Chris Young Loves How Mets Battled: “We Were Never Out Of It”

chris young

Chris Young came through for the second consecutive game on Monday, this time going 2-for-4 and delivering the game-winning, eighth-inning home run in the Mets’ 9-7 win over the Yankees.

Young told reporters he didn’t know the regular season could ever feel as electric as last night, calling it the most exciting game he’s ever played in his major league career.

“You’re in the outfield and you see the rivalry going on,” Young said. “It looks like a big party out there, people just having a good time and people just rooting for their team. That’s what baseball’s all about.” 

“It’s another level. It felt like a big college football game,” Young said. “It says a lot about the energy that this game brings. … I think those kind of games, you naturally never give up. You never feel like you’re out of it.”

Young seems to be over his recent 0-for-18 slump and is 4-for-10 in his last two games which included three very clutch hits.

“It felt good to hit one and know it was going to leave,” Young said. “You’re just trying to keep the line moving at that point, just something you can hit. You’re thinking single in that situation, try and get a run on the board and get the next guy up to the plate.”

Young is excited to be a part of his team and despite the ups and downs he said the Mets know how to battle.

“We have a lot of fight in us. We’ve had that all year,” Young said. “All it takes is a big hit here and there.”

It was great to see him contribute to what was a great comeback win for the Amazins in the first of four against the Yankees.


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  • QueensRussell

    Wow! It proves probably how much better the Mets would play if they really had a crowd behind them. The 1986 Mets always mentioned the fans. I am glad the players at least got to experience it last night.

    I think Mets fans may turn out at Citi if they ever begin to feel like the FO gives a damn about the team, or at least are convinced that not a single player is dogging it or thinking that the Mets can’t compete.

    Good to see CY performing. If he plays well and gives us more bombs, we definitely will compete!


  • RyanF55

    Good for CY. Good for the Mets. My only issue is this passion and drive should be there whether they’re at Yankee Stadium during the Subway Series or in Miami in front of 200 people in August. It’s tough to get up all the time, but great teams know how to.

  • Taskmaster4450

    People kept questioning and attacking the signing of CY. The last couple games prove it. Scored the tying and winning run on Sunday and hit what turned out to be the game winning HR last night. Also, he can play CF which is not something all can do (I realize he isnt Juan out there but who is?). He is a streak hitter but does generate a lot of power when he hits the ball (has anyone dented the off wall with harder shots this season).

    This will turn out to be a good signing for the Mets.

  • Taskmaster4450

    Well the team seemed to battle Sunday against the Phils with a not so filled Citi Field.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    CHRIS B.YOUNG your 2014 METS MVP!

  • Taskmaster4450

    I thought you already cast your vote for David Wright.

  • Agee’s Catch

    Joe D.,
    -1 for using an Art Howe expression in the title.

  • Agee’s Catch

    If we can play all of our games in Yankees Stadium instead of the cavern

  • dealingwithidiots

    I think it’s perspective sometimes, I think when the team does lose, fans are quick to the “lifeless, not trying, etc…” While sometimes it’s true sometimes, many times, fans are just throwing it out there in their frustration.

  • TexasGusCC

    He’s right about the electricity of the Mets/Yankees, but if the Mets need this motivation to get up, what does that say about the other 158 games that their manager “has them playing hard”? Are they really playing hard? Yea, right!

  • gary s.

    If he hits 20 homers and .260 these cheapskates won’t pay him..Don’t get too attached to anyone wearing a Met uniform who is in for a payday. They wouldn’t pay Byrd..No way this guy comes back. Not to worry, we can always play Duda or Kirk N. in left field next year..

  • $14435385

    Please Joe – love the blog, but can we declare a moratorium on “battling?” I think I twitched a little when I read the word… 😉

  • Anthony

    He finally contributed wow lets throw him a parade

  • oleosmirf

    After watching Mejia last night, I don’t think there is any question that he should be groomed to be the future closer.

    He has the mentality and now he has the out pitch, needed for it.

  • Xavier 22

    Young was never going to be a long term solution. If Byrd was open to a one year deal, they would have signed him

  • Tommy Med

    loved that little dance after he struck out Gardner.

  • Hey Jets fans (of which I’m not one), remember Richie Cotite? We were swarmin’ out there on defense. Hey genius, you’re 3 and 13.

  • I’m about to have a plate full of Crow for breakfast this morning.
    Chris Young has been better than I anticipated. I killed this signing all winter/spring.
    He’s better than his stats indicate. First, he plays very good outfield and can/will play all three positions.
    Second, he “can” hit mistakes hard. He’s not Miguel Cabrera, but he can hit mistakes.
    He can steal an occasional base.
    Having solid defense, a slight power threat, and a slight stolen base threat is actually not horrible.
    Now let’s work on those strikeouts please.
    Crow is not bad if you shake enough salt on it. Now, when is lunch, I owe Duda and appology next.

  • Exactly. He was a bandaid and nothing more. He hasn’t been awful. If there were a few better bats in this lineup he would look a lot better.

