Time To Pull Plug On Chris Young Experiment

chris young

Guaranteed playing time or not, the Mets commitment to Chris Young should not last too much longer given his recent struggles. At some point the Mets will have to pull the plug on Young and start giving his playing time to more worthy and productive players.

For some odd reason manager Terry Collins decided to put the slumping CY in the cleanup spot during Wednesday’s 5-4 loss to the Dodgers. Young went 0-for-3 with a rally killing double-play in one of those at-bats and a runner stranded in scoring position in another.

Many people, including myself, were unhappy with the Chris Young signing and would of preferred the Mets go after a more proven power bat, such as a Nelson Cruz, who ended up signing a nearly identical contract with the Orioles very late in free agency. Or the money could have been better utilized to fill another need like shortstop.

The Mets came into the season with a logjam of four starting outfielders in CY, Eric Young Jr., Curtis Granderson and Juan Lagares, three of whom could play center field. It appeared that the organization had no trust in the up-and-coming Lagares despite his breakthrough defensive season in 2013 and a phenomenal offensive showing in Winter Ball.

However, an early stint on the disabled list for Chris Young changed everything. Lagares stepped in, got a chance to play everyday, and wowed everyone with an electrifying start to the season both in the field and more importantly at the plate as well.

By the time Chris Young returned from the DL, Terry Collins was unwilling to keep Lagares as the everyday center fielder and announced a 4-man outfield rotation that would give everyone equal playing time. However that almost led to a revolt when at one point Collins benched Lagares for three straight games and four of five, prompting outrage from the ticket-buying fans and harsh criticism from writers and analysts.

The situation is still unresolved to this day and Collins is under the microscope before each game as to which three outfielders gets to be in the starting lineup. It’s a tenuous situation.

Granderson is almost a given to be starting everyday because of the Mets’ $60 million dollar commitment to him for the next four years. Lagares continues be the team’s best hitter and with three more hits on Tuesday is now slashing at a .315/.361/.472 for the season. Obviously, his glove has shined and only adds to his value as an everyday centerfielder. Terry Collins has taken a liking to Eric Young Jr., who he says gives the Mets a pure leadoff hitter who can wreak havoc on the base paths. EY has a low .202 batting average and his .311 on-base is hardly leadoff-worthy, however his ability to reach base in the first inning makes him additionally attractive to Collins. EY has a .394 OBP in the first inning of games this year has it proved helpful to get the Mets on the scoreboard early.

Chris Young should be the odd man out at this point. He is producing at a .206/.272/.360 clip this season with only three home runs and 11 RBI.

Sandy Alderson brought in Young this winter in the hopes of him revitalizing his career and bringing some power to Citi Field. Sandy believed that Young’s struggles were attributed to being platooned while in Oakland where he batted .200/.280/.379.

So he gambled $7.5 million that with regular playing time Young would flourish. Sandy was wrong. Perhaps he should have looked at Young’s career righthanded splits, then he would have seen why Billy Beane eventually placed him in a platoon role.

Alderson knew this was a risky signing this winter. If he produced, Alderson looks like a genius but this hasn’t been the case. The Mets preach that they want to win now, and if that’s true Chris Young should be heading to the bench no matter how much playing time he was promised.

The Mets need to stop this four-way outfielder rotation. For now, Granderson and Lagares need to play everyday. If Collins wants to maintain his fixation on EY, then it should be at the expense of Chris Young and not the other two.


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  • mad met

    No one saw this coming huh?? This guy sucks

  • Xavier 22

    The sad thing is, if the identical amount of money that was spent this offseason was spent a little more wisely, the Mets would have been a contending team.

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    Does this article even get written if CY gets that hit last night?

    They don’t need to get rid of CY. They need to stop with the outfield rotation. That’s not the same thing.

    You can carry all four guys if you use one as a bench player, but that’s not what they’re doing. Granderson and Lagares play every day, CY and EY platoon. It’s not complicated.

    And if you did get rid of CY, who’s your fourth outfielder? You do need one.

    And let’s not try and somehow make it CY’s fault he’s making $7.5M. That’s Sandy’s idea and nobody can fault CY for taking it. “Gee Sandy. That’s real nice of you, but I’m not really worth that much. Just give me $1M with some incentives in case I don’t do well.” I’m sure that happens.

    And as for Cruz, Sandy needed to improve the OF. At the time of the CY signing, Cruz’s asking price was much, much higher and he wasn’t signing for what he eventually signed. Then, after EVERY OTHER OUTFIELDER had signed, Cruz came down and signed a deal with his tail between his legs. Had Sandy waited it out, it’s possible he would have signed elsewhere and then we might have had nothing.

    What would we say then?

    Not to mention Cruz has played almost as much at DH as he has in the OF, something he obviously couldn’t do here. Quite frankly, if the NL got the DH, it would make everything better for everyone.

  • Biggle Boy

    If EY is so good at scoring a run in the first inning, then switch in Campbell for the rest of the game after EY gets the chance to do his “thing”!

  • Frank Vamos, Jr.

    I’d be more comfortable batting deGrom with runners on base over Young after watching both players at the plate of late.

  • HawkZon

    You said it!!

  • DejaVu

    Exactly. It’s not rocket science. They need to stop with the “OF rotation” concept.

  • HarveyKsYou

    This guy is just useless! At least when Grandy was doing nothing offensively you could count on his defense (he catches almost everything). CY has hurt us in the field and at bat.

  • DrDooby

    Let´s please put a stop on the “but we should have signed Nelson Cruz instead” argument.

    Nelson Cruz WOULD NEVER EVER have signed a 1-year, 8 million $ parachute contract with a team like the Mets. Cruz, age 33, entered the winter with an asking price of 4-years, 70 million $ reportedly. But the combination of his PED suspension, being attached to draft pick compensation and a weak defensive profile caused teams to pass. So, he went to a team on a “make good” contract where he gets to play in a favorable offensive environment and can DH at times too and then re-enter the market in 2014/2015. Cruz would produce far worse offensively at CitiField in a new league for him. So, that type of contract would never have been a fit for him.

    He may have been an alternative to Curtis Granderson at that sort of $$$ value – but certainly not an alternative to Chris Young at his 7.25 million $ contract WITHOUT draft pick compensation attached.

    Though to the point, it´s not really looking like CY is going to help this team a lot. With Lagares doing well, there´s no need in CF. Granderson is too important in the grander scheme of things in RF.
    So that leaves LF and EY as his main competition. And while EY lacks power and defense, he does have the blazing speed and higher OBP going for him. The two should probably be platooned going forward.

  • WillisReid

    Pull the plug and put the pillow over the face to expedite the process.

  • Hodges14

    Not sure why anyone is mad at CY. He is doing exactly what he did last year in Oakland. Thinking that paying him $7.5M was going to make him a better player is ridiculous. He’s just not very good. That’s why he was available and that’s why he’s on the 2014 Mets.

  • The Godfather

    Why would Collins start using common sense now? He sees things backwards. He’s the bizzaro manager. If Terry Collins were a football coach, he’d probably say something
    like…I’m playing Tim Tebow over Tom Brady because, I need some

  • On what? $32.5 million. What should we have done instead?

  • DrDooby

    And how do we know that the players signed alternatively would have performed just as well with the Mets ?

    Nelson Cruz & Jose Abreu for example are also benefitting a lot from favorable parks they play in – and in a league where they can be used as DH (eventually). And I´m not sure any of the available pitching options would have been better at this point. And no, Tim Hudson was going to return to ATL or go back to the West Coast. He wasn´t coming to NYC.

