Does Management Understand Who The Mets Are And What They Can Be?

terry collins

I’m not convinced the Mets really understand their strength and potential as a baseball team. Everybody talks about the Met pitching potential and the fact our current team and our teams in the future are and will be built around pitching. I love that fact.

But, I’ve always been told that teams built around pitching need to be strong defensively, especially down the middle of the field. That’s right, draw a line straight down the middle of the diamond and make sure that at least one player who mans each position near that line excels with the leather. That’s catching, shortstop and centerfield.

I was excited about the potential for the Mets to put together an iron rod down the middle of their defense to match some solid mound work heading into the 2014 season. Juan Lagares was a lightning bolt providing perhaps the best centerfield defense in baseball in the second half of 2013. Pitchers have to love pitching with a guy like Lagares running down balls in centerfield.

Then there was Travis d’Arnaud. Many Met fans were sorely disappointed with d’Arnaud’s introduction to the major leagues late last season. Not me. The disappointments were purely based on d’Arnaud’s struggles at the plate. But, d’Arnaud was more than satisfactory calling a game, framing pitches and catching a game behind the plate. To my way of thinking, d’Arnaud showed the stuff needed to become a second notch in a Met iron defensive rod.

Then there was shortstop. We all know Daniel Murphy is average at best as a defensive second baseman. But, Murphy is a professional hitter, something we badly lack, and a guy who works doggedly on improving his defensive game. We can live with that.

Murphy’s lack of defense made it common baseball sense, logical baseball thinking, that the Mets needed a stellar defender at shortstop to complete the iron wall of defenders down the middle of the field that their pitcher’s deserve. And, Stephen Drew, a noted defensive shortstop was available.

The potential of a Drew signing was immense. Drew hits better than the other Met options at shortstop and is a valued major league defender at this critical position. All winter long I believed we were playing possum, positioning ourselves to bring in Drew at the eleventh hour to lock down a credible defensive wall through the middle of the diamond.

It never happened. And then, at the first sign of trouble, with our team struggling mightily scoring runs, the Mets lose faith in Lagares and remove him from the line-up in four of five games. Why? We were seeking offense, even when Juan Lagares had been the most productive offensive outfielder in our everyday line-up by far.

Other than driving me almost to the edge, the moves the Mets have or have not made, and the their failure to clearly understand what they have in Lagares makes me believe our management has yet to clearly understand who the Mets are, or can be, as a baseball team. It’s Baseball 101. Look at the history books. Analyze 1969. Study 1973. Figure it out.

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MMO Minor League Analyst John Bernhardt is a retired public school teacher and administrator, who still coaches high school baseball. Growing up in a Yankees household, Bernhardt was an ardent Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra fan. When the Yankees fired Yogi in his first season as the Bomber manager, curiosity turned to passion when the Mets signed Berra as a player/coach and he has pulled for the Mets ever since. In retirement, John writes the sports for a local weekly, The Catskill Mountain News and hosts Tip-Off, a Friday morning sports hour, from 8:00-9:00 on WIOX, 91.3 F.M.
  • Peter S

    The FO barely understands what it means to make contact vs striking out.

  • MLBGM Fire TC

    I think we need a gm who knows whats going on, a guy who is young and knows how to negoate , a guy who can see talent and one who knows when players are worth signing and trading for. Also a guy who can hire a good manager and not be intemidaded by him.

  • SteveBrooklyn777

    I think it was a combination of promises to Chris Young, and Terry Collins thinking he needed a “classic” leadoff guy (Eric Young?) to top the lineup. Probably Alderson finally ordered Collins to play Lagares, as well as Flores. It does appear that Campbell will be used appropriately (although with the Mets you never know) at 1B and LF mainly.

  • WillisReid

    I think it safe to say that while the intent was to build around pitching, it hasn’t exactly panned out so far, couple that with the obvious struggles on offense and it’s pretty easy to see why they might be willing to sacrifice some defense for offense, especially on the infield.

  • Frank Francisco

    This is probably why the FO wanted to go with Tejada over Flores so badly.

    The problem is that eventually, no matter what your strength is, you can’t have someone whose decent defensively but a black hole offensively.

    Regardless, I think Flores is underrated defensively. He looks average at SS already and he’s only 22 and just started with the position. Give him a year or two and I think he will come around and actually be a decent defender.

  • Schnitzer’s Marble Rye

    Beyond having solid and deep (starting) pitching, I think it takes a dangerous, and generally CONSISTENT 3-4-5 to become a serious, contending team. As much as we love to talk about the importance of pitching, the Mets had one of their best lineups ever when they had Wright/Beltran/Delgado/Floyd, and Reyes too. They were so good with that lineup, that they were able to overcome injuries to their pitching, and almost make it the World Series with Steve Trachsel and Ollie Perez in the rotation.

