MMO Game Recap: Phillies 3, Mets 2

jenrry mejia

The Mets lost their fourth straight game as the Phillies beat them 3-2 in extra-innings on Friday night at Citi Field.

Jenrry Mejia started and allowed two earned runs on six hits and three walks while striking out four. The young righty labored from the start and a Domonic Brown RBI single in the fifth would send him to the showers after 4.2 innings. He matched his career-high 101 pitches tonight and it’s pretty clear where this is heading. I’d be shocked if Mejia isn’t moved to the bullpen by next week.

Daisuke Matsuzaka, Scott Rice, Kyle Farnsworth and Jose Valverde combined for 4.1 shutout innings, allowing just one hit. But the usually effective Carlos Torres allowed the game-winning run in the top of the 11th – an RBI double by Marlon Byrd.

david wright

The Mets got on the board first when Curtis Granderson drove in a run after singles by Daniel Murphy and David Wright in the first inning.

In the eighth inning after Daniel Murphy worked out a walk, David Wright stroked a run-scoring double to tie the game at 2-2 and that would be the only runs they would score tonight.

The Mets squandered numerous scoring opportunities, leaving the bases loaded twice, and also failing to score in the fifth when they had runners on second and third with nobody out. All in all the Mets left 15 runners on base, went 1-for-11 with RISP, and struck out 12 times.

Wilmer Flores made his debut at shortstop and had two hits plus turned a nice double-play in the field, showing off his strong arm.

The Mets and Phillies will do it again on Saturday night at 7:10 PM. Dillon Gee (3-1, 2.51) starts for the Mets, while RHP Kyle Kendrick (0-3, 3.58) goes for the Phillies.

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  • mets4lyfe

    so what’s King Henry’s status?

    Starter or headed to the BP?

  • Name

    This is an outrage. The Mets had the opportunity to score SEVENTEEN TIMES AND ONLY SCORED TWICE! This hitting philosophy just isn’t working.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Upgraded slogan


  • KennyandtheMets

    I think Mejia should go to the pen. He and Familia can battle it out for the closer spot. Familia looked very strong again tonight. Either start Dice K, or bring up Montero or deGrom.

  • NeedNewOwners

    Watching our overrated Captain babble senselessly on post game interview. Can’t believe the absence of fire and angry desire in this guy. He is so comfortable losing. This mouse is part of the problem and has been for years. He is nothing more than a well paid Buttkisser and an underperforming loser.

  • Name

    Bullpen would probably be the best idea. There are too many top prospects to leave in a player who is a risk three times through the order.

  • Metropolitan

    well on really

  • Metropolitan

    this has got to be the worst line up in baseball

  • KennyandtheMets

    Trade for a RFe who can drive in runs.
    Move Granderson to LF. CY just isn’t a good enough hitter to be a corner OFer.
    Fire Hudgens. Replace Satin with Campbell. Bring up some young arms to help the pen. Move Mejia to the pen. I like the Flores move, but there is SO much more to be done.

  • Scottydoeskno328

    “I’d be shocked if Mejia isn’t moved to the bullpen by next week.”

    There’s no way the FO is this stupid. So the takeaway for this game is Mejia gives up two runs and we can’t score more then 2 runs in the last upteenth amount of innings but yes definitely he’s the problem, so let’s send him to the bullpen and put dice k there instead but noooo, not the offense though, it’s most certainly mejia.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Good SI article on Jose Abreu and the whole scouting him business

    “The third reason why Abreu’s bat speed was deemed only fair is perhaps the most interesting: “Well, it is!” said one scout who was in Boca Chica. “We weren’t wrong. You note that and understand that. His bat speed’s not crazy, but he’s short to the ball. It’s a really easy swing. You know, you can always find something wrong — Mike Piazza had a crazy long swing, and his career worked out OK. Abreu had very clear and obvious hand-eye coordination, and a real feel for contact.

