Simply Amazin: Dillon Gee Lets His Changeup Do All The Talking

dillon gee

Dillon Gee delivered his best effort of the season on Sunday, tossing eight shutout innings against the Miami Marlins to help the Mets take the series two games to one.

Gee, who celebrates his 28th birthday today, struck out five and confounded the Marlins with his signature changeup and a slider that’s become a great out pitch for him.

“It was one of those good days,” Gee said. “I just try to go out there each time it’s my turn and do the best I can and get as deep as I can, and give us a chance to win. As long as we win at the end of the day, I’m a happy guy.”

Despite having thrown 110 pitches, Gee wanted to pitch the ninth, but was told no by manager Terry Collins.

Opponents are now hitting .193 against Gee this season. He has an 0.86 ERA and 0.86 WHIP in his last three starts, in which he’s allowed only two extra-base hits.

“He got us to where we wanted to get to,” Collins said, “That was pretty much the end.”

Gee’s remarkable stretch that began last season when he struck out 12 Yankees on May 30, has him among the game’s elite. The Mets righty has a 2.75 ERA over his last 28 starts, topped only by Clayton Kershaw, Zack Greinke, Yu Darvish, Julio Teheran, Max Scherzer and Adam Wainwright. among pitchers with 20 or more starts in that span.

For the season, Gee’s ERA stands at a pristine 2.88 with a 1.043 WHIP. Better yet, over his last three starts he’s 2-1 with a 0.86 ERA.

It might be time to start talking about an extension with Gee, who has become the most reliable starter in the Mets rotation and one of the top arms in the NL.

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  • Destry

    Since the Yankee domination in late May of 2013, Dillon Gee is

    12-6 2.75-ERA 28-GS 190-IP 167-H 43-BB 132-K 1.11-WHIP

    Call him a 3 call him a good 4, but those are bonafide #1 statistics. He’s averaging almost 7 innings per start over those 28 starts. He’s been one of the best pitchers in baseball for the last 11 months.

  • Destry

    Great job Joey D. How do you like our defense so far?

  • HawkZon

    On a side note…our scouts didn’t like Jose Abreu, with his MLB leading 10th homerun yesterday.
    We have great scouts!

  • Destry

    How many of the HRs that he has hit thus far would’ve been HRs at Citi, if you use the dimensions of Citi. Find that number and then cut it in half, because the wind is always blowing in, and the air is thicker than jelly.

  • Just_Da_damaja

    cut his HR number in half and he would still lead this team in HR

  • oleosmirf

    and hopefully he nets us a good return either at the deadline or in the offseason.

  • Destry

    According to HR tracker, he has 5 JE or “just enough” HRs, and 1 LH or “Lucky” HR. When you factor in the jet stream, I seriously doubt any of those balls leave the yard at Citi. He has also homered twice in Coors, once in Tex, and 6 times at home in US Cellular, which is known as one of the most HR friendly parks in baseball. Oh yeah, 2 in Cleveland. Not exactly the same as hitting HRs in Citi, Wash, Atl, Mia, Stl, SD, SF, LAD, Pit, etc. He can hit the ball a long way, but he certainly wouldn’t have the same number in Flushing.

    Ask Curtis Granderson or Jason Bay how easy it is to hit it out at Citi, as compared to the cozy little AL parks.

  • Destry

    Well, if you want to take that risk, you better hope Wheeler starts pitching a lot better than he is currently, and Syndergaards 5.00+ ERA in AAA is just a fluke, and Mejia can somehow pitch more than 100 IP in a season for the first time in his career, and Harvey comes back from injury anywhere close to what he was before the surgery. While you’re at it, we need to make sure Niese makes it through a full season for the first time in………for the first time. We should probably make sure Montero is a real MLB pitcher first, since he hasn’t actually thrown a major league pitch, and Colon somehow stays productive at 42 without PEDs, but otherwise yeah. Lets trade him. He’s the only guy we have that can actually withstand a full season of a starting pitchers workload.

  • Sunshine

    And people think its a good idea to put him in the bullpen…SMH

  • oleosmirf

    There is no chance the Mets will be extending Gee. There are teams out there that need pitching and the Mets will soon have a surplus of SP.

    The Mets have needs at SS, the OF and possibly 1B and if Gee has a good year, he just might be able to get us a good young player at one of those positions.