    Now, if we could only combine the ’06ish Omar era lineups with where Sandy’s headed with our pitching, then we’d really have something cooking. Imagine Wright/Beltran/Delgado/Floyd/Reyes with Niese/Gee/Wheeler/deGrom/Syndergaard/Harvey/Montero….Yes, please.

    I get that offense is down in baseball lately, especially homeruns, but just look at the 06′ team’s offense and their OPS’s:

    Beltran .982
    Wright .912
    Delgado .909
    Reyes .841
    Valentin .820
    Lo Duca .820
    Chavez .779
    Floyd .731

    Wow. I wouldn’t even hope for, or expect that nowadays…

    So how bout just 3 or 4 guys with an .800 OPS, a couple .700’s, and and 1 or 2 .680-690’s…..I’d take that.

  • mad met

    Sounds good sign us up

  • MLBGM Fire TC

    No reason not to let him play every day, we arent winning 90 games this year anyway

  • Helloboy

    No, the Mets do not understand who they are. This is the problem. So instead of giving defined roles to those that are earning them, they give you quotes that make no sense.

    “Super Utility” – term given to players they want to play, but have no set position for either because A) player is not good enough to handle position daily or B) player is better than other guy, but they are trying to justify signings by benching the better performing players.

    “seeking offense” – term only applies to benching guys who are hitting when they do not understand how to fit them in a batting order. It is better to play someone who obviously fits a specific role than find a spot for a better player who is not clearly defined. They can also use this term while just ignoring other positions (ie Flores instead of Tejada).

    “Open Competition” – term given to wasting time with two similar players at a position when a team is too cheap to cut its losses and move on.

    “Ride the Hot Hand” – Term used for justifying the burning out of relievers instead of finding better depth to not have to burn out individual players.

    BTW, can someone explain how they keep spending money to buy more front office personnel (new PR guy?!) yet, can’t bring in a couple more Free agents?

  • BigAl831

    Flores has really made me shut up. He’s looked solid at the plate and made every play.

    But his range is still very questionable. He makes plays look more difficult than they actually are. But as long as he keeps making the plays and having good AB’s, there is no reason not to run him out there.

  • Helloboy

    maybe we would have if they declared him the starter instead of trying to justify the keeping of Tejada by letting him stink it up. Same can go for several other positions.

  • BigAl831

    No reason to compare this team to the 06 team. They’re basically polar opposites.

    But look at the 2010 Giants. Why can’t we be them?

    Let’s keep winning and get back to .500. I think we can surprise some people this season.

  • Schnitzer’s Marble Rye

    Not really comparing, just reminding everyone, including myself what it takes offensively to be a contender, while trying to consider that we’re in the post-steroid era.

    Actually, I think a better comp, or expectation/goal, in terms of what it’d take for this team to be successful would be closer to the ’86 team:

  • BigAl831

    I see what you mean but the Mets offense was just flat out ridiculous in 06.

    They had very little starting pitching that season too.

    But man that team was fun to watch.

  • Schnitzer’s Marble Rye

    Yeah, if the current Mets team could achieve something similar to the 2010 Giants, we’d be in pretty good shape offensively.

    I guess we tried to work towards that, but I that Pagan for Torres trade didn’t pan out so well. Ugh. But hey, at least we got Lagares now.

  • Mike B

    The term is “up the middle” not “down the middle”. Nevertheless, good point, save one. Stephen Drew is not a better hitter at SS than the other options, by a long shot. Yes, better than RT and Q, but not Flores. A better fielder, so that would have helped us defensively, but he hit 6-54 in post season, including 17k’s, with roughly half the games in Fenway. At Citi, he’d hit no hr’s, and bat near .200. Do you remember Joe Carter? He was a lifetime .395 hitter in Fenway, and Bob Watson hit .346 playing for the Sox one season, but why go back that far? How did Jason Bay’s numbers translate? How about 36 hrs to 12? Drew can’t hit. Like Bay, used to, not now. Think Jason Bay minus the hr’s.

  • Chris H

    What’s the weather look like for tonight. We gonna play or what?

  • Helloboy

    they believe striking out is just another out. Which makes perfect sense with a man on third and less than 2 outs.

  • Selltheteam06

    Q: What did Terry Collins get on his SAT?
    A: Drool

  • Metropolitan

    Looking at the weather as of now it looks like there is a chance they could get it in but there may be a delay(s).

  • Hotstreak

    So far no contribution from SA’s guys. Potential is as good as a promissory note. It can default.