    There’s only a certain amount of players in the big leagues that have lightning hands,” said White Sox hitting coach Todd Steverson. “You look back at those who had them — Gary Sheffield had them, Andre Dawson had them, Dave Winfield had them. But when it comes to hitting, it’s not always about how fast or hard you can swing, it’s about how accurate you are with the barrel. You can have only a fair swing, but if you put the barrel on the ball and are strong enough, it’ll go. That’s what he does. And let’s be clear: He ain’t got just fair bat speed. It’s above average.”

    Oh almost forgot

    Thanks Sandy Alderson

  • KennyandtheMets

    Starting pitchers who kill the bullpen end up in the bullpen.

  • CJM

    Mejia has like no control right now.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown


  • Time to send Satin down & bring up Eric Campbell (Soup). Satin had no hits. Hitting in the .100s

  • CJM

    David Wrong gets up in the last inning, and he strikes out. LMFAO. They need the owners to quit, the new owners to fire Shady Sandy, trade Wrong for whatever you can get, and then tear down that stupid SHITI FIELD and build a new stadium that actually benefits the team.

  • KennyandtheMets

    I agree with you on David, although he did have a good night tonight. He just doesn’t have the fire that this team needs. I think Harvey has that fire.

  • derek murphy

    The mets don’t have a top of the order just 3 bottoms.

  • Scottydoeskno328

    So let’s put one of the kids in there or dice k. Great idea so they will magically fix the offense issue somehow.

    It doesn’t matter let mejia pitch and learn. He’s never pitched a full season yet and were giving up on him. For shame, let him work out the kinks and trade him in the offseason or trade some of the kids for a bat.

  • mets4lyfe

    Trade Wright for Eddie Butler and Nolan Arenado.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Rolls Eyes Im tired of seeing the send Satin down chants.

    Lets be realistic that dude rarely plays…The problem is the bums that play EVERYDAY!!!

    They have a bunch of heartless hitless scrubs on this team.

    This team has no Character and no personality.

    Bring in new management with a real plan.

  • mets4lyfe

    oh my

  • CJM

    Well he’s not gonna pitch a full season this year either, because he’s on an innings limit. I think for them to get the most from him, moving him to the pen is the wise thing to do, even if they want him to be a starter moving forward.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    David Wright has a losing mentality he has no fire

    At the very least Jose Reyes had fire and was electric and that energy spread throughout the team look what it did for Turner and Tejada when Reyes was here. He was a lightning rod. With something as simple as the Claw or spotlight or whatever the hell you want to call it.

    It was him making the game fun for his teammates took their minds off of all the pressure. Reminded them to just go out and play and have fun. As soon as he left this teams offense and energy went to the sh*tter

  • HarveyKsYou

    He’s the reason we were still playing troll.

  • derek murphy

    Moving mejia to the bullpen would be stupid and its not going to happen. The coaches are stupid and put him in a position to fail he should throw the cutter all day. It’s his best pitch and he has great control of it. They are so predictable you know how many fouls Philly had with 2 strikes it makes me sick. Throw the cutter 1st second and third.

  • HarveyKsYou

    He’s a mouse? Good luck with your new star Juan Lagares. Call me when he has five seasons of 25+ HR, 100 RBI, 300 AVG seasons.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    David Wright should go back on steroids. Fk it they let Braun get away with it and they still cheer for him

  • CJM

    Yeah THAT’S the problem. Any REAL hitter puts that ball out of the park. David WRONG bounced it on the warning track LMFAO. If they had a PROVEN STUD, they’d have won 3-2 in 9!

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    No way Colorado trades Arenado…too late.

    Arenado >>> Wright

  • KennyandtheMets

    The Rockies wouldn’t give us Arenado straight up for DW. Nor should they.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    They should get a microphone in Hudgens face after everyone of these losses and ask him about the hitting approach.

