

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Interview With’s Bryan Hoch (Mets Online)

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Early last week, I was chatting with one of our readers (BayonneMetsFan) in our newly renovated MMO Chat Room. Somehow, we ended up talking about Bryan Hoch’s Mets Online. For those of you who don’t know, Mets Online was probably the first Mets fan site that there ever was. Back when the internet was just scratching the surface […]

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Around The Blogs In 80 Days: Baltimore Orioles Edition

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Ok so the title of my post maybe a bit deceiving, no this feature will not last 80 days, but I thought it would be a cool project to go around the league and connect with bloggers from the other 29 MLB teams and have them weigh in on their teams. For my first stop […]

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Exclusive Interview With Former Mets Player Brian McRae

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A few weeks ago I was granted the opportunity to ask former Mets outfielder and ESPN analyst Brian McRae a few questions regarding his time in New York and what he is currently up to now. As many will recall McRae spend parts of three seasons in Flushing during which time he hit roughly .250, […]

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