Morning Di-Jest: I Have Questions

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  1. Has Terry Collins gone from using Eric Young Jr. every chance he gets, to using him as little as possible? Don’t get me wrong I think that EY used strictly as a pinch-runner maximizes his only major league skill.
  2. Does Daniel Murphy take the first pitch he sees in the 1st inning every game yet swings at the first pitch in his next at-bat as long as the ball is in the same zip code?
  3. Other than throwing out an occasional base stealer and looking incredibly handsome doing it, does Anthony Recker really merit being on a major league roster?
  4. Am I the only one that thinks Wilmer Flores has a dysfunctional swing?  He’s a big strong kid, but his swing is all arms and there’s virtually no weight shift from the back leg to the front one.
  5. Does Sandy Alderson really think that Collins is doing a good job or does he just not want to pay for another manager while he’s paying this one?
  6. Will we ever see the good David Wright again?  Actually that was a question one of my sons asked me on Sunday. I guessed that he may have some more 20 HR seasons in him but maybe won’t ever reach 25 again.
  7. With Nick Franklin traded and Tulo down with injury are there any other shortstops in the Northern Hemisphere that the Mets can go after? It has amazed me that the focus has been on so few shortstops when almost anyone, but Tejada and Wilmer would be an improvement over Tejada and Wilmer. Personally I’d love Sandy to call Seattle’s Jack Z and ask the price for Brad Miller who is having a horrid season, but was a top prospect less than a year ago
  8. Who blinks when Sandy and Theo go at it?  I suspect Sandy would want one of the Cubs shortstops and maybe something more for Noah Syndergaard, while Theo would want another prospect or two added to Thor for one of his guys.
  9. With the Mets tanking in traditional August/September fashion is the Terry Watch back on?
  10. Why is Matt den Dekker routinely in left field and Curtis Granderson in right field when MDD has the better arm?
  11. Do the Mets prefer playing all these west coast games that start at 10 pm or later Eastern time? While they’re blowing late leads and doing other Metsian things 90+% of the viewing audience is asleep.
  12. Intriguing thought. Had a team claimed Granderson on waivers (he reportedly passed through waivers unclaimed) would the Mets have let him go for nothing just to save the remaining $47 million they owe him? I think they would have.

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