    While it remains to be seen whether Granderson, Colon and C.Young were good signings, just picking out any 3 players off to hot starts and stating that the Mets would be 25-20 with them instead of 20-25 seems a bit too simplistic…

  • WillisReid

    I don’t think anyone is expecting him to be released or designated, but the idea of guaranteeing him AB’s if he’s going to play like this is ridiculous.

  • HawkZon

    Sandy is going to want CY to play to try to build some value for a trade…although who would want him?

  • SCarton12

    Also, Cruz signed a one year deal to play in a hitters paradise. No, he would not have done that with the Mets.

  • EY, JL and Grandy should be the regulars with CY filling in for EY or of one of the others need an off day. Nelson Cruz fell into the laps of the Os. He wasn’t worth the longer term deal he was seeking, especially for an NL team, and we had a need.

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    No, he wouldn’t have.

  • DrDooby

    Yes, Young´s defense has been disappointing. The A´s paid him 8.5 million $ in 2013 looking for a bounceback and were disappointed. The Mets sure figure to be up for disappointment too for the time being.

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    No one knows they guaranteed him anything for sure.

    I don’t believe they did.

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    Saw a few comments last night. One was “Young is piece of sh!t making $7.5M.” As if that’s somehow his fault.

  • sperry

    I guarantee that if you asked Collins why CY was batting cleanup, he’d say something idiotic like “well he can change the game with one swing of the bat.” Nevermind that he’s only done that on average once every ten starts.

    But honestly what difference does it make. Who else on this roster would make more sense there.

  • Hodges14

    It was a foolish signing on the Mets part but it’s not CY’s fault the Mets were stupid enough to pay a .200 hitter 9% of their payroll.

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    That’s right.

    But it’s also stupid for the Mets only because of their crappy payroll restrictions thanks to our good friends the Wilpons.

    Don’t forget Oakland was paying him $8.5M last season so he actually took a pay cut, slight as it might be.

  • The most athletic weatherman

    If Cambell keeps producing, why not trying him in left field since he’s known to be able to play some outfield. I love his approach at the plate and I’d like to see what he could do playing everyday.

  • WillisReid

    You can interpret that comment either way. I read it as the Mets fault, not CY’s.

  • Plenty people know, not including you.

  • I get that they “promised” him playing time. Were there any conditions in this promise? Was it – If you go 2 months and still suck, you get to play every inning?
    I don’t think that even this front office would do something that stupid. He’s gotten plenty of at bats. He has shown that the back of his baseball card is pretty accurate. He’s an awful offensive player how can occasionally crush a really bad pitch. He’s an acceptable defensive player. Don’t blame Terry or Sandy for this one (seriously, only this one); he’s a bad player who has been given the opportunity to confirm that fact.

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    Got any proof you’d like to share with the class?

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    Fair enough. But I do think people hold his salary against him. Clearly no one would care if he were making league minimum.

  • WillisReid

    They could give Duda another look since he’s one of the better bats with RISP in the line up.

    They should move Wright to the clean up spot.

  • I hated this signing, and still do. However, I still think he should start over EYjr. There’s no contest on the defensive side of the ball. EY is a butcher.
    If EY sees a mistake pitch he’ll drill it for a single. If CY does, it’s gone. Plus, have you ever seen a stolen base champ play in a cavernous park that NEVER hits a triple? What good is all of this speed when he’s striking out? Pinch runner!

  • Sandy told us on the conference call. Sorry you weren’t on it. He said he was promised everyday playing time but not specifically in CF. It was why he signed with the Mets.

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    I guess I’ll have to take your word for it. MMO exclusive I guess.

    I guess you should amend your previous article from “very likely” to “Alderson did guarantee Chris Young playing time” then.


  • Frank Francisco

    Yeah I’ve been saying for a while now that CY needs to be released. He’s batting .206/.280/.379 last year and this year he is putting up an almost identical .206/.283/.363 line which tells us there is no reason to believe that he is going to break out any time soon.

    He hasn’t really had a quantifiable “good” season since 2011 (He was okay in 2012) and he’s had 860 PA’s since then which is a fairly large sample size.

    Perhaps the league just figured him out after 2011 and the big parks are killing what little power he has. It happens and there’s nothing you can do about it. He might be better off in a place like Bankee stadium but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that he doesn’t fit on this team anymore.

    Either keep him as an expensive bench-warmer, trade him to a small-park team in need of a bench piece for scrap metal, or release him. Point is, the experiment is over. Marlon Byrd stories don’t happen every year.

  • Hodges14

    I think it was a ridiculous signing either way but, on a financially solvent team a $7.5M player who is not performing would be benched.

  • Agreed. Plus, project his stats from the Texas/Baltimore band boxes to Citi Morgue. Jay Bay 2 – electric bugaloo.

  • MDonaldWilpon

    “For some odd reason manager Terry Collins decided to put the slumping CY in the cleanup spot during Wednesday’s 5-4 loss to the Dodgers.”
    There are 7.5 million odd reasons….

  • He’s a bust, but still way better than EYjr on defense.

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments


  • RyanF55

    CY has been exactly what he was in Oakland. Eerily similar actually. He’s batting .206 to his .200 last year, his OBP is .283 to his .280 last year and his OPS is .646 to his .659 last year. He’s almost identical to his season last year in those respects, which isn’t shocking considering he went from a huge ballpark to a bigger one.

    The Mets have played 45 games this year, which if you multiply by 3.6 gives you exactly 162 games. If you project CY’s current stats by 3.6 times, it’s crazy how close his numbers project to compared to last year. Since he missed 15 games you can also project using his ABs. He’s currently had 34% of the ABs he had lst year, which if you project his stats would be roughly 3.3 times to equal his prior year’s total. So, look at his numbers at those projections. It’s crazy how close he is to last year:

  • MDonaldWilpon

    You do know that the Ponzis will use the failed Young and struggling Granderson to explain why they can’t sign more free agents. Of course, that and fans not coming to see their diluted brand of “baseball.”

  • Charley’s Twin

    always and forever

  • Hodges14

    He is what he is. It should come as no surprise to anyone.


    In fact, TC did say after the game that we have seen CY change games with one swing this year already so he’s dangerous- something like that.

  • Why do you put words in my writer’s articles that aren’t there?

    I warned you about this before.

    Stop inflaming these threads unnecessarily.

    Nobody said Young should be cut or released, that’s idiotic and won’t happen.

    Avery suggested pulling the plug on this promise Sandy made to play him everyday.

    Relax and stop running around like a chicken without a head everyday.

  • QueensRussell

    But he spoke to Rod Carew in the off season!

  • WillisReid

    No, it was everywhere.

  • depressed Mets fan

    For all the talk about how is can be blamed on the Wilpons, moves like CY prove why Sandy is the most overrated GM in Baseball. Yes the Wilpons finances make it very hard to build a team but when Sandy has had money to spend he has done a horrible job with it. The few times he has spent over a million dollars on a player, the moves weren’t met with “well at least it was a calculated risk”, it was met with “what the hell is Sandy doing, is he hanging around with Jeff”

  • metsfan79

    Kazmir.would have been a much bettet option


    This wouldn’t be such a bat lineup would it?

    Lagares CF
    Soup LF
    Murph 2b
    Wright 3b
    Grandy RF
    Wilmer SS
    Duda 1b
    TDA C

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    What are you talking about? I’m not putting words in anyone’s mouth. Just stating my opinion. I didn’t say anyone said CY should be released. Didn’t say it was in the article. Didn’t say anything like that so why don’t you just stop attacking me for expressing my opinion like everyone else.