  • SinHalo27

    I’d like to nominate this as “Comment of the Day/Week/Month/Year”

  • Helloboy

    “scattered showers” 40% usually means the game will get in. Even though they may be a delay, especially if a thunderstorm passes through. The pros always try to get the games in in these conditions. it has to be real steady rain to force cancellation.

  • MetsfanInParadise

    Lagares and Flores in, Campbell out

  • BronxMets

    Murphy is at best an awful second baseman, one you CANNOT live with if you ever become a serious team.

  • Hotstreak

    Its even worse. If you strike out and in process foul off 11 pitces to build up PPA its a good AB even though you took the first two strikes which were cookies to be creamed and eaten up. But since they were too soon in the count you had to lay off of them..

  • Helloboy

    I agree. Drew should never have been the main target. Flores will do more offensively than Drew would. Defensively, sure. But he would end up being a black hole also. Plus DL DL DL.

    In reality, they should run Flores out there to see if he is the real deal. He has a better chance of turning into a real force than Duda, IMO. If Flores can play the position and hit like we think he can, a power bat at 1B or Corner OF would be a bigger need. But, this team loved Duda, so I doubt we can fully eliminate him.

    Bottom line though is even if Flores turns out to be a decent SS with pop, and Campbell is a late developing stud, we still would be missing at least one big bat and a legitimate pen, where we need 1 RHP and a real good lefty specialist.

  • The front office guys will save them money in the long run; the free agents will cost more money as time goes on. Money they do not have.

  • Helloboy

    Yay! More force feeding of CY and right in the middle of the lineup too.
    *facepalm* they just don’t get it.

  • Once you stop expecting the “brain trust” to make sensible decisions, every one they make seems more awesome than it is. Also, stop thinking they know what they’re doing if it comes to actually winning on the MLB level. Lastly, stop buying the line that it takes five years to get good on the MLB level. It might take five years to be good on the farm, but five years to win on the MLB level?? Anyone can do that. Cut salary, play people out of position, find only more flawed than normal players, and actually only care about the minors and voila…you get five years to maybe win at the MLB level. Oh our “brain trust”.

  • This organization is going nowhere until I replace Travis Duhnerd…

  • Helloboy

    The Mets lineup tonight has no Campbell, WTF, CY back in and batting 5th (why?)… senseless.

    Ok, you want CY in for a moment, fine.. do not put him smack dab in position to kill a rally.


    Centeno is a good contact hitter and would help set the table being a pure singles hitter. Murphy should be the third hitter anyway…. despite the slump he is in.

    I would not let CY sniff the middle of the order right now. If I had Campbell in, i would keep Centeno 8th and the rest of the lineup the same as the Mets put out.

  • DrDooby

    Murphy has made serious progress defensively over the past couple of years at 2b and is more than playable by now.
    Of course, he´d benefit from a plus defender at SS – a Yunel Escobar or Hak Ju Lee, a Didi Gregorius or another above average defensive SS. That´s where the FO has failed. It´s understandable they didn´t want Stephen Drew at 3-years, 36 million with an opt-out and lose a draft pick when he´s pretty much an average SS overall. But hoping Wilmer Flores suddenly undergoes a body transfusion whille sticking with the inept duo of Tejada & Quintanilla just was major neglect of basic roster planning.

    The Mets need a legit SS going forward. Maybe Wilmer Flores will be the longer term 2bman. He may also be the longer term 3bman and also makes for great injury insurance at 3b for David Wright. But he won´t be the fulltime SS on the next Mets playoff team for sure. As nice as his offensive upside may turn out to be…

  • Helloboy

    Why did i just read this comment in the voice of the Iron Shiek?

  • Thank You for your support.

    Gracias por su apollo

  • BigAl831

    No way in hell would I ever want Juan Centeno getting more AB’s than Wright and Flores.

    TC’s original lineup is fine if he switches CY and Flores. But that’ll come.

  • because you still wear your Hulk Hogan t-shirt when its not Halloween

  • Chris Young is the greatest 4th OF in the history of our franchise..

    or at least the most expensive one….

  • Helloboy

    I could live with that switch also.

  • Maybe I can pinch-hit for David Wright after the 7th inning.

    We can do that double-switch thing that Terry does with Travis, and do it with David instead..

    then we can say that it was to move the pitcher’s spot back so we dont hurt David’s feelings…

    sounds like a plan to me…

  • Let’s be thankful for small victories with Lagares and Flores still in the lineup. One step at a time!

  • Helloboy

    I always thought Classic leadoff guys got on base.

  • TruthOverLies

    Murphy is only a 2B on a losing team. No playoff squad would have him play 2B for their team. He’s not good enough defensively to be counted on

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Terry Collins is a great manager

    ~Jeff Torborg

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    It took a minute for that to really sink in LOLLOL

  • Kevin Brown

    Stop it only would have been better if Art Howe chimed in.