  • oleosmirf

    And by the end of the season, all those questions will be answered, barring injury of course.

    Either way, the Mets are not extending him so that’s out of the question.

  • Andrew Herbst

    I think Gee will get traded for a bat, rather than sign an extension.

  • mijoh

    It’s true that the NYM do or will have a surplus of starters. The trick will be to keep the best ones and the ones you do trade make sure you get back equal value in return. The Mets need a big nuts bat or two in their lineup. Haven’t had one since Beltran, Delgado, etc. If they do trade front line starting pitching, the question is do you trade a proven commodity like Gee, or do you trade potential with guys like Thor or others, or do you trade a guy like Mejia? Either one of those scenarios had BETTER bring back some serious offense that can plug right into that lineup Personally, I think Gee is a perfect number 2 behind Harvey or vice-versa until Harvey is Harvey again. It’s a good problem to have, but above all, the Mets have a chance to put together the best starting 5 in the MLB potentially. That in and of itself will make them contenders next year and should be the priority. Add the right amount of offense, spend just a little coin on free agents this off-season, and you’ll have an unstoppable juggernaut next season.

  • Novito

    As much as our offense is not producing to think how much pitching depth we have these days is incredible. I mean we all have our dream trade scenarios and rotations but lets enjoy this and also not forget how pitching depth can go from just that to a red flag. That being due to trading some off and/or some not ending up becoming what they should be. So, with that said, even tho we know we have gunners waiting in the wings, none of em are proven and Gee and has done nothing, but kept it “G”. Under the radar guy who is a proven pitcher last couple seasons. He and Colon may very well be the ones traded btwn trade deadline and next deadline next season.

  • Taskmaster4450

    A few things need clarification.

    An extension to Gee does not make him less of a trade candidate. In fact, a team friendly deal would increase his trade value since teams like Tampa could have an interest. Niese is not untradeable because of his contract but rather being the only lefty near the major league level (starter). So extending Gee might be in the best interest of all parties.

    Also, anyone who follows my posts on here knows I am in favor of the bottom up approach and of developing prospects. That is the way to success in baseball now. Like most, I love Montero and Noah coupled with Wheeler, Mejia, and Harvey who already emerged from the minors. However, prospects do fail or at least under perform. Gee is proving success at the big league level and the ability to win. Do not overlook this fact. To think of Gee as a trade candidate to make room for another prospect is a proposition that needs to be consider long and hard. Of course, it cant be done until one sees what is coming back in the deal so it is a useless point now.

    Gee isnt a sexy pitcher in terms of his strikeout numbers or his “stuff”. However, he wins at the major league level and did so on some poor teams the last few years. Yes Gee might have a problem going past 90 pitches….so what. 90 pitches for him carries him into the 7th (as compared to Wheeler where 90 pitches are hit in the 4th or 5th). I say lock Gee up and see what happens. The way the injury bug hits pitchers, dont be surprised if the excess in Met pitching thins out a bit as we progress.

  • Taskmaster4450

    Homeruns in other parks have a way of becoming F9 or F7 in Citi Field especially in April.

  • SRT

    John Harper@NYDNHarper 14h

    Meanwhile, imagine if Mets had signed J Abreu, who has 10 HRs, 31 RBIs for W Sox. Showing no interest was 1st sign $$ was still a problem.

  • BKMike

    I don’t know if I’m the only one who thinks this but i think Gee would be an awesome compliment to the power pitchers we have/are waiting for. I would rather lock up Gee, who looks like he can remain consistent and healthy throughout a season as well as eat up innings on less pitches, than trade him for a bat.

    In fact, I’d rather keep him and trade Niese and have a Rotation of Harvey, Wheeler, Gee, Thor, Mejia/Montero. Nothing like seeing 95mph one day and having to adjust to 89 with movement

  • RyanF55

    Nice to see him (1st Met this season) pitch into the 8th. The Mets need their starters to go deeper…they’ve been very effective but need to carry that a little longer. The bullpen has been solid, but I think it will break if overused. With Valverde/Farnsworth as aged options the Mets need to limit their use. I don’t believe they will still be in the pen come July, but we’ll see.

