Mets Farm Report: Nieuwenhuis With Four Hits, Black Was Wild

kirk nieuwenhuis

Las Vegas 9 , Fresno 2

Rafael Montero was dominant in his first outing of the season. The right hander tossed six shutout innings, allowed just four hits and struck out six while walking none. Kirk Nieuwenhuis went 4 for 4 with a homer, two runs scored and an RBI. Zach Lutz drove in four on a grand slam. Cesar Puello had a tough go in his first taste of PCL, going 0 for 4 with three strikeouts. Reliever Vic Black continued to struggle with command, walking a pair of batters in his one inning of relief. He also struck out two without allowing a run. Allan Dykstra made a late pinch hitting appearance and doubled. (box score)

 Akron 7, Binghamton 1

Starter Darin Gorski lasted just 3.2 innings. He allowed two runs (one earned) and struggled with control as he walked three batters while striking out two. Darrell Ceciliani went 1 for 3 with a triple and a walk and scored the Mets only run. Kevin Plawecki was held hitless in his Double-A debut and also allowed two passed balls. Southpaw reliever Jack Leathersich pitched a scoreless eighth inning, striking out three while surrendering a walk. (box score)

St. Lucie 6, Palm Beach 5

Starter Gabriel Ynoa was solid in his first outing. He tossed 5.1 innings, allowed 2 earned runs while walking one and striking out one. Brandon Nimmo went 2 for 3 at the plate with a double, two runs scored and a walk. T.J Rivera, getting his first-ever start at first base was spectacular, going 3 for 4 with a homerun, a double, two runs scored and a whopping five RBI. Randy Fontanez pitched two scoreless innings in relief, while Beck Wheeler earned the save. (box score)

Lakewood 6, Savannah 3

Robert Gsellman wasn’t at his sharpest, but managed to avoid the big inning. Overall he piched 5.1 innings, allowing 2 earned runs on 10 hits. He struck out five and walked two. Outfielder Patrick Biondi went 3 for 4 out of the ninth spot in the lineup, including a homerun.Gavin Cecchini had a pair of singles in his High-A debut. Dominic Smith managed just a single in four trips to the plate. (box score)

Player of the Night

Rafael Montero, who shut down Fresno for six innings as Las Vegas went on to win easily.


  • Maybe I play too many weird poker games, but this headline could be covering some odd poker game as well.

  • Alex68

    HEY!! Some good news , FINALLY!

  • Just_Da_damaja

    Why is our best catching prospect not getting playing time?

    Is Juan Centeno being kept in some bodgea on Queens Blvd in the event that Travis “injures himself” aka gets sent down to work on his swing?


  • Alex68

    Damaja, with the way things are, would you want your man crush to be under the guidance of Collins and Dave ******* Hudgens!?!? Not a bad thing if you ask me…

  • Alex68

    BTW, at this point, the $39.99 to watch minor league baseball is not a bad idea…

  • Just_Da_damaja


  • agetting

    Vic Black sucks

  • wwdwd

    Wait they might be send tda down to work on his swing cause that is a great idea also I think its time to fire dave hudgens he batting philosphy is not good for this type of team the only guy hudgens can help is dwright he the only guy with patiences and that’s hudgens philosphy the rest of the team is free swingers its time to let them swing the bat nd not only when there’s 2 strikes on the batter and bring up farnsworth is a joke

  • Jeff Roland

    english isnt your best language im hoping?

    and punctuations are your friend

  • BarnRat

    I signed up. It looks like the 51s are the only Mets affiliate participating, but I figure still worth it. (The Yankees have 4 participating affiliates — figures).

  • sarge69

    Way to go Montero; great to see Cap Kirk not letting demotion to AAA despite great ST, he wasn’t making team unless CY or EY were hurt, but keep on hitting, stay off that high outside hard one and you might get called up.
    Or part of package for players needed to improve this poor 2014 version.

    Great recap!

  • Therockman

    So does Montero go to the pen or does a current starter go to the pen. Obviously we should have bought a quality reliever when we had the chance. Tejada appears acceptable, 1st base is well another episode of the series LOST, and the bullpen is actually LOST!
    Lets give it a week and see what happens.

  • piazza4aday

    very well punctuated… hehe

  • If you do I believe adding MiLB is only $14…

  • Taskmaster4450

    It is sad but Kirk seems to be the atypical 4A player. He can hit the guys in AAA but just doesnt have the bat speed and discipline to handle the big league guys.

  • BarnRat

    Problem is I’m on an iPad for MLB but MiLB doesn’t seem to have an iPad app. Thanks for the tip, though, I will re-investigate

  • I thought it was $49.99

  • Kirk Cahill

    I was thinking this as I was writing it. He’s going to get hot in AAA and everyone is going to be calling for him to get promoted and cut into someone’s playing time. He is what he is– a guy who will hit in Triple-A but will be exposed in the majors.

