MMO Game Recap: Braves 7, Mets 5

jose valverde

The Mets (8-9) lost to the Braves (12-5) by a score of 7-5 tonight at Citi Field.

Ervin Santana got the start for Atlanta, and he ran into early trouble by giving up a walk and a stolen base to Eric Young, which was followed by an RBI single from David Wright that give the Mets a 1-0 lead in the first inning. Santana again found himself in a jam in the second inning when Lucas Duda led off the inning by doubling to center and reaching third on an error.

And that, of course, is when the shenanigans began. The next hitter, Travis d’Arnaud, hit a grounder to Andrelton Simmons, who just might be the best defensive player in baseball. Duda was running on contact, which seemed odd at the time because there were no outs and Duda is, to put it nicely, a bit slow. Wait, this blog isn’t owned by the Mets and I can say whatever I want? Okay then… Duda is very, very, very slow. Duda was thrown out at the plate and the Mets failed to score in the inning.

Bartolo Colon, who had gotten the start for New York, continued a very frustrating half-hour by coughing up the lead in the next frame. With two out and a man on first, Colon walked BJ Upton. When you let BJ Upton reach base, bad things happen. The next batter, Freddie Freeman, hit a ball that seemed to glance off of his foot before bouncing towards Colon. The umps ruled it a fair ball, and Colon’s errant throw to first brought home two runs and put Atlanta ahead 2-1. Freeman resumed his daily Met-Mashing in the 5th, when his double to right field chased home Jason Heyward to make it 3-1.

The Mets caught another bad break in the bottom of the 6th. After Daniel Murphy singled, Curtis Granderson popped one up near the middle of the diamond. The Braves suffered a miscommunication and let the ball drop, but, not to be outdone, the Mets still failed to capitalize as Daniel Murphy— who had been trotting back to first— was thrown out at second base on the play.

Colon settled down as the game wore on and exited after 7 innings. Kirk Nieuwenhuis pinch hit for Bartolo in the bottom of the 7th with 2 men on, but he and Eric Young both failed to get the job done, and the Mets headed into the 8th still down by a pair.

Daisuke Matsuzaka took the ball to start the 8th and struggled, giving up 2 hits, a steal, a walk, and a wild pitch. The wild pitch allowed Justin Upton to score and give the Braves a 4-1 advantage.

The Mets made a bit of noise in the 8th off of David Carpenter. Murphy and Wright led off the inning with singles before Granderson popped out. Chris Young, making his season debut, ripped a single to left to score Murphy and make it a 2-run ballgame, and Lucas Duda nearly gave the Mets a lead with a deep drive to right which was caught on the warning track. This was the second time in the game Lucas had hit a ball hard only to see it die just before it got to the wall. Travis followed up Duda’s near-homer with a single to right to bring in Wright and move Young to third, setting the table for Ruben Tejada with the Mets now down 4-3. Terry Collins made the questionable decision not to pinch-hit for Ruben, and the struggling shortstop hit a weak ground ball to second to end the Mets’ threat.

Jose Valverde entered in a non-save situation and tried to keep it a 1-run game. He failed miserably. Jordan Schafer led off the inning with a ground ball which Valverde failed to field properly, and Jose’s error, just like Bartolo’s, would come back to haunt the Mets. After Valverde retired the next two hitters and walked Freeman intentionally, Justin Upton came to the plate with a chance to provide the Braves with some huge insurance runs. The Talented Upton Brother hit a deep drive to center which, unlike Duda’s drives, had the blessing of the Baseball Gods (who we have apparently angered in recent years) and cleared the wall by a few feet to make it 7-3 Atlanta.

The Mets fought back in the ninth off of superstar closer Craig Kimbrel. With 1 out, Eric Young was hit by a pitch and Murphy singled, setting the table for David Wright. David doubled to score EY and move Murphy to 3rd, before Granderson, of course, struck out to stop the Mets’ momentum. Chris Young kept New York alive with an RBI single– his 3rd hit of the night– that scored Eric Young and moved David to third. After Chris stole second and Lucas Duda drew a walk to load the bases, Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez made a gutsy move, pulling Kimbrel and bringing in Jordan Walden. Travis d’Arnaud fell behind in the count before grounding one towards the hole at short. Unfortunately, “the hole at short” doesn’t really exist when Andrelton Simmons is involved, and Simmons made a great play to snag the ball on the run, plant, and unleash a strong throw to first to end the game.