  • piazza4aday

    its not that we didn’t like him…we didn’t like him for the cost. remember Buck had a pretty good start last year too. lets see if Abreu can make the adjustments needed when they figure out his soft spots. then we can call it a bad decision by Mets brass

  • Fast Eddie

    Gee has been tremendous his last 25 starts or so and now that he has gotten past that 90 pitch mental hurdle which has plagued him, he is ready to take the next step in his development which he proved yesterday. When his changeup is working he’s really tough to hit…kind of Bob Ojeda when he was on his game back in the mid 1980’s. Gee has a game plan and he sticks to it, pounding the strike zone the whole way. He’s also mentally tough which is important for a pitcher. I feel very confident when he’s on the mound lately that’s for sure…

  • Vin

    You need guys like Gee to get through a season, but the Mets need a talented shortstop much more right now. If we can sell high on Gee for one, I hope they don’t even blink as dealing from our strength is the most likely way to get what we need. And I say that as a guy who likes Flores over Tejada, but not over a natural shortstop with some offensive ability.

  • oleosmirf

    Gee is not a #2 SP and next season he will command around 5-6 mil next season which makes moving him a no-brainer.

    Syndergaard/Montero, the return you get for trading him and the money saved is far more valuable than what Gee would give you in 2015.

  • SCarton12

    Do think Gee could net us Didi Gregorius?

  • I was a huge admirer of Greg Maddux in his day. I view Gee as a poor man’s Maddux. That’s pretty darn good in my book.

  • I’m pretty critical of Sandy, except for his ability to get good trade returns.
    I think he’s going to wait for somebody in contention to be in desperate need of a pitcher. Then he’ll be able to pry away a cheap, young hitter with some pop. (At least I hope so.)
    They have so many solid arms that one of them should be on a hot streak (thereby being “overvalued”) at any given time.

  • Biggle Boy

    Dillon Gee, at 28, has become one of the Mets best starters. He is salary arb eligible next year, and thus his compensation will be less than market value. Those factors can make him a valuable trade piece. But I’d extend him.

    If the Mets trade some starter(s) for hitting this off season, I’d keep young ML level arms like Gee, Niese & Wheeler. Instead, I’d offer Colon, or prospects other than Montero & Thor. Good ML level talent, under 30, is IMO what you keep.

  • mijoh

    No one knows that Syndergaard/Montero are number 2’s either. They are unproven commodities. You’ll be rolling the dice on them. We KNOW what we have with Gee. How can you say he’s not a number 2 when he more than fills the role as a number 1 now? You are assuming that those kids will automatically be better, so you’ll give away a front line pitcher that you KNOW is good for 10-15 wins a season just to save a few bucks? That’s Wilpon thinking. A 5-6 million dollar contract will pay for itself. Pay Gee the money he deserves and put together a dominant starting rotation. That’s where the Mets becoming a year in and year out contender begins. If the kids work out, prove it between now and then, that’s great. However, none of them has yet shown the ability to come in and automatically be the number 2 starter on a contending MLB club, not yet anyway. Also, Harvey is not Harvey yet. What happens if God forbid he’s not the same pitcher he was before? He’s got to re-learn to pitch remember. Besides that, it will probably take a healthy season for him to get back to where he was. Gee is good insurance against that.

  • SCarton12

    How do you know they are not extending him? How can you make a comment like that? You can hope they don’t extend him, trade him, whatever…but, Destry makes a legitimate argument for keeping him, at least this year.

  • Hotstreak

    For those who want to trade him he is approaching Geg Maddox like similarity. Gee will give you more terrible games than Maddox but will log more innings. He won’t win CY but 15 games third starter to offset Harvey and Wheeler.

  • oleosmirf

    Gee is not a #2 SP on a contending club. He does a nice job and certainly can be a #4 SP in a playoff series, but you’re not going to win anything with him as one of your top 2 arms.

    He’s having a nice start, but given his low SO rate and unsustainable BABIP, it’s not going to stay this way especially once he gets out of Citi field’s friendly confines.

    The Mets need bats and don’t have the money to pay for it, nor do they have the prospects to promote. He’s going to have to be moved eventually and that’s really not an opinion.

  • oleosmirf

    Gee has a 4.55 career ERA outside of the friendly confines of Citi field with an unsustainable BABIP and a declining K rate. He’s been a good soldier, but like Murphy, he is getting too expensive for what he is and there is a prospect in AAA that projects to be better than they are.

    Both will be sent packing in deals that hopefully nets us young position players, something we desperately need.

    Again, you’re not going to pay Gee and Murphy 40 million over 3 years between them when Montero/Noah and Flores can possibly exceed that for 1/50th of the cost.

