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I am currently in my third semester of college in New York City. You can find me at or @SilverHeatMMO. Feel free to message me - I love talking about the Mets or baseball overall with anybody.

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MetsMerized Player Of The Week! 7/12-7/19

An article by posted on July 20, 2009 0 Comments

Most people won’t be paying attention to the Mets blogosphere anymore, and I can understand why. But that doesn’t mean the bloggers are going to stop blogging! The “Fan Confidence Rating” on Metsblog continues to amaze me by staying above 0%. Really. Because I’ve been reading a lot about giving it in and sadly, it […]

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MetsMerized Player Of The Week! 7/5-7/12

An article by posted on July 13, 2009 0 Comments

Good day to everyone! I’m feeling especially great today after watching the depleted Mets win back to back games for the first time in a little while. It’s amazing how two wins, incredibly different in makeup, can change the opinion of a fanbase in a hurry. One win, fueled by the strong pitching of our […]

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MetsMerized Player Of The Week! 6/28-7/5

An article by posted on July 6, 2009 0 Comments

So this week wasn’t good, and that’s a major understatement. A lot of Met fans, including myself, are really getting tired of watching this so-called Major League team try to play baseball. Any opposing pitcher seems to dominate them, and things are not looking good. However, there was one bright spot this week, and undoubtedly I have […]

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MetsMerized Player Of The Week! 6/21-6/28

An article by posted on June 29, 2009 0 Comments

Alright, so I was going to say “I hope everyone’s having a good day”, but watching K-rod walk Mariano last night has sucked the life out of me. I wasn’t favoring the umpire’s strike zone last night, or the ESPN announcers…but that’s not what I’m writing about. I do hope everyone’s having a good day, […]

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A Closer Look At David Wright

An article by posted on June 27, 2009 0 Comments

Our All-Star third baseman, David Wright, is in the middle of the weirdest offensive year of his life. I think it’s actually cause for worry. David Wright is batting .351 and he’s leading the NL in batting, and I won’t dispute that he’s been on base more than he ever has. However, I became very […]

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Looking At Brad Hawpe

An article by posted on June 22, 2009 0 Comments

How many one-sided trade suggestions are we going to get with this team? Sure, I’d take Holliday, Carlos Lee, Mark DeRosa or Jermaine Dye. There aren’t a lot of people who wouldn’t. But we don’t have too much to offer back. So maybe it’s time we look at things in a different light. I propose […]

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Ya STILL Gotta Believe!

An article by posted on June 17, 2009 0 Comments

So I found myself returning to school on Monday with a sour attitude, because of the results of the Subway Series in the Bronx. All the imitations of Castillo dropping the ball and little posters of 15-0, but I didn’t expect anything different. It didn’t bother me as much knowing that minus one dropped pop-up, […]

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