Tonight’s loss seemed scripted. It really did. The Mets passed up several scoring chances, made some sloppy plays in the field, handed out insurance runs like they meant nothing, and, of course, felt the sting of those insurance runs by making the best comeback attempt they could possibly make without actually coming back. Meet the Mets, everybody…

Granderson drives me nuts. I hated him as a Yankee and was hoping he could convert me with strong play in Queens, but he has been terrible so far. He hits the ball hard on occasion, but strikes out too much and makes far too many “unproductive outs”. Hopefully he’ll turn it around, but he’s not playing in that bandbox in the Bronx anymore so it might not be as easy as you would think. I’ll try to be patient with him…

Errors from pitchers always seem to end up costing you dearly. Colon’s error gave the Braves 2 runs and Valverde’s helped them get 3 more. Let’s not forget that there was a wild pitch which led to another Atlanta run… when you give away so many runs and then lose in what ends up being a close game, it’s not hard to pinpoint the reason for the loss.

Valverde has been miserable lately. The Raul Ibañez home run in the playoffs a few years back threw Valverde off track, and it looks like Raul may have gotten in his head again when he took Jose deep in Anaheim last week. That’s 4 home runs allowed in the last 3 outings for Valverde, whose grasp on the closer job is getting looser with each passing day.

Travis d’Arnaud seems to always come up in huge situations. He did a pretty nice job today, getting 2 hits and nearly tying it up on the game’s final play. He’s been better of late, and he’s starting to make good contact. Let’s hope he can really hit his stride soon.

Duda crushed the ball tonight, but he didn’t have much to show for it. Still, it’s nice to see that he’s making solid contact, keeping a level head in big situations, and giving the Mets a much-needed power threat in their lineup.

I liked what I saw from Chris Young tonight. CY (can we call him that?) had 3 hits and 2 RBI, and looked comfortable in the field and on the basepaths. He was good in Spring Training before getting injured, so let’s hope he can stay on the field and stay in rhythm.

Daniel Murphy and David Wright each had 3 hits tonight as well. Overall, the Mets had a solid total of 13, which is encouraging after the offensive debacle on Friday. David has been pretty hot lately, and he now has his average back up to 286.

The Mets seem to do pretty well against Craig Kimbrel. Of course, for every all-star pitcher that we treat like a journeyman, we treat 5 journeymen like all-stars, so we can’t get too excited about that. But it is nice to see that the Mets don’t shrink  and give in to the most dominant, intimidating closer in the game.

This was a tough loss, but there were some positive signs. This isn’t a team that can afford to do the little things wrong, so let’s hope the Mets sharpen up their play going forward.

Up next: The Mets will look to salvage the final game of their series with the Braves on Easter Sunday. Zack Wheeler (1-2, 4.67 ERA) will face off against David Hale (0-0, 2.89 ERA) in the 1:10 PM matchup at Citi Field.

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  • The Curse of Ike Davis?

  • $14435385

    Stick a fork in Valverde…

  • Benny

    Just no life in this team whatsoever!

  • pastline63

    Valverde looks like he’s going through the motions to look like a MLB pitcher. He’s unsure and tired-the tank is empty and he is running on fumes.

  • HarveyKsYou

    Guys serving BP.

  • Benny

    Granderson: 0-5, batting .140 on the year.

    Just unbelievable…

  • pastline63

    No true combination seems to catch a blaze with them-one day solid next flat but tired looking this is what is alarming they all look tired.

  • Mcgrupp81

    It’s funny because after Valverde gave up the homer, I went to put my son to bed. Always an event with a 4 year old. I said to myself that the game will probably end up 7-5 and sure enough it did. This loss in particular feels like a gut check because this could very well be the real Valverde. With iffy options in the minors and Familia still wild, Terry will be forced into an odd closer by committee scenario.

    I’d like to see how long Terry will sacrifice the cleanup spot. When we’re 17 games in and Granderson has only given you 4 RBIs, you need to consider moving him down in the lineup.

  • Gary s

    I never want to see Valverde in a closing situation again..If there was any accountability on this team, they would release him..Bring up Walters to try and close..Try Montero..Anybody but Valverde and the meatballs he serves up to the plate..And if things are not bad enough, i have to hear Collins say in the post game, that he didn’t pinch hit for Tejada in the 8th, because he had some good at bats lately.The guy is hitting .186. What good at bats??Idiot!!!!

  • Mcgrupp81

    No mention of Tejada in the post game comments? He’s looking every much the dog that Granderson is right now.