  • yeah. It’s totally our all star, en-route-to-the-HOF 3B who is the problem.
    You are rather astute

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Lmao,,,,how did Juan Lagares get into this???

    hahaha, what did he do

  • you’re usually wrong but here, you got it

  • he’s latino and everyone is out to get them

  • BadBadLeroyBrown


    Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure he is

  • they should’ve done that when they let Scooter in

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    -_- Not funny try again

  • Tomthetinker

    truth :/

  • HarveyKsYou

    Because everyone here is pronouncing him a star. Call me when he produces a 5 war season, let alone an 8 WAR season. You guys don’t realize what you have in Wright. And this has ZERO to do with race, as I love Lagares but my point is clear; wright is harped on like he is a useless player by you guys.. Even though he’s our best player.

  • Lotus1209

    Lmao dude people actually take you seriously.. Gotta be a bit more obvious to the newcomers here

  • CJM

    It’s just fun. Don’t get me wrong though, this loss was damn frustrating. But Wright was solid at the plate.

  • it’s true. That’s why some Latino players don’t succeed. Haven’t you read the comments on MMO?

  • HarveyKsYou

    The trolls are out and killing Wright. Well, good luck with us having another player like him in the next decade.

  • bah, it has everything to do with race with these clowns.

    not sure how else you’d explain the animosity towards #5

  • HarveyKsYou

    You’re still going too overboard. I thought you were serious.

  • derek murphy

    Right he rarely plays cause he’s crap. He was a middle IF he brings nothing to the table. He can play the corner IF spots. Campbell can play almost every position. Satin got up with runners at 2nd n 3rd and no out n couldn’t get the run in. Not only that but your back up should be able to put the ball over the fence as they will pinch hit a lot. Satin would have to be on top of the fence to get a ball over. There’s a bunch of moves the mets could make to make the team better. Flores n Campbell would be a nice start. Then black n DeGrom and let’s start doing away with the AARP crew and fill the team with guys that have upside and are going to be a part of the team for years.

    Hopefully Flores will play every day. TC said today he wasnt sure How often he would play. TC can mess up a wet dream.

  • John Ginder

    That was a tough one. Can’t really say much more.

  • HarveyKsYou

    I’m sorry, but the three guys most overrated on this team (Lagares, Flores, and Mejia) happen to not be American (that includes both black and white).. But that’s not why some say the things about them. All I’m saying is Wight helped us to even get to the eleventh, yet you wouldn’t know that from the comments on here.

  • CJM

    If it really makes you mad, assume I’m just trolling.

  • HarveyKsYou

    Really bad. Too many games this year have given us the feeling from the beginning that they would not end in our favor and that indicates a bad team, one in which we the fans don’t have much confidence about.

  • Chris H

    Lol I think when wright signed the big contract the FO have him a post game script to say after games. He has no fire never seems angry it’s just oh this oh that.

  • Mike

    Three things we learned from this gm, mejia should and will be in the bp by nxt week, he just can’t get deep into gms and is killing the bp, two josh satin has shown is all why he has been in the minors until last yr and three Sandy rushed into signing chris young.

  • metsman

    No more optimism for me…maybe density will finally strike when a losing streak of epic proportions claws this franchise from the cold clammy hands of the crypt keepers that hold the key to our misery. “Organizational hitting philosophy”, penny pinching prioritizing of promotions, odd large expenditures of limited offseason FA funds like Fransisco and Young, inability to make trades to improve the big league team…the list goes on and it’s coupled with all the bizarre backhanded marketing ploys that point the finger at fans questioning their steadfastnessand and loalty, basically panhandling for payroll. It’s great that we are going to set records for K’s and low pitcher BA’s but let’s really go for it with the longest losing streak in MLB history…even Selig couldn’t stop the walls from coming down; the Wilpon’s last days in the bunker with the “enemy” fans closing in on them.

