Collins Not Overly Concerned About Bartolo Colon

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Bartolo Colon gave up his eighth home run of the season en route to an early shower that saw him allow seven runs, six earned, and failing to complete six innings for the second time in three starts.

Colon, who signed a two-year, $20 million contract with the Mets in the offseason, has seen his ERA soar to 5.84 after eight starts with a .316 batting average against him and a .842 OPS.

“There’s still too much season left,” the veteran righthander told reporters after the Mets 9-7 comeback win. “I’m not worried yet.”

Terry Collins admitted it was another rough outing for Colon, but reminded everyone that the 41-year old is a seasoned veteran who has gotten the job done throughout his career.

“All I know is this guy is a veteran guy and I think as we move along, I just see him make some mistakes in the middle of the plate which he normally doesn’t do. I don’t know if he’s trying to get used to something. I don’t know what it’s about except we gotta get the ball down because the home runs are the ones doing the damage tonight.”

“He needs to keep the ball down.”

I’m not worried yet.

I remember at around this time last year we saw people freaking out over Dillon Gee and then just like that, he delivered 18 straight starts to close the season that was better than all but three other pitchers in the game during that span. 

That’s the beauty of baseball.


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  • QueensRussell

    I mean this guy won 18 games last year. While one shouldn’t be deluded that he’s going to repeat that feat, I don’t want to believe he’s done and will continue stinkin’ up the joint every time he takes the mound. In short, I’m not ready to write him off in early May, but he sure has looked like crap more often than not.

    last night was an extended batting practice session or a Skanks hitting clinic!

  • It will be interesting to see what happens if he continues to struggle for a long enough time to make it clear that there is an issue. Do you put him in the bullpen? We’re stuck with him for 2 years so I wonder how it will play out.

  • TexasGusCC

    I don’t see the same amount of motivation in Gee and Colon, but I also am willing to give a guy a chance. By the end of June, we will see where we’re at.

  • NewYorkMammoths

    I guess the best result would be that he juices again, gets caught, and the Mets are spared the salary.

  • Actually it isn’t more often than not yet. 5/8 have been quality starts but there’s been little middle ground!

  • BronxMets

    Im not worried when are they going to STOP saying that. Hold the Fing guy accountable for GODS SAKE.

  • BronxMets

    you are done at some point and nobody has been able to figure out when it happens it just happens. Like its got to start raining somewhere.

  • MattHarvey’sEgo

    While I’m annoyed that Bartolo has been a train wreck mostly, I think he’ll find his groove sooner than later. It’s just that when he’s bad, he’s really bad. There is very little in between with him. He’s either painting a masterpiece or he’s downright pitiful.

  • RyanF55

    I’m glad they’re not worried, because I certainly am. A .316 BA and a .842 OPS by opposing hitters? That’s not acceptable. He needs to start pitching like an Ace, no excuses. I don’t see a dip in velocity…..sort it our Bartolo. There’s still plenty of time for him to have a great season for this team.


    That’s the issue with Colon, its all or nothing. 5 quality starts is good, but he also has given up at least 7 in the other three!!!! [leads MLB]. He needs to get on a roll, I think he will. His velocity is still decent, hell find it.


    It is also worth mentioning that colon early last year had a few of these starts. What is different though is that last year they were 4-6 runs a game, this year its 7-9. I would be more worried if his velocity is down, but that does not appear to be the issue.

  • Metstheory22

    Hope it’s sooner than later. Seems all he is throwing is fastballs down the middle.

  • TPT

    the only reason their willing to be patient and baby Colon as well as all the fans on here is because WERE STUCK WITH HIM AND HIS 20 MILLION FOR THE NEXT TWO YEARS not even one year but 2 yrs? really SANDY? who else offered him 2 years? GOD forbid this was Wheeler i can only imagine the abuse you’d throw at him …and if these were Gees STATS you all be screaming bloody murder to trade or demote him….(Mets fans are the greatest but their also the most fickle) all i can say is… keeping my fingers crossed

  • Bill Buckner

    It’s not like the Wilpons would put that saved salary into other players, so this best result isn’t that great…

  • Destry

    Sandy could’ve signed Dice-K and Aaron Harang for $1mil each on one year contracts, and we’d have a better rotation than we do now. They both wanted to come back and battle for a rotation spot on minor league deals.

    He also should’ve traded Ike Davis to Tampa Bay for Matt Joyce, or at least accepted the Zach Britton offer from Baltimore. We needed another LH in the bullpen anyway. Britton is dominating in the Oriole bullpen.

    Poor offseason for Sandy. Im pretty disappointed in him.

  • Andrew Herbst

    Sandy could have signed Santana or Arroyo over Dice-K. He also could traded Ike to the Orioles for the lhp Britton.

  • Brian D.

    Kazmir would have been the best move.

  • Metropolitan

    Funny everybody is so calm and cool about Colon here,unfortunately in this fan base many let their guard down because of a win,they will give a player a pass because we won,we was just lucky we got an unusual offensive output,meanwhile Colon is nowhere near what he was in Oakland has an ERA of nearly 6 and it is like mid May they can’t keep marching him out there,he sucks,Sandy Alderson signed this guy to a 2 year deal we got him next year too. and at a price where he can be used as a reason why we can’t sing this one or that one next year

  • Metropolitan

    Terry Collins is that you?