  • WillisReid

    If he was making the league minimum, not hitting, and playing shoddy defense, plenty of people would be calling for change.

    See Cowgill, Colin.

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments


  • You really need to get around more. Everybody who was on that call, everybody reported what Sandy said. There were at least 25 people on that call. This is common knowledge not something new.

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments


  • Hodges14

    The problem is no power. It takes 3 hits strung together to score runs. Other than Murphy they don’t have high batting average players so the likelihood that they are going to get hits back to back to back are low.

  • Express your opinion all you want but stop always trying to make us look like we are misreporting things. This isn’t Metsblog, nobody here is getting paid. It’s a fan site for enjoyment by fans who contribute articles and readers who want to interact with them.

  • MikeyT

    Post game had a stat that CY was hitting .179 on Fastballs. You cant hit the fastball yuo dont belong in the bigs and watching CY its totally apparent his days in the Majors should be numbered. Hes toast. Cant catch up to any fastball.
    He must have the best agent on the planet. How he negotiated 7 mill coming off hitting .200 last year is ming boggling

  • Frank Francisco

    Chris Young may have just entered regression early. It happens sometimes, especially to high-strikeout guys. His speed on the basepaths has declined each season since 2010, His power has been destroyed by signing to huge stadiums, His OBP has declined each season since 2010 along with his AVG. His defense has also not been as sharp as it once was either.

    He found success in the past by having five-solid tools. He no longer has any that impress.

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    That’s not what I’m doing, Joe.

  • Hodges14
  • At Citi Field today and I hope Jay points at us to ask Terry a question at the pre and post game conference. We should get at least one good question in, but there’s three things we’d like answers to.

  • WillisReid

    Taking the guy hitting .200 out of the middle of the line up would help.


    Very true, but with what we have I think this lineup can give us the best chances. Soup is considered high OBP guy- murph our best hitter so far, and since we do not have any power batting david cleanup could just mean that he has a chance to drive in more runs. I like Wilmer before Duda for splits and more contact

  • MikeyT

    Agreed. Im 100% positive that was Alderson’s motive for signing him. Trying to duplicate the Marlon Byrd luck. If CY had 15+ homers in July he might get a prospect. Problem is CY blows and is no longer a major league caliber player

  • Charley’s Twin

    My one question would be, “what on earth is your problem?”

  • I liked the signing as a low risk acquisition with good upside. I expected more to happen on the FA front but that’s another matter. EY is more valuable than CY offensively at this point. He has been getting on base at a far greater rate than CY and that often means he’ll wind up on 2nd. EY made a terrible play the other night with his dive but CY has been so bad at the plate I dont mind seeing EY’s relative inferiority in the field

  • Frank Francisco

    What questions do you plan on asking?

  • CyYout

    “…start giving his playing time to more worthy and productive players.” LOL. Is Campbell the savior now?

  • Charley’s Twin

    I was of the school of thought that lineup order is basically meaningless…until I saw Terry do that.

  • Hodges14

    Since they have no power to speak of they should just bat the players in order of OBP. Get the guys who get on base the most at the top of the lineup and hope that they can string something together.

  • WillisReid

    I saw the logic in it when he first did it, but if the guy can’t give you more than 3 hits in a 2 week span, change it up.

  • NewYorkMammoths

    “Hello, doctor? It’s been an hour but my pianist is still tiny. Also, the Mets should fire Terry Collins.”

  • seldomused

    I really don’t know what the Mets management was expecting out of this guy. He hasn’t been productive since 2014, and has always struggled vs right handed hitters.

  • If he’s under any pressure to play CY and if at some point we should simply go with Lagares, Grandy and whoever has the hot hand among EY, CY and perhaps Campbell.

    2. What is the number one problem affecting this team and what does he plan to do to resolve it.

    3. Do you think part of a managers job is relating well with ticket-buying fans and empathizing with their years of frustration.

  • WillisReid

    The real test for this organization will be how long do they let TC keep running him out there.

  • Hodges14

    Not sure he’s a bust. He’s doing exactly what he did last year which is what the Mets were negotiating off. To expect that he was going to come to Citi Field and become a better player was probably unrealistic.

  • Hodges14

    They obviously love TC, they just gave him a new contract. He’s going to keep messing with the outfield all season.

  • MetsFan90

    Collins hinted at switching it up when he said Eric Campbell would start to see some time in the outfield. Chris Young has been right on par with his stats for the past few years. Guess the FO thought he would be like Byrd. Good thing he’s on a 1 year deal.

  • WillisReid

    I mean if the idea is to change the conversation and TC just keeps putting him out there and he keeps being Chris Young, do they take the decision out of his hands?

  • MikeyT

    Statistics disagree with you. Fangraphs has CY at -3.5 on defense. that is Duda territory. EYJ at +.5
    CY has been a hack on defense. Very limited range and a pitiful arm

  • seldomused

    I still find Sandy calling Chris Young “the more well rounded player” when compared to Nelson Cruz hysterical. Both players have very large gaps in their game (Young strikes out too much, can’t hit for average and rarely walks, Cruz is a black hole defensively). I know this article is very old, but if your CF is good enough, you can manage someone with lead shoes in left.

  • Hodges14

    Doesn’t seem like anyone from the manager on up is very concerned with winning so I’d expect they’ll let him keep doing what he’s been doing for the last 3 years.

  • SinHalo27

    Sandy/FO trying a little too hard to outsmart the system by catching lightning in a bottle on EVERY signing. Marlon Byrd killed it last year, Dickey won a Cy Young…. a little over-confidence on the heels of Byrd may have played into this signing. They honestly could not have thought that the signing of CY signals “we’re back in business!” We all knew CY is by no stretch a difference maker or someone to get excited about. It wouldn’t have been the worst thing to go with EY/Lagares/Grandy… lest we forget Brown, Campbell, Kirk, MDD, Puello are still in the organization.

  • Metjorge

    I don’t know what it is, but CY is not the only one that can’t seem to be able to hit a fastball (right down the middle). David W, Curtis G, Travis D. I have seem them either swing and miss or just take them so many times lately that it is just frustrating.

  • Frank Francisco

    They’ll probably limp him along until at least the all star break, if not longer.

  • Frank Francisco

    Nice, all very good questions that all of us want the answer to. I personally wouldn’t ask the second one because he’d probably come up with a generic meaningless response like “We aren’t driving in runs and hitting our pitches” or something.

  • LastSaneMetsFan

    Tired of Young give us Sooooouuuuuuuppppppp.

  • Mike

    Two yr extension after old one ran out hardly screams “love” to me. It’s basically a one yr deal in mlb terms which means he’s on a short leash. You can tell by his decisions def playing to win at all cost at least in his little mind

  • SD(BK)Mike

    in a way he’s right. CY can totally change a game with a double play in a key run producing spot

  • Wow I honestly thought Oakland had a slightly bigger field but I see you’re correct. CY as a pull hitter (power wise), should be able to Jack balls over the 358 in Citi but in order for that to happen he’d need to make some good contact. The signing was a head scratcher from the jump but now that we are stuck with him I do certainly hope he finds it. Or TC finally benches him and we as fans can move on. That won’t happen anytime soon though. Hell Maybe it shouldn’t! If he goes on a tear I will be happy with that but Idk if he has it in him. Spring Training he was great but then you look at his career #’s in spring and he always is. Ugh sorry for the book

  • Metjorge

    As an owner with dignity, I’d give Sandy and TC a deadline (mid June?) to turn this around. I can’t see this team going through loosing streaks like these for much longer.
    The players on this team are clearly in need of a new philosophy in the dugout from the coaches and manager, and a much better approach in Free Agency from its GM.
    Sandy is not going to release CY (forget about it), Terry will keep screwing around with the lineup every single day as well. So the only way that positive change can be brought to this club is if ownership mans up and brings in a new GM that can care less about who Sandy has signed.
    Not hurt feelings with Sandy and TC. they are good people. They tried, they are failing, and I am not seeing much encouraging signs that this team will be taken seriously with the current staff in 2015.

