Vic Black Strikes Out The Side, Lowers His ERA To 0.68

vic black

May 8

A day after Vic Black took over the closing duties from Jeff Walters for Triple-A Las Vegas, the hard-throwing righty struck out the side on Wednesday night and picked up his fourth save of the season.

He has now gone four consecutive appearances without issuing a walk and his ERA has improved to 0.68 for the season in 13.1 innings.

Fare thee well, Jose Valverde.

May 6

I know that one out of ten of you will look at the title, jump to the comments, and then say something like “No way!” or “Too Wild!”. But please allow me to state my case.

The Mets made the right call in having reliever Vic Black begin the season in the minors mostly due to what was literally a “wild” Spring Training.

Black has often had bouts with his command throughout his pro career, however his incredibly high strikeout rates have always made him an intriguing relief prospect to say the least.

When the Mets acquired him as the PTBNL in the Marlon Byrd trade, it appeared as though his control issues were finally behind him during his late season callup. So much so, that Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins were both hailing him as the potential closer if Bobby Parnell wasn’t ready to begin the season in 2014.

It’s safe to say that we all loved the glimpse we saw and had high hopes for the fire-balling righthander.

Unfortunately for Black, he got off to a rough start at Triple-A Las Vegas, piling up seven walks, two wild pitches, a balk, and a hit-by-pitch in his first five appearances of the season.

However, Black has turned a corner. In his next five appearances he would walk just three batters over a span of five innings. Not great, but certainly a huge improvement for him.

vic black stats

As you can see, Black has allowed just one earned run in his 11.1 innings of work, showing off his capacity to induce a groundball or a strikeout when he absolutely needs it. It’s sort of the mentality the Mets could use in their bullpen right now.

Black spoke to MMO’s Tommy Rothman this past Spring and he had some interesting things to say about his development and goals for this season.

MMO: There is no doubt that you have the arm strength necessary to become a great relief pitcher. The biggest knock on you has always been that your control isn’t good enough. What have you done to address this issue so far, and what plans do you have to improve your command going forward? Do you think you can increase your ability to locate your pitches without sacrificing velocity?

Vic: Sacrificing velocity isn’t something I worry about when locating. Truthfully my [focus] is [on creating] downward angle on the pitch and [keeping] it in the bottom of the strike zone. That in itself keeps me around the plate and it’s hard enough to hit as it is. But repetition is huge. The more you do the better you get, so continuing to keep flat ground work as a part of my daily routine takes care of a lot of the small issues.

MMO: Which pitch do you most want to work on this season?

Vic: Well I’ve been mastering a two-seam as of late, but the season is not where I work on pitches. I take the arsenal I have prepared with into the season, and that’s what you will get. I want guys out, not getting hits off of a pitch I’ve been working on.

One of the things that stood out in our interview with him was his fearlessness on the mound. “There is no place in my mind or heart for fear. I’m the predator, so fear doesn’t enter my thoughts.”

Nobody is calling Black a savior, but who could argue that he wouldn’t be an improvement over Jose Valverde at this point?

And how refreshing would it be to have someone who can dial it up to 100 mph coming out of the pen late in a game?

Cue the “It’s only May and there’s nothing wrong with the bullpen” mantras.

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  • pepe

    The bullpen would get an infusion of help. I believe Vic Black will help. However this management is awful for The Mets. How long does this shortstop situation continue. Its killing this team. They seem to not want to address it. Its not fair to the fan base. I’m sick of watching these 2 guys play shortstop who do not belong in the majors. Disgusting!

  • Wolfmicky21

    Vote yes on Black

  • blastingzone

    After the last week of blowing games in the late innings and with very limited choices bring him up he can’t do as bad as what we already have now in our bull pen!

  • Once they choose to dump the old timers, they should pick the best young candidate from the farm. If that is Black when that time comes, why not?

  • Biggle Boy

    Several games back, Darling said that if Familia uses his legs more in his delivery, he will greatly improve his control. I’ve been watching for that when Familia pitches and I think it’s true. If he continues to throw well, he could be the late inning guy.