    That money saved (~12 mil) can be directly invested in 2015 for a closer or hitter.

  • Taskmaster4450

    Why would you trade Gee for a guy many question whether he is going to be any better at the major league level than Willie Tovar?

  • oleosmirf

    Come on. Gregorius > Tovar. I can understand not trading Gee for him, but that’s an insane comparison.

  • oleosmirf

    because Sandy Alderson is our GM and he would never extended a player like Gee when Montero is MLB ready now and Syndergaard will be in 2 months.

    He wont be traded if the Mets are in contention, but SABR is not a fan of Gee and the Mets have money problems with holes they cannot address internally. He’ll be gone by the offseason and it’s not a difficult conclusion to make…

  • $14435385

    Gregorius can’t wrest playing time away from a rookie and a has-been on an 8-20 team. Why would you trade the guy who’s been your best pitcher over the last calendar year for him? There may come a time where trading Gee is the best option you have to make the team better, but you need a lot more than that to justify dealing him.

  • RyanF55

    I don’t move Gee for Didi, personally. Didi’s a strong glove with a limited bat. I think Tejada/Quintinilla’s glove is obviously not as good, but certainly good enough. We’d essentially be adding another solid fielder with a very limited bat. IMO, it’s somehwat of a lateral move, granted Didi is obvisously better than Tejada/Quintinilla at this point and he could be a pretty solid MLB SS. I just feel Gee’s value, as a SP, supersedes that of a SS. If the Mets plan on moving Gee when Syndergaard/Montero/Harvey enter the rotation next year, then I’d be more understanding.

    In the back of my mind there’s a piece of me that says trade Gee now because his value will never be higher, but I think we should hold on to him. He’s been so good.

  • RyanF55

    I agree Gegorius is better, but I believe he’s overrated. He’s a great glove, limited bat. Quintinilla/Tejada have very solid gloves, with no offense. Is it that different and worth losing a quality SP in the process? For me, no.

  • Destry

    Barring injury? That’s kind of the point.

  • Destry

    He extended Niese when Harvey & Mejia were ready with Wheeler right behind them

  • Destry

    Ask the Marlins who the best pitcher they have faced this year is. They’ve scored on everyone else.

  • Destry

    Lets not forget that Harvey, Wheeler, & Mejia have yet to make it through ONE full major league season.

  • Destry

    Why not trade Syndergaard then? Wouldn’t the return be more? Couldn’t you get a ton of controllable young players that don’t cost much at all?

  • Destry

    As he throws over 100 pitches in 8 shutout innings.

  • somedude718

    Does extending Gee now mean that he won’t be traded by the deadline? This may be total ignorance, but I remember some fantasy trade proposals regarding Colon, just after we signed him, were shot down because you can’t trade someone within 6 months of signing them. Does anyone know if that applies to extensions too?

  • oleosmirf

    Niese is not the same as Gee. Niese has a much higher ceiling and was extended at a time where their overall pitching was nowhere near the level it is at now.

    SABR consides Gee to be an extreme overachiever and while you might disagree with his assessment, Sandy is not going to extend him and that aspect isn’t up for debate.

    An extension is not happening. Not on Sandy’s watch.

  • oleosmirf

    Sure, but they don’t want to trade him since the appeal of having a possible #1 SP for 7+ seasons at way below the market rate is extremely appealing. And even if they were to trade him, they still have Harvey, Montero, Wheeler, Niese, Mejia and Colon, plus other prospects like deGrom, Matz, etc.

    The whole point is that in 2015, the Mets very well could have 5 SP that are better than Dillon Gee, with 4 of them combining for what he would make next season…

    No matter how you slice it, the Mets have no desire to commit 20+ million to a guy who might get pushed out of the rotation as early as opening day 2015, especially when Gee can help them add pieces they really need.

  • Destry

    Until I see Harvey or Mejia or Wheeler make through at least one season without injury while being successful, then Niese and Gee aren’t going anywhere. You can count on at least one season ending surgery from an SP next year, and Noah, Mejia & Harvey will be on innings limits in 2015. Thor 175, Mejia 150 & Harvey whatever the recommended IP is coming off TJ, but he was at 190 last year, and didn’t quite make it through the season. If Montero or Thor end not being what we think they are, and Wheeler has TJ, with guys on innings limits, the depth runs out quite fast.