  • LastSaneMetsFan

    Once every ten starts might be being a tad generous once a month feels about right.

  • goorru

    I wonder when Alderson promised playing time did Chris Young promise not to be awful.

  • upandadam

    We all knew CY was a gamble, and it’s not like we’re paying him a ton of money so if he continues to struggle, bench his @ss! Honestly, Andrew Brown could probably perform better out there and provide some pop to this lineup but I’d gladly take Den Dekker or Neuwenhuis over CY at this point.

  • Metjorge

    Good point. They have been experts at putting clauses in contracts that has allowed them to get rid or not pay players by certain dates. How can they have missed putting an “if you suck” clause in CY’s contract?

  • LastSaneMetsFan

    Right players but I’d go

  • upandadam

    No one used the word “savior” but you’re nuts if you think CY is a more productive hitter right now than campbell.

  • Metjorge

    I agree. $7M should not be a lot of money, and should not prevent them from releasing a player in the benefit of developing talented prospects. But for this organization, justifying every single penny spent has been the #1 priority for the last few years.

  • I’m sure there is one, but Sandy would not say what the cutoff date for performance was. It’s probably the All Star break, but that’s just my guess.

  • upandadam

    Sadly, that is 100% true.

  • Metjorge

    Let’s hope so.

  • Suffering Mets Fan

    72 – 90 here we come! another great year for our Mets!

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Lol….I HATE ALDERSON but lets be realistic and fair. There is no way Nelson Cruz was signing with the Mets for anything close to 7-8mil, and thats a fact. If the Mets were to add Cruz in the offseason it wouldve been a deal close to or exceeding the deal Granderson received. And you guys would be complaining about how we paid an aging PED abuser who cant play defense that much money.

    As far as benching C.Young goes youd have to have a BETTER player on the team and you dont have that in EYjr. Throwing out “1st INNING STATS” as a reason why is a HILARIOUS concept….its reaching at BEST! Maybe we can make EYjr start then after the 1st inning substitute him for someone else lol, You can find a stat to make ANY player seem good.

    And Soup isnt the answer in LF either nor is he the answer at 1B. Mets fans get gaga over guys when they 1st come up and get a few hits then want to crown them king. They did this with Josh Satin in 2013, fast-forward to this year 2014 they were screaming for Satin to be DEMOTED! They will do the same to Soup in due time its a Mets fan disease. A player doesnt get a hit a couple games he is a bum, a player gets on a hot streak he is the greatest player of all time.

    Facts remain you DONT bench a guy you just payed 7MILLION dollars[to start] after just 100 AT BATS!

    Perspective C.Young OPS and OPS+ is STILL HIGHER than Eric Young Jr. and d’Arnaud who many of you say NEEDS to get more at bats because its still EARLY!!!

    Do you see how inconsistent you guys are??? TDA and David Wright need more time before you press the panic button, but NOT Granderson or Chris Young Jr. We should press the panic button on those 2???

    WHY IS THAT???

  • Suffering Mets Fan

    Sandy was misquoted, our goal is 90 losses and we are right on track! why else would you promise playing to to CY, bring back Terry and make half of the decisions that have been made?

  • goorru

    Andrew Brown is better than Chris Young. C. Young is looking like the same player he was last year It should be no surprise to anyone how bad he is.

  • Maxxy

    Anyone that thinks SA will admit that CY was a huge mistake hasn’t been watching the way Alderson works. Sure, he’ll pick up trash heap free agents and cut ’em if they don’t produce. But, admitting that a big investment (by this organizations pathetic standards) was a waste isn’t something he’ll do. They’ll run this guy out there day after day, with an occasional day off (to “freshen him up”) until the cows come home. You only had to list to TC’s pathetic rationale for having him in the four hole last night to understand what’s happening.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Andrew Brown was demoted for a reason.185/.233/.333/.567/59ops+

  • Xavier 22

    Colon and Young were head-scratching signings from the beginning. They could have invested that money in re-signing LaTroy Hawkins (who wanted to return), for example and maybe upping their offer on Peralta or biting the bullet and signing Drew for 2 years/24M.

    Frankly, Colon was an unnecessary signing given Dice K, along with their apparent willingness to bring both deGrom and Montero up before June. If they needed additional pitching insurance, they could have re-signed Harang for another year.

    In addition, if you are going to dismiss someone like Abreu as an eventual DH, then the same standard must apply to someone like Granderson. He’s not going to get any better with age.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    I highly doubt C.Young has a cut off date in his contract. He had other suitors so he didnt need to sign such a deal.

    But more important those deals that had cut off dates were minor league deals not major league deal like the one CY received.

  • Joey D.

    Hi Avery,

    If Sandy believed that CY’s problems last season came from being platooned, that might be more indicative of how a metric-oriented individuals can twist stats around to come to certain conclusions.

    CY has always been awful against right handed pitching. 72 percent of the time he bats against right handed pitching bringing to the plate his lifetime .225 batting average, which the last three years has been .222, .210 and .193 (with this season it being upped to .222 once again).

    It was also noted that his power was enhanced by the ballpark in Arizona for his road totals were way much lower. This cannot be seen as something experienced by all Arizona hitters because if one takes a look, the drop in home run home/road ratios for other d’Back players was not nearly as steep as it was for CY.

    More important, there were flaws in his mechanics which I had posted in links I am unable to come up with for the moment but those who know me know I do not make these type of things up about postings. The reports were that Young had not reached his potential, that his power was on inside pitches pulled down the line and pitchers realized this and recognized he could be badly fooled by pitches on the outside, that he was one who was not open to changing his mechanics (Rod Carew didn’t seem to help?), that he appeared going downhill for quite sometime and that he would fit in as a fourth outfielder for a contending club.

    Unfortunately, as mentioned at the beginning, one can create stats to either create, justify or just fool one’s self into believing anything one wants to. Am sure Sandy used the explanations below rather than the conventional wisdom just paraphrased above to come to his assessment. And we are seeing the results of what happens when one gets nervous from “gut reactions”.


  • LOL I wish we had all the comments you left that went like this. SANDY SUCKS! WHY DOES HE STILL KEEP BAY ON THIS ROSTER!!!!

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Lol…..Me too.

    It would show I gave up on Bay in the 3rd year of the deal NOT after his 1st 100 at bats 😉

  • At some point you’re gonna have to admit defeat on CY my friend. Yes I know it’s hard to do, but it’s like picking off a scab, do it fast. 🙂

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    To make such a claim you’d have to bring out hard evidence which I know for a fact you CANT obtain which is why your comment is naked of the truth.

    Andrew Browns Career stats:

    Now that is what you call SUCKING!

  • RyanF55

    I’m certainly not surprised.

  • mr1313

    I rather see Campbell in LF when Duda is playing than EY or CY and bat him. cleanup. To the lengthen the lineup Flores also may be able to bat in the 2 hole.