  • NewYorkMammoths
  • mattbalasis

    Valverde needs to be released. He has the mentality of a power pitcher without the power, which is problematic. Ron Darling mentioned how his stuff is still pretty good if he’d only mix up his pitches a bit more, but he challenges batters instead of enticing them.
    We should have signed K-Rod.

  • Charles Thompson

    He should be here. Dice should be back in AAA. If Mejia has two more bad starts, move him into the pen and promote Dice or deGrom. Then I’d cut Farnworthless.

    This pen should be filled with young arms that get crucial ML experience before the 2015 season.

    German, Familia, Torres, Black, Rice, Mejia, and Walters.

    If the pen is going to blows games, let the kids do it. Remember how long it took Parnell to mature into a solid closer. 2014 is crucial to 2015’s success.

  • elsid1986

    Sandy said last October upgrading SS was a priority. I guess he thought bringing the same guys back and sending Tejada to a fat farm was a upgrade. What a freaking imbecile.

  • iwamofo

    No way! Too wild!

  • Rocky Thompson

    Walters has a 9.82 ERA and a 2.55 WHIP. No way he is being promoted anytime soon.

  • Actually Valverde kinda reminds me of Krod for a while. Remember he was awful for a while and completely lost it and his confidence. Now he has found it again in true reliever fashion.

  • RyanF55

    Id much prefer a young struggling bullpen with upside over a old veteran bullpen with no gas left in the tank. We’ll never be successful with Dice-K, Valverde and Farnsworth in the bullpen. Dice-K never has been a BP guy, and Farnsworth is in a spot he’s very unfamiliar with in closing. It’s honestly just a ticking time bomb that any could see. We can expect two washed up guys and a career starter to be effective in the bullpen all the sudden…

  • Rocky Thompson

    The article shold have been titled “Time to Demote Valverde.” Collins has lost confidence in Valverde and only uses him when he has nobody else.

  • Charley’s Twin

    To quote someone famous, “What difference does it make?!”

  • pepe

    Dice K is a starter not a bullpen guy. Cut Valverde. Bring up Black. I still think Dice K can help this team as a spot starter,long reliever. The real issue is at SS. Bring up Flores, sign Drew, or make a trade. There are options. Please Sandy make a damn move!

  • WilponsNeed2Go

    1.44 WHIP in AAA. He throws too many balls. When he is promoted, he will face a more disciplined hitter, who be less inclined to chase balls out of the strike zone. Like the article said Black has had 5 good appearances, I think he could do with some more before he gets called up. Many here want to replace Valverde, and I would agree. However, I would replace him with Socolovich or Carreno. They have be very consistent over ST and last year. They can bridge the gap until the young power arms are ready to go.

  • derek murphy

    There’s a lot of moves that need to be made. Black should replace valverde, Flores should replace Q on the roster and Tejada in the field. I’m tired of hearing about his fielding he has basicly the same fielding percentages as Peralta. The satin experiment should be overl they should call up Campbell in his place. He has a better bat and can play a lot more positions. They need to have mejia throw cutter way more often. This could be a much better team with a couple of little moves.

  • metsman

    I don’t know where people get their conviction from when it comes to bullpen discussions. It’s a mess of small sample sizes and guys going from zero to hero and vice versa in two seconds. I hope this gets sorted out soon because winning is the only answer, not any one particular guy; if they brought him up today, there could be an article on here about demoting Vic Black in a week.

  • Peter

    Completely agree that Black should be on the team instead of Valverde.

  • My concern of late is it seems Valverde’s recent past issues was believed in part due to overuse and Collins in so many words had mentioned how he would try to be more conscience on how he uses Valverde but if he can’t call upon him on back to back days or more than once every 5 games for what may be how less effective Valverde is when he does then how much use can Valverde be to the team in that scenario?
    The Colorado series burnt some arms out due to the 3 straight short outings by the starters and while yesterday’s outcome may have been the same had Torres or Familia been available in that 8th the fact is they weren’t and while Dice-K was available not so sore calf and all I wonder what Collins role for Valverde is at this time and does Valverde even know?
    The younger guys always were all eventually going to be given not just opportunities but bigger roles in my opinion as the vets allowed some time for the prospects to move into those roles as we get deeper into the season. Maybe Black’s opportunity is fast approaching.

