MMO Morning Grind: What To Do With Q?

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Good morning, Mets fans!

Another crazy game last night. Why do the Mets always do this to us? I know I’m not the only one who actually expected the unthinkable to happen… but once Jose Valverde threw ball 3 to Erick Aybar and the guys in the SNY truck cut to Raul Ibañez looming on deck,  I said “Ibañez will probably hit a home run” out loud… 2 minutes later, well… you all know what happened. But we got the win in the end, so… I think we can let this one slide, Mr. Valverde.

Anyway, Omar Quintanilla is on my mind this morning. Q made his first start of the season at shortstop and had 3 hits while driving in a pair of runs. Omar also made a few very nice plays on defense.

Omar Quintanilla is 32. Ruben Tejada is 24. Neither player is very good, but since he is the older one, many people view Q as the more boring option. If Tejada were a serious prospect with a high ceiling, I wouldn’t even consider letting Quintanilla take the starting job (this is why I don’t think Anthony Recker should be given a chance to take Travis d’Arnaud‘s job, but that might be a post for another day). But Tejada is not a prospect. He is a weak hitter, he doesn’t run particularly well, his baseball instincts aren’t too great, and his fielding has seemingly gotten worse over the past couple years. He also has had trouble staying healthy.

So why not give Q a shot to win the job? At first base, the Mets are trying to take a look at both Ike Davis and Lucas Duda and hoping one of them sticks. In my opinion, they should do the same at shortstop. Neither player is a star, and I’m not sure either player can even perform at an MLB-Average level, but if one shortstop can establish himself as better than the other, he should get to play. Neither player is the shortstop of the future (we hope…), so, unlike at catcher, “development” shouldn’t be a factor here.

Obviously, Q has only started one game, but even last season, we saw that he is pretty decent in the field, he can drive the ball more than Tejada, and he always plays hard. I think the Mets should take a good look at all of their options, and this includes Omar.

And hey, once we get to June and it would no longer cost us a draft pick to sign Stephen Drew, we can always go for that…

Have a great day, Mets fans! Let’s try to take the series this afternoon with Big Bart on the mound.

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  • BronxMets

    why not just start with a platoon with Q and Tejada and see how it goes.

  • Taskmaster4450

    Let’s be real. Tejada is no great shakes but we know what the Mets have in Q. He spent most of last season starting and was exposed for what he is. He is a career backup with a low BA. His glove is decent, I will grant that, but that is it.

    Besides, with each passing day, Flores is getting reps at SS in AAA and getting more comfortable with it. His hitting is there yet but that is expected if he is concentrating on a new position (albeit one he played in the past). I think once his bat comes around in Vegas, the Mets will promote him and he will be their everyday SS with Tejada moving to backup.

  • mets4lyfe

    Tejada still has a chance to be a league average SS while Quintanilla doesn’t. Furthermore, we’ve all seen last year how awful Q can be defensively. He plays way too deep, has trouble charging at balls, and allows quite a lot of infield hits that should be automatic outs.

  • HawkZon

    I think Q is the more sound defensive player and Dps are a pitchers best friend.

    As far as Recker, I like him, maybe not as a starter but a useful back up catcher, a player who can help our team, but you can’t let him rot on the bench

  • Peter S

    Q wouldn’t be bad against tough righties and probably 2 games a week at best. Particularly when the starter is a fly ball pitcher.

  • MyasDaddy

    Q is still terrible. Forget the 3-hits yesterday, he is OK for an occasional spot-start, anything more than that… is completely unnecessary.

  • goorru

    Tejada vs. Quintanilla, This is like choosing whether you’d rather have diarrhea or be constipated.

  • Taskmaster4450

    On a side note, the NL east just got a bit more interesting with Zimmerman out 4-6 weeks for the Nats. That is a big bat in their lineup missing.

    The Nats just might hang around a while before running away with the division.

  • Anthony

    Q is better defensively than tejada. Which isn’t hard to do. Throw him a bone a couple times a week

  • SteveFromNorfolk

    I thought we gave Quintanilla a chance last year – and he sucked.

  • Benny

    Quintanilla was given the starting job last year and showed what happens when you give him too much playing time. He sucks and gets exposed. Some players are just better playing part time…

  • DrDooby

    Neither Q nor Tejada should start for a first division club. The difference is that Q strictly is a backup who has value in that role but gets exploited when he’s playing on a regular basis. Tejada is what he is regardless of whether he starts or backs up.