    Lagares CF
    Murphy 2b
    Wright 3B
    Campbell LF/1B
    Granderson RF
    Duda 1B/Bench
    Flores SS
    D’arnaud C

  • Not4

    At some point, CY has to hit or be benched. Just don’t think 26 starts is enough time to make that decision. His potential for power and how he looked swinging the bat before they foolishly let him turn a small quad tweak into a bigger issue argue for it. I’d say get to judge him after around 50 total starts – so another 24 starts give or take – which if he plays most every day, as he should to give him every chance to get out of this funk and see if he can be productive, will take us to late June. If is hitting, great. If not, then time to move on for now with your next best option.

    And, BTW, that option should not be EY, who is hitting every bit as poorly as CY, plays worse defense and is simply not an everyday player.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Lol….If he doesnt come around I will admit Im wrong but you gotta admit Im CONSISTENT and not a flip flopper.

    Time is still on my side

  • goorru

    Andrew brown 2013 .688 OPS 94 OPS+

    Chris Young 2013 .659 OPS 86 OPS+

  • RyanF55

    Evans, Satin, Cowgill, Kirk….these guys all come up and hit and then come back down to Earth. I’m not wiling to crown Campbell as an option, but honestly, he does deserve time in LF until he proves otherwise. The Young brothers have been putrid playing there, why not get Campbell some looks. He at least provides professional ABs

  • ray sadecki

    Why is it that the CY has an at bats guarantee is taken as gospel here? One poster speculated on it here and it has taken a life of its own. Everybody loved the signing when CY tore it up in spring training, HOW WAS BYRD DOING LAST YEAR WHEN HE HAD 100 AT BATS?

  • TPT

    CY has had 3610 major league at bats …….TDA NEEDS MORE THAN 100 A BATS because for all intent and purposes these are his first 100 a bats being hes still a rookie and a rookie whos been batting ahead the great Tejada and our 1-76 pitchers ,,,SEE HOW INCONSISTENT WE’RE NOT? sorry but theres a huge difference in comparing TDA to CY

  • BBLB, where you at?? Hate to say I told you so, but CY $7.25MM was a terrible signing.

  • Mike B

    Agree entirely on CY. The Cruz comparison a bit unfair,however, on two points. First, he turned down $14 million, then signed for $7 million, and he wanted to play in a bandbox(Camden Yards) to increase his value. No one thought he’d accept $7 million. Nonetheless, most here were puzzled by the CY signing, as I was, and thought Lagares showed potential greatness, despite a weakness last year for chasing sliders low and away. But I saw his slippage in hitting in September as possibly related to both Byrd and Wright out of the lineup.

    In any case, CY is 1-16 and 6-49. Time to cut bait. Put EY, Campbell and bring up
    denDekker, for LF. And his batting 4th is inexplicable. Bat him 7th or 8th if he must play. IMO, this team is not out of it. Uggla is now sitting on the Braves, playing once per week, and he’s making $12 million. Time to sit CY, or better yet, cut him. He’s costing us ball games. I’d play Abreu before him.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Andrew brown 2014 .567 OPS 59 OPS+

    Chris Young 2014 .646 OPS 83 OPS+

    LOL….I WIN

    next I’ll give you both players CAREER OPS and OPS+ then youll really look bad 😉

  • goorru

    Andrew Brown had 30 PA’s in 2014

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    30 TOO MANY!

  • JoMama

    you are nuts. quit drinking the Sandy/Terry Kool-Aid

  • Peter

    At the same time the Yankees need to pull the plug on the Jacoby Ellsbury experiment, I mean he is in a 5 for 49 slump. 173 mill? Are you kidding me? Mets shoukd have snagged him right up.

  • Not4

    While playing Campbell more this year has its merit (like playing Satin did last year), like Satin, I don’t think its realistic to believe that Campbell will be anything more than a platoon player over the course of his career. Counting on a 27 year old rookie to become a productive everyday MLB player seems a bit of a stretch for a player who never really distinguished himself in MiLB other 46 games in A+ in 2010 and last year (and for 33 games this year) in Vegas.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like him and think he has more potential to be a good bat off the bench for perhaps several years. And if he is hot, I’d like to see him get more playing time to see if he can be one who truly bucks the odds. But his likeliest ceiling is that of a bench and maybe platoon player.

    My point is (1) no way you pencil Campbell in as the cleanup hitter, and (2) don’t forget how good Satin looked last year and how poorly he looked this year. That, unfortunately, is a far likelier result that Campbell being a cleanup hitter.

  • goorru

    If bring up career stats for CY for what he did 2,3 or 4 years ago. He obviously not that player anymore. I would rather have Brown.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown


    Well you just explained why when you said…..

    “Evans, Satin, Cowgill, Kirk….these guys all come up and hit and then come back down to Earth.”

    Chris Young is a proven player we know what he can give us over a full season


    It has only been 100 at bats and you guys want to pull the rip cord. CY is a very streaky hitter.

  • metsaholic

    Yes, it would be reasonable to not give up on Jason Bay, since he’d just come off a year in which hit 36 HRs and 119 RBI’s. He had a real track record of 30+ HR power.

    Chris Young however, was coming off a year (s) of just passable and being a platoon player. He was expected to hit the ground running. It’s a one year 7.5 Million Dollar contract! All that says to me is – get out there and produce if you ever want to see that kind of money ever again, much less have a career going forward. Young may find lighting in a bottle in the second half of the season, but this Met team can’t continue to have guys like Bay’s and Davis’s half seasons or more of doing nothing. We can’t keep living on expectations. It’s time to face reality. It was a bad signing. It made no sense from jump. He’s got to go!

  • Peter

    Nelly Cruz plays in a band box with a loaded line up and also most if his at bats come at DH. Sorry but if you think those numbers are not cut in half if he signed with the Mets then you really are in fantasy land.

  • RyanF55

    Let’s just tell it like it is. This is an incomplete team with holes all over the place. We have a 15 million dollar a year RF that averages 2 strikeouts a game. We have young kids all over the field overextended and asked to produce more than what they’re capable of doing. We have a black hole in LF. We have a 10 million dollar ace that has pitched like a 5th. We’ve gotten zero production out of the SS position until the team finally gave into giving Flores a look. Our All-Star 3rd baseman has been playing like a marginal player. This team is just lousy in the here and now. The future may indeed look very bright – Harvey, Syndergaard, Montero, Mejia, DeGRom, Wheeler, Puello, Smith, Nimmo, Cecchini, Rosario, Dykstra etc. Right now though, it’s just not well-constructed. The division is ripe for the taking, but when it comes down to it, I just don’t think we have the horses. We’re just not there yet.

  • Peter

    Chris young is on a one year deal, relax. There is a reason it’s a one year deal, the longer term answer will come through trade most likely.

  • mr1313

    I can agree but at the moment he is hitting the ball hard and I rather give him a good run in the lineup to see if we have anything in him. We know what EY is at best a .250 hitter with a .320 obp and CY is gone after this year so unless he starts tearing the cover off the ball and adds trade value before the break he is not in our future plans. I would go with Campbell now give him the AB’s he’s earned until he proves me otherwise.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown


    These are NOT d’Arnauds first 100 at bats. He had 100 at bats last year in 2013. And produce a slash line that was terrible but sadly better than what he has done so far this year.

    Who is CY batting in front of that is so GREAT???

    Duda, Tejada and TDA???

    Their is no difference in comparing at bats given and expecting production or improvement.

    And sadly I still see inconsistencies

  • goorru

    Yeah, Alderson has shown his AMAZING sense to trade for major league talent ala Andres Torres..

  • Not4

    Well reasoned, thought out response. Thanks for your input.

    Oh, BTW, in 26 starts (ignoring the first game of the year when he never got an AB) and 114 total PAs, CY has 7 doubles, 3 HR and 11 RBI. while sporting a measly .646 OPS (which is down over 100 bps over his last 5 starts from .750, which is not bad.