  • Lotus1209

    It’s funny how people blame wright when if it wasn’t for him they wouldn’t have even gotten to extras. Expecting him to one up big 10 times out of 10 is unrealistic as hell. If you get 3 times out of 10 you’re considered great. Baseball is a game of failure… If you don’t understand that then you obviously don’t know shite about the sport.

  • billpulsipher

    this team is garbage

  • Chris H

    Baseball is a game of failure? Lol the wilpons have taught you well

  • Hotstreak

    Do not live in the past. What have you done for me lately. What has DW dine except represent 25% of payroll and committed to eight years in contract. Where is his power now. I expect a snarky reply but go ahead.

  • This will be my only comment on this thread:
    The Mets need Wally. I’m tired of Collins, and want him and Hudgens F.I.R.E.D., like 1-2-3, and that’s coming from me, with a ton of patience for prospects and games like these.
    Someone who’s going to motivate the players, and have a better idea of how to care for his team. I’ve seen Wally do just that.

    Side note: Anyone with a twitter see that Anthony DiComo was trolling the hell out of Adam Rubin? It was hilarious.

  • .400 you’re a legend
    failure of 60%
    this new generation of “fan” is weird

  • Hotstreak

    Wright can’t deliver in the 11th. That is when we really needed him. He is making 20 M.

  • White rhymes with white.
    There is a growing contingent of posters who hate DW because he’s a cracker

  • amen Teddy. This team can do good things. TC is no… um…. Art Howe

  • CJM

    You see I understand where the terminology that baseball is a game of failure comes from, but I think that leaves out the ever important element of luck, which plays a huge role in every game.

  • It’s time to make King Henrry one of the best closers in the game. Hopefully that will stoke his ego enough to care. Even a #5 has to go past 5 innings

  • ed charles

    This won’t be the game, but should be the game where enough is enough. Satin should be DFA’d. Soup should be up. Duda should be DL’d and Dykstra given a shot. Collins should be shown the door. Backman should manage starting Sunday. Wright, one of the few professionals on the team, should go public with his frustration – assuming he is frustrated. His professional life is slipping away. This can’t be what they promised him when he signed.

  • derek murphy

    Trade Duda also give Dykstra a short tryout n if he don’t continue to hit sign morales. This team isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. The biggest issue is they don’t want to promote anybody. The best thing for us long term is a losing streak. After SA’s proclamation I think he’s more inclined to make moves. There’s no reason we can’t be in wild card contention n all it would take is 6 or 7 moves. They are all internal and wouldn’t cost anything. Lucas Duda should be traded and we should give Dykstra a shot. Trading him don’t scare me cause he will never do anything special. He’s been getting chances for like 5 or 6 years with the mets he’s a bum.

  • derek murphy

    I’d like to put smtn in Hudgens face

  • Chris H

    Soup will join the Mets for tomorrow’s game. Bye bye Satin

  • MetsFanSantaMonica

    sounds like soup is coming up tomorrow so…

  • Lotus1209

    I just ignore them. And advise them to practice safe sex so they don’t breed.

  • HarveyKsYou

    Soup is being called up. He killed it in spring and in Vegas. He’s a better overall player than Satin, so that’s a plus. On a final note, this team is falling in a deep hole due to this offense.. And if we don’t start scoring the season will literally be over fast.

  • it’s amazing. It truly is. The internet man.. The democrtization of the people’s voice and all that. Makes you think that benevolent tyranny is the way to go.
    /vote ManhattanMetsFan

  • derek murphy

    Mejia isn’t going into the pen nor should he. They need to stop being cute with all these pitches and let him throw like last season. Fastballs all day. He has great cutter with lots of movement. When he starts doing that he will be pitching late in games. He’s to good to put in the pen. I wanted him to start in the pen cause he will be on innings restriction. Dice k should have started. The way he finished the season n pitched in ST he probably could have brought back something at deadline. They always suffer from poor asset management. Let’s make some smart moves SA.

