Jacob deGrom Gets the Call; Germen to DL


According to multiple sources, Jacob deGrom has been called up to the Mets, and will join the team in the Bronx tomorrow.

Gonzalez Germen will be placed on the 15-day disabled list, retroactive to May 6th, with a virus.

deGrom, 25, was having a sparkling year in Vegas at the time of the call-up. In seven starts, deGrom went 4-0 with a 2.58 earned run average over a span of 38.1 innings.

He will join a Mets bullpen that has been desperately seeking a change. All 58 of his career minor-league appearances have been as a starting pitcher, although he did work in relief in his college career at Stetson.

Wow! A Mets win over the Evil Empire, Mejia moved to the bullpen (A move I believe was beneficial for both the Mets and Jenrry), Montero getting the call earlier in the day, and now deGrom getting the call as well! The future is now and I couldn’t be more excited to see what these kids can do!

We wish you the best on your promotion, Jacob! Let’s see what ya got!


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  • LIMetfan22


  • KennyandtheMets

    Who goes down (or on the DL) for Montero on Wed.? My vote would be Valverde.

  • KennyandtheMets

    Looking.forward to seeing Jacob pitch

  • Rob Piersall

    Dice-K? Valverde? Farnsworth? Definitely one of the three. I have no clue who at this point though.

  • Taskmaster4450

    I vote Farnsworth.

  • Dio

    better not be dice-k over kyle

  • very exciting stuff. Hopefully get have Wilmer back at SS tomorrow

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Happy to hear about DeGrom but not happy its at the cost of Germen going on the DL.

    Hopefully Degrom and Montero impress IMMEDIATELY in order to make PaPa Garbage and Farnsworthless expendable.


  • No reason to send Dice-K down. He’s done well enough. Plus he can pitch in long relief or spot start. Farns is basically useless at this point.

  • Dio

    when black and thor are finally up here.. it will be such an exciting time for the mets

  • markr

    I would think Valverde. The guy barely pitches anymore, while Farnsworth is our “closer” and Dice-K has a little bit of value left in him,

  • Peter S

    Very exciting news. I can envision a Mejia-deGrom-Familia 7-8-9 with a Rice, Edgin, Black and Germen working through the mess.

  • Dio

    it worked out well though. he was sick days ago and we needed the room so its retroactive to like a week ago. he can rest and feel better (we barely saw him anyway) and a phenom is called up to take his place

  • Monix

    Nice save by Farnsworth tonight. Kept his composure and got the job done. I fully expect Valverde to be gone Wednesday.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Could be….with Mejia and DeGrom in the pen you have 2players who can long relief and spot start and Vegas is now 2 starting pitchers short

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    I wouldnt go as far as call DeGrom a phenom….but Im excited to see both him and Montero in the pros

  • Dio

    well he has a lot of potential to become one at least… his stuff is nasty and hes been solid. low walks which is nice too

  • john q

    Farnsworth got lucky and bailed out by a great play by Duda. He also got lucky that Teix couldn’t run. That inning had disaster written all over it.

  • Jgreen

    This is the last stand of Alderson

  • Dio

    farnsworth gave it up and duda saved him. jeter is very slow or else he wouldve scored. kyle saved nothing at all lol

  • Metropolitan

    I vote Bartolo Colon,oh yeah we can’t do that even though he sucks badly ..You know that fat blob Sandy Clownderson signed to a 2 year 20 million dollar deal…I can picture it now we can’t sign nobody because of Jabba the Hutt next year

  • Monix

    Farnsworth got squeezed by the ump against Jeter. He kept McCann and Tex in the yard. He did his job.
    Hopefully Mejia or someone can develop into a closer so Farnsworth can go back to being a set up guy.

  • Jgreen

    well except for Thor

  • Dio

    he should never be a set up guy. he is not meant for this bullpen if it is ever going to succeed

  • jason bay

    More like the first one after having to weather the albatross deals of Perez, Castillo, K-Rod, Santana and Bay.