  • Benny

    “I was told when he walks people he gets in trouble. He hasn’t been walking guys, and so therefore he’s pitching good.”

    – Terry Collins on Valverde

    Just a classic! Love this quote, really shows what we are working with here. Thank you Sandy!

  • Mcgrupp81

    I’m at the point where if they are certain that they want Flores to try and man SS in the near future, then just put Q out there and ride him out until Flores is called up.

  • Mcgrupp81

    Context? Sorry, missed that one.

  • El_Verdadero_Presidente

    I hate to say this, but Grandy’s swing looks terminally effed up. I never watched him in the AL – did he always stand so wide open at the plate? He looks like he’s trying to flick flies down the line all the time. Gee, wonder where that came from.

  • pastline63

    Tired dogs trying to pull a sleigh across concrete, whole team is flat,outside some quality starts this team would be far worse off.

  • whensly

    “The year” is 2 weeks old.
    I never loved the Grandy signing but c’mon?

    Valverde another story..his career is ending.

  • WillisReid

    Any word on Meija’s status? Thought they’d skip Meija’s turn if Colon went and DiceK was already up.

  • Tlagee

    Well, having a closer problem shouldn’t surprise many. We all knew that Parnell was guarantee even with a healthy neck. The fact that he went down for the year just delayed us seeing if he will be any good as a closer.

    Valverde was not much more than a fingers tightly crossed scrap heap pick up. A former closer who’s best years are behind him. Some say that it was just bad luck about Parnell’s elbow that caused Valverde to close but remember, Parnell was no given, Valverde was brought in as an insurance policy. A cheap one at that.

    The bullpen was always a weakness with the team and should have been addressed during the off season. It wasn’t and we are losing games because of that.

    We still have some holes that weren’t addressed, the biggest being shortstop. I have defended Collims till the cows come home but batting Rueben in the 8th with the tying and go ahead runs on base was just moronic.

    Eric Young, Daniel Murphy and David Wright are playing well. The rest of the team is either underperforming or in a few cases, performing at their low levels.

    83 million doesn’t buy you a lot in baseball.

  • Name

    You know you are in trouble when your manager has to be told that.

  • SaberMets

    disagree….even though it wasn’t enough they did show some fight.

    If pape grande doesn’t give up that bomb to upton we might be singing a different tune right now.


  • ed charles

    designate valverde move on

  • Scottydoeskno328

    I second this!

  • Please tell me you are making this up. I think listening to TC talk has a similar impact on IQ as being on the Mets has on batting average.

  • Alex68 (Ch)

    Lmao, man… remember all those people who were saying reject Valverde was a tremendous pick up???? Yeah, okay…
    Paging sandy lovers
    Paging sandy lovers!!!

  • SaberMets

    with all due respect, if you are trying to imply that the mets hitting philosophy has caused “terminal flaws” in grandy approach-well, you’re just wrong.

  • Alex68 (Ch)

    Granderson is just garbage. I’m sorry, I like the guy, but thisnis shaping up to be another horrible signing.

  • Alex68 (Ch)

    500 team at best, top 5 draft pick coming up is the norm. Whenever we play a bad team we will be competitive, when a real team plays us, we will be in trouble

  • SaberMets

    I heard earlier today that his BP session went well and he is scheduled to pitch on Monday…..

  • pastline63

    It’s bad and to the end result is more losses.

  • Alex68 (Ch)

    Horrible owners
    Horrendous GM
    Horrible FO
    Garbage Manager

    The results won’t be good. Enjoy whenever we win, whenever we lose is what truly should happen

  • El_Verdadero_Presidente

    Thanks for the respect. What would standing with your foot in the bucket and using 10% of the field have to do with the Mets’ hitting philosophy? I’m trying to say the Yankee Stadium experience ruined his cut.

  • Name

    The season is young. Come back at the All-Star break and if he still has a .140 batting average with one homerun, you may say that and nobody will disagree.

  • Name

    So you are saying that losing will be a good thing?

  • CJM

    They wouldn’t have thrown Dice K today if Mejia wasn’t ready to go, I assume.

  • Alex68 (Ch)

    The norm. We are a losing team, we are not good nor will be, that is why we should enjoy every win whenever they happen, garbage

  • CJM

    If there is a potential upside, history indicates that Granderson is an intelligent hitter who knows how to adjust to his home ballpark. He was a great hitter in Detroit, using the gaps to his advantage, and still capable of putting 30 out in a bigger park. Then he went to Yankee Stadium and took advantage of the short porch in right. Adjustments don’t always come easily, and keep in mind that Grandy is in a new league, seeing pitchers he hasn’t experienced much. Way too early to write him off, which I’m sure you haven’t done just yet.