  • and what do they do when he’s worn out in the 5th? Enough of this crap. King Jenrry is the closer, Montero takes his spot in the rotation

  • derek murphy

    Campbell 2 more hits tonight.

  • mets4lyfe

    Do you really think Hudgens is the real issue? I think the main problem is the hitting philosophy of the Mets braintrust.

  • Phoenix Met

    Leroy, was that you a couple years back that was hollering for that trade? I remember someone posting quite often, before Arenado was called up, for that trade to happen. My apologies if it was you, and if I happened to call you crazy at that time.

  • mets4lyfe

    Barry Bonds only failed 39.1% of the time in 2004.

    Damn, was he good.

  • mets4lyfe

    I see the King Henry name is catching along. Nice.

  • as a closer, yes!

  • TexasGusCC

    Why isn’t Recker playing more? I’m not saying benching TDA, but just let Recker play a bit more often. Further, Chris Young is not the problem, the players are miscast into whatever position THEY want in the lineup. What business does he have hitting fifth?

    Let’s keep Mejia in the rotation a bit more. This guy has too good an arsenal to label him a reliever already. Young players need room to grow, folks. Piggy back him with Matsuzaka, what’s the big deal?

  • calamityfrancis

    Wright over reyes all day. reyes has down NOTHING since leaving the Mets. Can’t even stay on the field.

  • calamityfrancis

    complete failure not going after him. it was such low risk knowing how well in he did the Cuban league and how Cespedes and Puig have performed in MLB. Moneyball my ass.

  • calamityfrancis

    right method, wrong players.

  • Joey D.

    Hi Harvey,

    Still waiting for the argument made all winter that one never had enough pitching and that good pitching always won ball games.

    Well, we’ve had great pitching and look where it has gotten us. I’m wondering if Thor still wishes he was in the Blue Jay organization knowing the offense he has to look forward to when working up here.

  • willywater88

    You really got me CJM. I was about to dust off the bazooka and go for the kill lol

  • lindro88

    If Dice K or any “retread” pitched the way Mejia has, everyone would be all over Sandy, Terry, etc.. This kid has talent, but he’s clearly not a viable starting pitcher at this point. Get him into the pen, let him get used to pitching 3 days in a row, and give him the closer role. He’s got good stuff for about 45 minutes. That’s not going to cut it as a starter.

  • BCleveland3381

    Retreads need to come in and produce, or they get the boot. You need to have a longer leash with young players. They are still learning and honing their skills. I get the frustration with Mejia and Im not even saying I don’t agree with moving him to the ‘pen. But there is a huge difference between him struggling and a guy like Dice K struggling.

  • Rocky Thompson

    Some guys cannot pitch through a lineup a second or third time because they do not have the stuff or they are one pitch pitchers (like Mariano Rivera). That is not Mejia. I like the idea of piggy backing Mejia that allows him to work on stuff until he needs to be shut down due to innings limits. IMO Montero would be good in that role.

  • AAAA/metsfan

    TC overused dice. used correctly hes a good long reliever . not everyday guy. collins is bullpen clueless. starter clueless. fresh dice sharp+effective. tired dice=batting practice. same for c.torres .collins abuses his good relievers

  • beers22

    what about walks? Great players really only FAIL 6/10 bc great players should be on base 4/10 times, which is almost 50% of the time, so is it really a game of failure? Joey Votto’s hitting .262, but his obp is .409. Is he a great player?

  • Andrew Herbst

    This was such a long and frustrating game. So many wasted opportunities.

  • AAAA/metsfan

    def dykstra and bring brown to spot start for grandy and young. hes ready now.

  • FL Met Fan Rich
  • FL Met Fan Rich

    Now we have some drama!
    “Battle for the basement”

    Can we please get through May and still be relevant?

  • AAAA/metsfan

    if they cant beat the phillies yes.


    I know the Phillie fans are excited. They’ll be out of the basement and headed north in the standings coming out of the weekend.