  • Monix

    Why because you don’t like him? Farnsworth is not the problem. He made 1 bad pitch in Colorado. The rest of the time he’s been reliable. Who else could’ve gotten out of that jam in Miami.

  • Schnitzer’s Marble Rye

    Great win tonight……looks like there’s a yoof moovment commencin.’ I love it. In addition to hoping for Montero and deGrom to pitch well, Germen’s speedy return, and the releases/demotions of Farnsworth/Valverde — I really hope Colon can turn it around. He’s on pace to give up 289 hits this season. Ouch. Perhaps he can at least start to pitch well enough increase his trade value, so we can move him to make room for Thor at some point.

  • Dio

    Hes blown leads/saves numerous times…. His career is riddled with blown saves. He is 0-3 this year and would have more losses if not for people behind him. I like him as a person, but not as a pitcher for this bullpen. There are better options. It cant be where everytime he comes in the whole world holds its breath and is already anticipating a loss.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Replaced by Albatross deals of

    Wright = 8yr/$140M
    Grandy= 4yr/$60M
    Colon = 2yr/$20M

    The more things change the more they stay the same……………

  • KMO82

    Agreed, Colon is the guy we need to deal at the deadline to make room in the rotation. Thus far that plan is backfiring, hopefully he can turn it around.

  • Dio

    hope so too. 7 runs in 3 diff games this yr is not good. dont even want him pitching atm

  • john q

    “squeezed” c’mon lets be real. Farnsworth got lucky because Teix couldn’t run and Duda made a fantastic play. Farnsworth should buy Duda a gift for that play.

  • KMO82

    Torres is a solid piece.

  • KMO82

    2 against AL teams, go figure considering he pitched so well last year.

  • Martin

    If Campbell plays vs lefties, wilmer plays ever day, and lagares keeps hitting, I still think 90 wins is possible.

  • Monix

    He was fine until they put him in the closer role, which is a role he’s never succeeded in. TC has a knack for not knowing how to handle his pen. I think if he’s coming in the 6th or 7th to get a couple righties out, he’ll be much more reliable than Valverde. Valverde is just bad.

  • Schnitzer’s Marble Rye

    Perhaps obvious, but the worse he pitches, the more salary of his the Mets would have to eat in a trade, the less comes back in return, and the harder he’ll be to move. I mean, what happens if Colon’s really bad 3 or 4 more starts in a row? At that point he’d have to be in danger of losing his spot in the rotation, right? Sorry to bring this up lol, on an otherwise joyous night.

  • Monix

    Yea that David Wright deal is terrible. What a bum. Trade him!

  • Monix

    They’d probably phony up an injury. Blame it on his back as to why he’s not getting the ball down and hope he comes back a month later or towards the end of the year when guys hit their innings limits and produces.
    I think people envisioning deadline deals for him are dreaming at this point.

  • Dio

    Theyve both had very good moments. But far too many bad ones. There are too many replacements knocking at the door and some have to go. Both are definite options

  • Dio

    if a whole lot of things go right for us….. still a slight chance.

  • mets4lyfe

    Wright deal is a bargain when you look at the contracts to Cano, Cabrera, Votto, Pujols, etc.

  • Edward

    I feel like the Mets are about to take off. The good news is that it shouldn’t take too much time to take over the division as no team within it has distinguished themselves yet. And to think, all this pitching depth even without one of the most dominating pitchers in all of baseball.

  • You’re being sarcastic right? Without a great defensive play by Duda Farnsworth blows it. I guarantee it. Maybe this gets em going but he is a total and utter liability of late. That ball was hit hard to Duda…after the walk and what should’ve Been a double by Tex. I sincerely hope Farnsworth finds it but a nice job tonight…..def not

  • Bobby O

    All the Best to You Jacob & Rafael as you realize your lifelong dream. LGM!