  • TruthOverLies

    Shame injuries to Pedro, Duque and Duaner prevented the Mets from sweeping their way to a World Series ring. The Mets took the Fraudinals to 7 games with Trashcan, Maine and Ollie in the rotation. Tough breaks that season.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Nothing on this team comes close to reminding me of anything we had in 86′

  • Helloboy

    Better version of this:

    Collins is at best an awful manager, one you CANNOT live with if you ever become a serious team.

    Same statement works for Sandy and GM.

  • TruthOverLies

    Don’t know what you’re seeing, but Flores looks very composed and methodical at SS. His arm allows him to slow everything down nicely. Guys gotta remember all these “scouting reports” from nameless scouts are simply reporters trying to make themselves look impressive. It’s obvious by looking at Flores he’s more than comfortable at SS.

  • Helloboy

    For the record, Dan Uggla plays for the Braves at 2B. He is every bit as bad as Murphy in the field.

  • TruthOverLies

    Good reason why the Braves never won a ring. His defense is atrocious. No other playoff team sports a hole at 2B like that.

  • Helloboy

    Not winning a ring and being a losing team are NOT the same thing.

  • BronxMets

    Saying Murphy made major progress is an absurd statement he didn’t even know how to play the position 3 years ago. Hes awful flat out that’s the truth. Sugar coat it whatever way you want. He has zero range zero baseball skills at the position and zero brain cells.

  • Andrew Herbst

    I find that TC makes very puzzling lineups.

  • TruthOverLies

    Point is playoff teams don’t have holes at 2B like Uggla and Murphy.

  • SCarton12

    My guess is he wanted CY in there against his old team. Anyone know how CY did in the last series against the DB’s?

  • Ron T

    obviously you don’t like Murphy. Got it….move on

  • SCarton12

    He is worse than Murphy. Did you forget how he played against us? The man is a born DH.

  • owlnut

    TDA is not that good of a catcher. Anything down low or in the dirt is a bad problem. He can’t block pitches in the dirt.

  • Peter S


  • SCarton12

    I think it will take more than a few years for Flores to crack >15 hrs. I haven’t seen any power yet.

  • SCarton12

    1 or 2 more pitchers and we would have had a third WS. The Wilpons cheaped out. When you have a shot, you have to go all out.

  • I know, Sandy said I should play defense like TDA and I damn near got DFA’d for doing that..

    now watch me play Centeno style defense….

  • SCarton12

    Injuries to Pedro and el duque should have been expected. They cheaped out in July ’06.

  • I said the same thing all the time..

  • SCarton12

    Three .800+ OPS hitters and the rest between .675 and .750 should be enough these days, with a good pitching staff.

  • Albin Henneberger

    Can’t hate on not signing Drew. If he were to sign with the Mets for the same contact he did with the Sox, then I would be mad. But I doubt that is the case. Anyway, TC should play Flores to figure out what we have going foward, which is much more important than having Drew for a few months. But that is assuming TC does the right thing and gives Flores the majority of the at bats.

  • Nimmofan25

    Funny to bad Centeno can’t throw to second.

  • Nimmofan25

    Do you people really have to cry about everything.

  • Captain America

    And we all know why

  • Michael Mayer

    Lets base someone’s ability on a few games. Centeno has been a fantastic defensive catcher his whole Minor League career

  • TruthOverLies

    No one expected Pedro to go down that early into his contract. Be real…As for Duque, it was a fluke injury. Also unexpected. Duque and Pedro occured too late in the season to remedy the situation.

  • BigAl831

    Totally disagree.

    He’s making the plays but nothing is “comfortable” when it comes to Wilmer.

  • Mike B

    Duda! Don’t get me going. Twice in last week he’s up with man on 3rd, one out, and he doesn’t get him in. Both times, when ahead in the count, he took a fastball strike. Pitchers must laugh at him. I find myself screaming at the TV, “he’s going to throw a fastball. It’s 2-0, swing at the freakin’ pitch”. Never does. It’s like the opposite of what you’re supposed to do. Never seen anything like it. I mean, what’s he looking to do, walk? If he just sat on fastballs, he’d be twice the hitter he is. He’s always looking for the curve, then is frozen by the fastball. Kind of crazy approach. Most good hitters do the opposite. Get ahead, and sit on a fastball, or swing at the first pitch fastball.

    One thing I like about Latin players, Flores, Lagares, on the Mets, is that they’re first ball hitters. It’s very often a good pitch, so why not?

  • Mike B

    The free agent route has gotten stupid. You either get a Cano for $25 million per year, or Pujols, for a decade, or you get junk for $7.25 million per year, if you know who I mean.Very bad bet, IMO.

  • I throw the ball further than TDA can hit it.