  • mr. belvedere

    This should happen because last night in 8th with a 3 run lead in Miami huge yard would have been a great opportunity to use Valverde…Torres apparently was the closer, Dice was banged up and was used for 3 innings Saturday, Familia went 2 on Sunday… it was obvious that Dice didn’t have it, if he doesn’t have confidence to use him in that situation

  • Bobby O

    I concur, so what is Papa Rotund still doing on the Mets- to keep the Jiggle Belly Bart Man company at the post game spread? Might as well go with Black is Back, at least a possible young gun to move forward with.

  • DrDooby

    Yes. Vic Black should replace Valverde – like now. He´s not the savior. But he´s a power arm who may gain traction and is worth giving an extended look. Since there´s no reliable option he´d bump off the roster – small sample size or not – it´s time for Black.

  • Peter

    We want the young guys now and Alderson wants the young pitchers to, that is obviously the plan which is why Valverde and Farny where signed as pure stop gaps. But the question is when will they come up? I would rather see Black here than Valverde. Farny I am fine with for now. Black could be the closer ASAp and move Farny into a middle relief role where he belongs. Torres would be the 8th inning man. I feel that is the quick fix for this team as far as the bullpen, let Black take his lumps and try to fix that control, at least he will be learning and definitely has the upside advantage.

  • Joey D.

    Hi Joe D.,
    That’s a walk ratio of 5.4 per nine innings for his last five innings. That’s behind last year when he reduced it to his best 4.0 for nine innings.
    If Vic is able to do something at all to help us, yes, send him up. However, he should not be counted on to provide any major piece of the puzzle unless if shown he has made a pitching adjustment to account for the better control exhibited his last two innings pitched.

  • Lotus1209

    Bring up Black, Thornton and send down Farnsworth and Valverde.

    Make Torres the closer and Black the set up man. Simple.

  • billpulsipher

    wheres todays reinforcements after the bullpen meltdown???? oh thats right…sandy did his specialty…nothing

  • mpetr37349

    Black does not seem to be ready. Call up DeGrom for the bullpen.

  • Any alternative to Valverde is a plus.

  • Bobby O

    I think it’s the case of ” paralysis by analysis” with Sandy. Sandy is quite cautious in making any move that has in his terms ” forever implications” Obviously, if he DFA Valverde, he’s gone for good and now you have to live with either Black or Thornton for better or for worse from that point on. The same holds true at SS- If Sandy calls up Flores to play SS and possibly outrights Ruben to do so ( Ruben is out of options but still can be outrighted without the right to refuse), that is essentially putting an end to Ruben’s career with the Mets. And again, now from that point on, you have to live with Flores as your starting SS for better or for worse.

  • Jack

    I’m all for it. I am still really ticked off about our manager. How do you leave a guy pitching after issuing 2 walks to start the inning? You just don’t do it.

  • igotadose

    13 save opportunities. 7 blown saves. What bigger sample’s needed to do something, Sandy? Maybe 1 or 2 of those blown saves have been wins – dunno. Mets have zero complete games out of 31 so the bullpen *will* be used every game. If they’re serious about 90 wins, you need to save *more than half your save opportunities*

  • TPT

    im all for putting a end to Valverde and Tejada careers as Mets lets move on already neither is gonna get us to the playoffs in fact both of those guys are helping to impede us form reaching the playoffs

  • TPT

    maybe he looked at who else we have in our bullpen and said “OH S**T” lol

  • G Master Flex

    I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but we have lost 4 or 5 games this year because of our bullpens inability to hold a lead. I get that a lot of people don’t like Tejada or Q, and I’m not defending them as a solution at SS, but they haven’t lost us a third of our games. I think the bullpen sould be the top of the list as far as fixing the team goes.

