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Omar-Stiltzkin Strikes Again

An article by posted on December 6, 2007

Last night at 2:30 am the New York Mets reached an agreement with the Minnesota Twins for ace lefty Johan Santana. The Twins reportedly will receive the Mets minor league affiliate in New Orleans, Jose Reyes, David Wright, and Al Harazins’ soul in this blockbuster deal. The Mets have reached an impasse in discussions for […]

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Minaya Shouldn’t Leave the House

An article by posted on November 19, 2007

As the ridiculous A-rod to Flushing rumors have rightfully been put to silence after dominating back page for the better part of the last three weeks, General Manager Omar Minaya may finally set his sights on bolstering a far more glaring weakness. Starting pitching is at a premium in this day and age. There was […]

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The Not So Hot Stove…

An article by posted on November 7, 2007

Not even a month after the World Series and the off season feels like it has been going on forever. It seems A- Rod has been opting out of his Yankees/Rangers deal since last April. Rumors are swirling left and right, who is going where, how and why. Personally, I love the business side of […]

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Warm Winter For The Jacket

An article by posted on October 26, 2007

Think of Psychology, science, research, as well as data analysis. Fear not Mets faithful, you haven’t mistakenly entered a web-site designed for fans of Bill Nye the Science Guy. Rather, the terms listed above are all key words that can be directly related to New York Mets pitching coach Rick Peterson, who in hindsight, utilizes […]

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The Sounds of Shea

An article by posted on October 23, 2007

We all know that our days at Shea Stadium are now numbered.  I remember this past season, being asked to take a survey on the music played throughout the stadium.  I received a light-up Mets pin for participating.  So speaking of music, I decided to reflect on some of the sounds and songs played during the games […]

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Broadway Is Dark Tonight…

An article by posted on October 9, 2007

Broadway is dark tonight, and will remain that way for the rest of the fall season. Instead, the center stage spotlight will brightly shimmer upon some improbable settings. As the Yankees were eliminated from postseason play last night by the Cleveland Indians, the city’s season officially came to an end. While there will be no […]

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Luck Be A Mets Fan Tonight

An article by posted on October 9, 2007

As I reflect on a season that was simply disappointing, I begin to ponder what a World Champion really is.  The best in the game?  Not necessarily.  That’s not to say that the best team never wins it all, or that the team that does win it all doesn’t deserve to, but it is usually […]

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Hey Mr. Rollins, Are the Phillies STILL the Team to Beat?

An article by posted on October 8, 2007

Good Evening, Mets fans, and Happy 2nd Monday of the off-season…  I’ll make it short and sweet today… The Phillies were NOT the team to beat in 2007, in fact, the Mets were.  And the only reason Philadelphia was able to rise to the top of the NL East is not on their own success, but […]

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They Are All To Blame…

An article by posted on October 2, 2007

Who do we blame exactly? Perhaps the most puzzling questions being swirled around the fall winds of Flushing are not that of who Omar Minaya should keep and who should be shipped to Osh Gosh for a bag of balls. Rather they are centered on responsibility… and who indeed is accountable for the demise of […]

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Mets Fans Must Wait for 2008

An article by posted on October 1, 2007

There are no words to describe what happened or how I feel about it.  I am wearing black today, as I am in mourning.  I am mournful of a season that died unexpectedly, as did any hope of becoming World Champs. Devastated, disappointed, angry, hurt, saddened, stunned.  All very good choice words that would apply […]

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