  • no its ok.

    I’ve been throwing runners out for a few years now.

    TDA gets a few hundred games before they give up on him.

    Me? I get 3 games.

    The other Juan, Mr. Lagares is only a bad slump and a couple of errors away from being run out of here like Angel Pagan.

  • Xavier 22

    – Dallas Green

  • donobrien

    Ron, Bronx Mets won’t move on. He hates Murphy for reasons that probably have nothing to do with baseball.

  • donobrien

    You are so wrong, but who cares. If Murphy was a FA, the Yankees would grab him. Go argue with Keith Hernandez who may know baseball better than you.

  • BronxMets

    seriously?????????????? what is wrong with you people? Like him? What does that have to do with anything? You like him? You want to date him? Im giving you a baseball evaluation not a personality test.

  • actually the braves did win one ring in 1995.

  • i said many times before, Murph would be a beast in Yankee stadium, esp now that they need a 3B

    he makes all the sense in the world.

    in order to acquire more tradable assets,
    I would package him, duda and gee and wheeler for mark texiera, who the yanks would have to pay for completely.

    of course this means mark would have to waive his NTC…

  • except for matt harvey, daniel murphy, juan lagares & me

  • pedro was completely healthy before that.

    el duque hurt himself jogging the night before the playoffs

    that team was built too fast to have the depth they needed.

    If Omar inherited the system he left behind, a pedro martinez/el duque is replaced by harvey or niese or gee…

    a duaner is replaced by a parnell, a mejia, a familia, etc

    too much too soon to sustain injuries.

    if those injuries dont occur, xavier nady is our RF and protection against lefties in 2007 ( who killed us )

  • derek murphy

    They understand but want to make sure we have another bottom 10 finish. They have prospects for days n the upside is incredible. The a team advanced a, Brooklyn n dsl this year our prospects are gona put themselves on the map. They have at least 10 or 15 position prospects that are not house hol namey but will be.

    Savannah has like 6 position players that are gona be sweet.

    ST lucie has 4 or 5 stud position players tj Rivera is hard to count cause of his age.

    Bimington has 3 or 4 stud position prospects. Tovar n Reynolds are ready plawecki the catcher most fans bashed when drafted is coming quick n could be major league ready this year. Lawley n taijeron have power n need natera back to jump start them.

  • Fred Wilpon may have offered a vote of confidence to Omar Minaya, but the GM’s inner circle quietly is being dismantled.

    The Mets have fired Ramon Pena, the organization’s top official in charge of signing Latin American talent, the Daily News has learned. In addition, vice president of scouting Sandy Johnson intends to retire, and minor-league field coordinator Luis Aguayo has been let go, sources said.

    Tony Bernazard, who was fired on July 27 after a series of over-the-top clubhouse antics, and Johnson were Minaya’s two top lieutenants. More turnover could be coming since only Rudy Terrasas, who oversees the amateur draft, is believed to be under contract beyond this season.

    Pena’s dismissal signals displeasure with the performance of a number of high-caliber Latin American prospects signed as teenagers.

    When a major-league team signs a top free agent, it forfeits a draft pick. For instance, the Mets had to give their first-round pick (24th overall) in this year’s draft to the Angels as compensation for signing Francisco Rodriguez.

    The Mets’ plan under Minaya supposedly had been to offset the forfeiture of top draft picks by signing international free agents who are not subject to the draft. For example, Fernando Martinez and pitcher Deolis Guerra were signed as 16-year-olds from the Dominican Republic and Venezuela, respectively, in the summer of 2005 for a combined bonus of $2 million. Guerra was sent to the Twins in the trade for Johan Santana, but neither he nor Martinez has yet to make an impact at the major-league level.

    More recent signings under Pena, who joined the Mets on July 18, 2006, have been slower to develop.

    In fact, other than Jose Reyes, a Steve Phillips-era addition, the Mets have no players on the major-league roster who were signed as international free agents besides Martinez. Martinez, who underwent surgery on his right knee, hasn’t appeared in a game since July 3.

    There isn’t an influx on the immediate horizon, either. Hard-throwing righthander Jenrry Mejia, 19, from the Dominican Republic is being sent to the Arizona Fall League and could make the big-league team in the bullpen next season, but little other impact is expected in 2010.

    The top Latin American catching prospect, Francisco Peña, the son of former All-Star Tony Peña, struggled at St. Lucie.

    Meanwhile, Ramon Pena had other baggage, too. A source said he worked as a high-level executive for Gigantes del Cibao, a Dominican winter-league team, without permission of the Mets last offseason, which irked team officials.

    As for Johnson, the Mets apparently are trying to persuade him not to retire. Aguayo oversaw much of the on-field aspects of minor leaguers at the organization’s Port St. Lucie complex.

