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I’m Starting To Feel Sick Now

An article by posted on June 11, 2008

Wow, todays match-up between Brandon Webb (11-2) and Mike Pelfrey (2-6) really shows the disparity between a great team and a team who thinks they’re great. It just seems like the Mets keep finding ways to lose, while teams like the Phillies and the Diamondbacks keep finding ways to win. I really feel bad for […]

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With 100 Games Left, The Urgency To Win Has Never Been Greater

An article by posted on June 10, 2008

This morning, John Delcos from the Journal News raised a few questions. Questions that are already on the minds of Mets fans. Questions that only the Mets can really answer. When does it stop being early? When does the disclaimer there’s a lot of season left begin to lose its credibility? I don’t even pretend […]

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Who’s Ready For Some “Mince-Met” Pie?

An article by posted on June 9, 2008

So here we are fellow Mets fans. Almost halfway through the month and the Mets are languishing in fourth place behind everybody but the Nats and 2 games under .500. Like me, I’m certain most of you envisioned better days than this for the Amazins’ in 2008. Omar took care of the Mets most glaring […]

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A Who’s Who On Players The Mets Drafted This Week

An article by posted on June 8, 2008

Round 1 – Pick 18 – IKE DAVIS, 1B/OF, Arizona State Baseball America: The son of former big league reliever Ron Davis, Ike was not a scouts’ favorite coming into his junior season. A decorated high school career that included a star turn with Team USA’s youth national squad and an MVP award at the 2004 […]

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Willie’s No-Win Situation

An article by posted on June 7, 2008

During his unprecedented run of pennants and World Championships as manager of the Yankees in the 1950′s, Casey Stengel was quoted as saying, "I don’t get paid to win every game. I get paid to win two out of every three games." It seems as if this does not hold true for our current manager. […]

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Hot as Fire or Not at All?

An article by posted on June 7, 2008

Welcome Mets fans to another installment of Hot or Not. The Mets looked as if they were on their way back against San Fransisco, but they have since taken a few steps back against the Padres. They’ve only scored two runs in their last 23 innings, with Scott Schoeneweis and Johan Santana charged with losses. […]

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When Will the Mets Come Through for the Big Pelf?

An article by posted on June 6, 2008

Thanks to a walk-off hit by pitch charged to Scott Schoeneweis, the Mets fell to the Padres 2-1. The game’s starter, Mike Pelfrey had pitched six solid innings of baseball, only allowing one run. Was it the best start of Pelfrey’s career? No. Did he keep his team in the game? Yes. Did he get the job […]

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Goin’ Back To Cali

An article by posted on June 5, 2008

The Mets have been on a West Coast diet for the past week facing up with Torre and the Dodgers at Shea and Bochy’s Botching Giants in San Francisco. It appears as though the Mets enjoy West Coast flavors because they look as if they’re playing hungry. In the past week, the Mets have gone […]

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How Do I Hate Thee, Let Me Count the Ways

An article by posted on June 3, 2008

Seeing the Marlins occupying the top spot in the N.L. East the last few weeks hasn’t really bothered me all that much so far this season. However, for one very brief day I saw the Phillies in first place last week and I was seeing red… Not Phillies red…. There was blood in my eyes… […]

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Still Runnin’ Against The Wind…

An article by posted on June 2, 2008

You’re going to have to forgive me this morning. As excited as I am about the Mets taking 3 out of 4 games from the Dodgers, I can’t help but feel nostalgic today.   Like all of us here on this site, I have a passion for all things Mets. So much so, that even […]

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