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I'm a lifelong Mets fan who loves writing and talking about the Amazins' 24/7. From the Miracle in 1969 to the magic of 1986, and even the near misses in '73 and '00, I've experienced it all - the highs and the lows. I started Mets Merized Online in 2005 to feed my addiction and interact with other passionate Met fans like you. Follow me on Twitter @metsmerized.

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Your Mets Hot Stove Season Has Come – Part 3 of 3

An article by posted on October 18, 2007

This week as I conclude this short series I wanted to focus on the pitching. This is probably the one area that Omar Minaya will have to concentrate most of his efforts this off-season. The Mets starting pitching and bullpen both failed to meet expectations in 2007 and barring some significant changes, it may be […]

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2007 Mets Report Cards: Starting Pitching

An article by posted on October 16, 2007

  The staff decided to have starting pitching it’s own part since it was so big. Part Five of this seven part series will feature the ever-so-commented Mets starting pitching. It’s obvious this was one of the Mets problems this year, but was it their worst? Get ready to do your reading. We have alot […]

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2007 Mets Report Cards: Center Field, Right Field

An article by posted on October 14, 2007

The final of the outfielders will be reviewed tonight. We’re short one staff member, but he’ll be back to review on Tuesday. Carlos Beltran, Lastings Milledge, Marlon Anderson and Shawn Green will all be reviewed in this blog. Here we go! Center Field (Carlos Beltran)  Ryan P. – Carlos Beltran played a great 2007. He […]

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Mailbag: Will The Mets Win A Division In 2008?

An article by posted on October 13, 2007

Will the Mets still have basically the same five guys in the rotation in 2008 with Pedro essentially replacing Glavine at number one? Will that be enough to win a division? It’s very difficult to say whether a rotation of 1. Pedro Martinez, 2. Orlando Hernandez, 3. John Maine, 4. Oliver Perez, 5. Mike Pelfrey would […]

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2007 Mets Report Cards: Catcher, Left Field

An article by posted on October 12, 2007

    Part III of the Mets Merized Report Cards features the catcher position and the left field position. Today we’re basically going to talk about Paul Lo Duca, Ramon Castro, Moises Alou, and Endy Chavez. Two extremely positions, two grades, six writers. Here we go! Catcher (Paul Lo Duca & Ramon Castro) Ryan P. […]

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A Very Rude Awakening…

An article by posted on October 12, 2007

I must say that I was disgusted this morning by an article I read in Newsday. It was written by Wallace Matthews, who decided to throw what little professionalism he had as a writer, out with the trash last night. I still can’t believe that a solid newspaper like Newsday allowed such a hate-filled tirade against […]

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Jose Reyes Still Ranks High With Most NL Managers

An article by posted on October 12, 2007

The Mets recently granted free agency to pitcher Jon Adkins, who was one of the players that we received when we traded Royce Ring and Heath Bell to the San Diego Padres. Adkins wasn’t exactly terrible for New Orleans and posted a 3.99 ERA in 48 games, while posting a 2-4 record with 5 saves. The other […]

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2007 Mets Report Cards: Shortstop, Third Base

An article by posted on October 10, 2007

    Another day, another bunch of grades. Today we’re going to be grading the two Mets superstars: Jose Reyes and David Wright. I’m still going to grade them by position, even though Reyes and Wright spent 99% of the time at those position. Here we go! Shortstop (Jose Reyes) Ryan P. Well, from the […]

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Misery Loves Company

An article by posted on October 9, 2007

Wow, I never really understood what that meant until last night when Joe Borowski set down the Yankees and the Cleveland Indians won the ALDS in dominating fashion. Watching the Yankees crash and burn in the ALDS for the third straight season, was like being wrapped in a warm comforter on a cold winter’s day. It […]

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2007 Mets Report Cards: First Base, Second Base

An article by posted on October 8, 2007

    Today starts the first part of the Mets report cards. Six staff members for Mets Merized, including myself, each compiled a grade for each position and it’s respective player(s). Without futher ado, I present to you the Met Merized 2007 Report Cards. The first part will feature First Base and Second Base. First […]

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