  • Terry

    Wright is NO WAY near the ballplayer of those four!

  • Hotstreak

    Another Omar guy to the rescue. SA you predecessor contrary to Jb’s opinion is saving your Arse. SA send him a box of chocolatos.

  • Hotstreak

    If there like TdA gutless then forgettaboutit.

  • Andrew Doris

    Flores, Campbell, Montero and DeGrom all in a week. Youth infusion is not an exaggeration!

    With that said, I’m not sure this is really good news. Germen got hurt. He was pitching well, for the most part, and isn’t too old himself – he was part of last year’s youth infusion haha. DeGrom may be back in AAA in two weeks. The alternative is to cut/demote Valverde/Farnsworth, which I’d be okay with for the short term. But if the plan is to trade Colon at the deadline to make space for Syndergaard, all of a sudden our once fierce 4-deep AAA rotation has nobody left. We’d be one injury away from a vacancy! Does anyone else worry that moving Dice-K AND Mejia AND DeGrom to the bullpen all within a month forfeits some of the exciting depth we had at SP? Or do you think it would be pretty easy to stretch them out again should the need arise?

  • metsman

    But what about his precious play clock?
    Better call Saul – for another cash infusion!

  • NeedNewOwners

    Trading Captain Mouse would be a great move. He is the most overrated Mets player in their history

  • DrDooby

    First of all, let´s see what role DeGrom is receiving and for how long he´ll be up. Germen didn´t pitch poorly but just got pretty sick at the wrong time. He´ll be back in 10 days and may prompt another move – either DeGrom returns to AAA or Farnsworth gets cut or Germen himself goes down or another reliever gets hurt in the meantime.

    And it´d be no problem getting both DeGrom and Mejia back onto a starter schedule in a short period of time if needed. For the next month, they should be fine anyway. If both pitch in short relief for good going forward, it may take for a couple of AAA starts to rebuild arm strength. 45 to 50 pitches / 3 to 4 IP in one start, then 75 to 80 pitches / 5 to 6 IP the next and then ready to go to 90 to 100 pitches in their first start in the majors again.

    I do have a feeling that DeGrom´s role may be in a long relief role for 2 to 3 IP at a time and that it may serve to a) expose him to the majors and b) keep his IP in check, so he is a SP option in September when others may be hitting their IP limits.

    For the time being, this is how I see the bullpen shaking out, assuming Valverde is DFAd prior to the Montero start:

    Closer: Familia taking over for Farnsworth or sharing the role to avoid overworking one
    7th / 8th inning: Mejia & Torres in alternate games
    LOOGY: Rice
    Middle relief over multiple innings in alternate games if needed and also candidate for a spot start if needed: DeGrom and Dice K

    That way, 3 of the righty relievers would be sort of “designated” for each game, plus “everyday” Scott Rice for an out here or an out there. That could help avoid overworking the young arms and also give the pen a much needed structure. In any case, the Mets will now have 3 young arms who will pound the zone with heavy moving 94+ mph pitches.

  • DrDooby

    It´s Omar´s legacy.

    Harvey – Niese – Gee – Meija – DeGrom – Familia and maybe Edgin could form 50 % of the Mets pitching staff in 2015. And Steve Matz and Domingo Tapia remain as two more higher ceiling arms in the minors who may well help as well over the course of the next couple of years.

    Of course, it came a bit too late to save Omar and the lack of offensive help is being exposed right now with Daniel Murphy, Juan Lagares and Lucas Duda being the only three position players who can be labeled as “major league average” for the time being and Wilmer Flores and maybe Cesar Puello being the “last shots” in the minors with that sort of potential.

    Considering when these pieces were acquired, it also goes to show how long it takes for prospects to reach the majors and start producing there.

    The effects of the first “Sandy” drafts figures to be felt by 2016 – in whatever direction that may lead. And even some of his key trade targets Syndergaard / Herrera may not be factors for a while, even if Syndergaard probably makes his debut this season.

