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A Mets fan since 1973, Rob was born in the shadow of Yankee Stadium. Luckily, his parents moved to Queens at a young age so he was not scarred by pinstripes. Currently living in southern Nevada, he writes suspense novels and crime fiction. His debut novel "Plain God" hit book stores in September of 2015. Visit me at my site

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Special Feature: The Doctor Is In

An article by posted on 24/11/2008

There have been Mets rookies who had a positive effect the moment they took the field, such as Tom Seaver. There were others who took time to develop, like Jose Reyes. But there’s never been a player with the impact of Dwight Gooden. “Doctor K” won the hearts of Mets fans from day one with […]

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Take No Prisoners

An article by posted on 11/11/2008

Like a gift from the Baseball Gods, the ball fell from the heavens into the glove of left fielder Cleon Jones. Prayers were answered. The impossible dream became reality. As the champagne was sprayed in the clubhouse and the field was torn up by adoring fans, no one could have imagined it would take another […]

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# 37, Casey Stengel

An article by posted on 21/10/2008

This week I will start an off-season feature where I’ll take a look back at the life and career of some influential people, both on and off the field, in the history of our beloved Mets. It’s only fitting that the initial one be dedicated to our first manager. Charles Dillon Stengel was born in […]

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Waiting For Next Year… And It’s Alright

An article by posted on 14/10/2008

The 2008 Mets went quietly into the night. There was no fanfare, no curtain calls. The final chants ever shouted at Shea of Lets Go Mets were more out of desperation than of hope. As we reached into our gut one final time, we were dreaming of summoning the ghosts of rallies past. That did […]

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This Week in Baseball History: Oct 13–Oct 16

An article by posted on 13/10/2008

October 13: 1903: The 1st World Series ever played is completed as the Boston Pilgrims defeat the Pittsburgh Pirates 3-0 and take the series, 5 games to 3. 1914: The Boston Braves, who were in last place in mid-July, rebound to win the World Series. “The Miracle Braves” defeat the Philadelphia A’s in the first […]

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Mission (Not) Accomplished

An article by posted on 06/10/2008

Maybe I’m mistaken but when we made a managerial change on June 17, I thought the purpose was to get us into the Post-Season. When Omar Minaya fired Willie Randolph in the early morning hours and replaced him with bench coach Jerry Manuel, I, along with most Mets fans, were hoping for the best. We […]

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There Are Winners. And Then, There Are Champions

An article by posted on 29/09/2008

There’s a world of difference between good teams and great teams. There is a vast disparity between being a winner and being a champion. The 2008 Mets are a good team, not a great team. They are winners, but definitely not champions. Many people this season have accused this club of having no heart. This […]

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The “V” in MVP

An article by posted on 22/09/2008

On the surface, the MVP is a bit misleading. The person who does not follow Baseball would think the MVP award goes to the best hitter or top pitcher. This is not the case. The best pitcher wins the Cy Young Award. The top hitter may win the Silver Slugger Award or the Home Run […]

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This Week in Baseball History: Sept 22–Sept 25

An article by posted on 22/09/2008

September 22: 1911: At 44 years old Cy Young beats the Pirates for the 511th and final win of his career. 1925: Dodgers pitcher Burleigh Grimes accounts for 7 outs in a single game when he hits into 2 double plays and a triple play. 1948: Stan Musial goes 5-for-5 for the 5th time this […]

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The Collapse…of 2006?

An article by posted on 16/09/2008

Here we are once again in a painfully all too familiar scenario. For the second consecutive year we are spending September looking over our shoulder. Yet again as October approaches, the Mets can not seem to do anything right. The hot breath we feel on the back of our neck is that of the Phillies. […]

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