  • Erin_II

    Hey TrevorDumb, how much of a hardship is it for you to have to go through life being so stupid? Please consider castration.

  • Same old Mets

    It never changes. Keep looking for solutions Alderson, it’s right in front of you. This orginization hates to admit mistakes, so let the fans suffer. Last place is a game away. How’s your 90 looking, truly an ignorant thought. What do you see that the rest of us don’t. Next you’ll have Horowitz playing, no speed but he has the other 4 tools. He can tweet, text, fax, and skype. Again, the Wilpons have sapped the joy out of being a Mets fan. Backman may not be the answer but Collins is not your solution.

  • Nolrog

    Mejia in the pen….Terry would abuse the hell out of him.

  • QueensRussell

    You have no evidence, so what you’re doing in effect is libeling. Naturally, since such a sorry opinion matters to no one, an idiot cannot get into trouble over such irresponsible statements. You just show true Mets fans what it looks like to be despicable, and, imbecilic–I might add.

  • LIKayLGM

    I agree. However, these idiots are afraid of “image” shutting down Harvey’s tweets and interviews, can you imagine Wally? He’d have them going spastic. He’d give them a stroke. It’s usually those concerned most about image that don’t own mirrors.

  • LIKayLGM

    So would you rather he not tie the game up last night and give the team a chance to win? If you ask a snarky question, you’ll usually get one back.

  • DrDooby

    Very much agreed.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Reyes cant stay on the field yet he has played more games than Wright the past 3 seasons. lol

    And what has Wright accomplished that Reyes hasnt since he left the Mets???

    Voted face of the MLB over some scrub utility player name Sogard thatplays for the A’s lol.Wrights team hasnt even finished above .500 any of those years.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown


    Awwwwww……You remembered lol

    Yes it was me I was hollering for the Mets to trade Wright to the Rockies for Arenado, Pomeranz and Rosario

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    If you love Lagares why bring him up in order to bash him just to make Wright look good???

    Thats like telling your mom you like her but she will never be as good a parent as your dad

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Wow so you resorted to race baiting.


  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Unfortunately the majority of the contingent you refer to falsely as haters of Wright happen to be [in your words not mine]Crackers o_O

    So there goes that madness

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    True Mets fans lol…

    Only a retarded half wit would make a statement like that

  • QueensRussell

    Nice slur against mentally disabled people. Your middle name…Garbage, is that right?

  • Hotstreak

    I never sqaid that. Of course I wanted him to start a rally or better yet homer.

  • Still recovering from last night. Feels like waking up with the effects of a hangover without the benefit of drinking alcohol after being shutdown for the most part by the likes of Roberto Hernandez and the Phillies bullpen.

    The saying goes that hitting is contagious and if that’s the case the Mets must be some form of bubble boys cause they just can’t seem to catch the hitting bug.

    It’s good to see Flores hold his own last night out there at SS.

    Need to take 2 out of 3 vs the Phils, end the losing streak, win the series and get back to .500

  • Nmartz

    The problem was not Mejia’s high pitch count. The problem was our anemic line up and his inability to hit the damn f*cking ball. We suck nowadays, guys.

  • sarge69

    There were some questionable pitch calls by Mets bench when Mejia was pitching; change up on full count, forgot batter, really?

  • sarge69

    Satin is, as stated before, a hitter who has to see pitcher throw a few pitches first to get ready, but sometimes over analyzing makes you freeze.

    He looked awful at plate, no outs, runners on 2nd & 3rd, he whiff on terrible pitch.

    Whether he needs regular at bats or not, he is no young lion anymore and lack of play is hard to stay sharp buy you have to produce when opportunity knocks.

  • weird as I was specifically referring to those who hate his whiteness. Your post makes no sense much like the majority of your posts

  • Peter S

    How did Flores do in the field? I didn’t get a chance to watch the game.