  • SaberMets

    gotcha…my bad.

    Its late and the mets are making me drink more than I care to.

    Right on the money with that IMO. It was sooo easy to do in that joke of a stadium. Bad habits die hard

  • BehindTheBag

    The Cubs and Astros would say so. Their farm systems are stocked.

  • El_Verdadero_Presidente

    I’d never give up on a man of his gifts and smarts this early.

    But new league or not, it’s a little worrisome to see him set up to jerk everything down the line all the time. Right now he’s got the same holes in his swing Ike had.

  • Jgreen

    So who will close from now on? Farnsworth? Mets better get Hanrahan.

  • Metropolitan


  • pieface turner

    Holy crap!! Oh no!! Syndergaard mite have a torn mcl !!!!

  • CJM

    He needs some time in the video room with Wright. Wright looks very bad as well. He also looks like he aged 5 years this past off season. If those two guys were hitting, this team would be looking great right about now.

  • rabbi met

    Thor going for mri on elbow may be torn Mcl

  • CJM


  • Metropolitan

    Metropolitan • 3 days ago
    don’t get too excited folks,lets see if they can come back home and show some consistency and take a series against the Braves and hand the Cardinals their asses and then they might be showing me something

  • Alex68 (Ch)

    Wow, thor might be gone for the season. Holy sh**

  • Metropolitan


  • CJM

    Where is the source on this?

  • LIMetfan22

    Seriously. What is going on?

  • CJM

    Not seeing anything on Twitter so assuming it’s hot air until a source confirms it.

  • There are a lot of comment ssaying Syndergaard is hurt, but I haven’t seen or heard anything about Syndergaard being injured yet… I think this might be a false alarm, guys… I hope…

  • LIMetfan22

    Rubin usually all over this kind of stuff not seeing anything yet…

  • pieface turner

    Oh shoot really sorry wasnt true a yankee fan decided to play me so sorry

  • LIMetfan22

    You should be ashamed.

  • Metropolitan

    what a troll……

  • pieface turner

    Im dead sorry i thought it was news!!

  • Jgreen

    Please don’t post something like that without source. My heart almost stopped when I saw it.

  • Pike Miazza

    B.Colon 1-3 5.40 ERA
    Hudson 2-1 2.40 ERA
    Can we EVER roll a 7 ?

  • Pike Miazza

    Not everyone, but pretty close

  • Joey D.

    Hi Fearless Leader,

    Guess who has four saves and an ERA of 1.50?

    Guess who has saved a million bucks?

    Guess who has Valverde?

  • Joey D.

    I just surfed the web and saw nothing about Thor other than his struggles at the moment at Vegas.

  • Joey D.

    Hi Tlagee,

    Gather it’s late morning for you already. I would just add that $84 million might have bought us just a little bit more in baseball – Hawkins instead of Valverde.

  • Joey D.

    Hi CJM, El Verdardero and Saber Mets,

    I think by the end of the year we’ll see Grandy probably put up Grandy type numbers as far as batting average and strike outs – which means something in the range of what, a .245 hitter and maybe 140 whiffs. That is not what one needs from a cleanup hitter and that is not Curtis’ fault. He is not a cleanup hitter and the Mets are hurting him by putting him there. He’s more of a sixth place hitter.

    Know this is early and kind of crazy an idea but let us throw away what we’ve seen with our eyes and what one gets looking at all the metrics. How about Duda batting fourth? Lucas is at least disciplined batter and has given us signs that he has the potential of being a good overall hitter so why not sandwich him in between Wright and Granderson to see what he could do with pitchers being forced to pitch to him? This is going to be another lost season anyway so if it’s going to be used as a stepping stone (again) experiments like these are what we should take.

  • Metropolitan

    nothing but snake eyes around these parts

  • Pike Miazza

    Geeezz, no doubt…its like this franchise is where careers come to die…Granderson has to sit tomorrow, start Brown in his place…

  • Hotstreak

    I just came back from doing something else. Please post source where you got what you say in a post or better yet a link. Opinions are one thing but do not try to pass off unproven gossip or outright lies as fact. For instance if one says so and so is on steroids or was on steroids provide the source or link. Tarnishing a player is terrible if it is not substantiated. King Albert was suing a reporter who did it to him. Bloggers and trolls have a free license to malign, someone and IMO it’s wrong.