  • Metstheory22

    We have NO closer on this team right now. We need to convert, buy, sign, trade or bring up someone to be the closer. The trio of Farnsworth-less, Dice-k and Valverde are not short or long term solutions.

  • Chuck

    If SA DFA’s Valverde, and we lose him, then we lose him. At some point (better too soon than too late), you have to take the shot. If they are over-analyzing, then shame on them. Regarding Flores: no, Ruben doesn’t go, Q goes … so Flores is a safe call up.

  • Chuck

    You mean someone infamous?

  • WillisReid

    Torres would be a good candidate. He’s done well in whatever capacity he’s been used in.

  • WillisReid

    Comments this rational look so out of place here.,

  • billpulsipher

    bottom line is alderson is HORRIBLE when it comes to putting together a bullpen. he is clueless. to make matters worse, he is VERY SLOW at making moves and shuttling guys in and out….there is not ONE GM in the sport that would stand pat and do nothing after last nights debacle..not one gm..except…sandy

  • billpulsipher

    oh but Dice K did well in relief 17 years ago in the japan league…thats a good reason to make him closer/set up man (sandy/TC philosphy)

  • Jgreen

    How is Zack Thornton looking btw?

  • Lotus1209

    Always ride the Hot hand. Why is this so hard to understand? Bullpens are completely unpredictable so you ride the hot hand until he falters. Then rinse and repeat.

    Sandy Alderson may be good at trades and assembling Farm systems.. .

    but man does he suck at constructing Bullpens.

  • TPT

    ok well lets just add him to the list then haha

  • TPT

    how about our 6-0 lead in Colorado that in the end the bullpen blew after we regained the lead?….i totally agree with you the guys lives in super slow motion

  • TPT

    all 3 are from the scrap heep that no one even wanted so what does that tell you?

  • Charley’s Twin

    hahaha, not tipping my hand (didn’t want to start an internet fire)

  • TPT

    true but i rather have a young guy with a future and who can hit 100 mph on the radar gun then a bunch of 35 + year olds been there, done that, and that’s all she wrote washed up, bottom of the barrel scrap heep pitchers that no one was foolish enough to put in their pen but us im tired of holding my breathe every time we hand one of them the ball the years too long for this kind of punishment lol

  • BigAl831

    I thought the bullpen looked good coming into the season to be honest. Black and Edgin were horrible in ST and Parnell went down right away. Hard to predict bullpens. I agree it’s time for a change.

    The problem is that Farnsworth and Dice K have actually pitched well out of the pen. So has Torres. Familia and German have looked dominating at times and Rice is our loogy although I’m not a huge Rice fan. Even Valverde has looked okay. So who do we replace?

  • TPT

    as someone famous once said ” you can keep your insurance you can keep your doctor you can” …….ok ok ok never mind lol

  • jimmy705

    But really, how small is the sample size for Farnsworth and Valverde? You can’t just look at how they’ve done this year, but what led up to it. (Especially given their ages.) That would be like looking at an old player who hit .180 in 400 at-bats last season and is hitting .180 so far this year and saying, “Don’t judge him based on such a small sample size.”

  • TPT

    the only one with a hot hand at Citi field is the hot dog vendor im afraid

  • dnotch

    Just as big an issue as SA putting together a bullpen is the way TC uses what he does have. This guy is the friggin worst BP manager I can ever remember. If SA did bring up Black he’d be fine starting an inning – where if he was wild he can be yanked – but TC would throw him out there with men on and the game already on the verge of getting away. He sets them up for failure.

  • Manager of The Year

    I think that it’s important to note that he has only given up 1 ER in 11.1 IP. Yes he may have given up some walks but it’s nice to to see how well he is doing at working around guys on base.

  • metsman

    Holding your breath is what relief pitching is all about. It’s a crap shoot. Speaking of has beens… K-Rod? Hawkins? Who saw that coming?