    Both have looked okay so far. Still, neither one is a longterm answer. Both could be a useful backup. Tejada should start – and Q’s value gets maximized in a backup role.

  • Andrew Herbst

    Q is a backup ss. When he plays over a long period of time, like he did last year, he gets exposed.

  • BCleveland3381

    For those in the “give Tejada another chance” camp, this article is all you need to know about him as our SS. One good game from a career journeyman in Quintanilla and Tejada’s job is in question. This is why Sandy should have addressed his biggest need(His own admission) this offseason. He didn’t, and we again have a big hole at SS.

  • metsfan79

    1000x this

  • metsfan79

    Shows what a sad state our ss situation is in. contemplating a career backup as our starter. Great job Sandy

  • Rabbi Met

    Q isnt terrible but will get over exposed like he did last year thats the def of a backup s/o who is good in spurts and can fill in and do a nice job

  • Tommy

    LOL – why are we always trying to answer these “what to do with so & so” questions! Didn’t we already answer this question………don’t we remember Q playing SS for the Mets for about 3/4 of the season? How did it turn out? I think we already did give him a chance to win the starting job. I hate to come down on the guys who write these articles, because I love this site & the articles (as a whole) are fantastic, but really? Why even ask this question if you are a Met fan and follow this team year in & year out? LOL

  • mets4lyfe

    I was surprised by this article as well. Q is a below-average defensive SS and his bat is terrible to boot.

  • Hey guys,
    Like I said, Q isn’t very good. But neither is Ruben. I just think that at this point, we should probably just alternate between them and see what happens, hope somebody pulls away with the job… and try to bring in somebody from the outside as soon as possible (or Flores?)

  • Hey Tommy (woah, same name)

    When I write the MMO morning grind, I basically just write about what’s on my mind that morning, so my thoughts are… If neither player is very good, why should we just GIVE the job to Ruben? I’m not saying Q is a good player, but… everything’s relative, right? -T

  • MetsfanInParadise

    I see no reason not to platoon them loosely for now. At his best, in ’12, Tejada hit 53 points better against lefties. When he struggles the differential is over 100 points. Sitting him against ALL righty starters pretty much gives the full-time job to Q, and he proved last year he couldn’t handle it–hitting better than Tejada doesn’t exactly qualify as handling it–but sitting Ruben against the tougher righties is at least an attempt to maximize the offense, which we drastically need to do

  • A loose platoon could work. The point is that, Ruben isn’t a prospect, so whoever is doing better on the field should get the job.

  • We know what we have in Q. But I think we also know what we have in Ruben by now

  • Big Mets Fan

    I’m sure Q would love to play every day (after all, to grind it out the way he has for his career, he obviously has a desire to play) – but I’m sure if he was told that he role is strictly to be the Major League backup that will get into the lineup only on occasion, he’s quite happy with that. Who wouldn’t rather be on the Major League Roster than being a journeyman in the minors?

    If Terry continues to tell him, “You’re my man off the bench,” he won’t make a peep.

    Q is what he is. A capable backup. Nothing wrong with that. 99% of the guys in the minors would love that role.

  • MetsfanInParadise

    Not sure about that. he’s still only 24 and hit over .280 in back-to-back years (actually meant to be a response to your OTHER comment)

  • Dr.Phibes

    2nd year in a row

  • True, but those weren’t full seasons. He actually has never played a full season Lol. Career .258 hitter, and the part that I hate the most is that his defense… his calling card… has definitely regressed. That part worries and frustrates me

  • mets4lyfe

    Ruben still has a realistic shot at putting up numbers close to his career slash line (.258/.322/.318) and play average to slightly above-average defense at SS. Q, on the other hand, is 32 years-old and is WORSE than Tejada when given consistent playing time.

    Whether you use advanced metrics or just your eyes – Q is a below-average defender at SS. He’s also horrible with the bat as evidenced by .589 OPS in 315 at-bats last season. Not to mention he’s 32 years-old and spent majority of his professional career in the minors. In short, Q’s a much worse option than Tejada.

    It’s not hard to see why Tejada’s the starting SS and Q isn’t.

  • lareplus

    I think the Mets will have a decent shortstop by mid season. Either it will be Flores or there will be a trade when one of the teams in the heat of competition will realize they need one of the Mets pitchers.

  • We’ll see. Omar had a higher average than Tejada last season… And I’m predicting he’ll have one this season too. Only time will tell when it comes to that prediction, but… I don’t think Tejada has earned 6 starts a week… yet.