  • MikeBedlam

    Game recap:

    The Mazda highlight of the night for the Mets (shown during the broadcast) was Duda hitting the ball to the warning track. Think that one over for a second….

    The HIGHLIGHT was a reallllllyyyyy long OUT.

    That should tell you all you need to know.

  • Tlagee

    Good point. Happy holidays to you and your family

  • alwaysfindawaytolose

    Curtis bay sucks

  • Dio

    Would you rather them say there was no highlight? Our newly named permanent first baseman almost put us in the game with a crushed shot to the warning track that died at the last minute. All the other horrors of the game arent highlights…. theyre nightmares (tejada/grandy/valverde/colons error). Get Grandy out of cleanup…. get a new person in the closer’s role.. stop giving up unnecessary runs and we win many more games.

  • Dio

    money off the books with ike. hanrahan NEEDS to be here soon bc this is just sad.

  • BCleveland3381

    It’s time to move Grandy down.
    I would actually flip Duda and CY, but we all know TC can’t help himself from going righty/lefty as much as possible so this might actually be possible.

  • Dom

    If he said that, it is a classic case of the fallacy of denying the antecedent.. When you are a penguin, you are an animal. You are not a penguin. Therefore, you are not an animal.

  • Anthony

    I am in awe of terry

  • Anthony

    Who exactly is gonna replace valverde. Committee anyone

  • Peter S

    So what happened to the pregame meals solving their play at home issues?

  • Anthony

    Terry has requested an all vegetarian diet

  • mr1313

    Valverde’s days as a closer are probably done but he especially sucks in non save situations TC just can’t go to him in that scenario.

  • DrDooby

    How about this lineup (until Lagares returns)

    1) EY,lf
    2) Granderson, rf
    3) Wright, 3b
    4) Murphy, 2b
    5) CY, cf
    6) Duda, 1b
    7) d’Arnaud, c
    8) hole, ss

  • metsfan79

    Well s.a didnt fix ss nor did he resolve firstbase didn’t fix the bullpen Signed a 200 k 230 hitter to bat cleanup( who thrived in the little league park yankee stadium) resigned the most inept in game manager so I don’t know why I expected anything more tjen what they are doing. Ugh to be a met fan

  • Super T

    Don’t know how many times I’ve seen a late crucial moment in nearly every one of the team’s losses where Ruben Tejeda comes up to bat and with one hit he could have tied or given the Mets the lead.

    To all those who either said that Stephen Drew wouldn’t make that much of a difference or he wasn’t worth it for the Mets……cheers!

  • Andrew Herbst

    TC will say that we have to get Valverde going.

  • HawkZon


  • Joanie Yan

    This is all on Sandy Alderson. With money to spend, he spent it all on a 33 year old coming off an injury who’s never played in the NL. Now we’re stuck watching him (and paying him) for 4 years as he’ll probably continue his decline and block other young players. Just think – 60 mil could have bought Byrd (16 mil for 2 yrs), Hawkins (2.5 mil), Drew (25 mil for 2 yrs) and Balfour (12 mil for 2 yrs).
    If he is brought back next year I will be livid.

  • WillisReid

    The season is 3 weeks old, he missed most of last season, he’s adjusting to a new league, and he’s not blocking any young players. And it’s 3 weeks into the season. It’s also only 3 weeks into the season, most fans would have had them at 12 losses by now. And lastly, it’s only been 3 weeks.

  • WillisReid

    I’d go with Farnsworth at this point and bring up a young gun like Walters to get his feet wet in lower leverage situations, moving everyone back an inning.

  • Gland1

    I thought he said he wanted to mske a change

  • WillisReid

    Farnsworth. He’s the only other guy out there with experience closing games, and he’s been effective since coming up.

  • Andrew Herbst

    He did. I was just joking.

  • WillisReid

    They can’t really think that Tejada can last all year. Might as well give a guy like Tovar a shot. At least he’ll give you some plus D at SS while hitting around .200, to hold them over until Drew is out from under the draft pick comp.

  • Super T

    Or at some point call up Flores.

  • Rocky Thompson

    Farnsworth probably gets next crack at closing, but I think it eventually goes to Familia. I see Zack Thornton or Vic Black being called up before Jeff Walters.

  • LIKayLGM

    Sorry but that seems the go to after a loss. Down a couple, they rally within a run in the 8th, then albeit it short, they rallied again the bottom of the 9th against one of the better closers in the game. They had 13 hits last night.