  • Andrew Herbst

    Black has to be replaced over Valverde. And call up Thorton as well.

  • TPT

    well ive never held my breathe with 6-0 leads till now

  • beers22

    Geez, at this point, you might as well bring him up. Black strikes me as a guy who will look spectacular when he gets on a roll, but his wildness will strike at any moment. That being said, it’s understandable that a guy like that will be wild in ST and to start a season bc he needs to get in a rhythm to get some of the consistency in his delivery/concentration that he clearly relies on to pitch well. So yeah, bring him up.

  • igotadose

    DL one of them and give Black 2 weeks audition while beating the bushes for someone established, though this time of year, teams with useful relievers are in the catbird seat. Didn’t Dunce-K hurt his ankle? It’s the Mets – let Ray Ramirez and the team give him some ‘treatment’ and he’ll be ready for the 15 day DL at least.

  • pochemunyet

    It’s only May and there’s nothing wrong with the bullshit.

  • pochemunyet

    Derek, excellent post.

  • pepe

    Did you see this game tonight? Again no production out of the SS position. Wilmer Flores as one option would spark excitement. He has alot of upside the positives outweigh the negatives. This needs to be fixed now! Its destroying the team.

  • SteveBrooklyn777

    I was thinking the same thing. And Flores should also be promoted now. He’s showing good power and Tejada and Quintanilla stink.

  • billpulsipher

    why hasnt this clown Valverde been DFA’d yet????????????????????????

  • Jgreen

    Time to call him up with Flores

  • If he keeps this up, there is no way they can’t call him up in a week or so.

  • QueensRussell

    I knew it was a matter of time for him. He’s got the gas!

  • oleosmirf

    10 BB in 12 IP against AAA hitters is not going to get it done. He has to show improved command since that was his issue in ST and so far he has not. Las Vegas has been doing real well this year, but unfortunately it’s come despite poor results from all the young relievers and Puello.

    As for Flores, the guy is on fire in AAA right now. Perfect time to bring him up as he is .469/.485/.667/1.167 4 HR 15 RBI in his last 10 games.

  • derek murphy

    This is what makes me so sick as a mets fan. Throughout the whole rebuilding proccess I’ve been patient and even at times defended this front office. Watching this team struggle on a daily basis has taken its toll on me. Lately I find myself wishing I didn’t waste my hard earned money on tickets this season. My biggest problem is watching the same guys struggle over and over.

    This season I didn’t expect much from the mets and the win total I expected can certainly be achieved. However, the level of excitement is non existent. The team does a very bad job of managing assets they should be finding out what internal assets can be a part of our core going forward. They instead picked up a bunch of retreads and a bunch of never will be’s and hurt the development of younger guys.

    Vic black should be added to the team immedietly. The fact is as soon as he’s added he becomes our best reliever and its not close. Thornton should come with him for now valverde should be cut and dice k should be turned back into a starter. He can take eveland

  • derek murphy

    Evelands place at aaa. They should call up Flores to take Q’s spot on roster but start in place of Tejada at SS. They should call up Campbell to take satins place he’s a much better bat and can play more positions. They should also trade Duda to an American League team where he would have more value and call up Dykstra to at the very least platoon with Campbell at 1st.

    These moves offensively I’ve been asking for weeks now. They immedietly make our team much better. Those 3 guys have over 75 rbi’s combined. For a team who can’t scratch out runs to have bats wasting away in the minors makes no sense. Flores is very similar to Peralta in the field and if he don’t work out tovar is right behind. At least we will know if his bat plays in the event we trade murph we can have him play second. Making these moves don’t cost any money in fact it will save money and make the team so much more exciting.

  • HarveyKsYou

    I’d rather keep Valverde and get rid of Farnsworth. At least Valverde throws harder and can strike people out. Just get rid of Farnsworth, who’s also a major jerk.