    Read more:

    Now look at who has the most MLB players in the bigs this year..

    good job Freddy !!!

  • derek murphy

    Flores, Campbell, dykstrA, Puello, tovar, Reynolds, TDA n Plawicki can all see time before the end of the seAson for a team with no position prospects that’s not bad. The number of high ceiling prospects between 16 n 22 is absolutely insane. That’s not even counting pitching n we have the best right handed pitching prospects. We need our coaches to scrap pick concern n play the best players.

  • derek murphy

    That is not true. Read what you wrote.

  • Too bad DarNoGood can’t catch any pitch that’s an inch out of the strike zone. I’m tired of watching balls bounce off the backstop already.

  • what are u talking about

    the mets were cleaning house in 2009 after the tony bernzard fiasco.

    and as much as folks hated tony b for being a bad employee..

    if not for him, there would be no daniel murphy on our team…

    tony’s son went to college with daniel.

    tony went to see his son play a game, saw murph there, loved his approach, and saw to it that he got drafted..

    b/c murph is irish and it doesnt jive with the whole los mets thing, that story went completely un-noticed.

    if murph’s name was lopez, then columnists like adam rubin would make sure u knew bernazard was looking out for his people in an effort to take away the game from you red-blooded hard-working americans…


    this was an article from 2007 in the post

    Mets fans should keep in mind the name Daniel Murphy. He was a 13th-round pick out of Jacksonville University, where he played with Mets VP of Development Tony Bernazard’s son. Several Mets officials have seen the lefty swinger hit this spring and project him as a legitimate bat. The question is whether he will learn to handle third base (where he will begin this year) or, perhaps at some point, second base. But the Mets are impressed enough by the bat that after initially thinking they would start Murphy at Low-A, they are thinking instead of having him begin at High-A.

    “Mr. Murphy is a hitter,” Bernazard said. “We just don’t know what position he is going to play. He has to work on his defense.”


    Fact is, Omar and his team were far better at recognizing talent than this crew of stiffs…

  • no worries,

    sandy offers the score-keeper a free smart phone for every passed ball that he calls a wild pitch…

  • lareplus

    Matt Reynolds is sure tearing the ball at AA. I don’t know what kind of a fielder he is but it’s nice to dream. Meanwhile, I think Didi would be a great choice but not if we have to give up very much. Let’s stick with Flores for awhile to see if he does a credible job with the bat and glove.

  • lareplus

    Well, hopefully he is wearing sensible shoes.

  • SCarton12

    Be real? they had no depth in their starting pitching, NONE, check out their 5th starters from april thru October. When you have the best hitting team in the NL and a big lead in July, you should go all out to win it all. Those chances to win it all do not come very often. I know they spent big on offense, but you can’t get cheap when the time comes to grab the ring.

  • SCarton12

    start to finish they had ZERO starting pitching depth ZERO. They didn’t even have a decent fifth starter all year. Hope is not a plan.

  • yes,

    that team was built too fast and on the cheap to have the depth they needed.

    Depth does not sell tickets, it ensures wins in case your players get hurt.

    the wilpons never had any interest in that.

    they wanted star power to lead to wins to sell wolf tickets.

    again, it bears worth repeating, had Omar inherited the farm system he left behind, the mets win 3 division titles in a row or more and have the sustained success Sandy is aiming for.

    guys like pedro, beltran, delgado are folks u sign to get u over the top. they are supposedo be the last pieces to a dynasty, not the building blocks to it.

    they were supposed to be our keith, our gary, our ray knight, NOT our Doc and Straw..

    but Omar did what he had to do and came within a basehit of doing the impossible.

    for all the injuries, they were 1 basehit away…

    when u think about it, the 2006 mets overachieved, they won despite their flaws.

  • SCarton12

    Their starters over-achieved, for sure. Maine and Perez were huge surprises, but that just supports my argument that come July ’06, you get some proven pitchers at all cost. They hoped and prayed their thin pitching would hold up. It didn’t, and a 3rd WS title was washed away because they chose to hope instead of insure.

  • they had a chance at getting zito for milledge and passed it down.

    they had a chance at getting manny ramirez for milledge in heilman after the season ended…and passed it down..

    both times over money.

    Manny instead of Alou in 2007, brings us a division title at least…

    and with a healthy pedro in september, who knows what happens in the playoffs..

  • Andrew Doris

    The season ain’t over yet, folks. This very weekend, the Mets will be scouting several of their opponents SS’s when the Diamondbacks come to Citi field. Didi Gregorious can play shortstop. Chris Owings can play shortstop. And although he’s just a prospect, Nick Ahmed is a defensive wizard. Diamondbacks need a catcher and a half-decent pitching prospect and we have both, in Plawecki and any number of expendable pitchers. I know we’ve been patient for a long time, but the Mets aren’t gearing up for a world series run in 2014; 2015 is their target, and a young shortstop with upside under team control for years is better than an old and expensive guy over the long term.