  • BarnRat

    So, highlight of the young season is that we’ve managed to cut the Opening Day payroll… High-5s all around

  • skyking26

    Changing the lineup will not solve anything. Granted Grandy should not be batting cleanup. The biggest problem is an indecisive manager and a lack of chemistry.

  • Taskmaster4450

    The entire game came down to two ground balls that Met pitchers couldnt field. That was responsible for 5 runs. When you give a good team extra outs, they will make you pay. Colon firing the ball down the 1B line cost two runs and Velverde not getting his a** down to field a grounder another 3. Also, the fact that the Mets had Duda going on contact with no out is just plain stupid. That cost them another run.

    Good teams find a way to win while the bad ones find a way to lose. I dont put this game on Collins like some others here but he is the leader of the ineptitude each game. Grandy should have been moved down in the order a week ago and someone should introduce him to the left half of the field.

  • Taskmaster4450

    It might not change anything but it does shake things up a bit. Sure the results could be the same but a manager needs to try something. But not Collins, he just sits back and waits.

  • FalseHustle

    Who is it you were you addressing? It’s hard to tell when you don’t say “hello” first. 🙂

  • WillisReid

    I don’t think Flores’ bat would be good enough to justify the D, short term anyway. I also think he will be replacing Murphy and his escalating salary shortly.

    This team need a legit option at SS now and for the foreseeable future. Drew is far from a perfect solution, but he’s the best option available to the Mets.

  • mets4lyfe

    Farnsworth is the most realistic choice for closer now.

  • mets4lyfe

    I’ve read reports that Balfour preferred the Rays over the Mets.

  • jason bay

    Sloppy baseball. 6 runs on two plays that the pitcher should have made and a wild pitch.

    The Mets were surprisingly almost good enough to overcome all that but giving up 6 runs is not the way to win.

    That missing 2nd round pick is looking better by the day.

  • Erin_II

    I`d let Jay Horrorwitz pitch a game before I ever let Valverde pitch again. Why are the Mets brass the only people that don`t see that Valverde’s career in the Western hemisphere is over?

  • SCarton12

    Q’s as bad a hitter as Tejada. Just platoon them.

  • Hi Hotstreak,

    What part of my article are you referring to?

  • Sloppy, just a sloppy game by both clubs. So many balls misplayed and Granderson man, talk about getting off to a slow start. I expect slumps but CG3 last night was tough to watch and it’s not to single him out because Wright has not looked good as well but Wright’s slump is not of a buck something variety.

    Then there is Valverde, sigh… That HR to Upton was so deflating. I like Valverde for what he could do when he is going well but his last 3 outing? Not Good Valverde! Not good at all and save or non save situation you are not going to be here much longer if that continues.

    I agree with you Tommy about d’Arnaud he has looked better in his at bats and has squared up the ball well a number of times for some hard outs right at someone. Hopefully he is coming around. CY looked good as well and like Lagares hopefully he can carry his good Spring right into the regular season as well.

    How about that Duda at bat in the 8th? I thought it was going to leave the yard.

    Colon managed to go 7/ip and give up 3/er but Santana was his better.

    Sloppy game.

  • WillisReid

    I’m pretty sure he’ll be gone soon.

  • Joey D.

    Hi Tl,

    Same back to you and yours. Gather this afternoon game for us is going to be a night game for you down under?

  • Joey D.

    Hi False,


    In this case, there were so many talking about the rumor going around that I just wanted to update everyone that I had found nothing as well.

    Can you how long it would have taken to get everybody’s name in the conversation first? LOL

    Happy Easter if you and the family celebrate the Holiday. And if not, Happy Sunday!

  • Hotstreak

    Hi Tommy nothing you wrote. It’s the unsubstantiated reference without a source or link to Thor getting injured seriously. Earlier someone not a writer accused a former Met of being on steroids and could not support the allegation. Tommy you are doing a great job. Thank you.

  • Peter S

    How does the indecision of the manager effect the lineup?

  • Peter S

    Meanwhile in Pittsburgh, Ike Davis 2 for 3 with a walk and 2 runs scored.

  • Dave The Mets Fan

    I note the comment that this blog is not owned by the Mets and that you can therefore tell the truth.

    It’s why I read here, as opposed to that other Mets blog.

  • Tlagee

    Just the opposite. The game started 3am Monday morning my time. Easter monday is a National holiday here so I put the game on at 6am and watched the extra inning win. Game ended just before 8am for me.