  • Destry

    Castillo 4/32
    Perez 3/36
    Santana 7/150
    K-Rod 3/50
    Bay 4/60
    Ill take your so called Sandy “Albatross” deals every time.

  • Destry

    Agree on Tex and Duda made a great play but he threw about 5 strikes to Jeter.

  • Destry

    SP- J. Niese-L
    SP- D. Gee-R
    SP- Z. Wheeler-R
    SP- R. Montero-R
    SP- B. Colon-R

    CL- J. Familia-R
    SU- J. Mejia-R
    MR- C. Torres-R
    MR- S. Rice-L
    MR- D. Matsuzaka-R
    MR- K. Farnsworth/J. Valverde-R
    MR/LR- J. deGrom-R

    We really need another LH in the rotation and in the bullpen. Dice-K & Torres have been effective vs LH thus far.

    Colon has got to step it up immediately

    When German gets back, DFA wich ever one is left of Farny or Papa Grande

  • Destry

    A couple of interesting splits

    Colon @ Home 1-2 3.15 ERA – Road 1-3 7.67 ERA

    Mejia @ Home 2-0 3.52 ERA – Road 2-0 6.89 ERA

    Valverde @ Home 1-0 2.16 ERA – Road 0-0 6.43 ERA

    Dice K @ Home 0.90 ERA – Road 7.36 ERA

    German @ Home 6.75 ERA – Road 0.00 ERA

    Familia @ Home 4.70 ERA – Road 1.86 ERA

  • Destry

    More Splits

    C. Young @ Home .185/.245/.347 – Road .345/.424/.586

    EY2 @ Home .183/.265/.250 – Road .327/.417/.442

    Grandy @ Home .141/.215/.239 – Road .259/.377/.431

  • Bobby O

    Nice analysis Dr Dooby.

  • BarnRat

    DeGrom / Montero / Flores.

    A cynic says smells like desperation, but don’t be fooled by the motivations of the decision-makers. Smells like… HOPE!

  • WilponsNeed2Go

    These call ups are inspiring. Cant wait to see how the young arms fare in the big show.

  • MLBGM Fire TC

    i can see degroom in the 8th and mejia closing. Farnsworthless is throwing BP out there

  • Agee’s Catch

    who gets dropped when Montero makes the start?

  • Nimmofan25

    Lmao saving Alderson’s Arse I see you form your opinions from articles huh. That being said when has this team last seen a wing season?. Saving his arse let’s see this guy pitch first. I guess Satin saved his Arse, oh wait he’s back in the minors again. Edgin back in the minors again. Tejada/Flores give me a break.
    Btw much respect to Tejada with the way he’s played the last two days shows some character. Everyone still calling for his head? And where did Lagares go?

  • Dark HelMet

    Completely unrelated, but Puig is one of my favorite players in baseball

  • MikePiazza3186

    I would think valverde

  • Metstheory22

    Toss a coin and hope they have a two headed coin, so both Valverde and Farnsworth-less can go.

  • Nimmofan25

    Half these players wouldn’t be with the Mets today if Omar stayed. Prospects were like a disease to Omar he couldn’t wait to get rid of them. And Omar couldn’t put a club together with the money Sandy has been given to work with.
    The Mets also wouldn’t draft players coming out of H.S which they are doing now so of course it will take longer for Sandy’s prospects to reach the bigs. And saying Omar’s mediocre draft picks are saving anyone is a joke. When was the last winning season? When was their last 500 season. So saving someone is a big time crock.

  • oleosmirf


  • Nimmofan25

    Actually if I remember correctly Sandy didn’t want that deal for Grandy but was pushed by ownership to get it done. Colon at 2 years 10 mil was a steal stat wise, where if you look at Minaya’s signings the only deserving was Bay coming off the season he had. Captain, Franchise, 300,22,95-100, on a team with nothing and forced to bite the bullet for this organization is a steal.