  • TruthOverLies

    No one went cheap. They weren’t going to find a replacement for Duaner. That was the biggest injury of them all. Even without Duque and Pedro they swept the Dodgers. Omar did his best to find us help during the season. His Maine and Ollie acquisitions weren’t a figment of our imagination. Duaner’s loss was the one he couldn’t fix.
    To this day, the Mets haven’t adequately replaced the 8th inning guy.

  • TruthOverLies

    Not with Uggla at 2B…..

  • TruthOverLies

    Keith has to be a homer, dude. He’s not going to urinate all over Murph at 2B. Get real! Even when Murph was humiliating himself in LF, 1B and 2B, Keith was diplomatic by telling us he was a 3B by trade. And YES, you’re right. The Yankees would take Murph and start him….at 3B HIS NATURAL POSITION!

  • TruthOverLies

    That’s your own insecurity at work after years of e-scouts, foolish talk show hosts like Mike Foolcessa and fellow clueless Met fan bloggers brain poisoning you into believing Wilmer isn’t a good SS.
    It’s hard to believe your own eyes at times. Remove the poison and just watch the kid play. He handles plays flawlessly. Are you still of the opinion Wilmer “brainlocked” on that double play the other night? That’s more poison at work. Anyone who has played ball knows Murphy screwed up that play by coming over to 2B when it was Flores committing to the bag by design.
    Murph doesn’t have the instinct to pull away and allow the SS to take that play. He just reacted to a grounder up the middle and kept going. Total brainlock. With a runner at 1B, there’s a premeditated call as to whom covers the bag on any comebacker or a steal attempt with a runner on 1B. Since you can’t predict either before it happens you simply go on the call of the 2B depending on what pitch the catcher calls for. Then the 2B relays the message as to whom is covering the bag on either type play. The rookie natural SS did the right thing, while the transplanted 3B, known for brainlocking on the field and on the basepaths, did what he usually does. He brainlocked.

  • i see ur point and agree
    murph is a corner infielder, not a middle infielder

    Murph’s abilities at the following positions

    1B – good
    3B -meh
    2B – bad
    SS- horrific
    LF – horrific
    CF – horrific
    RF -horrific
    C – horrific

    he’s a decent 3b and potential good 1B though, and a better offensive option than Duda at this point.

    in order to lower payroll, further their youth agenda, I would trade either do 1 of the following

    1 – trade Wright , move Murph to 1B, Flores to 3B, Tovar to SS. I would go with Tejada at 2B. Defensively, from a range perspective, its actually pretty good.

    2 – trade Murphy , Duda, Tejada, Gee and Wheeler to the Yankees for Mark Texiera, have the Yanks pay Texiera’s contract entirely.

    Mets lower payroll, improve defense at 1B, and have a very valuable asset to trade away if the 2015 season goes bad.

    Mets replace Gee and wheeler with degrom and thor.
    Mets have infield of…

    Tex – Wright – Flores – Tovar. pretty decent. all at the total cost of 21.5 million dollars.

    Wright – 20 mil
    Tex – free
    Flores – 500K
    Tovar – 500K
    Choose between Travis/Recker/Me/Plawecki – 500K

    Yanks get a 2B/3B, a replacement at 1B, a decent utility SS/2B and 2 good young SP all for the cost of 1 player.

  • SCarton12

    Duaner got hurt after july 31. Stop trying to defend Omar when I am not necessarily blaming him (i.e. Wilpon budget). THEY HAD NO STARTING PITCHING DEPTH FROM THE START OF THE SEASON TILL OCTOBER. Is that loud enough for you? do you understand that the point I am trying to make is they had NO pitching depth in a season where they could have gone all the way.smh

  • TruthOverLies

    Tex is breaking down. You wonder how long that dude has before it all goes up in smoke. If he were healthy and without injury concern I would strongly consider it