    EY, on the other hand, in 34 starts and 164 total PAs, has 5 doubles, 2 triples and 1 HR, along with 7 RBI and a .616 OPS. Oh, and EY’s OPS has not even approached .700 at any point this year, whereas CY’s was just a tick under .800 at its peak this year.

  • TPT

    the only success CY has ever seen was when he played in Arizona in a stadium that we know is a hitters paradise domed and all..and even with his 5 yrs of showing power in a sand box known as a stadium he also gave the Dbacks ..141 ks 161 Ks 133 Ks 145 Ks and 139 Ks hes exactly what this team DOESNT need..and its only because this inept Organization couldnt see what everyday Met fan could see during the winter LAGARES has talent and on the verge of being a star that this brainless GM signed CY thus giving us not 2 but 3 center fielders…

  • RyanF55

    100 ABs isn’t exactly warming up. He’s played about 1/5 of the season. I’m not arguing with you…he’d probably end up with around 18-20 HR and 50-60 RBI. I disagree with 80 RBI…he’s only drove in over 80 twice in 6 full years of playing. I think he’ll be closer to 60 RBI. Regardless, I prefer to play the hot hand. Like you said, Young is streaky. He’s not streaking right now, Campbell is. Play the hot hand until it fizzles, then hopefully Young catches fire then. Just my take.

  • Mike Lloyd

    Yeah the reason for the 1 year deal is he sux.

  • Joey D.

    HI Peter Goorru,
    For a “rebuilding” plan which seems to be in constant flux, there have been plenty of back to back to back off-season signings of one year deals which could have been replaced by a few two or three year acquisitions for better players that could have made the club more competitive during this time frame.
    But that type of bigger commitment to the team means a lack of lower commitment to the reduced payroll and we know which of the two in the long term leads to success.

  • mr. belvedere

    No way EY should be playing over CY…CY is in a slump now, he’ll come out of it…he’s not a great player but is a fantastic LF (not CF) and while he gives you nothing as far as batting average, he will hit 18-22 HR’s this year, play great defense in LF, and be a great baserunner…and hopefully be hot in July so we can trade him ala Marlon Byrd…this madness of keeping EVERY bench player “fresh” has to stop, let bench players be bench players…CY, TDA, Flores, Lagares should play everyday with EY, Tejada, Recker playing occasionally and Campbell should be straight platooning with Duda, enough of this merry go round


    I just don’t think Duda should be hitting that high- and I don’t like the 3 righties in a row the other lineup is lefty righty all throughout with more capable hitters before DW and Murph.

  • Not4

    Put in EY? Hmm. Interesting idea. Let’s compare CY and EY:

    Oh, BTW, in 26 starts (ignoring the first game of the year when he never got an AB) and 114 total PAs, CY has 7 doubles, 3 HR and 11 RBI. while sporting a measly .646 OPS (which is down over 100 bps over his last 5 starts from .750, which is not bad).

    EY, on the other hand, in 34 starts and 164 total PAs, has 5 doubles, 2 triples and 1 HR, along with 7 RBI and a .616 OPS. Oh, and EY’s OPS has not even approached .700 at any point this year, whereas CY’s was just a tick under .800 at its peak this year.

    Bottom line is CY has not been good, but EY has been even worse and is an inferior fielder to CY. CY is not the LT answer, but I’d argue that you should give the guy another month or so to really get that answer. 26 starts is premature, IMO, to judge him fully.

  • Bobby O

    Does anyone on this thread know or recall if some other team in MLB was rumored to be interested in bringing this guy in when he was still a FA? I don’t get Sandy promising this guy a certain amount of playing time if there was no real competition for his services. Another mistake by Sandy- just doubting too much Juan’s bat for this season. To be fair here, of course it made sense to try to bring in some sort of credible fallback option for both EYJR in LF and Juan for CF for this season. But not at the cost of 7.25MM along with promised playing time along with basically just a shot in the dark on a turnaround situation. Obviously, there’s a tremendous difference between taking a shot in the dark at a turnaround situation for approx. 1MM or even less in this case along with no promised playing time- The Byrd Man – last season and this situation.

  • TPT

    SORRY but you forgot to read the part “for all intent and purposes” …and according to MLB rules he(TDA) still qualifies as a rookie and technically ok CY only has 3400 more ML a bats than TDA feel better lol? and hello??? its not whos batting in front its whos batting behind you and what kind of pitches will you see Leroy wow come on man

  • CyYout

    Soup is hitting like .440, he’s more productive than everybody right now. I’m just not ready to hand a starting job to someone after 7 games in the majors. And peripherals indicate CY’s numbers should be better than they are and are improving.

  • goorru

    The Astros were looking at him seriously but at $3-4 million.

  • metsaholic

    I couldn’t find the stat line at 100 at bats for Byrd for last year. But the Bryd was kicking it at this point last year. He was the best all around outfielder the Mets had.



  • Bobby O

    TY goorru

  • Not4

    There is definitely something to be said for riding the hot hand, even if that “hot” has been accumulated over a whopping 18 plate appearances and 7 games, 3 of which were starts. Not only do I hope that Campbell will be productive right now, but I actually believe he can have a fairly productive year for the Mets. Just not sure it will be true if he is playing every day.

    I lean towards still giving CY another month or so (which would give him about 50 total starts) and judge him on where he is at that point. If not producing, bench him and ride whoever is hot (like Campbell). I don’t mean to be so dismissive of Campbell’s ability to become an everyday player and a good one at that, but his minor league track record and history suggests that it is unrealistic to believe he will amount to much more than Satin.

  • TPT

    his success came in the easiest park in baseball to hit in ARIZONA and he also gave them 5 straight yrs of 135ks or more so sorry i dont see it p.s. Leroy i love my Mets i dont want to see him fail ok?

  • metsaholic

    LOL! Neither CY or EY are starting players. They are 4th outfielders or platoon players as have been their past. These are facts! He was not a better player than Byrd. He is not a better player than the options the Mets have in AAA. CY is not a clean up hitter! He is not going to hit 18-22 HR’s this year. Hope? Sure. But better pray as well that anyone will take the rest of his overpaid salary by July.

  • TPT

    he also gave the Dbacks 5 straight years of 135ks or more while hitting HRS in the easiest place in baseball to do so ..and for 2.5 million maybe you add a 3rd centerfielder who strikeouts at a alarming rate (JUST WHAT THIS TEAM NEEDS RIGHT?)for some pop but not for 7.5 million thats crazy

  • TPT

    haha the fact it was the Astros is all you need to know about the Mets

  • mr. belvedere

    it’s not like I’m raving about the signing, I’m just comparing him to EY (the other option)…CY is a much better player all around player than EY and should be playing the majority of time

  • TPT


  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    What you fail to grasp is CY wasnt signed to replace Lagares.

    Which is why when Alderson signed CY he specifically said the only thing he would guarantee CY was everyday playing time and the CHANCE to COMPETE for the CF position……DID YOU FORGET THAT??? EXACTLY

    So CY was signed to replace EYjr those are the players that should be debated.

    Now as far as the K’s go did you know since 2010 David Wrights and CY are pretty close in that category???

    David Wright= 20.0/SO%

    Chris Young = 22.0/SO%

    And the whole stadium argument is foolish…You guys made this same argument when you said J.Upton wouldnt hit homers away from AZ…Guess what?He hasnt missed a beat actually his HR totals seem to have increased.

