Satish Ram

I am a college student in Queens who double majors in Sociology and Psychology with a minor in Journalism. If all goes well, I want to specialize in the Sociology of Sports and study the Mets. I am a lifelong Mets fan and have been floating around MMO since '07. I do not have any social media, so spam my Disqus if you need me or check out my podcasts with Matthew Marrero on things like Wrestling, TV, and Video Games.

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Looking At Brad Hawpe

An article by posted on June 22, 2009 0 Comments

How many one-sided trade suggestions are we going to get with this team? Sure, I’d take Holliday, Carlos Lee, Mark DeRosa or Jermaine Dye. There aren’t a lot of people who wouldn’t. But we don’t have too much to offer back. So maybe it’s time we look at things in a different light. I propose […]

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Ya STILL Gotta Believe!

An article by posted on June 17, 2009 0 Comments

So I found myself returning to school on Monday with a sour attitude, because of the results of the Subway Series in the Bronx. All the imitations of Castillo dropping the ball and little posters of 15-0, but I didn’t expect anything different. It didn’t bother me as much knowing that minus one dropped pop-up, […]

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