  • derek murphy

    10 walks in 13 innings who cares. So he shouldn’t be promoted? How bout the fact he hasn’t walked anyone since taking over the closer roll. How bout since he’s averaged almost 2 so’s per inning while not waking a batter. While its a small sample size only 4 games whats a better baramoter is his era being less than 1.00. While he did give up to many free passes in the early going he knuckled down when he had to not giving up any runs. Not only should he be promoted immediately but when he is he becomes one of the top if not the top guy in our pen. He should be considered for saves immedietly. I’m so tired of people saying he’s wild. That goes without saying but its time to take a deeper look. He’s never going to be a finesse guy but is repeating his delivery and is pitching lights out. The bigger question is who’s more valueable black who could pitch the most important innings or valverde who they only put in when game is decided or they hav no other pitchers.

  • $14435385

    You have to factor in Vegas with both guys…Black’s control has never been great, but it’s never been walk-an-inning bad, either. As for Flores, I just hope that if they bring him up they keep him in one spot and play him every day…but with Terry you just never know.

  • derek murphy

    They should get rid of both and he can bring Thornton with him. Guys who can go tomorrow and I won’t miss valverde, farnsworth, Duda, Abreu, Quintinalla & satin. They can replace with black, Thornton, Dykstra, capt Kirk, Flores & Campbell. Making these moves all at once would do two things to jump start the franchise. This says the future is now and puts us in a better position to win on a daily basis. Even more importantly it will help us determine which of these guys will be around for the long haul. The mets making these moves would make me so happy. Then a month from now we can make decisions on our top starters. & just like that we will have become a real major league team.

  • derek murphy

    Why not give Flores a try at SS he has proven he’s an RBI machine. We can certainly use more runs. I’m okay with more errors coming from the position as the good outweighs the bad. At least call up tovar I’m sick of Tejada. Tovar is better offensively and much better defensively than Tejada.

  • PessiMets

    Mets love their veterans

  • mr1313

    Vegas is a hitters paradise and they say the pitchers throw off the plate more instead of catching more of the plate so hitters won’t put the ball over the fence so walks and obviously overall pitcher stats are skewed a bit. Now Black is wild but he seems to be getting it together send him up.

  • Taskmaster4450

    So let me get this straight:

    4 appearances without a walk means that Black is ready to be called up and cured of his ills. And that mean Velverde should be axed.

    Did you happen to notice that Velverde has given up only 1 run in his last 5 appearances (1.80 ERA) and only 1 earned run in his last 6 appearances (1.50 ERA)?

    So if 4 good appearances makes one worthy of being called up, why isnt it worthy of Velverde keeping his job?

  • mr1313

    Have you been watching our major league bullpen? The has beens are only going to get worse what other options do you suggest?

  • Taskmaster4450

    Seems after his hiccups, Velverde is only improving.

    And Farnsworth, as much as I am not a fan, other than the HR in Colorado is solid.

    Finally, you think different arms are really going to make a difference with Collins managing the BP. He has a track record for abusing some guys while burying others only to bring those guys who havent pitched in a week or 10 days into a high pressure situation.

    Black might be the real deal but I think he needs to prove he has his control situation resolved. As you saw in Met games, walking guys at that level kills you. Black wont be able to walk 2 then gear it up to punch out guys like Stanton.

  • Just_Da_damaja

    and Flores would have to hit like Pete Rose to justify his defense.

    Id rather have Flores at 2B, Murph at 3B and try to trade David for a package we flip for a top SS. Extend Murph for 5 years 35 mil
    Puello soon joins the team in RF next year. We’re stuck with Granderson in LF.

    If Dom Brown is the truth, he’ll be here soon enough to join them.

    thats 7 positions on the diamond well spoken for. Catcher remains to be seen.

  • mr1313

    TC is a whole different issue. I think he’s a babbling idiot puppet. Yes I would like to see Black up soon in favor of one of the bullpen arms over a larger sample size I don’t think Dice-K, Valverde and Farnsworth will pitch well.

