Mets Thoughts

A Mets Fan in Braves Country

An article by posted on August 20, 2007

Sullivan County, New York is where I was born and raised. Only minutes from the original Woodstock site and 2 hours west of my Graceland. That is, Shea Stadium in Queens, New York. Today, I live in a small town in rural Alabama called Clanton. The area is nice, people are great and the fried […]

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Time to Change the Battery

An article by posted on August 18, 2007

Something that has been on my mind fellow Mets fans, is the major issue we have at catcher. I love Paul LoDuca as much as anyone else, but lets face the facts, he’s in the midst of a decline. A recent rumor on has the Mets linked to Pudge Rodriguez and Jorge Posada. Right […]

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Hey Giambi, This Bud’s For You!

An article by posted on August 17, 2007 reports that Yankees slugger Jason Giambi won’t face any disciplinary actions from Major League Baseball for his comments about his own use of performance-enhancing drugs, which received wide circulation in May, Commissioner Bud Selig said Thursday. "I’m happy with it," Giambi said in New York before the Yankees started a four-game series with the […]

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Lets Go Mets, Sigh…

An article by posted on August 17, 2007

The game of baseball has always brought me great joy, whether watching our beloved Mets or playing in the backyard. Sadly, that joy seems to be missing from Shea, and has been for a while. In my opinion, it began when Jose Reyes  didn’t run out a ground ball with his usual hustle. Willie Randolph […]

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Monday Mets Minutes: Here Is The DL Fix

An article by posted on August 13, 2007

How many games have the Mets’ eight starters actually played in together this year?  It’s just one injury after another. In fact, except for the two youngsters on the team (Wright and Reyes), all the other starting position players have spent time on the disabled list, most recently Paul LoDuca. How can a team expect to function when […]

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Most Mets Fans Are Bred To Believe

An article by posted on August 13, 2007

Following a desperation victory this afternoon at Shea, where exactly do our beloved Metsies rest in your heart? Sure, in realistic terms they have grasp of the NL East lead, by a thread, but nonetheless, they sit atop the standings. With the Braves and Phillies knocking at the door, does worry fill you from within? […]

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This Mets Lineup Scares Nobody, Except Some Of Us Mets Fans

An article by posted on August 10, 2007

Mike Vaccaro of the NY Post asks the tough questions this morning. Questions that only the Mets can answer. Every few weeks, you keep waiting for the shock to the system that will finally apply the kick-start necessary for the Mets to achieve the manifest destiny in the NL East everyone seems to expect of […]

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Just Because Willie Says Every Game Is A Big Game, It Doesn’t Make It So

An article by posted on August 8, 2007

Did anyone happen to catch Willie Randolph’s interview last night on SNY’s Geico Post Game?? The reporters who were asking the questions really got his temperature boiling especially on one particular question that was asked… Is your team approaching this as a big series, because it seems like the Braves are, and you’re not? What […]

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Mets Must Be Brave and Beat Braves!

An article by posted on August 7, 2007

It is imperative that the Mets not just take this series, but sweep it. Taking two out of three games only gains one game in the standings, while sweeping gains three.  When the Mets last left Atlanta, they were only one and a half games ahead of the Braves. Since then, they have played just […]

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Monday Mets Minutes

An article by posted on August 6, 2007

FYI… I figured I would make my Monday posts about my observations over the past week…so here goes… First off, congratulations to Tom Glavine for winning number 300!! I thought it was going to be another long stretch before we saw it, like waiting for the Mets to clinch last year! Well, it wasn’t saved […]

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