    Harvey(Innings Limit?, will he still be Harvey?)
    Niese(hasn’t completed a season yet)
    Wheeler(worst case TJ, has pitched like a #4 this far)
    Syndergaard(Innings limit, currently 5.00 ERA in AAA)
    Montero(worst case RP, but who knows?)
    Mejia(innings limit, never reached 100 IP)
    deGrom(Innings limit, may be just a RP)

    There is no such thing as pitching depth.

  • Destry

    I like Gregorious. Im sure the D-Backs would love to get Gee for their backup SS, after he shut them out over 7 innings, needing 72 pitches to do it. I would rather give them Wheeler to be honest, and no way I give Wheeler for Didi OR Owings straight up.

  • Destry

    I think we sort of made up that mental hurdle. He pitched well over 100 pitches and very deep into games after May last season. We have to remember that its still April. Its not July or August when its warm outside and the pitchers are stretched out and ready to go the distance. Its still the first month of the season.

  • RyanF55

    I agree…Gee has been tremendous. Why move him…his value is so much better if he’s on the team then a trade for a what-if. I don’t like trading sure things for what-ifs.

  • Destry

    He’s been far better than Wheeler if you look at their last 20-25 starts

  • oleosmirf

    He had a .700+ OPS as a 23 year old rookie while providing superior defense to Omar Q or Tejada.

    I would aim higher as well, but Gregorius > what we have now. I would target an OF personally since they are more of them available and a SS can be obtained via FA.

    There have to be some teams in need of pitching, but with OF to spare.

  • Destry

    Just out of curiosity, what is his ERA outside the friendly confines this season? or over his last 28 starts since he has fully recovered from the blood clot surgery? Im pretty sure Yankee Stadium isn’t considered friendly confines for a pitcher. Isn’t that where he went 7.1 4-H 0-BB 12-K? What about Arz? Not an easy place to pitch. 7-IP 0-ER 72 pitches. Didn’t he also dominate the Braves in Atl, until the bottom of the 9th when TC refused to bring Parnell and Freeman his a GW HR to beat the Mets 2-1?

  • oleosmirf

    That doesn’t change the underlying fact that Gee isn’t getting extended.

  • Destry

    2013 Dillon Gee (Away)

    @Was 7-IP 1-ER 1-BB 7-K
    @Atl 7-IP 1-ER 1-BB 5-K
    @LAD 6-IP 2-ER 1-BB 4-K
    @Min 7.2-IP 0-ER 1-BB 9-K
    @Was 7.2-IP 2-ER 1-BB 3-K
    @Atl 8.1-IP 2-ER 1-BB 6-K
    @NYY 7.1-IP 1-ER 0-BB 12-K

    2014 Dillon Gee

    Home 2.89-ERA .192-BAA 1.00-WHIP

    Away 2.84-ERA .196-BAA 1.03-WHIP

  • oleosmirf

    “I would rather give them Wheeler to be honest” Well then you just lost all credibility then since there isn’t a single person in the industry who would agree with you. You’d be laughed at for even suggesting it. That’s just plain old ignorance and overreacting to a small sample size.

    Wheeler had a better ERA than Gee did last season as a rookie and did so while battling command issues which he is slowly improving on.

    And when you factor in the far lower cost it’s just silly really.

  • Destry

    Actually, Gee had a 2.18 ERA his first season.

  • Destry

    You mean the appeal of having a “possible” #1 SP. Big difference. Adam Wainwright is #1 Sydergaard is a possible #1, or he could also be Jake Arrietta or Brian Matusz.

  • Destry

    Niese did.

  • Destry

    Look I think we should trade Colon at the deadline, Gee in the offseason, Mejia the next offseason, Harvey the following, Wheeler and so on and so forth, but your insistence that Gee isn’t getting extended, and your automatic assumption that all of our prospects are going to reach their ceiling is just as silly, if not more, than the idea that Gee gets an extension at below market rate, which, in turn, would make him an even more valuable trade chip.

  • dealingwithidiots

    I think we can all (mostly) agree that pitching has been the key to our success. Does Dan W get any credit, may have been calling for his head, now what?

  • Destry

    The only knock I have on Dan is they way he allows TC to overmanage, overuse and overexpose the bullpen arms, and if its Dan making those calls then that’s the one bad thing you can say about his work with the Mets pitchers. He has been outstanding with the SPs, and has gotten a lot more out of the bullpen that he has been given that I would’ve guessed. No doubt about it, he deserves some credit.