    Not to mention weve seen the Homerun shots of CY this year and it is NO DOub/t he is capable of hitting 20+ in Citi with no problem. He has hit no doubters with the wind blowing in so cut it out. my friend

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    I never said he wasnt still a rookie. I just corrected your error.

  • Mikey

    LOL This is very telling if you ask me….

    Sandy believed that Young’s struggles were attributed to being platooned while in Oakland where he batted .200/.280/.379…….

    Perhaps he should have looked at Young’s career righthanded splits, then he would have seen why Billy Beane eventually placed him in a platoon role.

    And yet everyone credits Sandy with Oaklands success not Beane!
    Pretty apparent to me who the brains of that operations was!

    As to the article I fully support benching CYoung and going with EYJ Lagares and Grandy (who seems to be coming out of it recently) as the everyday lineup.

    I don’t care what EYJ’s BA or OBP is when I see he is tied for the lead in Team RS with Murphy who plays every damn day and is our BEST hitter so far this year!

  • willywater88

    I understand the sentiment here but bringing up Nelson Cruz is unfair. If he was available for 1 year/$8 mil when CY signed, all 30 teams would have been over him. His asking price was probably at Jason Bay’s level at the time of CY’s signing.

    I’m willing to cut CY some slack for now. His average would be closer to .250 if it wasn’t for a paltry .237 babip and if my memory serves correct, he has placed half a dozen balls into various parts of the warning track.

    I suggested this multiple times and I will say it again. CY CG and Juan should get 5 out of 6 starts each. EYJ gets the rest of the playing time. That is plenty enough for everyone.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Thats the thing with streaky hitters they need playing time to get their wacks in.

    Its not a thing you can turn on and off. Which is why CY made the deal he did with Alderson in order to be guaranteed consistent playing time.

    FYI I dont disagree with playing the hot hand but I want to see CY,, Grandy and Lagares out there for a long stretch without Collins jerking them around in favor of EYJ(whos been a pest) and Abreu

  • BadBadLeroyBrown


    FYI REPLAY CYs HOMERS IN CITI FIELD they were no doubters….his power plays here

  • MLBGM Fire TC

    is it really that hard to see that lagares should play? hes currently the best defensive AND offensive OF. Grandy has to play and both youngs should split LF. If TC cant figure that out himself….than what is his job?

  • B-Met Fan

    Lagares should be playing almost every day, rested occasionally based on the need for a breather or a rare pitching/hitting match-up concern. A semi platoon should be employed to play the other three outfielders with Granderson getting the most playing time, but sometimes replaced against certain left-handed pitchers. If this is handled right and communicated well with the outfielders involved, I think our 4 outfielder problem can be an asset rather than an issue. An, if you haven’t noticed, Cesar Puello is finally starting to heat up in Las Vegas. IN hjis last 10 games Puello has hit .344 with a homer and double. This is almost the exact time of the year, Puello went on a tear last season in Binghamton.

  • Peter

    At the same time the Yankees need to pull the plug on the Jacoby Ellsbury experiment, I mean he is in a 5 for 49 slump. 173 mill? Are you kidding me? Mets shoukd have snagged him right up. Brlliant!!

  • goorru

    Jacoby Ellsbury was an all star type season last year and in a 49 AB slump, Chris Young is in a 2+ year “slump”, ergo It’s not a slump anymore.

  • Peter

    Being more competitive would be nice, but the ultimate goal is to win a world series, and the organization as added assets in terms of prospects to acquire the pieces necessary to put the team in contention. They spent in the off season even if that was just to get where they where last year. with 40 mill going down the drain in 2016 and 17 the payroll probably wont go over or just be around 100 mill. Fortunately teams win with that payroll. What he does from here on out as far as adding the talent via trade to get them to contention i will judge him by, every or most moves up till now have been stop gap moves.

  • Arjun Vidudala

    If young is not producing, campbell would be an interesting option there…

  • Brian P. Mangan

    100% right. He’s hitting the ball hard and far- his luck will turn eventually.
    He’s actaually 81st in fly ball distance right next to Ryan Howard/Matt Holliday: http://thereadzone.com/2014/05/21/the-mets-chris-young-is-turning-it-around/

  • Yawn. These line-up articles are really starting to wear thin, as the analysis is really short-sighted. What the Mets really need to have happen is to get Young going before the break so they can trade him and unload his salary to a team looking for some pop off the bench.

  • Andrew Herbst

    We were never going to sign Cruz. I’m wondering if we could give Soup some time in LF.

  • Xavier 22

    You had me until you advocated for the NL to adopt the DH.

  • TPT

    ask any Met fan on here and they will inform you we are in need of HITTERS not a guy whos strikeouts hits for a low avg and gives you a occasional 425 ft home run

  • TPT

    oh ok sorry my bad TDA has 200 a bats then 99 last year and 101 this year but still 3400 less than CY

  • Arjun Vidudala

    unlike duda, campbell seems versatile enough to pull it off

  • billpulsipher

    the mets suck. theres your analysis

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    LMAO…So I debunk your argument and you changeyour course of argument.

    Well ok….Name a BETTER OPTION
    EY is worst
    Abreu is worst
    Brown is terrible
    Campbell is a AAAA player whos off to a hot start similar to Satin last year.

    You remember Satin the guy who Mets fans were giddy about as they are soup now…but after a while he was exposed and fans wanted him demoted.

    There has to be a better option in order to replace someone

  • If the choice is between EYJr and C. Young right now I think some patience has to be allowed to see if C. Young can get it going.

    Quoting what Young did in the past vs righties and in Arizona is one thing but determining why he did how he did and could he do elsewhere what he did in Arizona? That is what scouting and player analysis is about. The Mets signing of C. Young was looking beyond the stats at not just what he did but also why and could it be corrected which considering how fans at times have railed against the idea of the Mets relying too heavily on stats are doing just that by quoting Young’s stats too make the case against him.

    It’s frustrating to watch Young go out and play like he did last night and the easy thing is to say let’s pull the plug on Young but the easy thing is not always the best solution if the solution is to play EYJr every day in my opinion.

    There is no guarantee Young will be any better than he is right now but if you go around baseball over the years and pulled the plug on players after about 100 or so at bats in their 1st year with a new team you’d be fielding quite a good club I would guess.

  • mr1313

    Now you sound like TC. We need to get the entire team going. It would be nice if we could get something for him but unfortunately you have to pull the plug at some point with the CY experiment (it was an expensive mistake).

  • mr1313

    I agree because he would have more trade value but when do you pull the plug on the CY thing?

  • I’m not even trying to look at it as far as future trade value but just the upside he can provide the team if he can get it going vs that of EYjr. I can’t answer the when except to say I don’t believe right now is it.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown


    Give this man an award

  • Let’s see, 30 games and 100 ABs. You’re absolutely right, my mistake.

  • Joey D.

    Hi Peter,

    Wrong wording on my part. Meant to imply being a “competitor” and not just “competitive” for as we saw in 2011 and 2012 that despite those one year rejects, over the hill players and reclamation projects that provided us with no additional depth whatsoever, those who were holdovers from prior years were keeping us in playoff races both those seasons into July despite those handicaps.

    One could only wonder what might have transpired if the ownership and front office cared about baseball as much as they did business.

  • MetsMaastricht

    You say the front office has no trust in Lagares. This is absolutely true. Yesterday I went to the Mets online shop to purchase a t-shirt with Juan Lagares’ name and number. They had almost every player on the 25 man roster, with the exception of Lagares. You could even buy a Bobby Abreu shirt! I mean seriously, the guy is only putting together what is looking to be a stellar season (if not All-Star, knock on wood), and you won’t sell a shirt with his name on it. The Wilpons have got to the be worst owners in all of sports (and not just North American sports).