  • Kirk Cahill

    I think putting guys like Montero and Syndergaard in the bullpen would be a huge mistake. We shouldn’t sacrifice our young players because of the GM’s failure to fill holes (ex: considering sitting Lagares because we don’t have a leadoff hitter).

  • willywater88

    I thought Gorski was moving to the pen this year and for AAA. He has already taken care of business in Binghamton and with his age and repertoire should slot as a reliever in the future. Why are they wasting a rotation spot in Bing when he could be getting relief innings in Vegas?

    I am also disappointed that Cory Vaughn is starting the year in AA. Vegas could have went with a 4 man OF rotation as many minor league teams do, it’s time to push Vaughn and see what he is made of. If he hits then use or trade him. If not, then let him repeat AAA next year.

  • jasec

    Plawecki 0 in 4 ,2 past balls ,1 man steal third base in 1 oportunity.Lets see what he can do at AA.

  • Rocky Thompson

    I think the plan was/is to go with a 4 man OF rotation in Vegas, but the 4th OF will be Andrew Brown. Even if a pitcher is destined for the bullpen, it is often easier to work on your pitches as a starter because you have bullpen sessions between starts.

  • Rocky Thompson

    He had a brief hot streak with the Mets last season. After the game winning HR against Marmol, I believe he had a 5 for 5 game in Milwaukee. IMO it has more to do with approach/pitch recognition than bat speed. He is not getting any younger; hopefully he figures it out soon.

  • jaygreen55

    I see Danny Muno played shortstop last night. Is he a candidate or will Flores be playing there when he gets sent down

  • Kirk Cahill

    I think the Mets will play Flores wherever they think he has the best chance to play everyday in the majors.

  • Andrew Herbst

    I’m glad to see Kirk’s playing well. I love to see Montero pitch so well.

  • SaberMets

    ummmm…maybe because hes not our best catching prospect. NOT even close….

    TDA is here to stay…like it or not….

  • biko

    Is a very long, long season ,TDA is there to stay if he can do the assignment,remember NY FANS are not patients. .

  • Destry

    Kirk needs to be in LF while C. Young is on the bench. His shoulder was clearly injured last season and he looks healthy. He crushed it in the spring too.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Where is that? On another team?

    Since they dont seem to be showing any urgency to find him a place on the MLB roster nor do they seem too keen on fitting him in anywhere.

    From what i see Kirk, they are using Flores as a security blanket.

    -Moved him to 3B when Wrights contract was expiring
    -Then moved him to 2B when Wright resigned and as Murphy’s contract starts to expire.
    -Now with a HUGE hole at SS they dangling him between 2B/SS

    They are trying their best to ruin this kid. How can he develop when he has to continually learn new positions.

    His main focus SHOULD be adjusting to major league pitching which seems to have been put on the backburner

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    LMFAO…Kirk is a bench player at BEST. Dont be fooled by him having a good day in AAA in the PCL of all places.

    Talk about small sample size

  • Kirk Cahill

    Agreed. They shouldn’t be jerking him around to wherever suits them, but that appears to be the plan. They should create a spot for him if they truly believe in the bat.

  • mitchpetanick

    you get other Mets affiliates games but they will be on the road when you do – not all stadiums have television set ups – all the Triple A stadiums do which is why you get the 51s

  • BarnRat

    Got it, thanks

  • Just_Da_damaja


    Lagares is a 10 AB slump from seeing the bench

    TDA gets enough rope to make the KKK jealous?

    If TDA stinks, and fans start booing him, Centeno will supplant him.

    bank on it.

  • The 51s are going to be awesome this year. Unless…we start moving stupid SPs to the bullpen. I’m only about 1,000 times more excited for the Minors than their MLB brethren.

  • SL

    Actually, he’s just never been given an extended time in the majors. As soon as he hit his first slump his first year, they sent him down (compare that to Ike who they gave 2 seasons to). Since then, he’s essentially been in the doghouse.
    Simply put, look at the Met’s record when he is on the team, vs when he is on the farm.
    Scouts know he can play. And so do other teams. Any team willing to give him 600 AB’s will have a starting outfielder.

  • Destry

    Dude. He was pretty good in his first action, and then he injured his shoulder that messed up his swing. He can play D, and has a strong arm. He can hit righties when he’s hot. He is very streaky though. He most likely is a 4th OF, but so is EY2, C. Young & Andrew Brown. We might as well have Kirk platoon with CY or Brown. I actually think Kirk/CY would make a nice platoon in RF. Both play really good D with some pop.