  • TruthOverLies

    It’s completely hilarious how certain reporters and bloggers try to brainwash Met fans into believing the former GM left the Mets barren. Bernie Madoff left the Mets barren. The Mets could have been a dynasty had they allowed Omar Minaya to continue being the GM. The Madoff thing just railroaded them temporarily. What’s sinking this organization is misappropriated funds spent by the current GM and horrific draft day decisions in 2011 and 2012. Who knows what bonehead moves were made in 2013.
    Even if you were forced to break this team apart, the proper move would have been to keep a shrewd GM like Minaya around solely for draft purposes. Let him work his magic. Our drafts from 2011 on have been awful. I don’t care what Nimmo does from here on in, selecting him over Fernandez was idiotic to say the least. The Wacha non-move was equally bad. If you told Omar just to focus on the draft and IFA and not to sign free agents. our system would truly be dynamic.
    If you’re starting from scratch, why would you bring in a man who has not seen any success in the bigs in 20 years? It’s preposterous unless there’s an agreement with MLB to have Team Loser GM in charge to lower payroll. But how does that excuse washing away 12 million on a pen in 2012? Or drafting like a truly blind squirrel the last few seasons? It doesn’t.
    This team should bring back the best scout GM they’ve ever had. Omar’s a hometown kid who deserves his role back. Enough of the pygmy GM and sabersorcery/monkeyball he spins on the team.

  • TruthOverLies

    Again, that’s untrue. They had depth, but no one counts on losing 2 starting pitchers from the rotation. And who replaces a lockdown 8th inning guy? Those guys are impossible to find, man no matter who the GM is. STOP BEING A THICKHEADED MONKEY! Guys like Duque and Pedro DON’T GROW ON FKN TREES LOL.
    You’re Monday morning qb’ing. Finding an extra bat for the bench is easy. Finding good starting pitching and superior setup men is NOT easy. Capiche?

  • TruthOverLies

    Don’t worry, Juan. It’s not that they’re against people like you. They’re just VERY stupid people. Forgive them, brother…

  • SCarton12

    2 40yr olds, a broken down Pedro, trachsel and rookie Maine. Dave Williams, Jose Lima were depth. This is a championship starting pitching staff? Tell the real truth, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • BigAl831

    Dude you know nothing of my experience playing ball or watching ball or anything so how about you relax a little bit.

    I’ll form my own opinion and you form yours.

    And why are you bringing up that double play? Nice rant but I never brought it up. I guess you enjoy typing meaningless words. Wilmer did nothing wrong on that play.

    But you are fooling yourself and everybody else if you think that Wilmer is any kind of long term solution at shortstop for a team that should be built around pitching and defense. The footwork is just not there. Hopefully he just keeps making the routine plays and gets more and more comfortable and can become Peralta lite.

    And FYI, MLB scouts know a hell of a lot more about the game than you do.

  • “Even if you were forced to break this team apart, the proper move would have been to keep a shrewd GM like Minaya around solely for draft purposes. Let him work his magic. ”

    and thats what Sandy was trying to do …

    arrogant – yes, stupid no…

    he begged Omar to stay, while Omar said NO !

    Minaya’s successor as general manager, Sandy Alderson, had dinner with Minaya earlier this month, the first face-to-face contact between the two men since Minaya’s dismissal in early October. Though Alderson didn’t discuss the details of his meeting, he did intimate that Minaya may be welcome back with the club in some capacity.

    “We continue to have a good relationship,” Alderson said at Wednesday’s news conference to introduce infielder Chin-lung Hu. “At this point, [Minaya] will — when he deems it appropriate — give me another call and we’ll see where it goes.”

    At a Police Athletic League dinner in Manhattan the following evening, Mets principal owner Fred Wilpon spoke more directly.

    “I think Omar is a very good man and a good person also,” Wilpon told reporters at the dinner. “I think the right position for Omar in this organization would be helpful — to Omar and to the organization.”

    Wilpon openly described his vision for Minaya as “something to do with the baseball area, looking at talent, maybe in the international area.” Scouting, in other words, though Wilpon used the phrase “senior advisor or special assistant” — the latter a title also held by former Blue Jays general manager J.P. Ricciardi.

  • “If you’re starting from scratch, why would you bring in a man who has not seen any success in the bigs in 20 years? ”

    and that little success was IN SPITE of him, not because of him…

    Moneyball book details he wanted to install his OBP centric ways but couldnt until new ownership came into town and LaRussa bounced.

    Sandy would take the A’s of 2002-2004 over the A’s of 1989-90

  • TruthOverLies

    And you’ve never spoken to 1 FKN scout, toolbag, so WTF are YOU talking about? lol

    You stay reading the e-scouts, kid. Good job lol

  • TruthOverLies

    Ok, azzbag. They only won nearly 110 games. What an idiot lol.

    Too bad Team Loser GM wasn’t around with his SaberSorcery, huh?

  • BigAl831

    lol man yeah you seem real intelligent lol ya lol

  • TruthOverLies


  • SCarton12

    TruthOverLies can’t seem to tell the truth, when you include a sandy dig in an argument over the 2006 team, you’ve lost all credibility. Pull your skirt down your agenda is showing!

  • TruthOverLies

    Yeah, unless your sprained uterus is sore after being assaulted by FACTS. Only a true idiot would complain about a team that nearly won 110 games…lol.