  • $14435385

    I’ve believed that since he came up – he’s a lot like Neftali Feliz, who had more value as a closer than he would have ever had as a starter. Just hope they don’t jerk him around if they’ve truly decided…he, Familia, Black and deGrom are good start for a nice power bullpen if they choose to go that way…

  • Jakal42400

    Fans are such a big motivation for this team. It is even bigger for a team that may not be quite up to the task if they relied solely on it’s talent. It has and always will be the “X” factor. I do believe that this has been a big reason for their inferior play at home and not just the dimensions of a ballpark. In recent years they have had very substantial and positive road trips only to return to an empty stadium. I understand and I get it why the fans aren’t there, numerous reasons ownership, prices lack of trust that the team is for real. And, I do not disagree with any of that, but I do understand the somewhat psychological disappointment in the players, whether they’re even realizing it or not. It’s human nature. Home games versus the Cardinals, Phillies and Yankees are different though. The stadium is full, be it due to being the oppositions fans that are making up a portion of the crowd, but there is definitely a different energy level at the stadium, and the team tends to play to it. When you have a lack of talent you need to pull energy from somewhere else. Some people would say that you have to perform the same way against the Marlins in an empty ballpark, like Marlins park, just as you do in Yankee stadium, but I’ll just say that in 86 the Mets were swept in a 4 game series in a dead empty stadium in Montreal. I remember, you could feel it. There was a lack of interest and focus, and that was a supremely talented team over the 2014 Mets. It’s why I go and cheer my heart out all the time. I don’t want to support the owners and hope they lose their majority share like most, but I buy the cheapest tickets, purchase all my food and beverage before and fter the game and take the train their. The Wilpon’s see 5-15 dollars from me, and I supported my team while not depriving myself of what can and has been at times some great times and games alike.

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    Hey Joe D. Here I am! Just want you to notice!!

    Love the fight in this team and hope that this is the start of some sort of turn around. A couple wins against the Yankees, the call up of some top prospects and maybe they can salvage this thing. LGM!

    How was that, Joe?

  • Mike B

    Anybody got tonight’s lineup? My fear is that Lagares sits again. DH Chris Young.

  • Andrew Herbst

    CY’s a streaky hitter, but can generate power. We need to have his pop in the lineup.

  • No way not w/ a lefty on the mound AND the DH! Well, that’s what I hope at least!!! Now I’m afraid as well!

  • RyanF55

    And the other games they got embarrassed in? They don’t show consistent fire IMO

  • Haha you know as Mets fans we are very happy to be wrong! At least I know I am. I am pulling for everyone wearing the Blue and Orange but I also killed this signing and now I get it.

  • jason bay

    Good job by Chris Young and good job by the 7 line.

  • pochemunyet


  • Jakal42400

    Athletes feed off of the crowd. Making them keep their focus. Disinterest by a fan base results in a disinterest by a team. It’s disheartening to come back home to a stadium when you just put together a tough 7-3 road trip. A team like the mets that may not be as talented as others need to play not just for themselves, but for their fans, and they can’t play for their fans if they’re not there. Again, I do not blame any fan for not going to the games for whatever issue they have with the organization, but I am saying that there is a way of doing it, that may still force the Wilpon’s out and as a fan still get to appreciate the game and team that you love. I believe by not showing up at all is actually being counterproductive. I have seen the crowd will wins before at Shea. we had no business beating the D’backs in 99 or the Giants in 2000, but the fans weren’t going to let that happen. Even as most recently against Philly on Sunday, while the fans began to chant “Let’s Go Mets” a small group of kids added to the chant saying “Please don’t let us down”. I’ll swear those players heard them. That slight little extra effort that you can get, can be the difference of a win or loss.

  • Mikey

    No team is ever out of it when playing in a bandbox…
    It’s when you are forced to get hits and drive in runs without the option of hitting 2 and 3 run HRs that makes staying in the game and not getting too far out of it difficult.
    Thats what separates the Champions from the Also rans!

  • oleosmirf

    Mejia didn’t have an out pitch until last season though. Guy wasn’t striking anyone out in his early years which is why he struggled so badly in 2010 and 2012.

    Now he has that offspeed pitch to get guys out to go along with the cut-fastball.

  • $14435385

    True, but he always had the cutter, and in short spurts he could use that in tandem with pretty much any change of speed and get away with it (unlike as a starter, where his pitches would flatten as he got tired). The way they use closers these days – with a clean start in the 9th, usually – they don’t need to strike out the world…they just need to have it in their pockets if something develops. But you’re right – he’s definitely more effective with the pitch than without it.

    Interestingly, I’d argue that the way bullpens are used today, it’s more important to have your big K guys in the 7th / 8th inning, when you’re more likely to have them enter during a mid-inning crisis when a strikeout is a must…that’s why Familia is so key, to me – he’s extremely hard to hit when he’s locating. And if a guy like Leathersich could ever figure things out, that would be quite a late inning group…but I’m not holding my breath on Jack…

  • CY $7.25MM was excited the moment Richie offered that deal. It’s good to see him healthy and playing well. We needed a win on that deal, especially with our below average payroll…can’t afford to waste dollars even more so.