  • oleosmirf

    Luckily, Germen will only have to miss 6 games as he’s eligible to return on the 16th.

    Obviously, Valverde is the one likely to be sent down. He’s been used sparingly compared to Farnsworth although I do think Valverde has not been as bad as he’s made out to be. Rice has still been easily our worst RP, but his job is safe unfortunately.

    The question is what happens when Germen returns. There are two possibilities in my mind and will be determined by how Montero performs in his two starts before Germen returns.

    1) Montero pitches well enough to stay and the Mets send down a RP (likely Farnsworth, but could be Dice-K or deGrom)

    2) Montero doesn’t pitch well enough to stay and is sent down and his spot is replaced by deGrom or, more likely, Dice-K.

  • Andrew Herbst

    I’d love to see a 7th/8th/9th of Degrom, Meija, and Familia.

  • Jakal42400

    Guess OMAR had a 10 year plan.

  • Peter S

    It’s too bad the mets don’t like offense at home.

  • Nimmofan25

    Actually Wright is, put Wright in any of the lineups these guys are in and his numbers trump some and if not are equal to. Let’s see Puljous has Trout, Hamilton, Trumbo, Holliday, Molina etc, Cabrera, Martinez, Fielder, Hunter, etc, do I really need to keep going? Or do I need to compare, Davis, Duda, a broken down Granderson.
    Wright with protection just like the kind these guys always have around them is just as good if not better then then all four.

  • Peter S

    Yup…forgot about him. He could be that X factor.

  • Nimmofan25

    Problem is Tejada looked better then Flores these last 2 games Lagares isn’t hitting ( Still don’t know why a pitcher throws this guy anything in the strike zone ). And Duda needs to play 90% of the time he can hit lefties play Campbell against the elite lefties. I’m not rushing to judgment on this guy. Impossible for a 27 year old to be part of a youth movement lol

  • LastSaneMetsFan

    Especially since Wrights deal was a steal and there’s no way Curtis will be this bad. He’s missed most of the last 2 seasons and there’s bound to be some rust. I understand what he was trying to do with Colon but the 2 years was a bad deal. He’s a bust where that annual salary could’ve been used for the under 40 Abreu.

  • Taskmaster4450

    DeGrom really was never a super 2 consideration.

    He isnt viewed as that high a prospect.

  • rubagreta

    Farnsworth was terrible last night. He lucked out because Texeira is slower than my grandma, and Duda make a Keith Hernadez play to end it.

  • Soon the bullpen will be

    And the people will rejoice!

  • Nimmofan25

    Forget Edgin it’s not happening how many times does a guy need to be called up get knocked around and sent down for you to get this.

  • rubagreta

    He was awful. Gimpy Texeira would normally have made it to 2nd base, and Duda bailed him out.

  • Nimmofan25

    Can we please move on from Edgin people the guy sucks. How many times does he need to get knocked around for you to realize this. And don’t expect Degrom the for to long.

  • Taskmaster4450

    Here are some thoughts on Fernandez going down…well actually the entire outlook with young pitching.

    I am of the opinion that with so many young arms going down that organizations are going to shy away from big deals with these guys. These arms, especially power arms, are proving how fragile they are. Are they worth committing $150M to $200M only to see them start to fall apart?

    I think more teams are going to start focusing upon the drafting and development of these guys to get a steady stream of arms going. After that, they will use them for a few years in the majors then unload them for other talent.

  • Taskmaster4450

    Yes Farnsworth doesnt impress me.

    I hope he is the one let go when they made the move tomorrow.

  • RyanF55

    I wouldn’t give any pitcher a 150+ million dollar deal at this point. There are teams like the Angels that will, so these FAs still seem to land the big deal somewhere. Teams would be much wiser to look for short term deals with these guys. It’s just incredible the percentage of young arms that go down.

