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Mets Making Me Crazy, But Boy Do I Love them!

An article by posted on July 23, 2007

Just thought I would share with you some of the things that really ticked me off while watching/listening to yesterday’s game…  First off, the dumb idea that Ruben Gotay’s throwing error in Saturday’s game may have been caused by the fact that he now knows he is going to be the everyday second baseman, at least for a […]

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Mets Fans: This is NO Joking Matter!!

An article by posted on July 17, 2007

I am diligently trying to remain positive. I am trying to see the glass half full, rather than half empty, but the truth is, sometimes I don’t even see the glass! How many scoring opportunities are the Mets going to waste? How many outs can they possibly make with runners in scoring position? How many […]

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Like ‘Em or Not, These are the Mets!

An article by posted on July 16, 2007

I thought it would be fun this week to sort of “laundry list” the things that I like and dislike about our Mets. I hope you will find some of these items to be very interesting… LIKES: – Paul LoDuca batting second. Come on, Willie, you know he belongs there, why would you put him […]

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Lastings Milledge: Mets Fans Finally Get A Homegrown Outfielder They Can Call Thier Own, But All They Want To Do Is Trade Him

An article by posted on July 15, 2007

He’s fast, he’s powerful, he can catch, he’s got a shotgun for an arm, and he can hit. Oh yeah, and one more thing… he’s got a whole lotta attitude. Of course I’m talking about our very own Lastings Milledge. I can’t remember another player who was surrounded with as much of a media spotlight even before getting […]

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There’s Nothing Classic About The Mid Summer Classic

An article by posted on July 11, 2007

I had planned to write a first half report card for the Mets today, but since there were already about two hundred of them out there from local newspapers, obscure magazines and other dubious Mets blogs, I said the heck with that. I would advise you to skip the newspapers and magazines, and check out the other Mets […]

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Will Mets be Whole after the Half?

An article by posted on July 9, 2007

The Mets ended the traditional first half of the season at 48 and 39, slightly worse than they did last year at this time, when they had a record of 53 and 36. It’s only a difference of five more wins and three more losses. But if you think about, considering all the injuries, the […]

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A New York Marathon With A Thrilling Finish!

An article by posted on July 8, 2007

Last night the Mets won in thrilling fashion as they beat the Astros 5-3 in a 17 inning marathon. The Mets started the game down 3-0 after the Astros took the lead scoring all their runs in the 4th inning off of Tom Glavine. Carlos Delgado then launched a 2-run shot in the fifth, and […]

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The All Star Game Isn’t What It Used To Be

An article by posted on July 8, 2007

MetsGal is off on vacation today, so you will all have to put up with an extra blog from me this week. Voting for the All Star Game never really bothered me as much as it does these days. To be honest, I never really cared about the selection problem so much, because the game […]

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Omar Minaya Had A Terrible Off Season, But He Can Still Make Up For It Before It’s Too Late

An article by posted on July 5, 2007

Omar Minaya did a terrible job of trying to improve the Mets this past off-season. I think we would all agree that he did a spectacular job in 2005 and 2006, but he has failed miserably in 2007. This was supposed to be the season we won it all. The team’s slogan "Your Season has Come" implies that the Mets will […]

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Mets Well Represented in 2007 All Star Game, but is Selection System Fair?

An article by posted on July 3, 2007

The New York Mets will have four players represent them in this year’s All Star Game. David Wright, Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran and Billy Wagner will all do us proud next Tuesday night in San Francisco. There has been much talk that John Maine deserved a spot on the NL roster as well, and I […]

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