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Pelfrey Battles El Duque For Final Rotation Spot On Sunday

An article by posted on March 22, 2008

In what has become a long battle between two pitchers who have failed to take a convincing lead, Mike Pelfrey and Orlando Hernandez now face their last chance to make a lasting impression. In one corner you have youth, and in the other corner you have experience. The problem is that Pelfrey’s youth seems a little too […]

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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like April…

An article by posted on March 18, 2008

Hard to believe but Spring Training is almost through and the season is slowly creeping up on us… I can’t wait! I feel like I used to as a child on Christmas Eve, when anticipation and anxiety were at their peaks. I think we can expect good things from the Mets performance this year, unlike […]

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Number Two Slot a Maine Focus

An article by posted on March 11, 2008

It was mid January; it had proved to be a disastrous off-season for the Mets. Following the well documented and highly criticized collapse of September, the teams most prominent need appeared it would again go unaddressed for a second consecutive off-season. Than, the 29th day on the 2008 calendar emerged, and it became a day […]

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The Great American Pastime

An article by posted on March 10, 2008

Now that Spring Training is in "full bloom", I thought it would be fun to take a look at the differences between the game that our beloved Metsies play versus the other three major sports – football, basketball and hockey. "Tick-Tock, there is no clock!"  Baseball is the only sport not controlled by a time […]

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Second Thoughts On Luis Castillo

An article by posted on March 7, 2008

After what seemed like an eternity battling kidney stones, I finally got some time to actually sit down and blog a little bit about my Mets. The last time I sat in front of my computer, the Mets were on the verge of acquiring Johan Santana, and I was so overjoyed to see that we […]

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Step Right Up and Greet the Bench?

An article by posted on March 6, 2008

Okay, so it was bound to happen….Moises Alou got hurt. We all knew it was gonna happen. Okay, so maybe Omar didn’t know when he picked up Alou’s option, but that’s beside the point. Brian Schneider has a tight hammie. Ryan Church and Marlon Anderson collided, with Church still experiencing symtoms of his Grade 2 […]

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This and That

An article by posted on February 28, 2008

Good morning Mets fans! I hope everyone is having a great Thursday. I can’t speak for everyone, but the sights and sounds of spring have given me my second wind, and I can’t wait for the season to start. Here are a few thoughts I have been having… Recently, our former “untouchable” prospect Lastings Milledge […]

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Mets Exhibition Game Ends in Tie

An article by posted on February 26, 2008

The Mets walked away from an exhibition game against the University of Michigan today with a 4-4 tie. A homerun by Michel Abreu, that was initially ruled a double, saved the Mets from an embarassing loss, to say the least. You can read an interesting article with quick hits from the game here: New York Post – Mets open […]

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Monday Mets Minutes

An article by posted on February 25, 2008

I can’t believe it.  The first televised Spring Training game is only 4 days away.  SNY will be televising from Tradition Field in Port St. Lucie at 1pm this coming Friday as the Mets take on the Cardinals..  And what a coincidence that Johann Santana will be making that start.  I am anxious to see […]

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War of the Words

An article by posted on February 21, 2008

Salutations fellow Mets fans! I trust you are all having a happy and healthy Thursday. For some reason, I feel like leaving my sensible self aside for a moment and just being a cocky Mets fan…one moment…   “Yeah baby! We got Johan Santana! That’s 20 wins and 250 strikeouts EASY! Put it all together […]

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