  • RyanF55

    Off-topic, but man, Fernandez likely on his way for TJ surgery. It’s incredible how many pitchers are going down…take a look at this incomplete list alone:

    Jose Fernandez – May 2014
    A.J. Griffin, Athletics, Apr.25th .
    Pedro Figueroa, Rangers, Apr.24
    Ivan Nova, Yankees, – Apr.21st.
    Josh Johnson, Padres, – Apr.18.
    Matt Moore, Rays – Apr.15, 2014
    Jameson Taillon – Pirates – April, 2014
    Bobby Parnell – Mets – April 2014
    Cory Gearrin – Braves – Mar.29
    David Hernandez – D’Backs – Surgery April 2014.
    Bruce Rondon – Tigers – Mar.2014
    Patrick Corbin – D’Backs – Mar.2014.
    Jarrod Parker – Athletics – March 2014
    Brandon Beachy – Braves – “2nd TJ Surgery” Mar 2014
    Kris Medlen- Braves – Mar 2014
    Luke Hochevar- Royals – March.07, 2014.
    Miguel Sano – Twins (Position Player) Mar, 2014.
    Cory Luebke – Padres: Feb 2014

    Some big names on that list for sure….Fernandez, Medlen, Beachy, Corbin, Johnson, Moore, Griffin, etc. Mostly very young arms. This is alarming.

  • Taskmaster4450

    I dont know if I would drill Omar too much on the getting rid of prospects. Do not forget, he was under the Wilpon mandate that only the major league team matter. Prospects were of no interest to them since they do not sell season tickets. Hence, if you can unload prospects for someone who helps you now, go for it. It is a totally different mindset.

    The approach Alderson is using is to maximize prospect value. Retaining guys, as they move up and succeed, increases their value. Both Wheeler and Noah jumped in value greatly by succeeding at the AA and AAA levels as opposed to being A ball players. Watch for Plawecki’s stock to rise considerably if he keeps hitting at AA and moves to AAA. Puello is the other position player who can see his value go through the roof if he starts putting it together at the AAA level.

    Of course, the team may opt to hold onto these guys but if they do want to structure a deal, they have the pieces to do it. Omar was stuck unloading guys for bit players (ie a middle reliever) because the farm wasnt developed (sound familiar with the BP woes of the last few years).

  • mad met

    With Fernandez down marlins are done make a call trade d.smith / Flores/and /a pitcher for Stanton

  • mad met

    The mound needs to be higher again

  • SD(BK)Mike

    we should field separate road and home teams eh?

  • Taskmaster4450

    I agree. And if the Mets adopt that philosophy, do not be surprised if guys like Harvey, Wheeler, Montero, and Noah do eventually get traded. Many will say this is small market mindset but actually it is smart baseball in this era the way these guys fall. Look at the big signings of pitchers lately that faltered: Hamels, Cain and even Clayton found the DL. And now with guys going in for a 2nd TJ surgery, that is a lot for an organization to consider when talking about $150M.

  • RyanF55

    Absolutely. Pitchers seem to be useful for 3-4 years now, which is insane. Continually stocking the farm with young arms to replace current arms is the best way to go – big market or small. The Mets just need to a better job at filling in the gaps through FA.

  • Taskmaster4450

    Have a farm that provides a stream of talent makes it easier to fill gaps with FA since there arent as many. Look at the BP, it is easier to get one or two arms as compared to 6.

  • WilponsStinkLessNow

    This is so weird. I AM excited to see DeGrom and Montero, but I can’t decide if this is a baseball move or a marketing move. I mean, we’ve been hearing for weeks that DeGrom and Montero would first pitch in the pen in the minors before being called up. Suddenly that’s not happening. Rookie starters usually debut on the road away from NYC, but Montero is making his debut at home during the Subway Series. In the background, we all know the Mets are trying to capitalize on the marketing that comes from their match-up with the Yanks, and put out fires re the loyalty letter. So are these moves baseball moves with winning the ultimate goal, or are they trying to change the conversation and cash in on the Yankees? You can’t put anything past these guys. Nevertheless, I’m psyched to see the kids pitch.