  • Lotus1209

    Despite how awesome Kazmir has been… I understand why they didn’t go for him. They needed reliability and consistency more than elite production, and considering how Kazmir has struggled to be consistent they passed on him. I get it.

  • WilponsNeed2Go

    “Terry not overly concerned about X player.” How is this news? Does anything concern this man?

    Ultimately, the blame for the Colon signing is all on Sandy, and Collins can’t do much about arresting Colon’s decline.

  • Brian D.

    I understand that too I guess, but then why did they go with Colon? With his age, injury history, and recent PED suspension, he was not reliable either. I actually think he was more risky than Kazmir.

  • DejaVu

    Anyone watch Seinfeld? I just see Terry Collins as George’s inept boss “Mr. Krueger”
    “I’m not overly worried about it”…

  • Andrew Herbst

    I think that they passed on him due to his injury history. But I’d rather have him over Colon.

  • Bobby O

    I’m certainly concerned about this guy. It seems to me he has to be almost perfect and pinpoint with his command of his fastballs. His stuff to me is meh, on the flat side and no secondary pitches to keep hitters off his fastballs. I really wasn’t that familiar with Colon- I don’t watch AL MLB except when 1 of those teams play the Mets- I thought headed in that this guy had better stuff than this.

  • Srooz RLoos

    Watching Colon is like watching fat Mickey Lolich pitch for the Mets in 1976
    except we didn’t trade Rusty Staub in his prime to get him.
    Maybe Colon will do what Lolich did with the Mets and retire after one year and open a donut shop
    Jim Cambell Tigers GM at the time felt so bad fleecing the Mets he actually gave them another player to replace Lolich.


    Did any1 notice last nite colon barely threw any pitches in he kept pitching out nd was not working for him wen he uses both sides of the plate he seems to pitch better

  • Bobby O

    This is what I don’t understand about the Colon signing for the life of myself. Granted, Sandy did want to try to win this season and thought Colon would provide both stability and leadership atop the rotation. However, Sandy is against an old SP that he feels was on his last leg or might have peaked and rightfully so which is 1 of the reasons why he traded Dickey and this guy is older than Dickey and a fastball pitcher too. Colon really isn’t a leader type but more of a free spirit who drums to his own beat. This guy can’t even speak fluent English and he’s going to lead and provide say for a Zack Wheeler? Terry also clearly stated in the offseason that he had no problem whatsoever taking Montero north with him right out of ST based on the scouting reports he had read and people he spoke to regarding Montero and his last season and the June 20th Super 2 date doesn’t seem to be an issue with the Mets FO with either Montero or deGrom. Most importantly, Terry never viewed this guy as the Mets ace SP even before the season started but more as the Mets 3SP after Dillon and Jon esp. if Jon didn’t get hurt in ST. Terry of course also didn’t mind The Dice Man in the rotation at least for awhile.

  • sarge69

    So he compares a veteran of thousands of innings pitched to Gee, last year, coming off if blood clot surgery?
    Really, keep propping up bad vets over young players of Mets future?

  • Mikey

    Ask yourself something….
    Why should Collins be concerned about Colon?
    EVERYONE knows he is not going to be a starter much past July unless someone among Wheeler, Niese, and Gee get hurt or Montero Fails miserably!

    Syndergaard is going to brought up sometime around Late June to Mid July and unless they plan on going to a 6 man rotation someone will be left as the odd man out!
    So barring an Injury or a setback for Montero or Syndergaard Colon is probably a man without a job come right around the time of the trade deadline!

    At which point they will try and trade him to some pitching desperate team and eat some of his Salary to get something worthwhile for him.

    And lets look at this from Collins’ POV…
    Colon turning out to be a mistake is not going to make his job any less secure than it already is!

    If this team ends the season in the basement he is either going to be fired as the scapegoat or the GM gets fired and the new guy will name his own manager anyway!

    And if they do manage to compete well then no one is going to care about how Colon did in May!

  • Hitmanᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ✔

    How Collins feels about Colon is irrelevant. A couple of more awful starts from Colon and Syndergaard is finally gonna get the call.

  • Waz0787

    Two years at 20 mil. We’re stuck with fatso.

  • The 5.84 era is very worrisome; good news is that there’s let’s of baseball yet to turn it around, which we’re all hoping he does because we barely have money…much less to be wasting on overpaid #7 starters.

  • T Boogy

    What is Collins supposed to say? Of course he’s going to be positive and support his player. I think he’ll pitch enough quality games this season to warrant the contract. Hopefully he pitches well enough to deal him in July.

  • NeedNewOwners

    Bartporko is like having 2 other great Sandy pitcher signings; Marcum and Frank Francisco, at the same time. At least he weighs about the same. But could we spend one quarter of that on the right old guy?…Hawkins? Not in the world of the incompetent and arrogant Sandy Alderson.

  • Piazza Delivery

    But colon isnt a spring chicken…he’s 41!!! There should b a bit of concern