  • mr1313

    He will hold his own and we are not replacing a GG shortstop in Tejada. Flores will only help, most wanted to trade for a guy like Franklin who is much like Flores in that most see him as a 2B. Remember Flores has played more game at SS than any other position.

  • Taskmaster4450

    Well you can opt for a guy who, even after his recent walkless stretch, is still average 6.8 walks per 9 innings. Base on balls absolutely kill relievers in the major leagues. He can get out of jams in the minors by striking the side out after putting a few on. That doesnt always happen in the majors.

    So sorry to disagree, but I want to see more of a sample size from Black that his control problems are somewhat harnessed. A good week means little if he is only going to lose all control tomorrow.

  • Just_Da_damaja

    from 2010-2012, Tejada had bulked up, after the Chase

    Utley incident and also the new regime wanted more “power” from SS and 2B.

    Tejada was an excellent 2B in 2011 and had the best chemistry from a SS-2B duo we had seen since Ordonez and Alfonzo.

    Really Murphy has no business at 2B…

    and Tejada has bulked up too much to play SS…

    only the mets have a SS and 2B both play out of position, at the same time, for 3 years straight, based on offense.

    I could live with Flores at SS if Tejada is at 2B and Murph is at either 3B or 1B ( where he has great range ).

    Offense occasionally sells tickets to casual fans, but Defense and great pitching wins games and nothing sells tickets more than winning games in NY


    “As a fan, I was always a fan of the home run, the long pass, the three-point shot. It is the anticipation of something really good,” Alderson noted. He knew he had to find a definitive answer to the offense question and hired Walker to study the problem. It turned out that the home run was really the way to go. Walker proved that every time a team had one more home run than its opponent, the former won 75% of the time. Further, in the Mauch-bunt scenario, more runs were scored not from having a man on second base and one out, but from having one on first base with no outs, so a sacrifice bunt in that situation actually hurt the chances of scoring.

    “I think we’re happy with what we got from Murph. He developed into an acceptable, probably average defensive second baseman. I think there’s more offense there. I’m a little disappointed with his power production, which we think he has. He can be better on base. I hope going in to 2013 that he’s more comfortable at second base now and can focus again on his approach at the plate. He’s an outstanding hitter and we know that, but he can be even more productive and I hope he will be.”

    ( this after murphy ranked as the WORST defensive 2B in all of baseball )

    RE: changing the dimensions will increase offense and sell more tickets

    Another motivation, the GM added, is that offense sells.

    “To some extent it’s a question of entertainment,” Alderson said. “The hardcore baseball fan enjoys the 2-1, the 3-2 (score). We’re appealing to a little broader segment. I think offense is appealing. Offense sells.”
    that right there, shows that merely winning games and allowing the casual NY fan…who is only interested in seeing a winner…fill the stadium…is a concept Sandy and the front office have failed to understand.

    they have treated the passionate and casual NY fan like a 5 year old going to the circus.

    we don’t come to the game to see HR. We come to see the team win.

    thats all for today folks. any questions, leave a message and I’ll try to answer questions tomorrow.

    Peace and HairGrease,

    Professor Just

  • mr1313

    Citi is certainly not Vegas. The pitchers pitch off the plate more there because of fear of catching too much of the plate and watching the ball go over the fence. I realize he has had some control issues overall but he will be called up this year and at what point does Sandy call his BP a failure? If he pitches like he has over the next few weeks he needs to come up you have to see what you have or don’t have in him at some point and he has more upside at this point in his career than either Valverde, Farnsworth or Dice-K.

  • The part about Black’s 0.68 ERA in the PCL seems to have gone over your head. The last four games only shows he’s turned a corner but he’s been effective all season long. I appreciate your love for Valverde but his 2.8 HR rate this season, following his 2.7 HR rate in 2013 is a disaster waiting to happen. It’s why he was cut by the Tigers last season and why he’ll get cut this season.

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    They need to make some changes and if Black is one of them, so be it. But let’s remember the collective reactions when our current pitchers come in and put a couple men on – everyone screams for TC to pull ’em! Get him out! He doesn’t have it!