  • metstastic

    Neither are good (offensively and defensively) and neither are the future. Just play the hot hand.

  • MetsFAN660

    One good game and now Recker and Quintanilla, (formerly known as the pine riders who have no business being on any major league roster), should be the staters. You guys are funny.

  • exactly

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Why not Q?

    Simple, He is terrible and he sucks. Did you watch him start for the Mets last year?

    He was a poor defender(worst than Tejada IMO) who played SS on the OF grass. And this is the line he put up offensively

    Omar Quintanilla(as a starter in 2013)

  • LordoftheMets

    I like the article. Always create competition for positions when you don’t have a proven major leaguer. You’re saying make Ruben think he could lose his job any day. That’s the way this team is built this year.

  • ill_egl

    We saw plentu of what q has to offer last season when he started everyday for a majority of the year. Hes a servicable backup but his weaknesses get exposed when playing day in and day out. I wouldnt mind q getting a little more playing time but neither he nor tejada are the answer at ss.

  • kw_all

    Q is a poor defender with limited range and an average at best arm
    he plays on the outfield grass to try and improve his range, remember last year how many slow rollers turned into hits because he playa so far back

    please, someone. get the team a major league shortstop already … watching Q is as painful as it gets

  • willywater88

    Again, we are less than two weeks into the season. You spot start Q and hope he performs well like he did last night but unless Tejada is at .220, there is still more upside in playing him.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Sandy Alderson continues to drop the ball he couldve fixed SS easily but like he screwed up not signing Jose Abreu he screwed up not signing another Cuban who played SS. And he came cheap the Cardinals only signed him for 4yrs/$8million and he is only 23yrs old.

    The Mets shouldve signed Aledmys Diaz no excuses.Sandy was actually willing to give up a draft pick and 10mil for 1 year of Stephen Drew!And he couldnt give this kid 8mil(2mil per year) over a 4yr time span???

    Cardinals signed not 1 but TWO SS last season, a vet and a eventual replacement. Thats how you run an organization.

    Cardinals shortstop prospect Aledmys Diaz is off to a hot start for Double-A Springfield, hitting .414/.400/.724 through eight games, with four doubles, one triple, and one home run.

    And worst case scenario you dont like him for SS,which I cant imagine why w/your only options being Tejada, Q or converting Wilmer back you could move him to 2B or even the OF. The bat plays at everyone of those positions.

    Unfortunately our GM is a grade A dumba** …Would love to hear what the poster @Jason Bay and @taskmaster4450:disqus have to say about this since they love rehashing missed opportunities by Minaya and Phillips to draft or sign young top talent like Profar, Boagerts etc.

    Why didnt Sandy touch this kid Puig, Cespedes, Abreu, Soler etc??? All young and reasonable price tags and all at one point fit organizational needs. Not to mention many fans were clamouring for them all at 1 point.

  • Eric Raffle

    1000 ab’s say 222, 289, 586…. and he’s a “serviceable” glove and no more than that.

    He can fill 5-10 games while a decent starter SS is hurt—and he shouldn’t be on a roster unless he’s playing for the injured starter…he has zero in game use as a bench guy, despite the 3 hits yesterday.

    He’s a completely likeable player—I want to root for him…but he’s a guaranteed Hole as an everyday player.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    I definitely agree here….Its just like When EYjr had that 1 good game w/3steals…

    Then all of a sudden he went from being TRASH and we cant wait til CY gets back to, CY’s return is going to create problems because we need EY to leadoff. Then the next game happened and EY was EY…he sucked and that chatter ended

  • 2bsportsfan

    Anyone else want to give EY a shot a short. I know, he came up as 2b and might not have the arm, but it at least gives us a chance to get our best 8 sticks in the line up.

  • igotadose

    Mr. Ed voice: “Wilmerrrrr…..Wilmerrrrrrr”

  • The “Q Sucks” argument has a major hole in it: We don’t have another SS who doesn’t suck. Right?

  • Blaiseda

    Q is a back up SS he showed that last year when he got a lot of starts be default. Tejada has a chance to become an average starting short stop.

  • Sunshine

    Quintanilla sucks. He.Just.Flat.Out.Sucks. It seems every year someone gets the big idea of letting him start. Then when he is hitting .147 they pull their heads out of their rectums and realize that “it’s time to upgrade SS’.

  • jdon48

    Q stinks. He stinks bad. Why is he here?

  • RyanF55

    The day we consider starting Omar Quintinilla is the day I officially withdraw my fanship.