  • It’s probably because they plan to trade Lagares for some other teams scrub project player and a bag of balls.

  • When we signed CY I was all over saying it was a bad signing and that it was a huge waste of resources and money. $7plus million on a guy that each of the last four years his numbers have been falling rapidly. Yet once again like almost every other signing Sandy has made, he has been a huge failure. I feel bad for CY because he seems like a genuine person and a good guy. Thing is we need to win some ballgames but, this FO and organization really doesn’t seem interested in winning games as much as proving their system, ideas and program doesn’t work or the opposite, that they can force it and make it work. It doesn’t players are not robots, they all cant have the same swing, ability or approach at the plate. This team is terrible at developing players at any level. They also punish players for doing well.

    So tired of this BS, I love my Mets but, I refuse to attend games. I am also glad I deleted that horrible email letter this moronic organization sent out to beg for fan loyalty. Hey, show the fans some loyalty and put the best team you can on the field. That means Lagares left to start in center, EY on the bench and Flores starts at short stop for the rest of the season so we know what we have. Dump Colon on another team, eat some of the salary and then Let Montero, Degrom, Gee, Niese & Wheeler go for it. Also FIre Terry Collins & Dan Warthen. Bring up Wally, Make viola our pitching coach and get rid of our batting coach. BEG BEG BEG RICK Petersen to come back to be our organizational pitching guru or Leo Mazzone. Thing is, the way this organization is being run right now is an affront to the fans and to the great city of New York. Selig needs to retire, the Wilpons need to sell this team and the NY Mets need to move forward with new ownership. Which will not happen unless the Wilpons and Sterling investments are promised their little Willets point land grab and development deal. Make the deal, bring in Mark Cuban or someone who wants to win.

  • DrDooby

    Colon has gone 7+ innings in over half his starts so far in 2014 – way more often than any other Mets SP. With Matt Harvey on the shelf and a mix of fragile arms on one hand and young arms on the other hand, the Mets absolutely had to sign a veteran SP rotation stabilizer. The reasonable choices came down to Colon, Bronson Arroyo, Scott Feldman, Jason Vargas and Ricky Nolasco. With Ubaldo Jimenez, Matt Garza and Erwin Santana too expensive and / or attached to draft pick compensation.The Mets went with Colon – and that remains a very reasonable signing.

    And while I preferred Choo, Granderson also was a reasonable signing, considering the high likelihood of Choo’s 7-year deal eventually turning into a gigantic albatross 4 years down the road…

    The Chris Young signing made sense in theory. But the old stock market phrase “don’t try to catch the falling knife” could be true with him….

  • Andrew Herbst

    Yep. He does seem to have some speed unlike Duda.

  • Hitmanᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ✔

    We’re a few weeks away from the Chris Young experiment coming to an end & the Puello project commencing. As far as value goes, the best thing you’ll get from Young, no matter how “hot” he gets, is probably an arm for the bullpen. Nothing really worth keeping him on any further.

  • HarveyKsYou

    He’s terrible. End of story.

  • Connor O’Brien

    He actually was consistent until last year. The dropoff that you speak of never happened.

  • Connor O’Brien

    It’s also May 22. Let’s play some more baseball before we jump to conclusions. Everyone goes through slumps. CY’s just looks bad because he typically has a low batting average regardless.

  • Connor O’Brien

    And CY missed some time with injury too. He’s gotten even less time than CG, TDA, and David Wright.

  • Connor O’Brien

    His slumps look bad because he typically bats .230-.250. When a player like that slumps, his BA is going to be dreadful, but you can’t jump to conclusions.

  • He’s a flawed player who’s been bad for a while. Bad signing, especially in light of our limited dollars.

  • Connor O’Brien

    He was bad for one year.

    And for how good he is, that salary is a bargain. 1 win above replacement is going for $6-7 million on the free agent market these days. Young can give you 3-4.

  • willywater88

    Wow a few things.

    1. Is this your site? Great name if it is and very well written articles with unique content!
    2. Great points on CY being unlucky. 80th in fly ball distance means you are only about 3rd place on an average team in a league with 30 teams. Meaning he has enough power to be a #5 hitter on an average team.

  • Avery Decker

    The Mets have plenty of warning track power.

  • Consistently in decline..

  • He’s been bad for a while now, has had two good season, last one was 2010, and even if one were to buy the win above replacement numbers, 7.25MM on a below replacement player is atrocious on any team, and even more terrible on a team with a below market payroll and budget. If you have to spend 7.25MM to get Chris Young in hopes that he’s one win above replacement…why not just send out EYj out there and platoon him with Campbell, heck Niewuwenhuis, den Dekker, Brown, all would give you that precious ONE win above replacement for less than Chris’ robbery ($7.25MM). Furthermore, that freed up money could actually be used to bring on some better talent at another area of weaknesses…thus giving even more value than the ONE win above replacement we hope CY $7.25MM could reach.

  • Connor O’Brien

    Games played
    2011: 101

    Average his numbers from that seasons out to 150 games and he’s more or less the same as the rest of his career. Average to slightly above average hitter with pop, speed, and a good glove.

  • Connor O’Brien

    Chris Young, if given a full year will give you at least 2-3 wins above replacement. He is by no means below replacement level.

  • Connor O’Brien

    Not really

  • Average his numbers to play 150?? Sorry it doesn’t work like that. Average any good pinch hitter to play 150 games, and voila, a good (2-3 wins??) player. You cannot just GIVE a guy 39 more games when he didn’t play them, his body doesn’t hold up for them, and you’re betting he maintains statistics and playing level. Heck, since we’re just giving guys games and production then yes…he’s a 2-3 wins player if he can play 150 games in 2012 (in 2011 he was a good player that played a whole season, in 2012 he wasn’t). Oh and since we’re making up games let’s say he improves and is a 4 win player in 2012. Yeah…still doesn’t make sense or work in reality. And now back in 2014, he’s the worse of our OFers; that matters as well.

  • Chris Young has not earned the right to play everyday her win 2014. I never saw the need to waste our precious few resources on a guy who hasn’t been good for three seasons, and he’s done nothing to disprove the fact that he’s no longer an everyday player…and yes, not even on our sorry Mets.

  • Connor O’Brien

    And you can’t expect the same numbers from someone who doesn’t get hurt. I’m not giving him 39 extra games, I’m simply showing you that he still played at a high level when healthy.

    Yes, he was terrible last year, but that was an anomaly in an otherwise consistent career. He has consistently played at a high level from 2012 to his rookie year in 2006, with really only one truly bad year (2009) in between.

  • Connor O’Brien

    “Hasn’t been good for three seasons”

    2012 is two years ago, not three.

  • This high level you speak of is long gone. He has had two high level years, last of which was 2011 followed by the one in 2010. Before and after those two seasons have not been high level. I know we’re Mets fans and don’t see high level everyday, but outside of those two years, Young has been mediocre at best.

  • He wasn’t good in 2012. He was decent for a good chunk of the season, but good is playing more 101 games at a high level. Therefore, I’ll stand firm to my 2011 reference.

  • Brian P. Mangan

    Thanks for the comment! And yeah, that’s my site 🙂 Been writing there for a while but have been really only having people see/read it recently. Keep checking back.

  • Connor O’Brien

    Being injured doesn’t mean you didn’t play well when healthy.

  • We have different versions of playing well, and that’s ok. I just hope we can hope agree he’s been bad this year.

  • Connor O’Brien

    Yes, he’s certainly slumping right now.