  • Ju’Queveland “A’ight” Morris

    Until he works off the rust, it seems like Granderson is getting paid by the number of runners he leaves on base.

  • derek murphy

    Personally I’m very excited about the moves. Mejia could have been successful as a starter if he used the cutter more. With him going to the pen he can rely on the cutter. DeGrom was a reliever in college and while I expect him to be a starter in the future this can help both him and the mets. I’ve said many times the first chance they get to dump colon they should tAke. Syndergaard taking his place would be music to my ears. They could dump valverde and trade farnsworth then call up black and Thornton.

  • Tommy Med

    I think the slider/cutter has alot to do with these injuries especially the guy that throw it so hard like Harvey and Fernandez. Pitch is devastating but it puts a Sh** ton of stress on your elbow

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    Really don’t think they’re trying to capitalize on the Subway Series. They’ve literally never had a rookie pitcher debut against the Yankees so I don’t see how doing so helps them. There’s no precedent for it.

    I think they’re desperate to infuse life into this team. They hoped they could limp around .500 until early June and then make these call ups after Super 2. That didn’t happen and I give them credit for making the moves. And even still, if this is a marketing move, who cares? I sure don’t. It’s a business and they should market this way. The important thing is these guys are here.

  • Baseball move or Marketing move?
    I think it’s a Baseball Marketing move. They have a bunch of boring, retread scrubs who are failing in their bullpen. They have been replaced with a bunch of exciting, albeit unproven, hot prospects.
    Sunny Day: These kids with their live arms get batters out.
    Rainy Day: Let’s watch these young fresh faces fail instead of those sad old ones.
    It’s pretty hard to lose on this one. (Unless you expose your ove-rhyped prospects in a way that prevents Sandy from fleecing someone.)

  • I’m actually more scared by the length of the contracts than the yearly salary.
    I would pay Clayton Kershaw $35M/year for 3 years in a second. I wouldn’t touch him or anyone else for even a four year deal. Period.
    Develop a massive pool of young pitchers and “Catcher, SS, 2B, CF” hitters.

    Sign higher price/lower length free agents to put your staff or lineup over the top.
    Pitchers are nearly disposable at this point. Get ’em, groom ’em, pitch ’em (till they implode), and replace ’em with a newer model.

  • Peter S

    As many times as I want.

  • This is the one and only part of Sandyland that I agree with. Pitching is the most overpriced commodity, so stockpile young, cheap pitchers.
    Cash is king, but 15 live young arms are the King Slayer.

  • WillisReid

    They have 3 other starters who aren’t exactly scrubs.

  • Destry

    Our opponents don’t either. Tough place to hit. Especially in April

  • mad met

    That’s like comparing wheeler to Harvey

  • jaygreen55

    I don’t think that Mejia will be used in bak to back games to protect him From injury and Sandy already said that DeGrom won’t so perhaps they could alternate in the setup role with Dice K in long relief

  • WillisReid

    Even so. They aren’t trading Stanton to the Mets.

    And Eovaldi and his 2.86 ERA, is a much better pitcher than Wheeler.

  • RyanF55

    Good point….pitchers have their arms in all kinds of slots and angles now and the slider is probably the most devastating pitch on an elbow.

  • RyanF55

    True…length is the biggest issue.

  • upandadam

    They’re just postponing the inevitable. Valverde and Farnsworth are shells of what they used to be, but they won’t pull the trigger. if we had to keep one of them for now for middle relief, i’d probably take farnsworth, but only because valverde has been that much worse. I remember not liking valverde going as far back as when he was on Arizona. I just never thought his stuff was that good and now that he’s older… C’mon Sandy, he needs to go.

  • I think deGrom along with Familia and now Mejia could quickly turn our bullpen from farce to force. Love these moves.