  • Destry

    In fact, if the Mets signed Dillon Gee to a 4yr/$30mil contract at $7.5 per year, it would make his trade value even higher, as he would be relatively inexpensive through his age 29-32 seasons. Ricky Nolasco just signed a 4yr$48million deal on the open market this past offseason. Im thinking Gee could easily command Nolasco money if he continues the way he’s been pitching for the last calendar year.

  • Hitmanᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ✔

    To see Gee among aces like this is nothing short of incredible.

  • mad met

    Our defense deserves some credit as well

  • mad met

    Gotta get rid of john n before his arm falls off

  • mad met

    I like that kid but i would rather trade neise

  • dealingwithidiots

    No doubt

  • sarge69

    Gee is who he is and will continue to be going into many years in baseball.
    He is effective, especially against aggressive teams that are swing happy.

    Some have here, for quite a while, been advocating for trading Gee since we have Montero, Thor, DeGrom, Matz, etc on the way.
    They are still prospects and until they prove that they can pitch, at least as effectively as Gee, then Gee needs to be part of this team going forward.

    All that money saved should be used to retain Gee, buy up some of his arbitration years if possible, but he has proven against quality teams that he can pitch, not just throw.

    He is one of those few, reliable, innings eating pitchers that as he works on getting into 7th inning, at least, is very valuable in baseball, and Mets.

  • Happy Birthday Dillon. He has been one of the best parts of Mets baseball over the last season or so.

  • SCarton12

    I wouldn’t trade either one for Didi. Just bustin a certain someone who exclaimed NO WAY does Gee get you Didi.

  • Fast Eddie

    The current Mets rotation consists of Gee, Colon, Wheeler, Niese and Mejia. Down on he farm we find Syndergaard, Montero, deGrom and Matz. And then there’s the bullpen: Torres, Familia and Germen. That’s quite a collection of strong arms, more than enough to staff a ML roster and still leave room for a few trades designed to secure some bats for the offense. And only Colon and Torres are older than 30.

    Let’s see how Sandy plays this very strong hand. Will other clubs come looking for an experienced SP for a pennant drive (Gee, Colon) or will they try to pry away one of the promising kids for the long haul? My crystal ball is currently out of service, but I’ll be interested to see how many and what kind of offensive players Sandy will be offered–and for which of our present cache of front-line pitchers.


  • oleosmirf

    I am not assuming anything of the sort. But there is still absolutely no argument for extending Gee when there is a very real possibility you wont want to 6 months from now.

    He is under team control for 2 more seasons too. Not like you risk losing him if you don’t trade him this offseason…

  • Biggle Boy

    In Niese’s case, Mad, I can understand your point.

  • sarge69

    Right on point Fast Eddie, my only concern is that if Mets do trade from strength that we see the possibilities at the Major League Level, for the prospects, and not just trade known commodities, like Gee or Niese, because of “possible” success or young guns.

  • Fast Eddie

    Yep, I want MLB-ready players we can put to work immediately.


  • Macdaddy

    Not that my opinin holds any more value than anyone elses…hahaha..but trading Gee would be a very unwise decision at this point. I have noted a host of reasons in previous threads but in simple terms he is the poor mans version of Greg Maddux. Now that does not constitute him being an HOF first ballot guy who will put up Maddux like numbers for the next 12 plus years…but he has attributes that will keep him in the MLB for a good length of ime.
    Namely, rock solid mechancs, a very consistent and effortless delivery, late movement on all his pitches, very good command of his pitches and the ability to spot his pitches…plus a killer change up. Once he gets past what I feel is both a physical and mental barrier regarding the 100 pitch count and can (like yesterday) get to and through the 8th inning…you will have a guy that could give you 18 wins in a good year and 12 in a not so good year…which is a solid player for any rotation.

  • lareplus

    We need Didi. . .he is a super scooper. . .and he’s hitting well right now. . .I’d trade The Nose for Didi and a prospect. .

  • Kabeetz

    He was just warming up before his random arm injury a couple years back and after some time to shake off the rust he has really continued to grow with every single start. It’s awesome to see the less talented guys outwork and outthink the competition.

  • mad met

    Don’t get me wrong I like john neise and it good to have a lefty starter I just think someone needs to go and we should sell high