    Well, with Black, he’s going to put a guy or two on, and then maybe get the outs he needs. So when he puts those guys on, don’t go screaming about how Collins needs to take him out. And the times he doesn’t take him out, and Black gives up runs, remember how badly you wanted him called up.

  • Biggle Boy

    Looks like the Mets have several internal options for the pen, including Black, DeGrom, and Mejia (who could start but has also shown he can be successful as a ML reliever). But internal options for the offense seem to be limited to Flores.

  • RyanF55

    Sandy has yet to show me that he has any clue how to field a successful bullpen. Francisco, Valverde, Farnsworth, Dice-K, Hawkins, Misch, Swinden, Boyer, Igarashi, Carrasco, Beato, McHugh, Batista, Ramirez, Carson, Lyon, Burke, Laffey, Byrdak…….He has just brought in complete garbage and hopes they work out. He’s gone about 1 for 9000 with Hawkins.

  • Jeff Roland

    when did mejia show he can be a sucessful major league reliever? i missed that part

  • sarge69

    I say bring up Black and Walters, how worse off can the BP be?

    Unless Mejia is going into BP I say bring them both up, they have worked there and are good candidates for Mets BP.

    Why was Black made closer over Walters, Walters having a hard time or just to expose Black to closing games?

  • The Nihilist

    How about the idea that Black is potentially part of the future, and Valverde is nothing more than a stop-gap retread? Also consider that Valverde has been simply mopping up. Track record past two seasons — he’ll flame out again when put into a tight situation.

  • TPT

    well he might not have one of Donald Sterlings favorite last names but he has the arm ….so in with the new out with the bye bye Valverde and hello Vic Black

  • TPT

    i like it

  • TPT

    thank you Joe D….and Taskmaster will never get it or see it no matter what..Valverde gave his hand away when in Anaheim with a 3 run lead in the 9th 2 out with a man on first and Aybar batting he nibbled and nibbled throwing balls in the dirt with 84 mph sliders and never blowing him away with a fastball considering Aybar has zero power and putting him on could potentially bring the tying run to the plate in Ibanez..but he not once went after him with a fastball and of course he walked him and the first fastball to Ibanez gets blasted into the right field stands for a game tying homer and he never once was the same pitcher till hes recent mop up role..that to me was a telling time…hes washed up

  • Bobby O

    I concur with Taskmaster 4450 – I have to see more of a sample size with this guy at AAA along with Valverde with the Mets before letting Valverde go. Plus, recently Ackert in a story said internally when discussing the team in the offseason, the Mets really weren’t crazy about this guy. Remember, this guy already lost a spot on the Mets- he was ticketed to come north with the Mets after ST but lost his spot to German.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    He didnt lose his spot to Germen.

    Germen already had a spot on the team that was his to lose.

  • Metropolitan

    This guy is quadruple A…..

  • Bobby O

    That’s not true. German was on the bubble in ST. The only reason German came north because of Black’s FAIL in ST. Familia really beat out both Black and German in ST, plus of course back then the 2nd lefty with Lannan.

  • NeedNewOwners

    Bring up Backman, or else none of the rest matters

  • mr. belvedere

    Gotta wait a little longer on Black and way longer on Walters and Edgin…while Black can get away with working himself into trouble in AAA (PCL makes it more impressive), he will not be able to in the MLB, has to show more than a 4-5 appearance streak to warrant a call up, I’d say June-ish would be right…we also need to be careful on calling for Val, Farns, and Dice to be DFAs so early one because all three have been decent to solid in the pen, if you ax all 3 and bring up on others and they don’t do the job then it’s a big roster problem…Mejia will be in the pen before too long as will either Montero/Degrom…we need to milk another couple of weeks out of the 3 veterans before we start jettisoning them

  • Hitmanᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ✔

    They do ride the hot hand, right up until their arm falls off.


    I agee we need to bring backmen in finally also hell ya its time to bring up black if he sucks jus send him down nd bring in the next guy